Top 15 Best Digital Pocket Scales (2024)

Dealing in merchandise that requires accurate weights similarly calls for constant weighing and measurements.

For these roles, you definitely need some digital pocket scales.

These small compact and convenient gadgets guarantee your use whenever and wherever you might need them.

Read on to find out more about them here below.

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15 Digital Pocket Scales

#1: American Weigh Digital Pocket Scale

American Weigh Scale

You can never compromise the accuracy of the weights you take. This scale is designed to guarantee this accuracy and precision while you are on the go. It is small, compact yet highly responsive to the slightest changes in measurement parameters.

Stainless Steel Weighing Platform

Its weighing platform comes in the form of some stainless steel construction. It is subsequently strong and very sturdy. For this reason, the platform holds and accommodates many kinds of items. You will be able to handle many kinds of devices on it.

Backlit LCD Display

Also constituting a vital part of this scale is a backlit LCD display unit. This one illuminates the scales to make it appear quite legible. In the course of so doing, it eliminates all forms of ambiguities while displaying and taking measurements.

Flip-open Lid

A flip-open lid also exists. It encloses the weighing surface from exposure to the harsh external elements like dust and dirt. This way, it allows for long-term use and applications. At the same time, it also minimizes any forms of possible damages.


  • Manages various weighing modes like grams, ounces, and pounds
  • Impressive weight capacity of 600 grams
  • Clear readability (0.1 grams)
  • Great resolution of about 0.1g
  • Ships pre-calibrated hence no need for assembly on your part


  • Lacks a calibration weight
  • High power consumption (2 AAA batteries)
  • Slightly delicate to handle

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#2: GDEALER DS1 Digital Pocket Scale


For your convenience, you want a pocket scale that can handle numerous kinds of items at a time, don’t you? With the ability to accurately weigh cooking ingredients, medicine, and jewelry, this is a comprehensive scale you want to acquire at all costs.

High Accuracy

As noted, the accuracy of this scale is pretty amazing. It comes equipped with some four high-precision sensors. These automatically adjust the scale to its true or desired accuracy levels. In the process, it eliminates any errors while taking measurements.

Multiple Units

With this pocket scale, it is possible to handle and manage various kinds of weighing units at a time. These are the grams, carat, grain, deadweight, and ounces troy. What’s more? You can easily shuffle between any two or more weighing modes at a time.

Clear LED Display

Lastly comes some clear LED display unit. This showcases all of your measurements whether the area you are in is dark or full of glare. You can never derive any erroneous or ambiguous readings from this machine at all.


  • Generates pretty accurate readings
  • Allows for weighing and handling anything
  • Easier to keep clean
  • Requires no prior skill or expertise to use
  • Appropriately sealed for added protection


  • Less reputable brand
  • Limited operational cycles
  • Too manual operability

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#3: AMIR Digital Kitchen Scale

AMIR Digital Kitchen Scale

Are you a food enthusiast who wishes to generate great recipes? Here you have a scale that you will find truly amazing and perfectly suited for your use. It is highly versatile and very convenient. This allows you to leverage great culinary excellence and effective diet management.

Auto-off Time Adjustable

If the appliance stays idle for some time, it automatically shuts off. In the course of so doing, it saves you some battery power. This reduces your operational costs and expenses considerably. Why would you want to pay more elsewhere?

High-precision Pocket Food Scale

Generally speaking, this machine is highly precise. Its accuracy is the impressive 0.01g/ 0.001oz. This means no more distractions and the possibility of deriving erroneous readings and values. With this in mind, expect to enjoy better and more accurate results.

Superior Quality Materials

Only superior quality materials have been used to make up the basic shapes and components of the scale. For this reason, this scale lasts longer than most other kinds. In the process, it performs many operational cycles.


  • Convertible in a single press of a button
  • Requires no re-measurements while taking readings
  • Handles a wide range of applications
  • Smart buttons operate the system for you
  • Comes in a stylish and elegant design


  • Imposes some clutter on your workspace
  • Limited weighing range and scale
  • Sustains damages easily

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#4: Weigh Gram Digital Pocket Scale

Weigh Gram

This is a high-tech portable scale. It is intended for obtaining and showcasing measurements to the highest degrees of use and outcomes. Moreover, it is operable while on the go for your conveniences and absolute peace of mind.

Intuitive Protective Cover

Adorning the entire exterior of this scale is some intuitive protective cover. This one blocks off any external dirt, dust, and chaff from penetrating into the scale. It hence extends the overall lifespan of the scale; more so its ability to exude accurate outcomes.

Stainless Steel Weighing Surface

Its weighing surface is pretty strong and stable indeed. That is because it is made of stainless steel material. This is not to mention also that it is also smooth. The latter trait makes it easier to restore to the original form and shape.

