11 Best Door Sweeps (2024)

Even before the chilly season strikes, some are already thinking about investing in heating systems to create a cozy environment in their home.

Well, it’s a nice idea, Keep it up! However, before you fork out some good cash for these systems, it’s advisable to first implement some of the basic measures of keeping your house warm during this period.

Now, one of the ways is by installing a door sweep. A door sweep seals the gap between the bottom of the door and the threshold to prevent cold air from finding its way into the interior space.

It is a very effective way of minimizing heating costs since it prevents the invasion of the cold air into the already heated space when simultaneously preventing the warm air from escaping.

Sounds great? Well, not until you get the right door sweep. But since getting that ideal door sweep for your entry isn’t as easy as it sounds, with us today are a few suggestions. Find your ideal option in our review of the market’s best door sweeps!

Suptikes 2 Pack Door Draft Stopper,Door Sweep...
  • 【SAVE YOUR MONEY】 The weather stripping stop the heat and cold from escaping during winter and summer. Makes heating and cooling your home or office more efficient and cost effective for reducing the heating & cooling bill.

Top 11 Best Door Sweeps

#1 Suptikes Door Draft Stopper Under Door Seal for Exterior/Interior Door


Scooping the first spot on our list is a top-notch option from Suptikes. The door seal is of silicone material. This material is flexible and easy to cut to your excellent size to ensure a snug fit. It comes in a beautiful gray color that will match with most interior and exterior doors.

Nevertheless, in case you need a different color, the door sweep is also available in three more colors, that is, brown, white, and black.

The high-quality barrier comes in handy during the summer by locking cold air in while keeping it out during the winter. Hence, expect this addition to create a comfortable environment for you and your beloved ones no matter the year.

Suptikes Door Draft Stopper possesses advanced waterproof properties. With this feature, it effectively prevents moisture from sneaking beneath the door.

Hence, you will not only get a cozier space but also a dry environment even during the heaviest storms. The enhanced water resistance properties make it perfect for use in the bathroom, laundry, and just about any other area around the home.

  • It is available in four colors.

  • It has excellent water resistance.

  • It is pretty simple to install.

  • It looks very nice, especially the gray color.

  • The sticky back means gives you one chance to install it right otherwise it will rip the paint off your door.

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#2 BAINING Door Draft Stopper Door Sweep for Exterior/Interior Doors


If you want to reduce the heating costs during the upcoming winter and the cooling costs in the summer, this door sweep will be of help.

The door creates an airtight seal which prevents cool drafty from coming into the room during the chilly days. The door sweep simultaneously keeps warm air put to minimize heating costs significantly during the winter.

The high-quality silicone rubber seals up to the 1.5-inch gap. The unit measures 2 inches wide and 39 inches long. Therefore, it is long enough to fit most doors.

However, in case you find it too long for your application, this draft stopper cuts to your preferred size easily to meet your door size.

The 3M VHB adhesive backing increases the compatibility of the blocker since it sticks to different door materials such as wood, metal, plastic, and other materials.

The white color interacts smoothly with most doors and interior decor to ensure a more streamlined look. But just in case you prefer a different color, this barrier is also available in black, brown, gray, and transparent options.

The three-layered design locks out noise, dirt, drafty, and any other thing that may attempt to find its way through. The unit installs easily and takes up to 24 hours to stick excellently.

Therefore, after installing, ensure that you don’t use the door to let it stick firmly.

  • It is very affordable.

  • The three-layered design maximizes effectiveness.

  • It is thick and heavy-duty.

  • It is easy to trim to size.

  • It takes some time to stick firmly.

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#3 CloudBuyer Door Draft Stopper


If you are worried about cold air getting into your room through the gap at the bottom of your door, this draft door stopper should address your concern.

The barrier is made from high-quality silicone material, which is not only durable but also anti-aging. Therefore, expect it to maintain its beautiful look year after year of use.

