10 Best Die Cut Machines (2023)

Machines were created to make work easier, faster, and more efficient. The die-cut machines are no different. This machine helps with the cutting of materials like metal, fabric, or paper into the desired shape.

Although we have machines that are used on an industrial scale, however, small-time designers make use of smaller die cut machines to cut their stuff.

Everybody cannot be perfect with hand cutting, which is why these machines prove to be heaven-sent for designers in need of it in their crafts.

The die-cut machine can seem daunting to use initially, however, once you are familiar with the use, it becomes your go-to tool.

Various shapes can be cut out using the die-cut machines and it is versatile and can be utilized in several types of works like t-shirt, decorations, scrapbook, quilts, etc.

What makes the machines a thing of beauty is the fact that it allows you to cut out shapes in the same pattern repeatedly. This helps make your work faster and prevent mistakes as much as possible.

Before we proceed with revealing our top ten, you should know that die-cut machines are of two kinds, which are digital and manual die-cut machines.

So, it doesn’t matter if you are a designer or scrapbooker, laying your hands on a good die-cut machine can really help your craft.

Sizzix 660200 Big Shot Manual Die, 6 Inches
  • MACHINE COMES WITH: 1 pair of standard Cutting Pads and 1 Multipurpose Platform included.

10 Best Die Cut Machines

#01. Sizzix Electric Die Cutting Machine (660855)-Vagabond 2


Sizzix is offering a spellbinding die-cutting machine created by Tim Holtz. Designed with all users in mind, this machine offers many elegant appeals fused with versatility.

It designed to work with all the Sizzix product catalog except the Bigz Pro and Plus dies. Want to know, what is even more appealing?

The die-cutting machine is foldable and can be carried along with you on the go. Additionally, it works well with all kinds of materials.

Electric and Graceful

The die-cutting machine is electric with the motorized roller and the industry-standard motor is able to emboss with just a click of the button. It makes cutting and embossing effortless as possible.

Extra Accessories

The Vagabond 2 comes equipped with an extended platform as well as an extended Thin Die Adapter. There is also a standard pair of cutting pads along with well layout guidelines on how to make the flawless Sizzix sandwich.

  • It is equipped with all-metal gears and an industrial-strength motor, which makes it durable and strong.

  • It will work on several kinds of material about 6 inches wide.

  • It is good for users with limited mobility.

  • You can die-cut with just a click of the button.

  • The customer service is not too supportive.

  • It will not work with Sizzix Bigz Pro and Bigz Plus Dies.

  • It works only with electricity.

  • Longer plates are not included in the accessories, have to be bought separately.

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#02. Sizzix Manual Die Cut Machine (Big Shot Plus 660340)

Sizzix Manual

They gave you the Vagabond, now it’s another masterpiece from Sizzix. Presenting to you the Big Shot Plus an upgrade on the initial Big Shot in terms of size.

An ideal tool for creative starting from amateur to professional. Capable of accommodating materials about 9” wide on its A4 size platform.

In a roll, you can cut out a well-defined and accurate design according to your taste. That’s not all, it is also capable of cutting different kinds of material ranging from wood, fabric to tissue.

Works well with Sizzix products

It works well with the whole Sizzix library and that includes the Embossing folder, Framelits, Sizzix Bigz and Thinlits.

Only the Bigz Pro dies is an exception. Designed to be compatible with various dies, you can design all kinds of invitations, quilt, scrapbook, and much more.

The Extras Accessories

Big Shot Plus comes equipped with two adapters A and B to enable the die-cut machine to work well with accessories thinner than Bigz.

There is also a Big Shot Plus size platform as well as a pair of A4 cutting pads. There are well-defined guidelines on the way to make the ideal Sizzix sandwich.

  • It has an ergonomic handle for easy rolling.

  • It has a large surface.

  • It doesn’t require electricity to use.

  • It is heavy and huge.

  • It may not perform too well with dies from other companies.

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#03. Cricut Explore Air Wireless Cutting Machine

Cricut Explore

There are electric die-cutting machines and there is Cricut Explore Air, a wireless cutting machine that saves all the stress of cord tangling and more.

It boasts of the Cricut Design Space software to receive your project effortlessly through wireless. This digital cutting machine comes with more than 50,000 projects, fonts, and pictures that you can use in its Library.

On the other hand, you can also upload yours to work with. This tool will make you fall in love with what you do as it is capable of delivering mesmerizing invitations, decorations, embellishments, and so on.

Say No to Complex Settings

Why bug yourself with complex materials settings when the Cricut Explore Air can get you a flawless cut on almost every material. All you need to do is make use of the Smart Set Dial. There is even room for customized settings for various materials.

Big or Small Clean cuts and writing in Just One Step

Featuring Cut Smart Technology, you can cut out various kinds of shapes with astonishing accuracy in different sizes. The machine is also capable of cutting your card and writing your desired message all in one swoop.

  • It has embedded Bluetooth to support wireless cutting.

