Top 11 Best Drain Cleaners (2024)

When sediments in your kitchen drain decompose, they produce very slimy and thick substances with terrible odors. These sediments often accumulate after a long period. Also, they are degradable particles of leftover foods and non-degradable grease, oils, and soap scum.

Some of the effects of non-decomposing debris in drains are clogging and odors. Like every responsible homeowner, you wouldn’t like to be embarrassed with the smell of blocked drains. It’s important to clean plumbing systems in commercial buildings, residences, and industrial facilities.

Usually, plumbers install wastewater collection systems with traps, vents, and clean-out plugs. With these designs, you might expect the activities of microorganisms in drains and sewers to produce less offensive odors. However, the flow of air through drain pipes is not enough to ensure proper hygiene.

Usually, drain pipes from kitchen fixtures use gravitational forces to discharge wastewater and leftovers. Since gravity can’t do a better job of restoring proper sanitary conditions, you need chemical-based cleaners.

Clogged drains can cause poor environmental sanitation and health concerns for residents. more so, your plumbing systems will degrade faster with worse situations of drain blockages. Regardless of these effects, clogged drains are expensive to replace and maintain.

While drain cleaners are affordable and effective solutions, they help to improve the air quality of your indoor space. It’s wiser to use the best drain cleaners than to wait for the inevitable cost of fixing the damage.

It’s amazing when to see the performance of good chemical-based and enzymatic-based drain cleaners. Here are some top-rated cleaning formulas for drains that will boost your confidence to receive visitors in your living space.

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11 Best Drain Cleaners

#1. Green Gobbler DISSOLVE Clog Remover

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It might be frustrating when your sinks and bathtubs drains have undissolved paper, soap scum, and strands of hair. However, Green Gobbler drain cleaner clears blockages quickly.

This toilet clog remover’s formula is denser than water. So, you might be amazed to see it settle with the clogs and work quickly. The chemical works by liquefying sediments that caused the blockage.

To ensure free-flowing drains within minutes, pour some of this biodegradable chemical on any drain. It’s tough for hair and greasy substances but safe for all plumbing fixtures.

  • Hair dissolve technology

  • An ultra-thick formula that lasts for a long time

  • Dual-chambered Bottle

  • Odorless and non-corrosive chemical

  • The dual-chamber design might not be an economical method of applying this drain clog remover.

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#2. XIONLAB Safer Drain Clog Remover For Industrial, Commercial And Residential Plumbing Lines

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Do you need to unclog your plumbing pipes with enzyme drain cleaner? Unlike many toxic drain unclogger chemicals, this made in the USA product is dependable for residential and commercial applications.

Investing in Xion Lab Drain Clog Remover is safer for your plumbing lines, and resolves clog problems with ease. More so, non-corrosive enzyme drains cleaners better than sodium hydroxide.

Dissolving blockages like hair, lint, and food particles with Xion Lab formula is faster and effective for old drain pipes. This product comes in a recycled plastic bottle that meets the highest hygiene requirements.

With biological enzymes, you don’t need boiling water to unclog your drains. Aso, this liquid drain formula dissolves large particles within an hour of application.

  • Multipurpose drain clog remover

  • It doesn’t have toxic fume odors

  • It’s very effective against clogs that are caused by hair particles

  • It’s not ideal for paper, plastic materials that clog drains.

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#3. Flo-Kem Enzyme Formula And Odor Eliminator With A Special Fragrance

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You can switch to biodegradable gel drain cleaners if you are not impressed with your current cleansing formula. Apart from the bathroom sink and tubs, you can apply this 1-gallon Flo-Kem Enzyme Odor Control formula on floors with linoleum materials.

This quick-action cleanser attacks feces, urine, soap scum, and sold particles on drain pipes. It clings to blockages and removes hair clogs from plumbing pipes. As a non-flammable proprietary formula, it’s a cutting-edge solution for old drains that have accumulated all types of sediments.

