Top 15 Best Drywall Lifts (2024)

Are you passionate about matters building and construction? You can never claim that not unless you acquire and make use of a drywall lift. This is a special kind of construction equipment that lets you lift blocks and sheets in the course of constructing your structure.

Building and construction are two tasks that are quite involving indeed. That is because they require a lot of focus and attention. To be able to carry them out well, you inevitably need to make use of the most relevant items for the job.

The drywall lift is a tool which you will find useful in the course of your building and construction undertakings. It helps you to lift panels, sheets, and other components effortlessly. Then, it lets you attach these components smoothly to the part of the building you are interested in.

Finding the right one is just as good as the benefits they bring along. Our team of experts has stepped in to provide you the necessary guidance. Keep reading our reviews and the accompanying questions to find out more.

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15 Best Drywall Lifts

#1: FDW Drywall Lift Panel

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If you plan to work alone, you want a piece of equipment that is specially designed for your purpose. This is the one to look up to. It fits just one person and is especially awesome for do-it-yourself projects.

150-pound Load Capacity

Being strong and stable, this piece of equipment is able to bear the wholesome 150 pounds of weight. This means you will be able to lift huge loads without necessarily damaging the equipment of disparaging yourself.

Stable Wheel Base

Then, its wheelbase is also stable to allow for proper balance and support. This stems from the 12-feet width which can nevertheless get to 15 feet above the ground level.

Telescoping Center

Lastly comes the telescoping center. It is this one that generates the torque necessary to lift the various items. It employs pulley-cable mechanisms to do this role.


  • Assembles and disassembles easily
  • Requires no tools to engage
  • Possesses an awesome weight-to-strength ratio
  • Secures well using the rolling casters
  • Lets you to work alone comfortably


  • Good only for do-it-yourself projects
  • Accommodates only one person at a time
  • Takes too long to bring in the desired ends

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#2: Troy DPH11 Professional Series 11 Foot Drywall & Panel Lift Hoist

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If you shuffle back and forth the professional and do-it-yourself applications, you want a universal companion for your tasks. Without much ado, this is the one we ask that you try your hand on.

Rubberized Feet

Its feet feature the rubber material construction. Courtesy of this awesome construction, the equipment is able to remain stable and ward off all manner of impacts and fidgeting.

Firm Security

The feet also secure firmly to prevent any shakiness or fidgeting. In this way, it prevents the equipment from sliding from whenever you are using it to move the building materials in your work site.

Telescoping Arms

The arms are long and telescopic. They have the ability to stretch up to 16 feet. You will hence be able to reach feats which you would ordinarily not be able to get to. This also saves you time and spares you of unnecessary fatigue.


  • Eliminates any risks of injuries
  • Welded steel construction provides firm support
  • Breaks easily when there are uncontrolled movements
  • Assembles in a matter of seconds
  • Folds to fit in the trunk of your car
  • Tilts to allow for use on sloped ceilings


  • Suffers excessively from high rates of friction
  • Prone to dents, warps, and cleavages
  • Costs a lot to maintain and care for

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#3: Best Choice Products Drywall 11′ Lift Panel Hoist

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Do you move around frequently? If you do, the drywall lift to choose is that which is compact in size and highly maneuverable like this one. Nevertheless, it lets you do a truly reliable job due to its firmness.

Heavy-duty Steel Construction

In its entirety, this equipment is made of the heavy-duty steel material. It is subsequently stronger and more resilient to harsh impacts and other agents of deterioration. The composition assures your dependable operations too!

Robust Payload

With the capacity to accommodate the impressive 150 pounds, this equipment is a truly reliable construction partner. What’s more? It also lets you hoist items to the ceilings and tops of walls.

3-wheel Base

Lastly comes the 3-wheel base. These work jointly to keep the entire structure stable and firm enough for your use. They also guarantee that your system is properly balanced and safe for further operations.


  • Weighs less and is hence easy to lift
  • Outlasts any other drywall lifts
  • Deploys for use within a very short time
  • Reaches the higher walls and ceilings with ease
  • Guarantees utmost stability at all times


  • May not handle some loads
  • Takes much space to mount and install
  • Demands too much attention on your part

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#4: Unihome Drywall Lift 11′ Panel Hoist Jack Lifter Construction Tools

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Wishing to conveniently install sheets of drywall in your garage, basement, workshop, or warehouse? You have a very reliable companion in this particular piece of construction equipment.

Powder-coated Exterior

Its skeleton comes in the form of sturdy steel construction. Throughout the exterior of the steel is some powder coating. The role of this coating is to prevent the structure from sustaining any serious damages and corrosion.

