11 Best Drill Guides (2024)

As a woodworker or a passionate DIYer, one of the tools that you interact with more often is a drill. Whether it’s boring holes, driving screws, car detailing, or even sanding a piece of wood, a drill will always have a role to play.

Now, if you have been using it solely to make holes, chances are that you already know how hard it is to get perfectly aligned holes. Well, nothing is bad with your drill- all you need is to get is a drill guide.

A drill guide works to direct your drill when boring holes. By doing this, it allows you to tackle the trickiest drilling projects with speed and precision. And like any other tool, you need to buy the right drill guide for best results. Today, we will be sharing with you the 11 best drill guides.

11 Drill Guide Reviews

#1 Big Gator Tools V-Drill Guide Standard Hole

Big Gator Tools V-Drill Guide

This drill guide from Big Gator Tools is one of the widely preferred drill guides. It is made in the United States. Therefore, it will not easily let you down. The package includes 2 guide holes that offer a total of 26 SAE hole sizes.

I mean, with one guide of this pack, you can make holes as small as 1/8 inches up to 3/8 inches in increments of 1/64 of an inch. Therefore, the very guide features 17 guide holes. The other piece offers the remaining 9 SAE holes. The smallest hole here is 3/8 inches and will let you bore precise holes that are as large as 1/2 inch.

For this reason, in case your projects require you to make holes of different sizes, this drill guide from Big Gator Tools should meet your expectations well. The 2 guides feature heat-treated nickel alloyed steel. Thus, it’s one of the most durable additions you will ever bring to your tool store.

The bottom side of each of these pieces is designed to align well on flat surfaces. Hence, they are stable. Also, these guides are very straightforward to use- just clamp the right piece for the work and voila! You are ready to drill.

  • They can survive regular use.
  • They are built very well.
  • They are easy to use.
  • The price point is a little high.

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#2 Milescraft 1318 Drillmate Drill Guide with chuck

Milescraft 1318 Drillmate Drill Guide

In case most of your projects at times want you to drill angled holes, here comes one of the drill guides that offer a solution to your needs. With this unit, you can make straight holes, that is, 90-degree holes as well as angled holes at 450, 600, and 750.

The unit features an easy-to-read angle readout at the base that allows the user to select the perfect angle for every project. The guide works with 1/2-inch and 3/8 inch power drills and comes with a 3/8-inch chuck to get you started direct away.

The base makes use of heavy-duty metal construction. Therefore, it is very solid and provides great stability to give you consistent results when boring holes of the same size. The TPE feet of this unit is also non-slip and protect your workpiece from mar when working on it.

The bottom has centering channels that increase the versatility of the tool. I mean, with the V-design of the base, you can use the guide when working on a rounded workpiece. The unit will accommodate stocks that have a maximum thickness of 3 inches.

You can use the guide as it is or mount it on a fixed position to maximum support. The drill guide has pre-punched holes to simplify work should you choose to mount it. The manufacturer also supplies it with screws so that you will never need to buy anything separately.

  • The springs work well.
  • The glide bars are very solid.
  • The unit comes with mounting holes.
  • The chuck isn’t the best.

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#3 Kanzawa drill guide support K-801

Kanzawa drill guide

This drill guide is also another high-quality unit you can consider buying if you want to make angled holes. The unit is made using the materials of the highest quality for reliability and long-lasting performance.

The glide bars are of industrial-grade steel while the base and the top are of top-quality aluminum alloy. The construction has a premium coating that not only delivers aesthetic benefits but also superior protection from scratches and rust.

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The base offers nice stability to guarantee accurate holes in your projects. However, some users prefer to clamp it down when using for maximum support. In fact, with the 4 screw holes in case the user needs to mount the guide.

The V-grove design at the base holds rounded stocks for precise boring of holes. It comes with a 3/8-inch chuck. The hole at the bottom of the guide is 2.5 inches wide meaning that you can use it for drilling big holes.

  • The base is quite stable.
  • It can make angled holes.
  • The finish is durable and rust-resistant.
  • It’s quite costly.

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#4 Big Gator Tools BGT V-4 Pack V-Drill Guide

Big Gator Tools BGT V-4 Pack V-Drill Guide

If you need a drill guide that will give you perfect uniformity in your projects, this is one of the options that come with you in mind. The package contains 4 drill guides that have holes of varying sizes to meet all your drilling needs.

The first piece has 21 holes while the second and third guides come with 9 holes each. The last unit has 17 pieces, giving the user a total of 56 holes of different sizes. With a such number of holes, chances are that you will never lack the ideal size for any of your drilling projects.

The four guides come with nickel alloy steel that is heat-treated for long-lasting performance. The light oil coating means that these units are among the drill guides that you can buy with the confidence that they won’t catch rust with time.

