11 Best Drywall Anchors (2023)

Are you searching for easy-to-install screw and anchor kits to mount drywall panels and shelves? When it comes to these home and industrial fasteners, you should consider the strength of their materials. Many drywall fastener kits come with screws that have great tensile strength, and impact-resistant plastic anchors.

Without a sturdy design, it might be a hassle to mount your drywall panels. Regardless of your anchoring needs, choose ribbed screws that won’t snap because of the weight from heavy loads.

More so, ceiling anchors help to support home fixtures like chandeliers and HVAC (heating ventilation air conditioning) vents. Since these types of drywall anchors provide support, manufacturers design them with high-quality stainless steel materials.

Usually, self-drilling drywall anchors are compatible with a variety of concrete and wooden materials. You don’t need to drill holes before running these types into the drywall. Plastic anchors and screws come in different shapes and lengths.

Ideal sets of drywall anchors and screws have penetrating strengths and holding powers on gypsum wallboards, plaster, and concrete walls. During home and office renovation projects, these accessories are essential. As interior decoration tools, you can use them to hang heavy mirrors, artworks, and picture frames.

Before picking a favorite product, you need to know what makes the best drywall anchors. There are many technical details and specifications that help to spot well-design anchors and screws. However, we can make this process easy for you.

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11 Best Drywall Anchors

#1.VIGRUE 120-Piece Self-Drilling Drywall Anchor And Phillips Screws Kit

VIGRUE 120-Piece

Screws with high resistance to corrosion and breakage can hold your possessions for a long period securely. These VIGRUE tapping screws and plastic anchors are reusable. You can attach them to wood panels, and walls without thinking of hole preparations.

However, the hard wall that can damage these anchors is an exception. To attach these plastic anchors of hard platforms, use a 6mm drill bit to prepare the hole. Normally, you can use small screwdrivers to flush VIGRUE self-drilling anchors with your wall.

While this kit comes in a plastic storage case, it carries product specifications that will guide your buying decisions.

  • The kit contains M4 X 30mm high-quality Phillips screws

  • Versatile plastic anchors and Zinc-plated tapping screws

  • Ideal for wood, brick, and drywall panels

  • Tricky to recover with electrical drilling tools.

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#2. Toofix Self-Drilling Plastic Anchors with Phillips Screws Kit For Drywall Panels

Toofix Self-Drilling

Do you want to attach your home decorations with anchors and screws on gypsum boards? Using cordless drills with drywall screws can improve your work efficiency. These Toofix self-drilling screws and plastic anchors have impressive holding powers.

When you run them with electric drill bits, there’s no need to pre-drill holes because of their self-drilling properties. The set of 8 x 1-1/4-inch Phillips screws has a deep-threaded design. With this feature, you can unscrew and screw these metal fasteners without any risk of breaking them.

  • 20 plastic anchors and screws respectively

  • The thread’s design is suitable for 1/2, 3/8, 5/8 inches gypsum wallboards

  • This product hangs items that are at least 50 lbs

  • Durable plastic anchors that are easy to remove from walls

  • Be careful not to tear these Toofix plastic anchors with Phillips screws when using a power drill.

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#3. The Hillman Group Plastic Anchors, Screws and Drill Bit Kit

The Hillman

The Hillman set of anchors and screws provide strong engagement in drywall panels. These blue anchors with pan heads are sturdy tapered plastic materials, but their nickel screws have flat heads and good build quality.

You shouldn’t worry about corrosion because this set of anchors come with superior anti-rust coats. However, you need pre-drilled holes because these tools are designed for light-duty structures like wallboards, hollow bricks, and plaster panels.

During the installation of these plastic anchors, their ribbed design prevents any chances of turning in cavities.

  • The kit contains a 1 X 1/4-inch masonry drill bit

  • Tapered plastic anchors with split designs to accommodate the diameter of each screw.

  • 25-inch screws that are designed with slotted drive systems

  • Hard surfaces with underlying studs and beams are not compatible with these anchors and screws.

