Top 11 Best Drop Leaf Tables (2024)

Drop-leaf tables can extend or fold to suit your needs. Most of these units have a minimalistic design that will help you save the space in your home. To add to this, they are multifunctional, so they will serve you in different ways depending on where you place them.

However, adding a piece of furniture to the existing collection is never easy since there are so many factors that you have to consider. As such, we have highlighted some of the best drop leaf tables that will spruce up your room.

HOMCOM 55" Solid Wood Kitchen Table, Drop Leaf...
  • Drop Leaf Design: This small drop leaf table features two hinged drop-down sides and can extend as needed to create more living space or dining space flexibly. When not in use, drop single or both leaves to save space.

11 Drop Leaf Table Reviews

#1 SEI Furniture Driness Drop Leaf Table

SEI Furniture Driness Drop Leaf Table

This piece combines quality and versatility to provide you with a durable table that you can rely on. It has a strong frame that is made of heavy-duty metal, thus making this unit sturdy. More to this, the frame has a flexible design, which allows you to transform this piece from a drop-leaf table to a console table and vice versa in a matter of seconds. As such, you can use this item as a dining table, work desk, or hallway table. This table is not only stylish but also functional. When used as a dining table, it can comfortably seat a maximum of six people.

The tabletop is made up of a combination of medium-density fiberboard and paper veneer. These materials are designed to last, so you can go for this unit knowing that it will deliver quality results. Also, the finishing is somewhat rustic, so you can place this table just about anywhere, and it will still look good. You can use it to accessorize your kitchen space, dining room, or living area. Plus, the table has a weathered oak finish that will go well with most contemporary décor styles.

What’s more, the legs of this table are specially designed to provide your floor with maximum protection. This way, your floor won’t get damaged even when the table is placed in one spot for a long period. Besides, this unit has a space-saving design, making it an ideal option for rooms with minimal space. The drop-leaf feature is easy to use, thus allowing you to create more room when needed. To make it even more durable, the frame is powder-coated to keep rust and other corrosive elements at bay.

  • Well built
  • The frame has a convenient tube design
  • Stable
  • The tabletop can easily get scratched

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#2 Ashley Furniture Dining Room Drop Leaf Table

Ashley Furniture Dining Room Drop Leaf Table

Ashley furniture is well-known for producing pieces of furniture that are of high quality. Well, this dining room table is no different. Featuring a round tabletop with a drop-leaf design, this table may just be what your dining room needs. With this table, you will be able to save a lot of space since you can drop down the sides to reduce the size of the tabletop. This feature makes this table a suitable option for users living in small apartments. The hinges work smoothly, so you won’t have a hard time lifting the sides.

The legs of this table spread out gracefully, thereby providing you with maximum stability. Furthermore, this piece has a neutral color that will blend well with your décor. The table has a natural wood grain finish that will make your dining room classy and sophisticated. Moreover, this table will look amazing regardless of whether the sides are dropped down or not. Additionally, the surface of this table cannot easily get scratched, so it will remain in good condition provided that care is given.

This drop-leaf table can seat up to four people when both sides are extended, making this an option that you can consider adding to your kitchen or dining area. It has a sturdy wood construction, so don’t expect this piece to wobble when it is in use. Since the sides lock firmly when repositioned, you won’t have to worry about them dropping when you are using this table. Upon arrival, this table may require some assembly. That should, however, not worry you because it’s only the legs that need to be attached.

  • Innovatively designed
  • Comes with an assembly manual
  • Not as heavy
  • Not pre-assembled

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#3 East West Furniture DLT-SBR-TP Dublin Drop-Leaf Table

East West Furniture DLT-SBR-TP Dublin Drop-Leaf Table

This drop-leaf table is elegantly designed to elevate the beauty of your dining room. It comes in a saddle brown color that will add warmth to any kitchen space. The legs have a pedestal design that will make your dining area glamorous. Also, they are made of hardwood and are also shaped in such a way that the table cannot topple over on either side. Since the table has a mid-century design, it will go well with a wide range of dining-room styles. In addition to this, the table will complement the look of your kitchen and other fixtures that you may have in your dining area.

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The tabletop is customizable, hence making this table even more convenient. Besides, this drop-leaf table is available in different colors, thus giving you the option of picking the piece that will match the furniture in your home. Cleaning this table is very easy since the top surface is flat and smooth. Depending on the amount of space that you intend to create in your kitchen area, you can drop all sides or one side of the table.

That’s not all; the table has anti-skid legs, which will ensure that the unit stays in one place. Additionally, it is friendly to all types of floors, so your floor will stay as it is. This table comes with an instructional manual and tools that will help you with the assembly. If you attach all the parts as instructed, you will be done in minutes. The round tabletop makes this an ideal dining table for a family dinner.

