11 Best Digital Protractors (2024)

Angle accuracy comes into play when working on any project as it determines your success or failure.

Several decades ago, the types of protractors used to measure angles were tedious. It took a lot of time to measure and note angles down reducing productivity.

For this reason, Digital protractors were introduced to save time, increase productivity, and better accuracy.

They employ the use of magnets and other electronic sensor technologies to provide you with accurate measurements. Most of them can be reset/ zeroed to ensure that they work correctly.

Digital Protractors are used in many fields including woodworking, sketching, and architecture to mention just a few. All these fields require topnotch tools to avoid damaging and costly inaccuracies.

To ensure that you procure a great Digital Protractor to add to your toolbox, we decided to review some top brands for you.

Take a look at the digital protractors in this list, and you may find your next tool.

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  • 【2 in 1 Digital Angle Finder】TBVHOMM protractor has the function of a ruler and a protracting tool. The combination of a millimeter and inch scale ruler and a protractor makes it easy to measure internal and external angles. Suitable for woodworking, construction, drafting and other fields.

11 Digital Protractor Reviews

#1. Bosch GAM 220 MF Digital Protractor

Bosch GAM 220 MF

The Bosch GAM 220 MF is built for adaptability, durability, and accuracy. It combines the four most commonly used tools into one making it a desirable addition to your appliances.

It functions not only as a protractor but also as an angle finder, a metric calculator, and a level. This makes it a versatile tool as you only need a single tool to carry out different functions when working.

It’s composed of high-quality material featuring IP54 protection which makes it water and dust resistant to withstand any severe working condition.

The GAM 220 MF is capable of measuring angles between 0-220 with high accuracy. A well-illuminated LCD screen displays the size of the angle for easy reading in any working conditions. Although it has a small range of measuring angles, it compensates with its additional functions.

The angle finder makes your work easier by providing angle memory to ensure that you use the exact measurements when transferring angles.

It comes with a 16” leg extension to give you an easier time when measuring small and hard to reach areas.


  • Accurate
  • Multipurpose
  • IP54 protection
  • Durable
  • 16” leg extension


  • Small range of measuring angles

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#2.Wixey WR418 Digital Protractor

Wixey WR418

The Wixey WR418 features durable aluminum blades which can give you service for a long time and are useful in most weather conditions.

The blades are 18″ in length which allows you to measure angles even in hard to reach places which make this tool suitable to demanding projects.

The blades are fitted with strong magnets which attach to metallic surfaces when working to make it easier to set angles.

The WR418 can measure both miter and bevel angles which makes it a multipurpose tool for woodworking or any other profession requiring a digital protractor. It’s able to calculate the exact miter angles for precise fit which saves time as you don’t have to carry out any manual calculations. It has a range of 0 – ±180.

It has a well-illuminated display which allows easy reading and accurate measurement of angles.


  • Heavy-duty material
  • Weather resistant
  • Accurate
  • Embedded magnets for easy use
  • Can measure both miter and bevel angles


  • A small range of angle measurement
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#3. AccuRemote Digital Protractor


This AccuRemote Digital angle gauge is composed of thick plastic material which makes it sturdy and resistant to breakage in case it’s banged up when working.

It has powerful magnets on three surfaces which allow attachment to metallic surfaces for easier use. These magnets also keep the tool at one place when not in use to avoid damage.

It functions as a digital protractor, angle gauge level and a bevel gauge which makes it useful and adaptable to different functions in the same or different projects. It has an angle measurement range of 0 – 360 (4 x 90) which allows you to measure any required angle.

This AccuRemote protractor features a large LCD screen which allows you to read angles easily and it can flip to ensure that you can read angles in any direction.

It features a zero function which allows you to set any surface as the reference point. This is helpful when calculating relative angles.

You can also be able to hold any angle and keep it on display. This allows you to transfer angles between different surfaces with ease.