Elegant Design

In all, the scale features some elegant design. It has some easy-touch buttons, LCD blue backlit display unit, large-size digits, and some awesome stark contrasts. These make your reading uncompromised regardless of the prevailing light conditions.

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  • Guarantees some accurate and precise measurements
  • Manages accurate readabilities of around 0.01 grams
  • Portable enough for easy transfers
  • Measures a wide range of objects
  • Low battery consumption ratings


  • Cannot weigh in excess of 100 grams
  • Not so useful for professional applications
  • Yields less value for money

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#5: Fast Weigh MS-600-BLK Digital Pocket Scale

Fast Weigh MS-600

Do you mostly work in remote locations? If you do, you definitely want to lay your hand on a scale which is usable in those areas that are detached from the national grid. This handy digital scale will let you achieve that aim without any ado.

Removable Cover

Standing tall among its list of most awesome features is a removable cover. As the designation suggests, the cover basically protects the scale whenever it is not in use. At the same time, it may also serve as an expansion tray when the goods you have are many.

Perfectly Outstanding

This little digital pocket scale stands out from the many that are on the market. It is hot and very economical indeed. For this reason, you want to make it a priority of acquiring it as it is one of the best that the market has to offer.

Excellent Power Consumption

Lastly, the scale has some excellent power consumption rating. It derives its power from only two AAA batteries. What makes it even more desirous is the fact that these batteries come included in the system.


  • Weighs a whopping 500 grams
  • Allows for easy viewing of the measurements
  • Backed by some great customer care regime
  • Generates the desired ends faster
  • Foldable for easy storage and handling


  • Hardly handles rough applications
  • Requires excess attention
  • Calls for frequent repairs and maintenance

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#6: Pocket Food Digital Scale

Pocket Food Scales

Do you intend to weigh foods while on the go? This is the pocket scale of your choice if your answer to the question has been in the affirmative. It is compact yet very reliable in handling the designated chores and roles.

Durable Food-grade Stainless Steel Surface

Some durable and food-grade stainless steel surface tops its most admirable features. The surface makes the scale pretty great for measuring many kinds of cooking ingredients and gears. It hence saves you time and effort in the process.

Energy-saving Auto-off Design

An energy-saving auto-off design also forms a great part of this scale. The role of the design is basically to save you energy and by extension, utility bills. It does so by shutting off automatically after some time when the scale has not been in use.

Space Saver

Generally speaking, the pocket scale comes in some space-saving design and construction. Its size is compact while its shape is ultra-mini. By reason of this compact arrangement, expect the scale to take up less space on your desk.


  • Allows for easy storage and transportation
  • Have high accuracy of errors
  • Handles five different units of measurements
  • Equipped with some high-precision sensor system
  • Shuts off automatically to extend the battery life


  • Quite delicate and prone to damages
  • Calls for some expertise to handle
  • Impacts fewer items at a time

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#7: MVZAWINO Digital Pocket Scale


If you are the kind of a person who deals mostly with jewelry, this is the pocket scale to choose. It is specially designed and intended for such kinds of items. At the same time, it also does a pretty fair job while so doing.

High-precision Tension Meter Sensing System

To derive the readings, the scale comes along with some high-precision meter sensing system. Being accurate, the system leaves no room for any errors or inconsistencies. Instead, it ensures that you obtain as truly accurate readings as manageable.

Auto-off Mechanism

An auto-off mechanism also exhibits the many features of this pocket scale. It basically shuts the system off after staying idle for one minute. This arrangement saves some time and effort while taking readings. This is not to mention saving energy costs.

Wide LCD Screen Display

All the readings are displayed on an LCD display screen which is wide. Those readings are clearly legible given the awesome width of the screen. That being the case, the readings are easier to obtain and leave no room for guesswork.


  • Has a fair degree of accuracy
  • Lighter in weight and hence less cumbersome to carry
  • Compact in design means better storage
  • Comes along with a free carrying pouch
  • Manages seven units of measurements


  • Plays limited roles (handles jewelry only)
  • Only for expert technicians
  • Quite cumbersome to engage

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#8: Smart Weigh SWS100 Digital Pocket Scale

Smart Weigh SWS100

Looking to weigh bulkier goods and items? You want a scale that is spacious indeed. We suggest that you try this one out. Its measurement platform is spacious enough to allow for the accommodation of larger gears.

Tare Functionality

Setting this scale apart from the others is the fact that it comes along with a tare weight function. This basically allows you to find out the true weight of your goods by subtracting the weight of your measurement bowl from the final outcome.

Stark-contrast LCD Blue Backlight Display

A stark-contrast LCD blue backlight display also exists in this scale. It makes the taking of your measurements a breeze by highlighting the readings. Even in moments of low visibility, expect the scale to do you some good.

