Top 11 Best Dry Erase Boards and Whiteboards (2024)

Over the years, the human race has continued to invent new ways of doing things. For instance, a few years ago, people relied on blackboards and chalkboards as a way of presenting their ideas.

However, there has been a great transition over the years that have seen dry erase boards take the place of these boards.

In fact, it is easy to tell this through the popularity of the whiteboards, not just in academic institutions but also offices, homes, and conference halls.

With one of the market’s top-notch picks, presenting even the most complex ideas into understandable visual is now a breeze!

Our content unveils the market’s top 11 dry erase boards and whiteboards.

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11 Best Dry Erase Boards and Whiteboards

#1 Quartet Glass Whiteboard, Magnetic Dry Erase White Board (G7248W)

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We kickstart our top-notch reviews with one of the frameless versions. The whiteboard is from one of the top manufacturers with a good name in the market. The frameless design makes the board to appear as if floating on your wall. The whiteboard employs a non-absorbent glass. Thus, you will be able to write and erase with ease.

Quartet Glass Whiteboard resists ghosting. Hence, this whiteboard will make your work clear and visible just as you want it to appear to your audience- forget about the distracting streaks! The smooth glass construction will not catch scratches or develop dents. I mean, this premium-grade product delivers long-lasting performance even with regular use. Therefore, it will be a nice purchase for academic institutions, offices, conference rooms, and any other place.

The whiteboard measures 6′ x 4′ although there are other sizes available. Also, the surface is magnetic. Therefore, you can hang papers and documents easily using the included magnets. The board installs easily since it allows you to insert the screws through the front. This feature allows you to align the board accurately when installing.

Key Specifications:

  • It is a magnetic whiteboard.
  • It measures 6 x 4 (feet) and is available in other sizes.
  • It mounts horizontally or vertically.
  • It installs easily.
  • The unit adopts a frameless design.

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#2 VIZ-PRO Dry Erase Board/Whiteboard – Non-Magnetic

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This whiteboard measures 60 inches by 36 inches. Therefore, it will be a good buy especially for the large classrooms, meeting rooms, and conference halls. The high-quality option offers a large writing space of 58″ x 34″. With such space, you can make presentations of the overly complex ideas in a large format and more simplified manner for easy understanding and effective communication.

However, in case this size does not seem ideal for your case, other sizes are also available. The writing surface is of melamine. Therefore, expect it to be smooth and durable to suit your daily writings and presentations. This material also wipes clean with dry erasers to give you a spotless surface. Therefore, the presentation will appear to your audience just the way you intend.

The board features an aluminum frame for superior protection at the edges. The frame is sturdy yet lightweight for easy installation. The installation kit makes hanging the unit on the wall easy and quicker. The clip-on marker tray keeps all your writing accessories handy.

Key Specifications:

  • It is available in different sizes.
  • It comes with a mounting kit.
  • The accessory tray is included.
  • The writing surface is of melamine surface.
  • The unit features a sturdy and lightweight aluminum frame.

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#3 Dexboard Large Magnetic Dry Erase Board with Pen Tray

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With the size of 72″ x 40″, this high-quality dry erase board is a good addition to any office or classroom. You may choose to mount the unit on the wall or use it as it is for teaching your little one on how to write. The whiteboard has a magnetic writing surface. Therefore, you will enjoy instant hanging of memos, calendars, and other important documents for easy viewing.

Like our previous model, this dry erase board boasts an aluminum frame. The border prevents the edges from denting in case it falls accidentally during installation. The aluminum construction renders it lightweight when still offering high levels of protection. Additionally, our hand-picked tools feature ABS plastic corners. This comes as a safety feature since it eliminates the risky pointy edges. The fixing kit makes mounting a cinch. Therefore, whether you have installed one before or not, you will get the job done like a pro.

The removable aluminum tray keeps all your writing materials within your reach. Therefore, you will enjoy high levels of user convenience. Also, the tray can attach to one of the four sides of the whiteboard. Consequently, you can mount it in landscape or portrait orientation depending on your preference.

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Key Specifications:

  • A removable plastic protective film protects the writing surface.
  • It is a magnetic board.
  • The large tray provides plenty of space for your writing essentials.
  • The frame and the tray are of aluminum material.
  • The surface erases effortlessly without leaving spots.

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#4 Quartet Magnetic Whiteboard (MWDW1723M-WT)

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If you are a budget-conscious homeowner in need of a high-quality whiteboard, this amazing option from Quartet should be a nice option for you. The board measures 17 x 23 inches, which makes it one of the smallest models you will find on our list. The small size suits homes with tight space since it takes less space on the wall. In fact, the ability to hang horizontally or vertically allows you to select the design that best fits your space.

The mounting kit lets you mount the unit sturdily on the wall in no time no matter the hanging style you choose. The design of the board dovetails with most home interior decors for a more integrated look. The smooth writing surface ensures easy use and makes cleaning a breeze for a spotless surface.