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#4. Toggler 44-Piece Combo Anchor Kit

Toggler 44-Piece

Do you need industrial fasteners that meet a range of anchoring needs? The TOGGLER 44-piece package contains multi-functional ALLIGATOR anchors, bolts, and matching screws.

However, these 40 anchors have three different designs. There are 20 self-drilling anchors for drywall panels, 10 toggle anchors with plastic materials, and 10 versatile anchors. Also, the kit comes with 4 vibration-proof toggle screws with 7/16-inch bolt heads.

With this Combo Kit, there’s no excuse for not handling light, medium, and heavy-duty fastening applications. Also, you can use these Toggler fasteners on concrete walls, machines, and hardwood floors.

  • Durable molded polypropylene and nylon plastic anchors

  • Key-activated positive drive system

  • Self-lubricating polypropylene materials

  • The threaded bolts have diameters of 1/4 inches.

  • Toggler screws are too hard and might strip the plastic anchor when you over-tighten them.

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#5. Swpeet 220-Piece Self-Drilling Drywall Anchors And Screws Kit

Swpeet 220-Piece

Swpeet offers a set of ribbed anchors with screws for drywall mounts. While these self-drilling anchors need rubber hammers to run them into cavities, they can resist impacts with their elastic properties. The kit contains You will get 100 pieces of drywall anchors and tapping screws respectively.

Other accessories fastening include 10 pieces of self-drilling zinc anchors and 10 screws. With the anti-rotation expansion sleeves, you can align these screws with their anchors securely.

  • Assorted sizes of injection-molded ribbed anchors

  • An expansion curve design that reduces friction and drilling rotations

  • High-quality stainless steel Phillips screws with anti-humid pan heads

  • Anti-rotation expansion sleeves will not be useful if you use bigger screws with these plastic anchors.

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#6. Cirlife Self-Drilling Stainless Screws, Wall Nails, Plastic And Auger Anchor Kit 126 Pieces

Cirlife Self-Drilling

For hollow walls and drywall fastening applications, you need an easy-to-install set of anchors and screws. However, these Cirlife screws and assorted anchors can exceed your expectations.

As specialty plastic anchors, they come in a range of eye-catching colors like red, green, and white. The Cirlife package contains 6 pieces of traceless (wall nail) hooks that are easy to pull, and they work better than regular nails.

More so, the 5.3 X 4-inch storage case is well-labeled with product details. Its labeling is easy to understand. You don’t need to scramble for the right accessories during your projects.

  • Plastic anchors with assorted colors

  • Three different dimensions (6 x 1-inch, 8 x 1-1/4-inch, and 10 x 1-1/4-inch) of stainless steel screws

  • The nail hooks leave no trace of cavities on walls and doors

  • These fasteners are not suitable for drywall structures with studs behind them.

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#7. Qualihome 50-Piece Plastic Drywall Anchors And Phillips Screws Kit

Qualihome 50-Piece

If you don’t have a set of drywall anchors for everyday household applications, Qualihome offers you that opportunity. With a set of light-duty 1-1/4-inch screws and self-drilling plastic anchors, you can hang 30-lbs loads securely.

You don’t need to optimize the efficiency of these tools. Simply mark the points of attachment and pre-drills precisely on the drywall. Also, these plastic anchors and stainless steel screws can be mounted on drywall structures with wood studs.

Even after hitting studs, you can remove them with ease. It’s your ideal choice for fastening curtain brackets and wall decors on drywall panels.

  • Ideal for double drywall ad hollow-wall structures

  • These 1-1/4-inch Phillips screws work well with hand screwdrivers

  • Light-duty mini plastic and self-drilling designs

  • These drywall anchors and screws are not designed for 2 x 8-inch cement boards.

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#8. JUIDINTO 100-Piece Tapping Screw And Self-Drilling Plastic Anchors Kit

JUIDINTO 100-Piece

JUIDINTO anchors and tapping screws come in two sizes that fit any hard surface like double drywall, and wood. However, you need to pre-drill before the screws can offer strong engagement with the wall.