Spacious Platform

As noted, its measurement platform is spacious enough. It weighs an impressive 2.5 inches long by 3.0 inches wide. You may hence expect to place the bulkiest contents atop it with relative ease. This also negates the need to acquire numerous other kinds of scales.

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  • Handles many of the everyday weighing needs
  • Fitted with some easy-touch buttons
  • Displays readings via some large-size digits
  • Lets you select your desired measuring scale
  • Pretty high accuracy levels


  • Lower reading limits (100 grams)
  • Tedious to carry around with ease
  • May disparage inexperienced users

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#9: JamBer Digital Pocket Scale


If you use the pocket scale to handle and weigh food, you have to maintain it in a state of absolute cleanliness. This is to keep off germs and also ensure some hygienic food handling. This scale is manufactured with that in mind.

Removable Weighing Platform

As stated above, this pocket scale is hygienic indeed. That is mainly brought about by the removable weighing platform. This trait of removability allows for easy cleaning and maintaining given its lack of constraints.

Great Accuracy

Apart from being hygienic, this scale also delivers pretty accurate weighing outcomes. Its accuracy is the impressive 0.001 grams. For this reason, you will hardly confront any adverse errors which might compromise your reading outcomes.

LCD Screen

An LCD screen concludes the list of its most notable features. With this display, you may obtain readings in carats, deadweights, ounces, grams, and ounces trays. Moreover, you will also be able to convert the readings easily by use of one smart button.


  • Takes up fewer storage spaces
  • Pretty convenient to carry around
  • Saves your battery power
  • May also weigh jewels
  • Comes in an awesome design


  • Needs some expertise to reassemble
  • Definitely not for beginners
  • Demands great care and attention

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#10: KEEGH Digital Pocket Scale


For professional weighing options, you definitely have to use an equally professional pocket scale like this one. As you are about to note, this scale comprises many parts and components which are lacking in the ordinary scales.

TARE/PCS Function

It does have a tare function. This one automatically subtracts the weight of your tray from the total weight displayed on your screen. The sum total of this is that you obtain readings of your ingredients without having to do any calculations.

High-precision Scale

The scale of this measuring device is highly precise. It contains the new generation display sensors which detect the weights of the materials that are placed atop the weighing scale. This combined with some six units of conversion yield reliable readings.

Multi-functional and Portable

All factors considered, this scale is multifunctional and portable. You will enjoy the rare luxury of being able to carry it wherever and whenever you might need to. Further to that, you will also be able to handle and weigh several kinds of items.


  • Yields the associated readings faster
  • You can carry it along with you wherever
  • Comes in an outstanding design
  • Brings about scientifically accurate outcomes
  • Generates clearly legible digits and letters


  • Requires some calibration before use
  • Cannot handle larger ingredients
  • Tedious to convert the readings

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#11: Tesso Digital Pocket Scale


To save yourself some bit of time, it is necessary that the scale you be automated. That way, you will not really have to struggle to use the scales. With many of its parts and functionalities automated, this scale is perfectly suited for the job.

Auto Calibration

Rather than possessing those graduations that are permanently engraved on the scale, this one employs the auto calibrations technique. Being auto-calibrated, the scale is able to handle diverse kinds of measurement chores.

Tare Full Capacity

When the scale has reached its maximum end, it alerts you. This arrangement negates the unlikely of overwhelming the scale and possibly inflicting some permanent dangers or damages. You hence get to enjoy some reliable performances.

Auto-off Function

Lastly comes the auto-off function. It basically detects whether the scale has been idle for a minute or so. If that is the case, it shuts off the power supply mechanism. This saves you some energy/battery consumption and the associated costs.


  • Perfect for traveling
  • Accurate to 2 decimal places
  • Legible even under low lighting conditions
  • Easier to keep clean and maintain
  • Varying mode options


  • Not for unskilled users
  • Expensive to acquire
  • If broken may take a toll to restore

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#12: Brifit Digital Pocket Scale


If you have a career in an area that requires weighing things every now and then, you want a scale that is strong and long-lasting. We suggest that you try your hand on this one. Its perfect build will surely guarantee its longevity for long term use.

LCD Display

An LCD display exists to display to you the readings. At the back of this screen is some orange backlight. The color it emits is very legible. It hence eliminates any form of ambiguity or errors which might ordinarily arise.

6 Weighing Units

The scale supports some six weighing units. These are the grams, ounces, ounce trays, deadweight, carat, and grains, respectively. They are further accompanied by some quick unit conversion tool which allows you to obtain readings conveniently.

Sleek Stainless Steel Build

As has already been stated, this scale comes along in some sleek stainless steel build and design. Apart from ensuring long-lasting performances, this design also makes it easy for you to obtain your readings. Further to that, it also exudes some sheer strength.