The silicone material is soft and flexible to make it easy for the user to trim to the ideal size.

The door seal features a triple-layer design. This feature minimizes noise up to five times to give you that serene environment you have always wanted in your space!

The design also locks out light and other elements such as dirt, crawling insects, dust, and other unwanted elements around the home.

The sweep comes with a super adhesive that sticks firmly to wood, glass, metal, plastic, and other common materials used in modern doors.

The strong adhesive allows makes the sweep ideal for use in nearly any door, whether of the bedroom, bathroom, laundry room, back door or any other door around the home or at commercial places.

The high-quality unit is available in three colors; black, white, and brown to allow you to choose the one that matches your door.

  • The quality of the rubber is great.

  • It is very super easy to install.

  • It is perfect for humid environments.

  • It sturdily stays in place.

  • It may take some effort to remove the red protective layer on the adhesive strip.

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#4 M-D Building Products 69609 1-1/4-Inch EPDM

M-D Building

Taking just a little portion of your budget and a few minutes of your time, this commercial-grade tool will minimize your utility bills by a bundle.

Its affordability means that it comes with the low-budget homeowners in mind who already are looking for a way to reduce energy costs during the summer and winter. The pre-drilled holes minimize the installation work.

The unit is sturdily constructed to ensure that it effectively blocks air, dust, sound, and insects from penetrating your space. The unit comes in a beautiful bronze finish that dovetails with most outdoor and indoor doors.

However, some customers claim that the color comes a bit darker than expected. Nevertheless, in case you need a different finish, this unit is available in several finishes to allow you to select the one that best goes with your door.

The door seal is highly weatherproof. For this reason, this unit will endure the harshest conditions for several years to come. The sweep measures 1.25 inches wide and 48 inches long.

With this size, we are safe to say that it is large enough to be used in most indoor and exterior doors. The unit cuts to your ideal size easily when need be. The unit comes with screws so that you don’t have to buy them separately.

  • It is very ruggedly constructed.

  • It looks very great.

  • The price is decent.

  • It has advanced weatherproof properties.

  • The quality of the screws needs improvement although they do the work.

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#5 Holikme 2 Pack Door Draft Stopper Under Door Draft Blocker Insulator Door Sweep

Holikme 2 Pack

Whether it is cold, dust, dirt, insects or whatever thing you want to be locked out, this blocker does the work perfectly. Our specific option is white although other color options such as black, brown, transparent, and gray are also available.

The sweep comes with a special structure that effectively blocks all intruders out to give you a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere you have always wanted to enjoy in your home.

The advanced design of the blocker also prevents sound from sneaking through, making it ideal for use in bedrooms and any other area around the home where a tranquil environment is needed.

The strong adhesive sticks firmly onto the door although you will have to leave the door for up to 24 hours after applying.

The insulator has a length of 39 inches although it can be cut to your ideal size in case you need a shorter length. This length and the width of 1.9 inches make it versatile for use in both interior and exterior doors.

The silicone construction makes it sturdy, making it not only effective in what it is supposed to do but also highly durable to last for several years to come.

  • The adhesive backing is easy to peel off.

  • It works with both interior and exterior doors.

  • The silicone material is toxic-free.

  • The glue is very strong.

  • It may not stick to metal easily as on other materials.

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#6 Evelots Draft Stopper Door/Window-Double-No Repositioning-No Cold/Dust-36 Inch

Evelots Draft Stopper

This blocker has a length of 36 inches and features two 2-inch diameter tubes on either side. The unique design increases its effectiveness in doing what it is made to do.

The multi-purpose tool serves in any season, whether winter or summer to keep your internal environment safe and comfortable just as you want it.

The tubular blocker is of water-resistant vinyl that has Styrofoam material in the interior to create an airtight seal.

The waterproof material indicates that it will also keep your space dry even during the heavy downpours. The high-quality stopper works effectively with just about any floor.