However, this enzyme formulation comes with a Pina Colada scent that restores your home’s air quality. So, you can unclog drain clogs and leave your interior space with a fresh smell of favorite fragrance.

  • It clears carpets and pet odors

  • The formula contains hydrogen peroxide as its main ingredient

  • It’s a multipurpose cleaning formula

  • It’s not an odorless liquid drain cleaner.

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#4. Drano 80 Fl. Oz Max Gel Clog Remover

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Are tired of using shampoos, baking soda, and vinegar to resolve drain clog problems? Drano 80 oz (fluid ounce) Shower Drain Cleanser is septic-safe. Don’t worry about the condition of your plumbing fixtures after applying this formula.

It’s safe on metal and PVC pipes of septic systems. When you leave pour and leave the gel in drains for seven minutes, it works effectively. Also, Drano Max Gel dissolves hair particles, grease, toilet papers in drain lines quickly.

However, this formula doesn’t generate toxic gases or corrode plumbing pipes. Instead, the thick gel cleanses your drain pipes and dissolves tough clogs more than acid drain cleaners.

  • Available as a 2-count product

  • It dissolves in standing water readily

  • It’s ideal for garbage disposal drains and tough clogs

  • You might need to unclog with a drain snake for effective results.

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#5. Earth Friendly Products 2 lbs ECOS Earth Enzymes Drain Cleanser

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You will waste time and resources by using half-baked formulas to unclog your drains. To remove gunky clogs, invest in Earth Friendly Products ECOS Enzymes Cleansers. This formula prevents any accumulation of clogs from hair proteins and grease from food products.

More so, it’s non-corrosive on all types of plumbing materials. As a greywater-safe enzyme formula, it doesn’t contain phosphates that can harm your pets. However, you need to flush affected drain lines with warm water to maximize the benefits of this product.

With an impressive enzyme power, you can keep septic systems flowing with their required pressure. Additionally, ECOS Earth Enzymes Cleanser converts solid particles in drain pipes into liquids with ease.

  • This drain-cleansing agent is an eco-friendly formula

  • It’s affordable and safe for pets

  • It’s an enzyme-based drain cleaner

  • Unlike other drain cleaners, you require a careful application of diluting 2 teaspoons of this formula with warm water.

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#6. Roebic 32-Ounce K-570-Q-4 Leach and Drain Concentrate

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After much disappointment with different bacteria-invasive drain cleanser, you might want to give this Roebic Leach and Drain Field Opener a chance.

It’s another effective product for drain-cleaning tasks. This drain cleaner product is harsh on all types of blockages in toilets, tubs, and shower drains. It might be more expensive than other products, but it’s a better deal when you compare ounce for ounce.

Since the formula is concentrated, you only need a little amount to mix warm water. Also, this cleanser treats 1500 gallons and generates enzyme-producing bacteria that dissolve drain clogs. You might struggle to see rival products that work effectively like this brand.

  • It produces sludge-dissolving bacteria

  • It’s biodegradable and effective

  • This concentrate is safe for plumbing pipes

  • This formula doesn’t have a sweet-smelling fragrance.

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#7. Rockwell Labs 1-Litre IBDC032 Invade Bio Drain Gel

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Are you searching for drain cleaners that dissolve easily in water and kills drain flies? Rockwell Labs Bio Drain Gel might help you to restore sanitary conditions. While it provides the fragrance of citrus oil, the microbes spores are not tough on drain clogs.

Invade Bio Drain Gel offers odor elimination and thorough cleansing actions on block drains. More so, it’s a versatile cleaning agent that is ideal for all floor-mopping applications.

Unlike other harsh chemicals, you don’t have to worry about garbage disposals, plastic mop buckets and enamels of plumbing fixtures after applying this product.

With this special formula, you can avoid sugar snakes in restaurants and bars with soda fountain drains. Additionally, the gel forms a thick coat on clogs without corroding your drain pipes.

  • Naturally ingredients

  • It doesn’t produce fumes

  • It digests soap scum, and eliminate drain pipe odors.