The bottom surface of each guide is precision ground to ensure that the unit remains stable when on a flat surface. The bottom side of each guide has V-groove that makes drilling holes on rods and other rounded stocks a breeze.

  • They are very accurate.
  • The construction is very solid.
  • It has plenty of hole guides.
  • It’s not an option for those that want to make angled holes.

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#5 Big Gator Tools STD1000DGNP V-Drill Guide

Big Gator Tools STD1000DGNP V-Drill Guide

If you liked everything about our previous option except that it offers more pieces than you need, this unit should be the perfect deal for you. This package offers a single drill guide and not 4 as with the previous model. It originates from the same manufacturer, Big Gator Tools, one of the United States’ manufacturers with a very solid reputation.

The unit+ is made of heavy-duty nickel alloyed steel to guarantee that it will last for several decades. The oil coating eliminates any chances of catching rust, ensuring that it maintains its new appearance for several years to come.

The piece offers 17 drills sizes ranging from 1/8 inches up to 3/8 inches in small increment intervals of 1/64 inches. The variety of drill sizes means that the unit will come in handy in nearly all your drilling applications.

The V-groove on this drill guide means that it will sit onto cylindrical stocks or outside corners. The piece also has lines on the side that align with the guide holes to make it easy for you to know where exactly you are drilling. However, some users would appreciate it if these lines were darker and deeper since this would make them more visible.

  • The guide hole sizes are easy to read.
  • The lines on the side are great.
  • The V-groove increases versatility.
  • The lines on the sides should be made more visible.

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#6 Gaosi Tools Woodworking Tool Drill Guide

Gaosi Tools Woodworking Tool Drill Guide

When working on an expensive workpiece, you always want to avoid messing up with the material as much as you can. When drilling holes on such materials, one of the best ways to avoid damaging the workpiece is by using a drilling guide.

And yes, among the reliable units on the market is this fantastic tool from Gaosi Tools. The unit makes use of a simple design. Therefore, even if you haven’t used a tool of this caliber before, it’s easy to get the best out of this drill guide in your very first time use.

The high-quality unit is of aircraft-grade aluminum material. For this reason, we can count on it for durability. Although sturdy, this material is lighter than steel alloy. Therefore, you will always find this unit to be easy to carry along anywhere you need to use it.

Most users like that the base offers great stability for more precise holes. Also, they are pleased that it arrives with a bunch of inserts to permit use with a variety of drill bit sizes. Nevertheless, a few would appreciate more options in sizes, especially for the SAE sizes.

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#7 Milescraft 1312 DrillBlock- Handheld Drill Guide

Milescraft 1312 DrillBlock- Handheld Drill Guide

Milecraft 1312 is a good purchase for the woodworkers and hobbyists who are looking for an inexpensive but sure way of making uniform holes. It is one of the most affordable units in the market and that is why we consider it the best deal for the money.

Although it doesn’t work for angled holes, this drill guide gives you professional results in all that it is designed to do. The high level of precision it delivers is what renders it as one of the greatest options we have in the market. The centerlines guarantee perfectly-aligned holes in all your projects.

The piece features 6 guide holes; 1/8″, 3/16″, 1/4″, 5/16, 3/8″, and 1/2″. Of course, 6 isn’t the most you will get in a piece of its caliber, but with the wise hole-size selection, expect it to come in handy in most of your drilling projects. The non-slip TPE feet offer an excellent grip on surfaces and will not mar your workpiece.

The built-in V-groove means that you can use it on corners or for making holes on cylindrical stocks. Milecraft 1312 DrillBlock adopts a compact design. Hence, it doesn’t claim much space in your toolbox. In fact, it will easily go into the pocket of your jacket when you don’t feel like bringing the entire toolbox.

  • It offers great value for money.
  • The 6 holes address the common drill diameters.
  • It will not damage the workpiece.
  • You will need long drill bits.

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#8 Wolfcraft 4525404 Multi-Angle Drill Guide Attachment

Wolfcraft 4525404 Multi-Angle Drill Guide

With this drill guide, expect to get clean and more accurate holes when handling your projects. The unit works with 1/2-inch and 3/8-inch drill chucks. Therefore, you can buy it without worry that it may not work with your machine.

The unit comes with heavy-duty construction to ensure that it serves you for years. The high-quality silver finish is durable and works well to protect the piece from rust. Hence, in case you are looking for a drill guide that will support indoor and outdoor use alike, this model from Wolfcraft should be the perfect deal for you.

The base plate of the guide uses high-grade aluminum to keep the weight low for easy maneuverability. The high-quality glide bars adjust to set the unit to a 45-degree angle to the left or right to allow the user to make angled holes.