For old plasterboards, you should drill a 1/8 inch pilot hole before the anchors and screws can hold securely. These drywall anchors are high-quality, molded plastic materials. Also, the tapping screws are 304 stainless steel metals with high tensile strength.

They can be installed in 1/2-inch, 3/8-inch, and 5/8-inch gypsum wallboard. This JUIDINTO storage case comes with 30 pieces of Phillips screws and mini-anchors respectively. Also, the kit contains 20 pieces of Phillips screws and large drywall anchors.

  • Phillips screws with deep-threaded design

  • The maximum holding capacity is 50lbs

  • Dimensions of small and large Phillips screws are M4 x 20 and M4.2 x 25

  • It’s only great for hollow-wall and drywall when they don’t have studs behind them.

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#9. ISPINNER 140-Piece Self Drilling Plastic Drywall Anchors with Screws Kit

ISPINNER 140-Piece

With an assortment of plastic anchors and screws, all the holding power that you need to mount mirrors and racks comes with this ISPINNER 140-Piece kit.

Even after a long period and impact from hammers, this set of fasteners will hold on securely on the drywall and lightweight concrete platforms. However, the strength and thickness of the drywall determine how much support you’ll enjoy.

Usually, plastic anchors are easy to remove when you apply some force. This ISPINNER tools can be installed with low-speed electric drills and soft hammers. They are durable, break-resistant and can be stored in the plastic box for a long period.

  • The 2 sizes of anchors and pan screws are 13 x 42mm and 15 x 33mm.

  • With gypsum wallboard, you need pre-drilled holes

  • The anchors and screws are reusable

  • Since these anchors and screws are more engaged in the gypsum board, you might need extra force to remove them.

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#10. Leanking 300-Piece Self-Drilling Screws And Plastic Drywall Wall Anchors Assortment Kit

Leanking 300-Piece

Leanking plastic Drywall anchors come in a range (10) of sizes. To ensure high value for money, Leanking added expansion tubes in the anchors for reusable self-tapping screws. More so, they are beautiful multi-colored (yellow, black, blue, and pink) plastic materials.

These features offer you limitless choices of meeting your anchoring needs decoratively. Also, you can store these reusable plastic anchors in an air-tight box that reduces the risk of corrosion.

With 300 pieces of fasteners, this product is design to handle small household projects efficiently.

  • Durable and aesthetic plastic anchors

  • Stainless steel (25mm to 80mm) self-drilling screws

  • High-quality assortment box for easy storage

  • The kit comes with enough replacement screws and anchors

  • These fasteners might not offer enough support for bigger items.

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#11. Phillips Red Seal Set of 12 Screws With HEX Head And Moisture Barrier Anchors

Phillips Red Seal Set of 12 Screws

Are you tired of using dropped screws and need stick-tight fasteners for your drywall? Phillips Red Seal concrete self-driving screws and drywall anchors are tough and durable.

Don’t expect them to come apart with ease or wear down because of their high-quality design. Also, the Hex head and threaded design of these screws are ideal for mounting TV brackets and hose reels. Other compatible materials include concrete walls, motorcycle ramps, and gypsum wallboard.

With this Red Seal design, there’s no chance of moisture seeping from the pre-drilled holes on your wall. So, you can use these anchors and screws around swimming pools, bathrooms, and other damp environments.

  • Designed for moisture protection

  • Easy to install

  • Durable construction

  • Apart from screws and anchors, this package includes a drill bit and driver bit

  • Unlike other products, this is just a kit with only 12 screws.

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How To Pick High-Quality Drywall Anchor And Screw Kits

Size Of Anchors And Screws

The size of fasteners is one of the most important features that you should consider. Without knowing the dimension of anchors and screws that can hold your precious items, they might hang on the wall for a short period. Usually, drywall anchor kits come with matching screws.