  • Faster to calibrate and tare
  • Indicates the status of the battery and overload
  • Generates pretty accurate readings
  • Compact in size and lighter in weight
  • Allows for easy for storage
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  • Costly to acquire and repair
  • Requires larger storage spaces
  • Requires some added expertise to operate

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#13: AccuWeight Digital Pocket Scale


Do you ordinarily handle too bulky goods and items? Well, the scale you settle on has to similarly be optimized for larger kinds of load. This is the one we recommend for this role by reason of being able to accommodate a whopping 1,000 grams.

PCS Counting

Apart from merely weighing the loads, this machine can also count them. It does have a PSC counting mechanism to do this job. It is great in that it can count those tiny grains of coins, jewelry, and germs. Your use of this scale brings about some added benefits.

Multi-functional Cover

It does come along with some multifunctional cover. This cover does more than just preserving the contents from direct exposure to external elements. It also serves as a weighing tray and handles powders, liquids, and granules.

High Precision Measurements

When compared to the other kinds of scales, this one is pretty precise. As a matter of fact, it can handle weighing range from 0.2 grams to a whopping 1000 grams, with an astounding accuracy of ±0.3g. You have some safety of mind with it.


  • Handles larger and weightier loads
  • Portable to carry along with you
  • Counts and weighs at the same time
  • Supports multiple weight measurement options
  • Backed by excellent customer service regime


  • Costly to acquire and manage
  • Definitely not for ordinary home use
  • Inflicts higher operational expenses

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#14: UNIWEIGH Digital Pocket Scale


It is no secret that jewelry is generally delicate and prone to damages. That is why you want to make use of a scale which is specially designed and intended for them. This is the one we would recommend for such kind of an application.

High-precision Strain Gauge Sensor

To guarantee the accuracy of your readings, this scale has some high-precision strain gauge sensor. It basically keeps track of the weighing process to see to it that the integrity of the measurement exercise is greatly upheld.

Stainless Platform

A stainless platform does exist on which you shall place your load and samples. Being stainless, expect your load not to sustain any dirt, soiling or other forms of impurities. This makes the scale great for the handling of food and other sensitive items.

Low Battery & Overload Indicator

To keep you posted on the progress of taking measurements, a low battery and overload indicator exists on the machine. These basically display the status of the battery and the amount of extra weight that the load can possibly bear.


  • Tare function for ease of taking readings
  • Easy to pack, carry and store
  • Surface protected when not in use
  • Handles a whopping 1,000 grams of weight
  • Delivers clearly legible outcomes


  • Slightly complicated to handle
  • Requires constant upgrades
  • May not do a good job when weighing other items

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#15: Weighmax RA100 Digital Pocket Scale

Weighmax RA100

A good pocket scale should do more than just weighing. In case you are a restaurateur, you want one which may also serve aesthetic values. Do pay some attention here, as this one is perfectly suited for the stated role.

Unique Rasta Coating

As noted above, this scale also has that ability to discharge excellent aesthetics. This is due to the fact that it contains some unique Rasta coating. The coating enhances the appearances of the scale so much so that it comes out quite gorgeous.

Back-lit LCD Display

For your easy viewing, this scale is equipped with a back-lit display unit. It is very easy to read and is as such a great and reliable companion while taking your measurements. You will not really have to worry about the integrity of your outcomes.

Clear Cover

A clear cover also adorns the entire make up of this tray. It offers protection to the scale from the various elements of dirt and dust. At the same time, it may also be converted into a weighing tray. This brings in more values at a time.


  • Ready for use and requires no prior installation
  • Sleek and portable in nature
  • Accurate indeed (measures in 0.01-gram increments)
  • Handles various weighing modes
  • Appropriately shielded from external elements


  • Weighs up to 100 grams only
  • High power consumption rating
  • The delicate design which gets damaged easily

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a gram on a digital scale?

It is a metric unit of measurement which equals one-thousandth of a kilogram. The unit is commonly used to weigh small items or fine grains of sand, sugar, salt, and jewelry.

Are digital scales reliable?

YES, they are; and very reliable for that matter! That is because they are unaffected by those issues which impact their mechanical counterparts. Moreover, they require almost no brawn on your part to operate.

How does a digital scale work?

A digital scale contains a strain gauge load cell. These detect the weight of the load which is placed atop the weighing platform. It channels this information to the motherboard for interpretation and eventual display.

Are electronic scales more accurate?

YES, they are. They may yield readings in minimal intervals of around 0.01 grams. On the same note, they respond to the slightest impulse or impact they do feel.

How can I tell if my digital scale is accurate?

Use some penny to ascertain whether indeed your digital scale is accurate. Place the penny on the weighing platform and take note of the corresponding readings. Any hesitance or issues might indicate flaws in measurements.

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