Therefore, whether your floor is of wood, ceramic tiles, linoleum or any other material, you can buy this blocker with the peace of mind that it will do the work excellently.

The versatile design permits use for windows. This capability lets you create an entirely airtight space that will reduce your utility bills in the summer and winter.

With this barrier, cold air, bugs, odor, and other unwanted intruders stand no chance. The stopper cleans with ease so that you can always keep your space looking neater and feeling cozier even when outdoor elements turn unsupportive.

  • It comes with installation instructions.

  • It can also be used for the windows.

  • The design eliminates the need for frequent adjustments.

  • It is aesthetically appealing.

  • It may not work perfectly with carpeted floors as with other surfaces.

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#7 Suptikes [New Upgrade] Huge Gap Door Draft Stopper


This draft stopper measures 39 inches and has a width of 3-2/5 inches. Therefore, it is wider than a majority of the competing models out there, making it more effective than a good number of members of the competition.

The blocker is large enough to cover spaces with a size of up to 1-4/5 inches.

The backing adhesive measures 1.6 inches: approximately twice the size of a normal door seal. The extra-widened design ensures that the stopper remains firmly stuck to the door season after season for several years to come.

The three-layer design provides layer by layer protection against dust, bugs, odors, and other elements that may attempt to sneak into your space.

The silicone material is sturdy and possesses excellent resilience to ensure maximum durability. Like most of the previous options, this upgraded stopper is available in four color varieties.

Therefore, no matter the color of your door or the decor of your space, you will hardly miss the ideal color for you.

  • It has an extra-widened backing adhesive.

  • It is highly resilient.

  • It does not damage the floor.

  • The adhesive is very strong.

  • Some wish that the push tacks were sturdier.

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#8 Xcluder 162602 Commercial Door Sweep, 36″, Aluminum

Xcluder 162602

This unit works perfectly for under-door gaps of up to 0.75 inches. For this reason, in case the space between the door threshold and the bottom of the door is wider, you will have to consider another model.

The blocker has a height of 2 inches and a length of 36 inches. I mean, it is long enough to suit use with most interior and external doors.

The unit also cuts to a smaller size, allowing you to trim to the perfect length that best suits your needs.

Nevertheless, in case you need a longer sweep, this door sweep is also available in larger sizes of 48 inches and 96 inches. And yes, as you choose the larger size, you should also be prepared to pay extra bucks.

The outer layer of the barrier is reinforced rubber for long service life. The double density interior layer creates an airtight seal that also blocks odors, dust, and other tiny particles from invading your space.

The unit is easy to install. I mean, in case you are among the busy homeowners who can’t afford much time for a lengthy installation process, this door sweep should be a great option for you.

The stopper comes along with stainless steel screws and mounting instructions to avoid guesswork.

  • It is a heavy-duty unit.

  • The fibers are hard for rats to chew through.

  • It comes in varying lengths.

  • The stainless steel screws are rust-proof.

  • It comes with a slight smell which will disappear after a few days.

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#9 Magzo Door Strip, Upgrade Door Sweep Weather Stripping Draft Stopper

Magzo Door Strip

This door sweep measures 2 inches wide and 39 inches long. Nonetheless, it is also available in a longer version measuring 47 inches but still 2 inches wide.

The blocker will cut to your door size for excellent prevention of air and other invaders. Therefore, no matter the size of your entry, you will always find that ideal size for your door. The high-quality unit features premium-grade steel construction.

This material is non-toxic, durable, yet soft enough to ensure that it does not damage the floor with frequent opening and closing of the door.

The three layers of silicone material offer excellent blockage even to noise and odors so that you have a peaceful and invader-free space you have always wanted to have.

The seal also keeps cold air out during the winter to keep your room warm and cold air locked in during the summer to prevent it from escaping into the outdoor environment.

Our hand-picked model comes in a black finish that will look great in nearly every door. However, you can also choose between brown and white finishes depending on the nature of your internal decor and the color of your door.

