Top 11 Best Drywall Saws (2024)

If you have a renovation project to carry out, you need a number of tools to perform the work right. Now, among the long list of tools, you will need is drywall saw.

Drywall saw sounds familiar to most people, but just in case you hear someone talk of a jab saw, keyhole saw, compass saw, alligator saw, or a pad saw, the person refers to the very tool- a usually long and narrow serrated blade with a pointed tip and a handle.

And yes, drywall saw turns incredibly handy when there is the need to create compact openings or carve out detailed holes through drywall, cement board, or wood. The sharp nose makes it easy for you to dig through the wall material to begin cutting.

Just like any other type of saw, you need to ensure that you get the right option that will deliver great performance without regrets. Below are the market’s top 11 drywall saws that are worth buying!

IRWIN Tools Standard Drywall/Jab Saw (2014102)
  • Rigid blade delivers solid cut control.

11 Best Drywall Saws

#1 WilFiks Razor Sharp 6.5” Pro Jab Saw, Drywall Hand Saw

WilFiks Razor Sharp

Taking the first position on our list, this drywall saw will give a decent cut where you want. The saw packs a number of remarkable features that makes it among the market’s outstanding options. For instance, it comes with a high-quality 6.5-inch razor that will cut through a number of materials such as wood, plastic, wallboard, drywall, and plywood. The premium blade is razor-sharp to make cutting through materials less energy-demanding. The blade features high-strength steel construction that guarantees strength and control.

The teeth of this saw are hardened and will maintain their sharpness up to five times longer than the competitors. Therefore, the blade does not need much maintenance like other types, making it a good option for the busy DIYers and any other person who has no much time for maintenance. The teeth produce smooth cuts, making one of the professional’s favorite models.

Also, WilFiks Razor Sharp 6.5” drywall saw comes with a pointy nose that punches through drywall with ease. Therefore, with this piece, you don’t have to use any other tool such as drill to make holes before you begin cutting. The ergonomic handle is non-slip and provides excellent grasp to allow for extended use with minimal fatigue. In fact, the handle also comes with a unique design that provides superior cutting angle.


  • The delivery is normally quick.
  • It cuts up to 50% faster than the standard saws.
  • It has an easy-grip handle.


  • It does not come with a storage sleeve.

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#2 GreatNeck 4932 Double Edge Wallboard Saw, 6 Inch

GreatNeck 4932

Just in case you are looking for the best deal in the market, GreatNeck 4932 could be the drywall saw you are after. Although the saw comes with the lowest price in the list, it packs a number of good features that most buyers are in the lookout for when buying a jab saw.

This jab saw arrives with a super sharp tip that allows you to plunge it into drywall before cutting in the direction of your choice. Also, if you want to cut faster and smoothly, you will love the double edge design of this saw. In other words, with the double edge design, it’s very easy to cut through tough, old drywall in any direction with ease.

The industrial-grade blade features super strong teeth that will not bend easily when used in heavy cutting projects. The razor-sharp teeth together with the rugged blade construction ensure that you get accurate cuts in every project. Also, the teeth of this saw will remain sharp for longer as compared to those of other expensive models.

GreatNeck 4932 also features an ergonomically-designed handle that provides an excellent non-slip grip. Therefore, if you intend to use the saw for an extended period without much hand fatigue, this should be one of the ideal options you should consider adding to your shopping cart.


  • It is very affordable.
  • It features a double-edged design.
  • It is very sturdy.


  • The end of the handle appears to be slightly slanted which may cause some slight pain when starting a cut.

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#3 Stanley 20-556 6-Inch FatMax Jab Saw

Stanley 20-556

This drywall saw features a very sharp tip that penetrates through any material very easily. Therefore, whether you want to use it for dry wood, plastic, drywall, or sheetrock, you will only need minimum effort to get the job excellently done.

Just like the predecessors, this saw comes with an ultra-sharp blade that is hard to ensure that it cuts easily through tough material easily when providing the user with maximum controlling ability. This option employs SharpTooth Technology that makes cutting 50% faster than when using conventional options. Also, the high-strength teeth will offer up to five times longevity to make it a suitable option for anyone in the lookout for a durable saw.

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The bi-material handle of this option is designed with durability in mind. Also, the handle is thicker than most handles and feels solid in one’s hand. The ability of the handle to provide a non-slip grip delivers maximum hand comfort to the user when cutting. In fact, the rubber handle will not slip like the wooden handle when it gets into contact with moisture.  Although this option features solid construction it comes with a good weight that will not get you tired in case you use it for an extended period. The blade measures 6-inches, just the perfect size for most cutting applications.


  • The handle is very comfortable.
  • It does not bend easily.
  • The blade is thicker than other blades.


  • It may catch rust with extended use in a corrosive environment although this will not affect the performance.