  • This formula doesn’t dissolve in water quickly.

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#8. ComStar 1-lbs Pure Lye Bead Drain Opener

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This Comstar Drain Opener has lye (sodium hydroxide) beads as its main ingredient, and the formula is 99% pure. It’s one of those effective formulas that dissolves all types of clogs in industrial and residential septic systems.

As a non-acid formula, you can use ComStar Pure Lye Bead on plastic plumbing pipes and toilet bowl covers. Also, this drain opener contains biodegradable chemicals, and it’s like other odorless food-grade products.

  • This formula is an ideal baking soda for making soaps.

  • It is available in sizes of 1-lb, 2-lb, 5-lb, and 55-gallon containers

  • It doesn’t contain harmful fillers and dyes

  • It contains sodium hydroxide that causes bodily harm and reacts with aluminum harshly.

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#9. Harris Natural Drain Cleaner Eco-Friendly Enzyme Drain Cleaner and , 40 Treatments

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Eco-Friendly drain cleaners are favorites when they digest buildups in drain pipes. Harris Clog Remover contains natural ingredients like stabilized enzymes, salt, and bacterial cultures.

This formula dissolves clogs and neutralizes foul odors in drain pipes and grease traps of hospitals, restaurants, and commercial buildings. It doesn’t contain corrosive chemicals, but the enzymes provide about 40 treatments.

The product comes in an 18oz (510 grams) container with a protective tab. However, you must keep this proprietary blend of biodegradable formula away from pets and children.

  • It’s safe on for gold-plated, brass, chrome, PVC, and copper plumbing adapters

  • Applying this product on drains (once every month) can prevent future clogs

  • It comes in a container that locks securely

  • Enzyme-based powders and cleaners for drains act slowly.

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#10. PRO-PUMP/TST 16 Fluid Ounce (473 mL) Total System Treatment With Bio-Enzymatic Liquid

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Do you need effective drain cleaners and odor removers for residential, commercial and industrial plumbing systems? Pro-Pump Bio-Enzymatic liquid Cleaner can treat septic tank and remove buildups in drain pipes.

This formula is called ‘grease eater’ because it can consume large sediments in your clogged drains. You couldn’t have asked for a better product because Pro-Pump cleans and deodorizes on contact.

Usually, RV holding tanks produce offensive odors when they have not been discharged for long periods. However, this cleaner treats your RV tank regardless of the scum, clogs, and stains. You can also apply this bio-enzymatic formula on bathtubs, shower, kitchen sinks and toilet drains.

  • It’s a laundry septic-safe product

  • It’s an ultra-concentrated formula for odors

  • This formula is non-toxic and doesn’t contain formaldehyde

  • After applying the bacteria-based formula, you need to be patient to see its effectiveness.

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#11. Instant Power 2-Litre (67.6 Fl Oz) Septic Shock

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Do you need cleaning products with natural ingredients that flush drain pipes instantly? Instant Power Septic Shock cleaner is a 2-liter formula that can open your drains. Also, it neutralizes bad smells; digests soap scum, and paper substrates with ease.

You don’t need poor-performing drain care products when there are affordable and effective solutions. Instant Power Septic Shock prevents the crystallization of soils around leach fields and enhances porosity.

As a power enzyme with a blend of other ingredients, this formula digests several organic materials in septic tanks.

  • Fresh scent

  • The formula produces a range of beneficial bacteria

  • It comes in a portable container that weighs 5 lbs

  • It dissolves grease, starches, and hair protein readily

  • This product works, but its container looks like a cheap plastic material.

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How To Clean drain Lines With Liquid And Powder Chemicals

There are low and high-density formulas that unclog drains effectively. However, you need to understand their respective applications to know how you can optimize their benefits.

For Liquid Cleaners

Gel and liquid-based cleaners often come as concentrates. While most formulas are thick, others have been pre-diluted to reduce their reaction levels. To apply this type of drain cleaner, open the container without spilling its content on your skin.