Premium drywall kits contain different measurements of these accessories. When there’s much space inside the anchor, screws might lack the strength to hold on securely. The screws should fit properly to ensure a reliable mounting process. They shouldn’t be loose or too tight to damage the anchor.

The Quality of Materials

Tools that are driven by impact forces are prone to defects and breakages. It’s important to consider the strength of the respective materials and avoid untimely replacements. Normally, drywall anchors are plastic materials and you might expect them to be weak.

While you might not be wrong, injection-molded plastic screws that are made from polypropylene have more holding strengths than their nylon versions. Also, the heat generated by electric drills can melt plastic anchors with low-heat resistance properties.

Apart from the heat, consider plastic anchors that can resist the weight of loads. Many of these products have maximum load limits of 50 lbs. However, exceeding the recommended weight limits might reduce their effectiveness and make them very unreliable.

Stainless steel screws are superior options than zinc-plated screws. When the screw’s tip is very fragile, they might snap off in the drywall.

These brittle tips of threaded screws can ruin your project and increase the cost of replacement. Additionally, fasters that are under the pressure of higher weight limits tend to slip off the drywall.

Usually, manufacturers use metal plating techniques to reinforce the core of these products. Before picking your favorite drywall anchors and screw kits, consider the flexibility of their materials. While considering resistance to damages and durability, Zinc and stainless steel screws are ideal materials.

The Type Of Anchor

According to experts, expansion anchors create more holding powers for screws and bolts. Usually, plastic anchors expand with the diameters of their threaded screws.

However, the downwards force from screwdrivers and electric drills help these metal frames to engage very well with the drywall surface. Regardless of your style of mount, a well-designed expansion anchor allows you to remove threaded-screws with ease. These are some anchors with different non-slip designs.

Threaded Anchors

One of the most common types of drywall anchors is the threaded anchor. These types are stronger than expansion anchors because of their reinforced nylon materials. Also, they can be made from metals with low tensile strengths.

Usually, they are called self-drilling fasteners because you don’t need pre-drilled holes to install them. However, underlying studs can harden the textures of walls and you will need to drill holes before installing threaded anchors.

Sleeve Anchors

Sleeve anchors are designed for hollow walls and they are easy to replace. The removal process doesn’t ruin the drywall surface or make a wider hole wider. Instead, the bases of these sleeve anchors are penetrable. This design allows the tip of your screw to pierce the base, and hold securely.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I ensure the durability of anchors and screws?

You might be like other smart buyers that use anchors and screws for long periods. It’s one of the reasons that buyers strive to know the qualities of durable fasteners.

However, you can get reusable anchors and screws because they have superior qualities that allow them to serve for long periods. Unlike anchors that rotate in cavities and pop out of the drywall, use anchor kits like Phillips Red Seal come with moisture protection that ensures durability.

Also, anchors with ribs hold screws very well and ensure even distribution of the weight of the items they hold. The strength of anchors increases when they spread the weight of these items across a wide area.

For large items like TV hangers and mirrors, you can use toggle bolt drywall anchors that fit 3/4-inch pre-drilled holes.

What size of a pre-drilled hole is suitable for installing bookshelves on stucco and plaster walls?

While I may not know the thickness and strength of your stucco and plaster wall, there’s a general recommendation for mounting items that are below 10lbs.

Normally, 1/8 inches of pilot holes are ideal for mounting shelves and TV brackets on deep plaster walls. If your plaster wall is very brittle, you might need to reinforce it before using longer bolts and moisture-proof anchors.

Final Verdict

If you are a hobbyist or professional craftsman, high-quality drywall anchors are must-haves. Usually, toolboxes have reusable fasteners that can improve the performance of repair projects. Since fasteners are handy accessories, we choose well-designed models of anchors and screws that you might need.

While some of these drywall anchor packages have over 100 pieces, others come with less than quantities that offer similar benefits. However, these products are affordable, durable, and have been tested under the highest quality control.

It’s important to consider the requirements of your projects before choosing any of these reviewed products.

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