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#4 DEWALT DWHT20540 Standard Jab Saw


Provided that we are dealing with tools, I consider the list incomplete without any of the options from Dewalt. And yes, although the manufacturer deals with a wide range of hand tools and power tools, when it comes to the production of jab saws, Dewalt does it with great perfection. This drywall saw from Dewalt is a good option for anyone in the lookout for a jab saw that will deliver superior performance for years to come.

The saw comes with tough metal construction for maximum strength and chrome plating that protects it from rust and stains. Just like the before saw from Stanley, this saw comes with very sharp aggressive teeth that will take half the time that would have taken other standard options to cut the same piece of material. The teeth of this saw are induction-hardened which so that they won’t give in to bends when you use it for large cutting projects. The teeth also remain sharp for long so that you get more time to concentrate on your projects and lesser time for maintenance.

DEWALT DWHT20540 Standard Jab Saw is made with versatility in mind since you can use it for cutting a wide variety of materials ranging from drywall to plastic among other building materials.


  • It holds up well to daily use.
  • The handle is nice.
  • It is pretty sharp.


  • It does not come with a sheath.

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#5 Klein Tools 31737 Drywall Saw

Klein Tools 31737

If it’s not your first time to buy drywall saw, it’s definite you know that most saws do not come with sheaths or storage case. Therefore, the chances of cutting through your tool bag are very high. However, just in case you want a piece that is risk-free to carry around in your bag, this model comes with you in mind. This saw is as sturdy as a fixed blade saw but folds nicely when not in use for safe transportation.

The blade of this unit is of rugged steel material and will not flex when cutting to give you an easy time when performing your operations. The triple ground teeth cut faster in both directions to ensure additional user convenience. Plus, the lock back mechanism locks the blade open at two angles; 125 degrees or the full 180-degree angle to suit different user preferences.

Furthermore, Klein Tools Drywall Saw arrives with a conveniently-sized handle that features a cushioned end for a comfortable grip. The non-slip nature of the handle means that it provides the user with an enhanced controlling ability for more accurate cuts with minimum operator fatigue. The lanyard hole allows for tethering while the versatile design means that it can be used for cutting different materials such as plastic, plywood, wallboard, drywall, and other commonly used construction materials.


  • It is easy to use.
  • The compact design will not take much space.
  • It folds up nicely.


  • The tip may break with massive pressure.

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#6 Tarvol Folding Hand Saw (RAZOR SHARP 7″ BLADE)


Although I may not necessarily know the kind of material you want to cut, at least I know that this is one of the versatile keyhole saws that handle a number of surfaces such as wood, Sheetrock, bone, drywall, plants, trees among other many materials. And because it’s a multi-purpose tool, it will serve as a great piece of gear for anyone going out hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, woodworking, and even gardening. In other words, this model guarantees to be a staple addition to your toolbox.

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The 7-inch saw has a thickness of 1.5mm which combines with the straight blade design to deliver professional results. The razor tooth requires minimum effort when cutting and will not become dull easily. The sturdy construction is rust-free making it a good selection for anyone working in a corrosive environment such as moist areas.

Also, the premium-grade unit employs a foldable design that makes it easy to transport without the fear of cutting through your tool bag or other tools. In fact, the unit folds down to only 8 inches and 2 inches wide to ensure that it doesn’t take plenty of space in your toolbox. The Pistol Style Grip on the other side gives the user a comfortable feel when sawing.


  • The locking mechanism is solid.
  • The rubber grip gives excellent traction on gloves.
  • It folds for convenient and safe transportation and storage.


  • Not sturdy enough for puncturing hard materials.

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#7 Goldblatt Jab Saw – 6-inch Drywall Wallboard Saw


If you are interested in a durable jab saw that will do the work, going by Goldblatt Jab Saw would pay. The 6-inch saw features a solid blade that is forged from high carbon steel material to ensure extreme sturdiness for elongated durability. The solid construction is further treated by Black Teflon that extends the service life by keeping away rusts and resisting stains.

The sharpened tip implies that you won’t have an issue in thrusting the saw into any material. Moreover, Goldblatt saw has triple ground teeth that get the work done in a fraction of the time it would take the traditional saws. This is because the inverted teeth cut in both pull and push directions while the deep gullets prevent materials from sticking between the teeth for unobstructed continuous use. Although it is solid, this saw maintains a low weight which means that you can use it for an extended period without getting tired.

The handle is large to give you enough gripping surface area and will not slip when in use to ensure that you make accurate cuts comfortably. Also, the end of the handle features a hang hole to ensure that it will not take any storage space in your toolbox. The saw suits several materials ranging from drywall, wallboard, and plywood to cement, PVC and thin paneling.


  • It is very easy to use.
  • The blade is stiffer.
  • It is convenient to store.


  • It is not double-sided.

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#8 DEWALT DWHT20123 2-in-1 Folding Jab Saw


Coming from Dewalt, there are higher chances that you won’t have any quality issues with this option. The 2-in-1 design indicates that it is engineered with versatility in mind. In other words, the product is equipped with a saw for cutting and a coarse surface that allows you to smoothen the cut to ensure that you get professional results you were anticipating.