  • It has a dual carriage to enable cutting and writing in a single step.

  • It has integrated storage compartments.

  • It can cut up to 60 materials.

  • It can’t cut without an internet connection.

  • The design software is online-based.

  • The design software is slow.

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#04. BROTHER ScanNCut Cutting Machine (CM350E)


Among the digital die cut machine, the Brother CM350E offers something unique.

It enables you to scan almost everything you throw at it ranging from home decoration to handmade drawings from which you can then design customized outlines and shapes.

That is not all, the machine also allows you to wirelessly connect to your PC and transfer images from there. Boasting of a large cutting surface, it enables you to cut out various designs and shape with high accuracy.


The Brother CM350E features the incredible ScanNCut technology along with an LCD touchscreen and an in-built scanner.

This gives you the room to express your artistry skills at a single push of the button. There is more to it, it allows you to send data from Canvas Workspace through your Pad or PC to the cutting machine. It is also capable of reading SVG files

A Wide Varieties of Designs

It boasts of more than 600 designs and that includes about 100 quilt patterns as well as seven lettering fonts. To add to that, you can retrieve hundreds of ready-made fonts, logo, clip arts all from the Canvas Workspace through your mobile devices to be used on the CM350E cutting machine.

  • It does not need cartridges or dyes.

  • There is no need for any monthly subscriptions to access ready-made designs.

  • It has an on-screen editing function.

  • It has versatile multiple in-built functions.

  • The ScanNCut2 works without needing to connect to a PC.

  • It requires internet connection transfer data.

  • It is not easy for a novice to use.

  • It is not easy to set up.

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#05. Sizzix Big Shot Die Cut Machine (660425)

Sizzix Big Shot

Call him the Big Shot Plus Senior and we can tell you that you are spot on. Before we had the Plus version of Big Shot, there was just Big Shot and I can tell you this fellow is no slouch.

It features many elegant appeals blended with the right dose of versatility. Sporting a stylish handle embedded with the Sizzix logo and the ability to work with the whole Sizzix library except the Bigz Plus and Pro dies.

The Extra Accessories

The Big Shot is designed with a standard platform perfect for every Sizzix die smaller than the Bigz die. Also, the machine has a pair of standard cutting pads. There is a guide diagram on how to set up the die adapter and the platform.

  • It has guidelines for setting up the machine.

  • It is adapted to different materials.

  • It works well with the Sizzix library as well as other brands dies.

  • It is portable.

  • It won’t work with the Bigz Pro and Bigz Plus dies.

  • The handle screw can be problematic at times.

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#06. Cricut Explore Air 2 Mint

Cricut Explore

If you love designing then Cricut loves creating a machine that can make your passion extraordinary. This cutting machine has an incredible feature that allows you to upload your crafts and cut it out.

You can create designs using your smartphone to access the Design Space software, which you can use for editing your various projects.

Now with the Cricut Explore Air 2, you can take your designing offline in the absence of the internet.

Works with Over 100 Materials

What is it, you want to cut? Just name it, leather, fabric, vellum, and much more. The Cricut Explore Air 2 can cut it all.

Featuring more than 80 types of material settings through the custom material selection and smart set dial. Additionally, you switch it into the fast mode that allows you to cut two times faster.

  • Free creation and uploading of your personal design from your PC through the Cricut’s Design Space software.

  • You can use it offline.

  • It has a wireless feature.

  • It has over 60,000 images in its library.

  • The wireless is limited to Bluetooth.

  • The Cricut Access membership is only free for a limited period.

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#07. Xyron Creative Station Lite (624740)


What of a cutting machine that can be so much more than just cutting out your designs, scrapbook, etc.?

The Xyron Lite is a definition of an all in one package that can add spice to your creative work through the addition of magnet, lamination or adhesive.

Designed in a way to reduce wastage of resources to the minimum with the option of adding to types of refill cartridges. This machine is perfect for the designs of home décor, invitations, stickers, labels, etc.

Versatility is the name

At the time we find annoying having to wait for a machine to warm up before you can laminate. The Xyron Lite is the direct opposite of that. The ability to use adhesive also minus the odor is another plus.

Environment Conscious

The materials used in the laminate and adhesive is free from toxins and acid to ensure your safety and keeping our environment clean.

  • It offers edge-edge coverage.

  • It doesn’t require electricity.

  • It has cold lamination features.

  • It is environmentally friendly.

  • The instructions manual is poor.

  • It doesn’t work well with an intricate die-cut.

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#08. Crafter’s Companion Gemini Die Cutting Machine

Crafters Companion Gemini

We have been talking about die-cut machines and most of the machine mentioned so far has offered a stand out feature.

The Gemini from Crafter’s Companion doesn’t disappoint either offering the Pause, Resume and Reverse feature that enables you to pause, resume as well as reverse the plates inside the Gemini machine.

The ability to cut several dies at once will certainly catch the eye due to its large working platform. It works well with the majority of the thin metal dies and it is fast too as well as quiet.

