Top 10 Best Double Lifting Suction Cups (2023)

Since its invention Suction cups have always sparked curiosity and surprise in society, we wonder about the magic that keeps a rubber cup glued to a flat surface without any glue and how hard it is to remove that cup.

First patented by John A. Hawley in 1875, suction cups have been used for a plethora of activities. From unclogging toilets to scaling buildings, no height is too high for the suction cup to scale. Surprisingly the science behind this product is very simple.

Two words explain the principle explicitly, “vacuum” and “pressure”. A vacuum represents the absence of air pressure, so a suction cup can stick to a flat surface because when the rubber presses against a smooth flat surface it pushes all the air outside and creates a vacuum inside.

When this happens the pressure (atmospheric pressure) exercising itself on the surface of the suction cup,  keeps it in place, stuck to the flat surface.

Double lifting suction cups are a result of the continuous innovation to advance the possibilities of suction cups.

They are fairly new to the market and the need for this innovation was to increase the load-carrying capacity of the suction cup without the need of connecting it to a vacuum pump.

A premise that the product solved seamlessly. Numerous double lifting suction cups can carry up to 260 pounds when in the horizontal position and 220 pounds in the vertical position without the need for a vacuum pump.

They have created an effective, functional solution to carrying heavy glass, marble and granite tiles, flat wood and anything with a flat smooth surface.

Their application is limitless as they can be used to accomplish any suitable worthwhile purpose for a particular user, which can be as simple as substituting as a door handle or scaling a high rise building.

We have taken the liberty of reviewing, analyzing and testing the best double lifting suction cups available now to determine the best product, value-wise for consumers.

The products are listed below, but before we dive into that, let take a look at how to use double living suction cups

How to Use

Suction cups are extremely easy to use once you follow the defined steps. The steps are as follows;

Clean the object surface with a clean towel before use and ensure the surface is not moist

Check for the smoothness of the surface, except otherwise stated to avoid suction failure

Place the double suction lifting cup over the object and push downward

Push the release lever to the downward position to activate the suction

The suction is now activated after the last step. You can now lift and move the object

10 Best Double Lifting Suction Cups

#1. Gekbot High-Performance Suction Cup Lifter (260lbs)


The Gekbot double suction cup is fitted to lift all material with a smooth flat surface this includes metal, glass, and tile surfaces. This unit has a safe load-carrying capacity of 260 lbs. when placed horizontally and about 220 lbs. when placed vertically.

The reason for this drop is mostly because, in the vertical position, there is a tendency for it to lose suction when overloaded. The frame is made out of aluminum and the handle features a non-slip design. We found this design very useful when lifting heavy items across varying distances.

The suction it produces is very powerful and it will stick to glass for close to two weeks without losing suction.

We were satisfied with the design of the levers as they are of high quality, the reason for this is because there is a tendency for levers on this type of suction cups to fail in operation rendering the cup useless.

This product has a premium look to it and there is a reason for it, it is very comfortable to use and very tough at the same time.

  • The product is very tough, the aluminum frame contributes to this

  • Non-slip durable handle

  • High-quality aluminum build

  • Wide suction cup surface

  • Although the suction cup is made out of high-quality ABS material. It may not retain its integrity over a long period, so we suggest you protect it when not in use

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#2. IMT Glass Suction Cup (260lbs)


At first glance this product has a very attractive and improved look to it, firstly the handle is made out of an adjustable rubber anti-slip material while the suction cover retains a polished aluminum material.

This design on analysis is very creative and improves the application of the suction cup a lot. It can be used to lift flat surface as expected but even when those flat surfaces are curved, the handle accommodates the curvature and will stick perfectly to the surface.

It has a maximum load-carrying capacity of 260 lbs. and will lift any surface that is smooth and flat. The power of the suction cups varies when using it in vertical positions but it still stands a surprising 330 lbs. Though on analysis the actual safe capacity is much lower when vertical.

  • Very strong rubber cup

  • The handle can be bent at an angle for lifting curved surfaces

  • Adjustable anti-slip rubber handle, very durable build

  • Spring-loaded locking lever

  • It’s not as strong as advertised

  • It can lose created suction vacuum over time

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#3. Qadira Premium Quality Aluminum Suction Cup (220lbs)


This double lifting suction cup has a suction power so strong it may crack light-glass on application.

With a maximum capacity of 220 lbs. on the horizontal position and 200 lbs. in the vertical position it can lift heavy material without failing over long distances.

The frame and handle are both made out of high quality polished aluminum and the levers out of heavy-duty ABS plastic.