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Foot Stops

The wheels are affixed with some foot stops. These prevent the machine from fidgeting unnecessarily in the course of transporting the building materials. In this way, they guarantee your own safety and wellbeing.

Hoist Tilting

Then again the lift has that ability to tilt in the course of being hoisted to a ceiling or a wall. On account of this, the equipment can impact those portions of your building which are naturally hidden from view.


  • Requires no tools to assemble
  • Sturdy welded steel makes for tough construction
  • Brakes easily when engaged to guarantee your safety
  • Transmits the motion power with ease
  • Loads the panels easily due to lower base


  • Costs a lot to acquire
  • Demands too much muscle power from you
  • Has the potential to damage your structure

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#5: Goplus 11′ Drywall Lift Panel List Hoist Jack Lifter Construction Tools

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Could it be that your entire life revolves around building and construction? Well, we have surprise equipment for you here. This one is good for both commercial and home use and is thus a good one to pick.

Adjustable Telescopic Arm

Standing tall among its most adorable features is the telescoping arm. Other than being able to reach greater lengths, this arm also adjusts to let you impact just about every other portion of your building.

Heavy Duty Construction

In all, the equipment is constructed using the strongest and most enduring materials. Courtesy of this heavy-duty construction, it lasts longer than most other competing tools. This is besides doing a better job.

Built-In Winch with Brake

As you make use of this equipment, you will discover that it is safe and sturdy. The built-in winch and the brakes guarantee these two traits. They hold the equipment firmly in place to prevent any fidgeting.


  • Operable by one person only
  • Usable without any further assistance from a third party
  • Lasts longer and performs many incidences of use
  • Attaches to level ceilings and many other surfaces
  • Works well at home and in the office


  • Disparages those who are barely starting out
  • When broken, costs too much to restore
  • Unable to impact some installations

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#6: Idealchoiceproduct 16′ Drywall Lift Rolling Panel Hoist

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For your own safety, you want a tool which locks and stays firm. Well, we ask that you look to no other machine than this one. It possesses lockable wheels to guarantee you this kind of a role.

Safety Guaranteed

As hinted above, this machine is constructed to guarantee your own safety. This is made possible by the braking mechanism alongside the built-in winch. These two also keep the machine in a sturdy and safe stature.

4-inch Caster Wheels

Some caster wheels which have a radius of four inches each also come in. They basically allow for the smooth and easy rolling of the equipment in the course of use.

Durable Construction

All factors considered the machine is strong and resilient to all the common agents of deterioration like warping, dents, cleavages, and corrosion. It also reduces your operational expenses as a result of this.


  • Has a higher payload capacity
  • Hoists up on walls and ceilings
  • Assembles quickly and promptly
  • Welded entirely for maximum support
  • Stops promptly without wasting too much time


  • Lacks many other vital parts and features
  • Limited in scope and applicability
  • Brings less value for money

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#7: Unihome Drywall Lift 16 Feet Panel Hoist

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Intending to install sheets that measure 4 feet by 16 feet? You have no worthier companion than this drywall lift. That is because it is exclusively structured to handle and install such kinds of sheets.

Highly Versatile

By all accounts, this machine is able to perform many tasks and purposes that revolve around building and construction. You may hoist it on your walls and ceilings not to mention handling many kinds of materials.

Safe and Efficient

It is generally safe and efficient. These two arise from the facts that the machine responds to your prompts within the shortest time possible. It is also equipped with many parts and features that enhance its performance.

16-feet Adjustable Height

Further, you may adjust it within a range of 6-16 feet. This arrangement lets you apply the various drywall panels easily. It also means that you will be able to impact higher elevations with relative ease.


  • Reduces your frustrations
  • Saves you ample time in the course of the use
  • Tackles your projects faster and efficiently
  • Offers unparalleled main support
  • Gets into action faster and easily


  • Installs only those sheets that measure 4 feet by 16 feet
  • Not so convenient for wholesome constriction
  • Yields limited returns to investments

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#8: Vosson Drywall Lift 11′ Panel Hoist Jack Lifter Drywall Ceiling Lift

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To save yourself a bit of time and resource base, you want a machine which is useful in both the commercial and home environments. Without wasting time, this is the one we recommend for such kind of a need.

11-feet Maximum Height

When stretched out fully, this equipment can manage 11 feet maximum height. In this way, it is capable of getting to those portions of your room which other machines of its kinds lack the ability to access and impact.