Both the rasp and the blade of Dewalt DWHT20123 are of high-strength steel material. With this construction, you can settle for this option with the peace of mind that you are getting something solid that will hardly disappoint in grounds of durability. The rugged construction also renders it fairly rust-resistant so that you don’t have to worry much about using it in moist environments.

Most users love that the piece employs a foldable design. This ensures safety when not in use; after use, fold the two blades into the handle and secure them in place using the advanced locking mechanism and that’s it; you are good to go! The locking mechanism also locks the blade open in place when you need to use it to ensure accurate cuts. The bi-material handle delivers extra comfort to ensure minimum hand fatigue with many hours of continuous use.


  • It has a 2-in-1 design.
  • It is very portable.
  • It is very durable.


  • The blade feels a bit lose when locked.

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#9 Shark 10-2206 Rockeater Drywall Saw

Shark 10-2206

This drywall saw has a carbon steel body that makes it among the strongest saws you will find in the market. A premium coat covers the construction to ensure that it doesn’t give in to corrosion even with regular use in corrosive environments. I like that the unit has diamond-ground teeth that will not bend or get dull easily. Most of the drywall saws in the market cut with either the pull stroke or the push stroke which takes more time.

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However, the teeth of the Shark 10-2206 have two edges that will cut smoothly as you push and pull the saw. This feature means that it will take you half the time it would have taken to cut the same piece of material using the conventional models. This piece also features a very sharp end that allows you to thrust through a building material with less effort before you begin sawing.

The handle is designed with the shape of a human palm in mind to ensure that it provides a solid and non-slip grip. The wrist strap heightens the convenience level while the one-year warranty lets you buy with peace of mind that you don’t stand any risk should the product fail to meet your anticipations.


  • It doesn’t bend.
  • It is good for cutting circles.
  • The rubber grip is nice.


  • The thick blade doesn’t deliver the most precise cuts.

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#10 Milwaukee 48-22-0304 6 Inch Drywall Saw

Milwaukee 48-22-0304

If you are preparing to do some renovation job, a drywall saw remains a must-have tool. And yes, this is one of the top options that you may consider trying out. The saw has a very sturdy construction that will not flex when cutting. Also, the unit comes with a pointy end that will dig into the walls with minimum effort; all you need is to tap the end of the handle using a hammer and a palm.

Additionally, Milwaukee features rasping that lets the user expand the holes of the drywall easier and faster as compared to the standard saws. The dual-tooth blade cut in both the pull and push strokes to make cutting twice faster. Also, the grip of this handle comes with a customized design that delivers excellent grip even when working on slippery conditions. The bi-material handle also features an attractive design that steps up the aesthetics of the entire tool.


  • The rasp feature is great.
  • The blade is insanely sharp.
  • It has a good weight.


  • Not the most affordable jab saw in the market.

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#11 IRWIN Tools ProTouch Drywall/Jab Saw (2014100)

IRWIN Tools ProTouch

Most customers love that this drywall saw features a thick body blade since it provides them with better cutting control. The blade of this saw is of durable material and will not easily catch rust even when used in moist conditions.

Furthermore, it boasts super-sharp teeth that deliver clean cuts over a wide variety of materials. The premium teeth are also hardened and will maintain their sharpness for longer as compared to the other conventional options. Additionally, IRWIN Tools 2014100 Drywall saw comes with a pointed tip that allows the user to dig through the building material easily while the thin design eliminates the hassle of fitting the blade into the dug hole for cutting.

The end of the handle is designed to allow for easy tapping when penetrating the tip of the blade through a construction material. The ProTouch Rubberized grip ensures that the tool remains solidly held in the palm when sawing.


  • The tooth pattern is great.
  • It is very versatile.
  • It fits in hand comfortably.


  • It is not foldable.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Question 1: Can you cut drywall with circular saw?

Answer: Although some people use circular saws for cutting drywall, it is not the ideal option since it creates a gypsum dust cloud that may have severe effects on the respiratory system. Therefore, it’s better to turn to other options such as drywall saw, utility knife, the reciprocating saw, oscillating multi-tool, spiral saw or the track saw depending on the nature of the job.

Question 2: Can you cut drywall with a jigsaw?

Answer: Yes it is possible. However, you will need to first use a drill to make a pilot hole in the area where you want to cut in order to create some space for the jigsaw. However, using a drywall saw is more convenient since it features a pointed tip that pokes through drywall and a blade for sawing, eliminating the need for using a drill.

Question 3: Can drywall saw cut wood?

Answer: Yes. Drywall saws can be used for cutting wood and other light building materials.

Final Verdict

Whether it’s in the renovation, hunting, camping, or even hiking, there are many areas where you may need to use a drywall saw. However, unless you get things right, there are higher chances of ending up with a disappointing model. Fortunately, our review provides an escape route for anyone who wants premium drywall saw that will not disappoint.

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