Additionally, since its magnetic, you can use it as a bulletin board instead. Unfortunately, this board only comes in one size. Therefore, in case this size doesn’t seem to suit your needs perfectly, this option may not be the ideal one for you.

Key Specifications:

  • The whiteboard is 23 inches long and 17 inches wide.
  • It mounts in either way.
  • The surface is ultra-smooth for more easy writing and effortless erasing.
  • It features a white wooden frame.
  • The design matches most interior decors.

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#5 Creative Space Mobile Whiteboard

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There are tons of impressive features that you will love in this model. For example, it comes with a convenient size, not too small nor too large to suit the needs of most users. A protective film protects the writing surface from scratches during transportation. The high-density foam ensures maximum safety of the board when in transit. Therefore, what you order is exactly what you get!

Although the design may seem too complex for installation, it isn’t! In fact, the board arrives with all the necessary accessories you need for the job so that to get it done in no time. Still, just in case you get at any assembly point, you can rely on the understandable instructions and the included video guide to save you the hassle. The patent-pending triple locking mechanism holds the board firmly.

Furthermore, since the board turns 360 degrees, you can double your writing space with a simple turn. The steel and silicone wheels allow you to move the board effortlessly within your space. After reaching your intended point, the wheels lock to prevent the board from shifting when in use. After purchasing this unit, the manufacturer showers you with plenty of extras. You will receive 24 magnetic dots, a magnetic felt eraser, 10 grinding tapes, and a magnetic ruler. An extra gift is also present in the package- be ready for a surprise!

Key Specifications:

  • It features high-quality casters for mobility.
  • It rotates 360 degrees for extra presentation space.
  • The dependable locking mechanism keeps the board in place.
  • It is versatile and suits most spaces.
  • Plenty of gifts accompany the whiteboard.

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#6 Maxtek Mobile Whiteboard, Double Sided Dry Erase Board

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This whiteboard also features four universal wheels for easy mobility. The ability of the wheel to rotate 360 degrees allows you to move the unit in any direction with ease. After getting to your intended point, the casters lock to prevent the unit from shifting when in use.

The dry erase board affords 46 x 33 inches of writing space. However, you can double the area by rotating the board at an angle of 360 degrees. The reversible feature makes it a nice option for anyone who wants a large presentation surface but does not have enough space for the oversized versions. The two writing surfaces are durable and can stand up to years of regular use.

The ability of the surface to reflect softly ensures effective presentation. This feature also provides eyesight protection. The stain-resistant surface erases with ease without leaving ghost marks. The magnetic nature of the board increases versatility since you can also use the surface as a bulletin board in the office, meeting room, home, or any other place where you intend.

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Key Specifications:

  • It is a reversible board.
  • The board is moisture-proof and antirust.
  • The casters ensure easy mobility.
  • The sturdy locking mechanism of the wheel gives you a sturdy writing surface.
  • It is magnetic for versatility.

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#7 AmazonBasics Magnetic Framed Dry Erase White Board

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The wall-mount option is 24 inches wide and 36 inches long. With such a size, you can use it in nearly any place whether at home, classroom, meeting rooms, or office. The smooth surface wipes clean easily without leaving any marks. You will have an ultra-clean writing surface every time. Therefore, you can write, wipe, and reuse it to save you from paper wastage.

The straightforward design guarantees to blend nicely into most decor. Moreover, the beautiful frame steps up the beauty of the unit. The writing surface is also magnetic. Thus, you can use it with the included magnetic pins for holding whatever document of your choice. The mounting screws keep the unit sturdy on the wall and remain concealed in the corners. So, you will get a stable writing surface when still maintaining a clean look.

The marker holder ledge keeps all your writing tools within easy reach. The holder attaches anywhere along the bottom, to give you versatility in mounting. Although strong, this board maintains a lightweight design for convenient transportation and easy mounting.

Key Specifications:

  • It employs a classy frame design.
  • It mounts horizontally or vertically.
  • It works with magnetic pins.
  • It mounts with screws.
  • The frame is of aluminum.

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#8 Lockways Magnetic Dry Erase Board – Magnetic Whiteboard

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As the name suggests, this option is magnetic. Therefore, expect it to serve beyond what an ordinary board can do. The board works with nearly all the dry erase markers and cleans with ease leaving an ultra-clean surface for every start. Our specific option measures 36 x 24 inches. However, you can select a different size that best suits your needs.

The high-quality construction of the board lets you buy with confidence knowing that the unit will not bubble, warp, crease, or catch scratches with years of use. The aluminum frame steps up the elegance of the board. The round nylon corners ensure user safety.

Like most of the previous models, the Lockways Magnetic Dry Erase Board has an aluminum marker tray. With such construction, this tray is as durable as the board and will never break even when it drops accidentally. Also, the tray is easy to attach and remove and provides ample space for your marker pens and erasers. Every order comes with the magnetic board, magnets, and a dry erase marker, aluminum tray, and installation kit for instant use.