The handle is strong enough to allow you to lift without breaking and comfortable to use.

At first, we were worried about the levers but on the analysis, we were assured of its quality, they are durable enough to allow seamless usage over a long period. We tried it out on various flat surfaces and it worked like a charm.

  • Durable aluminum build

  • Powerful handle and strong suction

  • High-quality suction cup

  • Can lift several flat surfaces

  • Not suitable for lifting curved surfaces

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#4. FCHO Glass Suction Cups (220lbs)


Offers exceptional suction on smooth surfaces without the slipping off. It is a fully functional suction cup that can be used for lifting glass, granite, wood or any none porous surface.

The material for the handle and frame is aluminum and its design is suitable for its function. It has frictional handles and the spacing is adequate for even the largest palms.

The suction cup is of very high quality, it is made out of natural rubber and it greatly increases the suction power of the cups.

We intentionally left the cups unsealed in an unprotected environment to gauge its durability and retained its integrity on exposure. It also features rubber levers which have a sleek finished design.

  • Will stick to any smooth surface without slipping

  • Bright color, sleek lever design

  • Dual value; two glass suction units

  • Not suitable for uneven surfaces

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#5. Cosmos Heavy Duty Suction Cup (220lbs)


This is a solidly built double lifting suction cup that works as advertised. It has a maximum capacity of 220 lbs. on horizontal position and about 190 lbs. when positioned vertically.

We test the product on varying surfaces and the suction produced was quite powerful enough to keep it stuck for extended periods.

We loved the brightly colored aluminum frame that is used here, it is tough enough to withstand deformations and is quite comfortable when using it to lift heavy components.

The levers at first glance look flimsy but it did its job without any hitches, although we recommend it is used with care to avoid any damages.

  • Excellent build quality; will retain its rigidity on extended use

  • Can be used to lift different types of materials

  • High quality polished aluminum

  • Powerful suction will stay stuck until removed.

  • Will not function on wood grain surfaces

  • Under extreme subzero temperatures, the suction may not function properly. Always test before use under these situations.

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#6. ABN Heavy-Duty Double Suction Cup (132lbs)


This heavy-duty suction cup has some great things going for it but its design and poor choice of materials do not maximize its true potential.

This suction cup frame is made completely out of plastic and although it is durable and rigid, it is not as strong as its metal counterparts. The design is attractive and it provided powerful suction on smooth flat surfaces.

It has a maximum load-carrying capacity of 132 lbs. which we found to be extremely accurate, we even found the suction powerful enough to carry slightly heavier items.

  • Powerful suction; can if more than it’s stated capacity without slippage

  • Comfortable handle size; the plastic handle fits perfectly into your palm, exceptional construction

  • Multiple uses; for pulling dents and moving heavy glass parts as well as for flooring.

  • Plastic levers are somewhat flimsy

  • Suction rubber is susceptible to quick deterioration and should be protected when not in use

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#7. Solude Heavy Duty Aluminum Suction Cup (187lbs)


This heavy-duty suction cup functions as it is designed by providing capable suction to lift components with a flat surface. The cup has a full aluminum alloy body that is tough and highly resistant to corrosion.

It has a maximum carrying capacity of 187 lbs. which we found to be very accurate. The suction created is strong enough to keep it glued to most flat surfaces for days on end.

The levers are a nice fit, they snap in place easily and are easy to pull back, essentially easy to use. We found no problems whatsoever with it. We tested the product on various surfaces and it worked fine.

The suction cups may fail to be glued in place if the surface of the material is not smooth or contains homogeneities. It also worked as a great dent remover and can be sued for a multitude of other applications.

  • High load capacity; will lift heavy items in varying proportions

  • Sleek, ergonomic design, with a quick-release lever that makes it convenient to use

  • High-quality aluminum; will withstand deformations and abuse

  • May fail to grip if the surface is uneven or slightly rough

  • Suction rubber is susceptible to deterioration and should be sealed when not in use.

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#8. FastCap HOD-Double Suction Cup


This HOD-Double suction cup has a sophisticated look to it, it feels more like a vacuum-based cup than a manual one. The design is attractive and is one of the best selling points of the unit.

In terms of functionality, it has enough suction power to keep it glued to most flat surfaces on application. However, we found that sometimes after suction is applied it loses its grip after a short while.

This occurs when the grip is poor we had to test the suction before carrying anything to avoid premature failure. The release lever is designed properly but has a low quality feel to it, the suction material feels and functions properly.

In a nutshell, this product does what it is supposed to, apart from the occasional slippage we encountered the product is a decent one.