  • It does not come out easily once adhered to.

  • The flex material bends and flexes to avoid damaging the floor.

  • It is very sturdy for durability.

  • The adhesive will last for a long time.

  • There are limited color options.

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#10 Frost King B79/36H Vinyl Slide-On Door Bottom for Metal and Wood Doors, 1-3/4 x 36″, Brown

Frost King B79

This door bottom comes in a beautiful brown finish that goes with most doors. However, it also comes with a white finish that also blends into almost every decor.

Furthermore, the premium-grade unit works with doors that are up to 1.75 inches thick and 36 inches long. The simple design of the door bottom slides easily to hold the door on either side to make installation a breeze.

In fact, the u-shaped unit has pre-drilled holes that allow you to install the unit quicker that a majority of the models out there.

I mean, to install the unit, you just need to cut it to the ideal size, slide it into your door, and then install the screws to hold it in place- as easy as a five-finger exercise.

The multi-layered design leaves spaces between the multiple layers. This feature, in turn, creates a tighter seal since air is a bad conductor of heat.

Therefore, the heated air will remain in during the winter and outside when it is summer to give you and your loved one a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

  • It has pre-drilled holes.

  • It is available in different colors, sizes, and materials.

  • It’s very easy to cut.

  • The layered design makes it more effective than most competition.

  • You may have to drill other holes after cutting.

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#11 IDEALCRAFT Door Draft Stopper Sweep Bottom Seal


This door seal is also another effective option you may rely on to maintain your room temperature. The unit prevents noise, drafty, dust, and insects from sneaking into your space through the space left at the bottom of your door.

The unit comes with a length of 36 inches although it can be resized to meet your door size. The 3M VHB adhesive Velcro backing offers strong adhesion on various materials such as wood, metal, plastic, and other materials.

The unit is 2.5 inches wide and protrudes at the bottom of the door to cover a gap that is up to 1.5 inches, making it ideal for those large spaces that other door sweeps cannot fit perfectly.

Although the door sweep is highly effective in what it is made to do, it goes at an affordable price to allow you to cut on energy expenses without costing you an arm and a leg.

The straightforward instructions make it super easy for you to install. In fact, just in case you haven’t installed one yet, you will get the work done like a pro for your first time.

The material of the sweep will not damage the surface to keep your space comfortable, peaceful, and in tip-top condition.

  • The Velcro is very thick.

  • It is super easy to use.

  • The sweep does not damage the floor.

  • It is ideal for large gaps.

  • The length may not suit every door.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Do door sweeps go inside or outside?

Some door sweeps especially the u-shaped will slide to touch either side of the door. However, you should ensure that the screws are in the inside part of the door. That is, you should not install the sweep on the push side of the door.

What are door sweeps used for?

Door sweeps are used to prevent the air in the room (whether cold or cold) from escaping outside. It also prevents outside air from penetrating the room. In other words, it maintains room temperature. Also, it prevents dust, odor, noise, moisture, bugs, and other unwanted elements from sneaking into the room.

Do door sweeps keep mice out?

Provided that the door sweep extends to cover the entire gap at the bottom of the door, you can rely on it to keep mice and other rodents out. Nevertheless, you need to ensure that the material of the sweep is chew-resistant if you want to use it for mice.

Should a door sweep touch the floor?

Even though the door blocker is made to completely cover the gap between the bottom of the door and the threshold, they should not sweep the floor. They should at least allow the door to swing with minimum effort.

Do door sweeps help with sound?

Some door sweeps work well in blocking sound while others may not give the kind of results you want. Therefore, ensure that the door sweep you choose is recommended for minimizing noise.


Although it may seem unnecessary for some homeowners, the fact is that door sweeps play essential roles that one cannot be overlooked.

Therefore, if you don’t have one installed yet, grabbing one option from our list should be a nice step. Go through each hand-picked model to find out the one that works best for your sake.

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