Key Specifications:

  • The board and the tray are durable.
  • The corners have round nylon for safety.
  • The fixing screws remain hidden for a clean look.
  • It works with most dry erase markers.
  • It is a multi-purpose board.

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#9 Dapper Display Magnetic Mobile White Board

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The dapper display magnetic whiteboard employs advanced stain-resistant technology. This technology gives the user an easy time not only when writing, but also when erasing. Ghosting is now something of the past! The enhanced technology combines with strong construction to permit heavy use. I mean, this board will stand the test of time even with heavy regular use.

The unique Lockways approach allows you to switch between horizontal and vertical orientation as you please. Also, the rotatable design gives you more writing space. To ensure that you get the unit in its perfect condition, each board is safely packed in cushioned shipment boxes to prevent damage during transportation.

The heavy-duty casters mean that you will have an easy time when pushing the unit to sit at one corner of the room when not in use. The size of 36″ x 48″ suits multiple applications ranging from classroom and office use to home, dorms, and meeting room use.

Key Specifications:

  • It adopts stain-resistant technology.
  • It is mobile.
  • The casters provide double writing area.
  • It is only available in the size of 36″ x 48″.
  • It is very durable.

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#10 TSJ OFFICE Dry Erase Board

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If you are after durability, practicality, and convenience, you won’t have it wrong in this model. The top-class unit is designed for classroom, office, and other areas where there is a need to share ideas or create great presentations. The board adopts top-grade fiberboard. The material gives the user a long-lasting smooth writing surface that will wipe easily.

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Furthermore, the galvanized steel backing enhances the magnetism of the board so that whatever document you hang on the board remains there. The detachable tray allows you to keep all your board supplies properly managed and within reach for increased user convenience. The tray is of high-strength aluminum metal which will not catch rust with extended use.

The ABS corners minimize the chances of injuries by shielding the point corners. Apart from the magnetic board, the package includes 6 magnets, 1 eraser, and 6 dry erase markers. Therefore, with this model, you can begin your presentations right away from the box.

Key Specifications:

  • It comes with all you need to get started.
  • It is of high-quality fiberboard.
  • The galvanized steel mechanism delivers high-strength magnetism.
  • The surface is scratch-resistant.
  • It is slim yet strong and sturdy for durability.

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#11 Maxtek Mobile Whiteboard – 36 x 24

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For those running small in space, the Maxtek Mobile Whiteboard is a good option for them. This board measures 36″ x 24″. Therefore, it guarantees to only take small space. The whiteboard provides high-contrast markings for more effective communication and representations.

The board has 5 universal wheels for easy mobility within your space. The rounded base not only provides stability but also steps up the stylishness of the unit. In other words, this unit will not require mounting. Therefore, in case you want to rid yourself from the hassle that associates with mounting, Maxtek Mobile Whiteboard is one of the options you need to turn to.

The design of the whiteboard provides the user with an ergonomic writing angle. This characteristic provides comfortable writing that minimizes wrist stress. Also, this whiteboard features an adjustable height. I mean, no matter your stature, you can position the whiteboard to the height that you like.

Key Specifications:

  • It is a standing whiteboard which does not require mounting.
  • It allows an adjustable range of 59-74 inches.
  • The surface is durable and creates high-contrast presentations.
  • It has a rounded base.
  • The unit has five wheels for easy movement.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How long do whiteboards last?

How long a whiteboard can last depends on several factors. For example, the construction, frequency of use, and maintenance. The cheaply-made whiteboards will only serve you for up to 5 years. However, in case you get a ruggedly constructed model, you will be sure for 20 years of service life under proper maintenance. On the frequency of use, a regularly used board will last for a shorter period than an occasionally used board of the same construction and under the same level of maintenance.

What is the difference between wet erase and dry erase markers?

Although both these markers work on non-porous materials, they are not the same. The wet-erase markers create semi-permanent prints that are hard to remove. The dry erase markers on the other side make prints that are easy to remove using a dry eraser when used on the recommended surfaces.

What is the difference between a whiteboard and a dry erase board?

Whiteboards and dry erase boards are all the same. Some people call them whiteboard since they are white. The dry erase board comes from the fact that they use dry erasers to wipe off the writings of the board.

What is ghosting on a whiteboard?

Ghosting involves strange marks on a whiteboard that won’t come off even when you dry erase them. These marks come as a result of using low-quality markers, heavy use, using dirty erasers or industrial erasers, and leaving the writings for too long.

How do I super clean whiteboard?

To keep your dry erase board in perfect condition, there are many substances you can turn to. You can use hand sanitizer, peroxide, toothpaste, isopropyl alcohol, and many others.


Dry erase boards are generally affordable, easy to use, and less demanding in terms of maintenance as compared to chalkboards.

Surprisingly, they are durable and produce high-contrast markings that are visible without straining.

Our list combines some of the markets finest options to make it easier to select the right option.

Simply examine the features of each of the models and you are now set to add your favorite one into the shopping cart.

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