It’s better to measure the volume of liquid before pouring it into the drain pipe. Usually, manufacturers indicate the ratio of cleaning formula with specific volumes of water. Also, formulas that are denser than water will sink and cling to clogs in your drains.

Double-chambered bottles of drain cleaners like Green Gobbler have multiple methods of applications. While one chamber serves smaller applications ( sinks and tubs), you can use both chambers for toilet drains. Within 60-minutes of applying these gel cleaners, you might be impressed with the performance.

For Granulated Crystal And Powder-based Cleaners

Drain cleaners with powdery formulas might not work very fast, but they contain stabilized enzymes and natural bacteria. Since they are formulated to digest all types of organic waste, there shouldn’t be standing water in the drain.

Depending on the extent of the blockage, you can add between 3 to 5-tablespoons of granulated crystal or powder cleaners into the pipe. The premium models of this type of cleaner take between 45 minutes and a few hours to show effective results.

However, the product label of bacteria and enzymes cleaners often directs users to flush the drain with cold or hot water. This step should be taken after applying the formula.

How to Prevent Clogged Drains

Learning different preventive measures for clogged drains is like understanding the need for personal hygiene. Usually, you and household members are guilty of flushing sediments down drain pipes. While some of these unhygienic actions are involuntary, many of them happen consciously. However, these are the following methods of ensuring free-flowing drains.

Use Sink Strainers

Use kitchen sink bowls with strainers (mesh) that are inserted on top of their drains. These kitchen sink accessories can filter food remnants, vegetables, large sediments that you don’t need during meal preparations.

More so, manual dishwashing tasks are common situations when people throw thrash down drains. In the bathroom, tubs and toilet sinks are channels for accumulating clogs inside drain pipes. There are basket-type strainers for different plumbing fixtures.

Keep Bins And Baskets In the Bathroom

Avoid the habit of thrashing used sanitary towels and non-degradable materials through bathroom and toilet drains. It’s embarrassing to have your guests use bathrooms and toilets with clogged drains. Most times, annoying clogs are preventable when we use bins to store used toilet papers and sanitary pads in the bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many types of drain cleaners are available in the marketplace?

We have two main types of drain cleaners. However, manufacturers use different ingredients that might be toxic or non-toxic.

These types of liquid drain cleaners are chemical-based cleaners and enzymatic-based cleaners. While the former acts fast, you may not get quick and effective results from the latter until a few hours.

What’s the safest method of using toxic drain cleaners?

Some drain-cleaning products come with the ‘dissolve technology’ that makes their formula to act rapidly. Since these products digest hair and other clogs, you must use protective gear. Also, keep drain cleaners that produce toxic fumes away from pets, children, and their toys.

The basic safety precaution includes the use of protective gear like face masks (or a respirator), hand gloves, and goggles. It’s essential to read and understand the instructions on drain cleansers before you apply them.

Why is this level of safety important when using ordinary drain cleaners?

Drain-cleaning products might appear ordinary, but they can cause disastrous plumbing issues and body harm. Usually, drain cleaner that produces toxic fumes contain acidic formulas. Others have corrosive salt compounds and harsh chemicals.

Even with food-grade ingredients, you need to be cautious when using drain cleaners. When you pour acidic cleaners on plumbing connectors, it might take a long time to see the negative effects. Also, acids digest materials like aluminum, nickel, and brass slowly.

Would you like to experience this toxicity level of drain-cleaning chemicals?

Final Verdict

You might need an effective drain-cleaning solution urgently, but we have selected some top-rated products patiently. While these products show different levels of effectiveness, they all have some common features.

The safety of use is one of these features. When applying any of these drain cleaners, your peace of mind is guaranteed because they are formulated with biodegradable and safe ingredients.

However, none of these 11 drain-cleaning products should be ingested. Also, you should practice preventive safety techniques when handling chemicals. By offering these models of clog removers and odor neutralizers, we have helped you to optimize their benefits.


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