  • Quick-release Lever for easy use

  • The powerful suction cup, made with high-quality rubber

  • Attractive design; the suction cup will fit nicely into most home applications

  • Low-quality build, susceptible to fail in service

  • Loses its grip over time; this is mostly because the pressure on the application is not enough to hold it down properly to most surfaces.

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#9. NT_Big Heavy Duty Aluminum Double Suction Cup (220lbs)

No products found.

This particular unit is fitted nicely with a double suction cup that has a maximum load-carrying capacity of 220 lbs. when in the horizontal position and 190 lbs. in the vertical position.

This enables the suction cup to lift heavy items, such as glass tiles, granite and allows it to stick tightly to flat smooth surfaces. The design, however, does not allow it to lift curved items in the slightest way possible.

It features decent suction cups made from high-quality rubber and a quick-release lever that activates the suction.

Breaking this product to its bare essentials, it does what it was made to do and it looks and feels durable in the truest sense of the word.

  • Powerful suction cup made from a durable rubber material

  • Will stick to any smooth non-porous surface allowing for multiple applications

  • Durable high-quality build

  • High load-carrying capacity

  • It is not suitable for carrying items with a curved surface

  • It is susceptible to failure under moist conditions

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#10. WFPOWER 2 pack Aluminum Suction Cup


This product sports a nice design, polished aluminum with a silver finish and some powerful suction cups but the flimsy levers make it seem like all that might just go to waste if they are compromised.

It has a high-quality finish and a design that creates the appropriate amount of space for a tight solid grip. The suction cups are powerful enough to lift heavy glasswares with a flat smooth surface; it works and it is essential.

However, the issue we aren’t satisfied with is the state of the levers, they are not held together tightly enough and may fail in service under a short period.

Plus, the design does not accommodate for curved surfaces, for example, we had trouble lifting a windscreen. The cups are not positioned at the right angle for that kind of lifting, although this design can be forgiven if you are not using it for curved surfaces.

  • Tight solid grip; the handle is just perfect and would fit very comfortably during use

  • We live the finish, the aluminum is polished and it shines, it is very attractive and can easily replace some fancy household items

  • Flimsy levers; the levers are not tightly held together and may fail in service

  • Cannot lift items with curved surfaces

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Benefits of Using Suction Cups

Quick and easy installation

Since its inception double lifting suction cups have greatly increased the speed of installation of tiles, glass panes, wood boards, windshields, and several other parts

It reduces labor costs

With a double lifting suction cup, one person can now handle a two-man job. It greatly improves the ease of carrying

It improves working conditions

Since heavy lifting is no longer required, our backs are safer. The suction cups have improved final working conditions and has helped to avoid injuries

It reduces damage

Double lifting suction cups reduce the risk of damages

Can lift all objects with a flat surface

Double lifting suction cups can lift almost all items with flat surfaces. This greatly increases its applicability

Wide variety of applications

Double lifting suction cups can be used for many different things, from substituting as a door handle to its use a push-up bar, the applications are limitless

Rapid innovation

Suction cups have increased the innovation of several processes worldwide and this benefit can only increase moving forward


Q1. What kind of workpieces can be lifted with Double Lifting Suction Cup?

All workpieces can be lifted by a double lifting suction cup, as long as the workpiece is flat and smooth enough.

Q2. Can I use several Double Lifting Suction Cup side by side for bigger workpieces?

Yes. For lifting objects and workpieces with more mass you can use as many suction cups as you require in any direction that you deem necessary.

Q3. Is a vacuum pump required for me to use this suction cup?

No. Double lifting suction cups do not require a vacuum pump. The quick-release lever serves a similar function by creating a vacuum between the surface of the object and the cup on activation.

Q4. Are Double suction lifters ROHS compliant?

Yes. The products and accessories are made of ROHS compliant materials, they are fully compliant.

Q5. What is the maximum weight that can be lifted with a double lifting suction cup?

In explicit terms, the area covered by the suction cup determined the maximum weight it is capable of lifting. The larger the area the higher the weight it would lift. Therefore, there is no maximum weight, but since the products reviewed here are within the 5” range the maximum allowable weight is up to 260 lbs.

Final Verdict

There are many reasons who you may want to purchase a Double lifting suction cup but the one thing that cannot be overemphasized is its usefulness.

It is an extremely useful tool to have in your home and we are sure you will find a use for it.

So if you can spare some change to purchase one we highly recommend that decision. Just make sure you get one that gives you the best value based on its specifications.

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