  • Durable
  • Very accurate
  • Multipurpose
  • Embedded magnets for ease of use
  • A large flip LCD screen


  • Not weatherproof
  • Not suitable for measuring small places

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#4. GemRed 82305 Digital Protractor

GemRed 82305

The GemRed 82305 features light yet durable plastic handles which can withstand harsh working conditions of between -10C ~ + 50 C.

The handles have well-graduated measurements in inches and millimeters which allow measurement of length in addition to its use as a digital protractor. This makes it versatile.

The 82305 has a measurement range of 0 – 360 which allows you to measure both inside and outside angles with ease.

It features a scratch resistant LCD which is well illuminated and has a large display for easy readouts.

It has a zero button which allows you to set any surface as a reference to measure relative angles.


  • Compact
  • Allows relative angle measurements
  • Durable body
  • Multipurpose
  • Accurate
  • Clear display


  • Turns on in case of any slight movement

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#5. General Tools 822 Digital Protractor

General Tools 822

General Tools produces great tools, and the 822 digital protractor is another excellent tool. It features stainless steel handles which function as rulers. The handles are sturdy and durable. These allow the tool to withstand any harsh working conditions.

As seen above the tool is multipurpose as the handles function as a ruler in addition to being a digital protractor. This reduces the need to carry many tools around.

It has a large LCD which allows easy readouts. It also has a unique feature which lets you lock angles for increased accuracy and smooth transfer of angles between surfaces.


  • Durable
  • Accurate
  • Lock and reverse angle features
  • Large LCD display
  • Multipurpose
  • Allows relative measurement of angles


  • Short handles, i.e., 5″

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#6. Tacklife MDP02 Digital Protractor

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The Tacklife MDP02 is composed of zinc alloy material which makes it durable and sturdy. This makes it suited for use in any working site as it can withstand harsh conditions.

It incorporates strong magnets which allow you to attach it to metal surfaces such as your chain saw for ease of use.

It’s a combination of three tools in one which makes it adaptable to different uses. It functions as a protractor, a level, and as an angle finder.

This tool has a large LCD screen which enables easy and accurate readouts. The display also flips to let you read angles from any direction with ease.

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It has a measuring range of 0 – 360 (4 x 90) which allows you to measure any required angle with ease and precision.

By using the calibrate button, one can be able to switch between absolute and relative angle measurements. This is useful when you want to use any surface as a reference point. It also features a hold button which allows you to fix an angle on display when necessary.


  • Can switch between absolute and relative angles
  • Durable material
  • Has strong magnets
  • Can hold data
  • Multipurpose
  • Large LCD screen


  • Not very accurate(off by 2-3)

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#7. Neoteck LCD Digital Protractor

Neoteck LCD

The Neoteck Digital angle finder features a robust plastic body with an IP54 certification. This means that it is dust/ water resistant making it suitable for any harsh working conditions.

It has embedded magnets at the base which allows attachment to metallic surfaces. This increases ease of use when working.

This digital protractor is multipurpose as it also doubles as a level.

It has a huge LCD screen with backlighting which enables easy and clear readouts of displayed angles. The display can flip to allow readout from any direction.

Its measuring range is 0 – 360 degrees (4 x 90 degrees) which enable you to measure any required angles with high precision.

It can present beveled angles in various units, i.e. degrees, percentage tilt, millimeters, or inches depending on how you want it to be displayed. This makes it versatile as you can measure the relative distance or angle from any surface.


  • Accurate ±0.2
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Compact
  • Multipurpose


  • Low-quality construction

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#8. Gain Express V-Groove Digital Protractor

Gain Express V-Groove

Gain Express V-Groove is a digital protractor which combines three functions into one tool. It functions as a level, a protractor or an angle finder. This makes it a versatile and valuable addition to your toolbox.

It has IP65 protection which makes it suitable for use in harsh environmental conditions. It has strong magnets embedded into its base plate which allows attachment to metallic surfaces such as chain saws for ease of use.

This protractor features an extra-large LCD which has backlight function for precise and easy readouts. The display flips enabling you to read out angles from any direction.