The rubber pads at the bottom hold the guide in place to keep it from moving when in use. This feature ensures that you get accurate holes all the time just as you were anticipating. The removable handle comes in handy when handling heavy-duty jobs since it maximizes leverage. The thumbscrew sets the depth of your holes for consistent results.

  • It doesn’t require much assembly.
  • It produces clean holes.
  • The glide bars adjust for angled holes.
  • Having somewhere to keep the chuck key would be good.

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#9 Rockler JIG IT Drill Guide

Rockler JIG IT Drill Guide

For those that prioritize simplicity, the Rockler JIG IT Drill Guide comes with them in mind. Because of its simple design, it’s more unlikely to mess up with your workpiece as compared to the more complex options.

The guide goes at a very affordable price that most professionals and home hobbyists can accommodate in their budgets. Although it doesn’t use metal construction like some of the options on the list, this unit is of premium-class plastic. Therefore, it is nearly unbreakable but light to bring along.

The base features 4 rubber feet which keep the unit exactly where you want it when boring holes on your workpiece. And because of this, this drill guide carries minimal to no chances of damaging your workpiece.

It doesn’t give the best precision, though, but comparing the accuracy level to the price, we still find it to qualify for a spot on our list as one of the best deals in the market. The unit works well with hand drills and drill press. In fact, its compatibility with most drills is one of its best-selling points.

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#10 Kanzawa Drill Guide (K – 801 – 2 1650ak)

Kanzawa Drill Guide

Next on the list is an amazing unit that comes from Kanzawa. It is one of the ruggedly-constructed units we have on the market. Therefore, you can count on this drill guide if you are looking for something that will withstand regular use in your workshop.

The unit comes with a chuck that supports use with drill bits that are 1/2 inch. The base plate of this drill guide is 5 inches while the hole in the plate has a diameter of 2.5 inches.

The v-shaped block at the bottom allows you to clamp round bars when you need to bore holes on them. With a weight of about 4 lbs. this unit isn’t the most lightweight drill guide you will come across. However, it is still light enough to transport with less hassle.

The stopper ring allows the user to adjust the depth of the holes, making it easy to get a consistent outcome with this drill guide. Nevertheless, this unit also has downsides that prevent it from being perfect. For instance, it doesn’t allow for angle adjustments. However, it’s one of the units that leaves less room for errors when making 90-degree holes.

  • It is a very solid unit.
  • It works perfectly at 90 degrees.
  • It will not catch rust.
  • The piece isn’t the most lightweight model we have on the list.

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#11 General Tools 36/37 Precision Drill Guide

General Tools 36/37 Precision Drill Guide

For those that want a drill guide that will give much versatility when it comes to making angled holes, this unit from General Tools will be a nice deal for grabbing.

The tool adjusts in 5-degree increments from 0-45 degrees to the left and right to let the user make holes of just about any angle. However, since it may not hold its settings very well, you may be forced to keep an eye on the selected angle.

Of course, like any of our previous options, it has v-guides at the bottom which makes it easier for the user to work on cylindrical workpieces quicker and more accurately. The unit supports use with 3/8-inch and 1/2-inch power drills so you can buy it knowing that it is compatible with your machine.

However, in our keen examination of the unit, we identified different areas of improvement. For instance, using solid metal construction would be better than having some parts of plastic. We also found that the metal used isn’t solid enough to put up with the beating of everyday use in a rugged worksite.

  • 5-degree adjustments are good.
  • It is inexpensive.
  • It supports 1/2-inch and 3/8-inch drills.
  • Some parts like the base are made of plastic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need a drill guide?

Although a drill guide is an inexpensive unit, it improves the accuracy of your drilling projects greatly. It ensures that you get identical holes when needed in your projects. Some even allow the user to set the depth and the angle of each hole.

What makes a nice drill guide?

When choosing the drill guide to buy, consider factors like construction, angle adjustability, stability, the number of guide holes and sizes (where applicable), and portability. Other features like pre-drilled holes are also nice to consider, especially if you are intending to mount the guide.

How does a drill guide work?

As the name goes, the drill guide simply directs your hand drill where to make a hole and how to make it. It defines the angle, size, and the position of the hole on your workpiece.

What is a drill block?

If you are wondering what a drill block is, it’s simply a metallic structure that has one or more v-grooves. These grooves hold cylindrical stocks for clamping when drilling holes on them.

Final Word

A drill guide remains a must-have tool if you need to get a clean, accurate, and consistent outcome in your boring projects.

We have provided a comprehensive guide to help you secure the best deal for your budget. Just identify one that works well for your needs and add it to your shopping cart.

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