Awesome Plate Size

Its plate comes in the awesome 4 feet wide by 8 feet long dimensions. These are large and comfortable enough to be able to handle just about every other kind of building material.

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4-11 Feet Height Adjustments

Its height, other than being comfortable, also adjusts. Indeed, it is possible for you to stretch the lift from 4 feet to 11 feet. The beauty of this arrangement is that you get to access tight corners comfortably.


  • Rolls easily on the floor when in use
  • Access the ceilings and the walls easily
  • Tilts to impact those unreachable portions of your room
  • Lowers to pick the panels from your floors
  • Stops firmly when engaged to prevent further damages


  • Quite cumbersome to engage
  • Does not fold and hence is difficult to store
  • Accepts a limited number of attachments

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#9: ARKSEN Adjustable Drywall Panel Lift

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Operating on too squeezed a schedule? You need a machine that is faster and more time-saving. Of all the ones we have under our consideration, it is this that will yield you that very benefit.

Contractor-grade Makeup

By all accounts, this lift features the contractor-grade makeup. All its parts are welded together to achieve some firm stature. These manifest in the ability of the machine to comfortably handle 150 pounds.

Wide Tripod Base

The base of the lift is wide and stable, thanks to the tripod shape. Moreover, it measures 5 feet and is supported by non-marring and anti-slip casters. Over and above the firm support, they also pose no damages to your floors.

Triangular Frame

Complementing the wide base is the triangular frame that measures 3 feet. By being shaped in the form of a triangle, the lift is stable and better placed to bear the highest amounts of impacts and weights.


  • Less injurious to your body
  • Prevents unnecessary strains and stress
  • Locks firmly to prevent any potential damages
  • Features some support hooks for further stability
  • Retracts to allow for easy loading and off-loading


  • When damaged, costs a lot to reverse
  • Requires many other accessories to operationalize
  • Clutters your workspace considerably

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#10: SUNCOO 11′ Drywall Lift Rolling Lifter Panel Hoist

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Looking for a drywall lift for general uses? Waste not your time with any other than this one. It is well able to discharge your normal duties without any hesitation. This is besides its simpler nature.

11-feet Sheetrock Lift

In all, the lift stretches to a maximum length of around 11 feet. In this way, it is able to get to those portions of your room which you are ordinarily unable to impact using your ordinary construction equipment.

65° Forward/Backward Tilts

The machine has the ability to tilt in the forward and backward direction by an angle of 65°. You will hence enjoy the benefit of being able to operate smoothly without necessarily not having to take too much space.

Braided-steel Lifting Cable

Its lifting mechanism comes in the form of the braided steel cable. This cable is both flexible and safe. It subsequently manages smooth operations and unyielding performances at all times.


  • Holds firmly in position
  • Moves around at will
  • Spares your floor from any possible damages
  • Offers appropriate support to you all the time
  • Retracts to allow for easy use


  • Limited maximum payload
  • Lacks any specialized parts and components
  • Unsuitable for those complex chores

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#11: QLT By Marshalltown Not Available PL589 Panel Lifter

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Are barely getting started in the field of building and construction? You need not stress yourself. Spare yourself the effort by choosing to work with a simple tool of this kind.

Universal Compatibility

The device fits many standard drywall sheets. This gives you the freedom to choose which to work with. It also spares you from the inconveniences of having to shuffle between many items.

Simplicity of Use

You will find this equipment to make do with. Why? It lowers to the floor to easily pick the panels up and lift them. While at it, t equipment also takes limited effort on your part.

Compact Dimensions

Generally speaking, the dimensions of this appliance are compact. The device is light in weight, smaller in size and has the ability to fit easily into your pockets. All these combine to make your experience awesome.


  • Quite handy to lay your hands on
  • Hardly clogs like many other competing tools
  • Equipped with protective guides for smooth operations
  • Integrates with a filter to take less effort on your part
  • Negates the need to attach additional accessories


  • May not handle professional applications fairly
  • Has a limited reach
  • Does not tilt and hence reaches not those inaccessible areas

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#12: Vosson Drywall Lift 16 Feet Panel Hoist Jack Rolling Lifter

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Looking for a lift for professional workmanship? We are pleased to let you know that this one will fit the bull pretty well. It is as a matter of fact capable of lifting many kinds of panels as long as they measure 4 feet by 16 feet or less.

Simplified Installations

All factors taken into consideration, this machine simplifies the task of installing the panels. This is given its rather easier operations that is mainly occasioned by responsive parts and components.