The Extra Accessories

Apart from the Gemini machine, you also get a papercraft die sets, multimedia die set and a 3D Embossing folder. This comes along with a Magnetic and Plastic shim, metal cutting plate and user guide.

  • It offers edge-edge A4 cutting.

  • A large platform to cut multiple dies at once.

  • It has a low-profile design to make it quiet and fast.

  • It designed to be used in the U.S. only.

  • It is heavy and consumes space.

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#09. EVOLAD Evolution Advanced Die-Cutting and Embossing Machine

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What is there to love about the Evolution die cut machine? Firstly, it is portable and light, which makes it ideal for working everywhere you go.

The die-cut machine is compatible with the majority of the leading die-cuts brand. You can call it the master die cut tool.

Now, this is what makes the evolution die cut machine interesting is that it can be automated and used manually.

It has a handle that comes with the machine, which is detachable. You can also buy a motor for automation separately if you wish.

Cutting made Simple

Equipped with an adjustable height, the evolution machine makes works easier in a confined working space.

Additionally, the machine is simple to operate even for a novice. Furthermore, with the machine able to accommodate 3 inches dies and embossing folders, customization of your work is made simple.

  • It has a manual and automatic mode.

  • It is portable and fit for traveling.

  • It has a pressure adjustment system.

  • It is ideal for cutting and embossing.

  • The automatic motor has to be bought separately.

  • It does not work well with old model die cuts.

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#10. Spellbinders Die Cutting and Embossing Machine (PE-100 Platinum 6.0)


For preaching creativity and backing that up in their machine design, the Spellbinders Platinum 6 is on out top die-cut machines.

With the ability to work on more than 40 materials not more than 6 inches wide. Backed by incredible cutting pressure and power, the Platinum 6 is a master at various kinds of designs.

Durable and Portable

You know you can definitely take the Platinum 6 anywhere you want to go with its small 6 inches platform making it a portable creative monster. Built for durability, the machine is well equipped to fulfill most of your creative needs.

  • It runs on the versa cut technology.

  • It is capable of cutting six layers of many types of material at once.

  • It is compact with a foldable handle.

  • It rolls effortlessly.

  • The embossing feature doesn’t work too well.

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The Benefits of Die-Cut Machines

What draws people to die-cut machines is the speed of work, precision, cost-effective means of creative designs of various kinds.

When you compare against other means of cutting materials, which could involve several tools to do that. Die-cutting can be a better cost and labor-saving option as it makes use of just one machine.

The ability to cut elegant outlines at a go and several similar forms due to the die shape to give you that uniformity.

The versatility of working on various types of materials like fabric, linoleum, cork, leather, etc. is another benefit that draws creative to the die cut machine.

How to Use a Die Cut Machine?

An electronic die cut machine is mostly straight forward and automated, which means it doesn’t require much explanation to use.

However, a manual machine needs a better explanation. Get the paper you intend to use positioned well on the machine platform.

Then, choose a die shape and place it properly on the area to be cut. You can opt for a mat that can act as a sandwich, which is usually placed on the fabric as well as the die.

After all, is set, the handle is turned to pass the platform through the die cut machine. The moment the platform goes through die cut machine, equal pressure is applied to push the metal die right into the fabric.

After that, the die-cut out the desired shape.

Maintaining Tips and Tricks for Die Cut Machine

Just like every other tool you use, maintenance of your machine is important to its prolong life. To properly maintain the die cut machine, the first thing to do is to clean up the machine after use as well as periodic cleaning.

To do that, rub with a little amount of alcohol and clean gently using cloth. Clean thoroughly until the surface is very dry. Don’t by any means utilize harsh chemicals to clean the machine.

The die and die cutting plates need cleaning too. Paper debris are to be cleared out on the die as this could cause the die cut machine to jam and spoil your work.

The die-cutting plates require cleaning too. You can use a small amount of soap then use a brush clear the debris left behind in the plates

Lastly, if any material just won’t go through the die-cut machine don’t use force to try to get it in or get out a jammed material. Using force is to the detriment of the machine.


What are the uses of a die-cutting?

The procedure of die-cutting allows you to cut out an outline with the help of a die into materials like cloth, shipboard, sheet metal, foil, linoleum, plastics, foam, etc. Through die-cutting, you can create intricate designs into your materials.

Is it possible to die cut without using the die cut machine?

Yes, it is, however, you will need to employ some highly difficult and technical procedures.

Is die cut and embossing the same?

No, die-cut makes use of a die to cut out outline or shapes into materials while embossing is a procedure of creating relief into the paper. However, there are machines capable of doing both.


The thing is not all die-cut machines are the same, each with its own strength and weakness. Nevertheless, machines differ in quality and will work on your projects in different ways with different results.

Knowing the machines that have the best to offer can help you make an informed decision on which to buy for your works.

This along with your budget and preferences will influence your decision about the die-cut machine that is ideal for you.

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