  • Eye-catching
  • Easy to carry
  • Long-lasting
  • Assembly may take time

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#4 International Concepts Small Drop-leaf Table

International Concepts Small Drop-leaf Table

The drop-leaf table from International Concepts is also another great piece that will completely transform your kitchen area. It has a solid parawood construction that will provide you with long-lasting durability. This table is suitable for DIY enthusiasts since it comes unfinished. As such, you can customize it with the color that suits your preference. Before staining the wood, the manufacturer recommends that you check all the surfaces for minor chips and dents.

Additionally, ensure that you sand the table to make it smooth. If you do everything correctly, the table will come out classy and elegant. This piece has a dual drop-leaf design, so you can fold either side to make your dining area more spacious. Alternatively, you can place it next to a wall with one of the sides folded. The assembly is not as difficult due to its simplistic design.

Also, the table is lightweight, so moving it will be a breeze. The fact that you will be the one doing the finishing gives you a chance to create something that you will be proud of. More to this, you will be able to personalize the table to blend effortlessly with your dining area or whichever room that you may place this piece. Even when the leaves are dropped, this table can still accommodate two users, making it an option that is worth adding to your furniture collection.

  • Sturdy
  • Built from hardwood
  • Well designed
  • Finishing kit is sold separately

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#5 Zinus Angela Provence Drop Leaf Table

Zinus Angela Provence Drop Leaf Table

If you have been thinking of adding a drop-leaf table to your room, Zinus has got your back. This high-quality piece will add glamour and class to your home. By just looking at its design, you can tell that this unit is meant to last. Moreover, the turned legs make this table even more aesthetic. It can complement the look of most modern décor styles, so you won’t have to struggle figuring out where you can place the table.

This table has a two-tone design in that the legs have a light-grey color, while the top surface has a natural wood finish. Both sides of the table can be extended fully, but if you have minimal space, you can create a smaller-sized table by folding the leaves. The Zinus Angela Provence drop leaf table can also be an excellent addition for a breakfast nook. When you extend the sides, the table will provide you with a large surface area that can seat a favorable number of people.

You can bring change to your dining area by buying this high-quality drop-leaf table. Besides having amazing features, this table has a minimalistic design. As such, you can place it in your kitchen or dining room without it getting in your way. This table may seem simple, but it is quite enchanting, so it will most likely grab the attention of your guests.

  • Easy assembly
  • Ideal for small spaces
  • Stylish
  • The tabletop is not scratch-resistant

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#6 Damen Round Pedestal Drop Leaf Table

Damen Round Pedestal Drop Leaf Table

You can make your dining area or kitchen nook more beautiful by buying this round drop-leaf table from Coaster Home Furnishings. It has a luxurious design that will take your kitchen decor to the next level. The Asian hardwood used in crafting this table is known for its strength and durability, so you can buy this wonderful piece knowing that it won’t fail you. The top surface will provide you with ample space to enjoy all your meals.

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When it comes to stability, the table has a thick pedestal base, which attaches to four ornamental legs. This combo gives the table an antique look that will add charm to your kitchen area. To add to its beauty, the legs are elegantly curved, thus providing you with a unique design that will make your dining room more appealing. Due to its versatility, this piece can also work as a coffee table.

The tabletop is coated with a thick layer of paint, which not only adds beauty but also protects the wood from scratches. Its glossy appearance makes it even more attractive. To add to this, the top surface is spill-resistant, so the wood won’t be stained even if you accidentally spill coffee on it. What’s more, you can easily clean the table by wiping the tabletop using a damp piece of cloth.

  • Durable hinges
  • Made of quality materials
  • Nicely made
  • The assembly manual is not well written

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#7 Ikea Applaro Drop-leaf Folding Wood Table

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If are looking for quality, this is one of the tables that you can settle on. Coming from a brand that has proven more than ones that it can deliver amazing products; this piece may just end your search for a drop-leaf table. The table is foldable, so you can customize it to fit the available space. When you fold the frame and drop both leaves, this table will take up a compact design, thus allowing you to place it even in small spaces.

However, when extended, this unit comfortably seats two-four users. Furthermore, the pieces fold effortlessly, so you can always tuck away the parts that are not in use. Like all Ikea products, this table is designed with high-quality materials that will provide you with exceptional service. This table is strong, classy, and durable, so it is worth everything that you will pay for.

The assembly will only take a few minutes of your time provided that you attach all the parts correctly. Also, the feet will lock firmly to your floor, thus preventing the table from skidding unnecessarily. Thanks to the fittings on the legs, this table won’t cause scratches on your floor. But, that’s not all; this unit has a dark brown finish that will give your décor an eye-catching appearance.

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Flexible
  • Available in one color only

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#8 Target Marketing Systems Drop Leaf Dining Table

Target Marketing Systems Drop Leaf Dining Table

This drop-leaf table can serve you in different ways depending on where you place it. As such, you can set it up in your breakfast nook, kitchen area, or dining room. You can as well use it as an extra table when you have guests at your place. This table is built from premium quality rubberwood, which is tough and durable. As a result, the surface of the tabletop won’t chip or peel easily.