Heavy Wheels and Support

Its wheels are heavy, a fact that translates to awesome support on your part. Stemming from this heavy support is a firm working surface which is also safer for those demanding chores.

Balanced Cable and Braking Systems

The braking and cable systems of the list are balanced. They let you work with the utmost peace of mind you need to do a good job. You have your own safety and wellbeing to be grateful for.

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  • Its wheels lock firmly in place
  • Takes less of your time and money
  • Assembles in no time
  • Hoists up to the ceilings
  • Performs well in many places of your home


  • Only for professionals
  • Too sophisticated to comprehend
  • Calls for too much attention on your part

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#13: GypTool Drywall Lift Panel Jack Hoist

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Prolonged and repeated tasks are definitely tiring. You cannot rely on your normal piece of equipment to achieve this end. That is why you have to insist on one that is less tiring yet highly effective.

Telescoping Mast

Setting this device apart from the rest is the telescoping mast. Given its sheer length, the mast lets you achieve smooth sheetrock raising and lowering for a quick and reliable operational outcome.

Superior Reach

Also stemming from this telescopic mast is the superior reach. Indeed, you will be able to access up to 11 feet from your starting point. You will require limited effort in the course of this.

Stable and Secure Stature

Lastly, the lift is stable and secure as a whole. It comes along with panel support tabs and auto-locking outriggers which work hand in hand to provide you these two awesome benefits.


  • Features some heavy-duty construction
  • Delivers long-lasting outcomes and performances
  • Achieves easy tool-free setup
  • Great for busy contractors and professionals
  • Disassembles for easy use and storage


  • Too sophisticated to the average user
  • Costs a lot to acquire, care for, and maintain
  • Only for those commercial enterprises

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#14: PANELLIFT 154-00 18″ Drywall Lift Height Extension

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If you want to obtain the needed ends faster, you want a machine that similarly operates faster. Well, this is a good one to choose to handle and make use of. It works amazingly fast.

Increased Reach

The machine lets you enjoy the rare privilege of increased each. That is because it stretches out to 11 feet when fully disengaged. This way, it allows you to access those parts which are largely hidden.

Dual Assembly

When handling this item, it is possible to undertake both the top cradle and telescoping assemblies. You hence enjoy some uncompromised conveniences as you go about the business of engaging it.

Faster Operations

Finally, the machine operates pretty fast. You may, in fact, install and remove it in a matter of seconds only. This cuts down the time you would otherwise waste if you opted for other competing products.


  • Has a higher and comfortable reach
  • Installs in seconds
  • Manufactured by a reputable firm
  • Loads may kinds of panels
  • Accords dual assembly options


  • Has the potential to injure you
  • Unreliable for sensitive chores
  • Requires extra care and caution

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#15: 3000 Pentagon Tools Professional Quality Foot Lifter for Drywall

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Are you tackling a too complicated project? You want a drywall lift that has the ability to impact all kinds of sheets and panels. We are pleased to let you know that this one has the ability to lift all the standard size drywall sheets.

Foot-operated Lever

It stands apart from the others in that it is operable by use of a foot lever. Given that the feet are stronger than the arms this machine is well able to do you some good by letting you lift the heaviest loads.

Metal Construction

In its entirety, this machine is made of metal. With regards to this, the machine is stronger and more durable. Expect it hence to withstand the intense forces and impacts.


Though strong and durable, this device is small enough to fit your pockets. This means it is easier to carry and deploy to a remote location. It also takes up less storage space on account of this.


  • Handles all standard panels
  • Expedites the task of construction
  • Usable by many cadres of professionals
  • Makes those tough jobs appear simple
  • Sits comfortably in your pocket


  • Requires some added expertise to handle
  • Lacks the tilting capability
  • Poor at handling cracks and crevices

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How high do drywall lifts go?

Many go to 11 feet. There is no standard though. You have to look for one which reaches the highest levels possible. It is only then that you will make your task easier.

Q2. Can a drywall lift be used for walls?

Why not? That, in fact, is one of the main reasons why it is used and implemented in the first place. It does a pretty great join while going about this one.

Q3. How does a drywall lift work?

You apply some force which is amplified by a lever. The load is attached to the rear end of the lever which in turn lifts it. This way, it is possible for you to deliver the load to the highest and most detached locales of your house.

Q4. How much weight can a drywall lift hold?

Many have a payload rating of 110-150 pounds.

Q5. How do you use a drywall roll lifter?

Just fix it at a location that is desirable to you. Then, apply the force using your feet or hands, depending on the design. The appliance will amplify the force to lift the load.

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