Its measurement range is 0 – 360 (4 X 90) which makes it easy to work with angles of any size.

You can be able to measure relative angles by zeroing at any surface to make it your reference point. It also features a function which allows the conversion between absolute and relative angles depending on your required measurement.

When using this digital protractor to measure relative angles, you can be able to convert angles to different units including degrees, millimeters, percentage tilt and inch/ft. This is useful when you want to know both the angle and distance between two surfaces.


  • Durable
  • Converts angles to different units
  • Accurate ±0.15
  • Multipurpose
  • IP65 protection


  • Bulky design

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#9. 7434 AccuMaster Digital Protractor

7434 AccuMaster

The 7434 AccuMaster combines durability and precision to give you a top-level digital protractor. It’s IP54 certified which makes it dust and water resistant. This means that it’s able to tolerate harsh working conditions.

Its base has strong magnets which attach to metallic surfaces such as blades for ease of use when working.

It functions as either a protractor or as a level depending on your immediate requirements. This makes it adaptable to different projects.

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It has a large TM display which is bright enough for easy and accurate readings. In case the protractor is tilted or flipped, the display inverts making it suitable to use and read at any angle.

Relative angles can be easily measured from any surface using this tool. Just zero the angle to make a reference point and then measure the relative angle.


  • Compact
  • Accurate ± 0.2
  • Versatile
  • Dust and water resistant
  • Relative and absolute angle conversion


  • Low-quality construction

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#10.IGaging Digital Protractor


This protractor features stainless steel blades. Stainless steel is sturdy and able to withstand harsh conditions making this protractor useful in many sites.

It comes with either 4″ or 7″ handles depending on your preference and use. The handles are graduated to enable its use as a ruler. This makes the protractor a two in one tool as you can measure both length and angles. The 7″ blade is long enough to allow measurement of angles in hard to reach spaces.

The LCD screen is large and bright for easy and correct readouts. The display features reversible reading which allows you to read angles when the protractor is inverted.

It has a measurement range of 0 – 360 which lets you measure both inside and outside angles easily. It also features a blade lock which holds angles allowing easy transfer between different surfaces.


  • Has a blade lock feature
  • Durable stainless steel blades
  • Very accurate ±0.05


  • Sharp edges

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#11.General Tools 828 Digital Protractor

General Tools 828

The General Tools 828 features a two in one digital protractor. It works as both a T-bevel gauge and a protractor which makes it versatile.

It has an 8″ impact resistant stainless steel blade. This makes it useful in heavy-duty projects and adaptable to different working environments.

With a range of 0 – 360, this digital protractor is useful for measuring both inside and outside angles with ease and precision. It also features a blade lock which enables the transfer of angles between different surfaces.

It has a large display which can be flipped to read angles even when the protractor is inverted. The large and bright LCD allows easy and accurate readouts of angles.


  • Versatile
  • Sturdy handle
  • Accurate
  • Has a blade lock feature


  • Plastic body not durable

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Which is the best digital protractor for me?

There are two types of digital protractors, i.e. the block and the one with handles. Each of the two has some function difference in that the former measures even relative angles and can be used as a level while the latter is used to measure angles and in some cases length. Choose the one that accommodates all your requirements.

When do I calibrate my digital protractor?

If the reading is not zero when you place the protractor at a level surface, it should be calibrated.

What is relative measurement?

Relative measurement is the difference between two surfaces in either degrees, percentage incline or any other unit.

What is zeroing?

Zeroing is creating a reference point or a start point for your digital protractor. It’s useful when measuring relative angles.

Final Verdict

Technological changes should happen even in your toolbox. The digital protractors reviewed are technologically advanced tools which aim to increase accuracy and to reduce time wastage when working on any project. Some have special features which combine different tools into one making them unique additions to your toolbox.

To make sure that you get a significant tool upgrade, consider tool versatility and your set requirements among other factors to enjoy maximum benefits.

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