The legs of this piece are tapered to enhance its overall appearance. Additionally, this unit requires minimal assembly, so you won’t experience any difficulties when attaching the parts. This table only has one leaf, so you can lean the other side on a wall to reduce the space that it will cover after it is fully assembled. To add to this, the tabletop has a natural finish that will pair well with the items in your dining area.

On the other hand, the legs have a white color that will add vibrancy to your room. When the leaf is folded, the table can accommodate two people, but you can make it wider by extending the side. Additionally, the hinges that hold the leaf in place are of high quality, thus giving you an easy time when extending or folding the table.

  • Classic design
  • Built to last
  • Doesn’t dent easily
  • May wobble if you don’t assemble the parts correctly

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#9 Dual Drop Leaf Table by International Concepts

Dual Drop Leaf Table by International Concepts

This drop-leaf table can help you spruce up your dining area with its gorgeous design. The table is extendable, so you can increase its size to meet all your dining needs. This table has a heavy-duty construction, thus making it resilient. As a result, you will be able to use the table for a very long time if it is well cared for. This table is conveniently designed for small rooms, so it can particularly favor users with dining rooms that have limited space.

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In addition to this, the table is entirely painted black, thereby giving it a uniform look that will make your dining room neat. The legs have a curved design that enhances the stability of the table by lowering its center of gravity. With this, you can use this drop-leaf table without worrying about it falling on its sides.

When you are not using this piece as a dining table, you can fold in both leaves. Through this, you will have more space to move freely. Additionally, the table is not too high, and neither is it short, so it will provide you with optimal comfort when you are eating or doing other things.

  • Easy to set up
  • Well crafted
  • Low maintenance
  • Assembly is somewhat difficult

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#10 Winsome Taylor Drop Leaf Table

Winsome Taylor Drop Leaf Table

From Winsome comes this versatile drop-leaf table that will upgrade your décor. You can set up this table in any room that may need a piece of furniture with a versatile design. When the tabletop is folded, you can use this unit as a console table. This table can blend well with contemporary kitchen areas and dining rooms. Additionally, the table has a sleek design and is also nicely built to provide you with quality results.

Plus, the table has a wide underside drawer that will provide you with extra storage space. As such, most of your kitchenware will always be at your disposal. The drawer has an easy-glide design and a nickel handle that will give you easy access to your items. Furthermore, the frame is made of solid wood for maximum durability. Also, the table has an attractive walnut finish that will make your kitchen visually interesting.

The table legs won’t scuff your floor since they have built-in protectors. More to this, the folding panels provide the leaf with optimal support when it is folded. This will prevent the folded side from swinging on its hinges. This drop-leaf table can also come in handy when you are hosting game night at your place.

  • Multipurpose
  • Great quality
  • Elegant
  • Some units have screw holes that are not perfectly aligned

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#11 BOWERY HILL Expandable Drop Leaf Table

BOWERY HILL Expandable Drop Leaf Table

If you have a high appreciation for pieces of furniture with a classic design, the Bowery Hill drop leaf table may just be what you need. Like most tables on this list, this unit is versatile and can help you in multiple ways depending on how you use it. This piece has a long tabletop that is made of high-quality oak wood that will provide you with optimal results.

The base is made of solid wood and also has a convenient X-design that will provide you with the stability that you need. Moreover, the table has a distressed finish that is equally rustic. As such, you can place this unit in your living area, kitchen, dining room, and any other room that may need the services of a drop-leaf table.

Moreover, the piece of wood at the center provides the frame with extra support. The legs also have wide bases for enhanced stability. To add to its versatility, the base has washed linen finishing, while the top surface has a terrace gray color. Both shades are somewhat neutral and can easily blend with other fixtures.

  • Very sturdy
  • Assembly tools are included
  • Reliable construction
  • Somewhat bulky

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a drop-leaf table?

A drop-leaf table is just like a regular table but the only difference is that there are sections that are hinged to the piece at the center. The hinged sections can fold downward for user’s convenience.

Can I place a drop-leaf table in a breakfast nook?

Yes. Drop-leaf tables are very versatile and can fit a wide range of spaces such as dining rooms, kitchens, living areas, breakfast nooks, etc.

What makes a good drop-leaf table?

The first thing that you should consider before buying drop-leaf table is its size. These units are designed to save on space, so you have to ensure that the table can fit in your room. Additionally, you have to consider the materials used in crafting the table.

Final Verdict

As you have seen from our review list, drop-leaf tables can help you transform the look of your kitchen, dining room, and any other space that may be available in your home.

To add to this, you can also use them as a work desk when handling different tasks. The good thing with these tables is that they are versatile, so they can provide you with an endless list of functions.

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