Top 11 Best Dust Extractors (2024)

Just like death and taxes, there are some things in life you cannot evade.

And yes, whether it is at home, garage, or at the workshop, you cannot avoid dust from intruding whether there are operations going on or not. Therefore, you will need to do cleaning at some point to keep the space looking clean.

Cleaning up ones or twice a week may not be much hassle. However, for you to maintain high levels of hygiene, you will need to clean your space at least twice a day. This turns the fairly simple affair more tedious and time-consuming, especially for the busy persons.

Therefore, if you prioritize cleanliness, you need a helper for the job. And yes, when it comes to removing dirt, nothing does better than a dust extractor.

A dust extractor is a specially-designed machine for sucking up dust and debris to leave your space looking clean and habitable. The machine connects with your power tool to capture dust straight from the source.

However, before you select one, you need to do a thorough examination of the available models since they come with varying properties.

In this content, we have put together some of the markets top options with the most impressive features. Be sure to go through the entire review before you reach into the wallet for one.

11 Best Dust Extractors

#1 Bosch VAC090A 9-Gallon Dust Extractor

Bosch VAC090A

Dust will not only make your workplace look dirty but also may cause health issues to your employees when inhaled. This dust extractor works with great perfection to eliminate even the smallest dust particles that cannot be seen with a naked eye. The high-quality extractor maintains itself by automatically cleaning the filters after every 15 seconds when activated. The auto-clean feature ensures that you get optimum suction and allows for continuous cleaning no matter the debris you are handling.

For maximum durability and to ensure that the motor is performing to the finest, this equips an automatic water-level sensor feature which turns it off when a particular fluid level is achieved when cleaning. Also, since no one wants to go through the hassle of a complex setup, this model comes with an easy set-up design and fewer extension cords. The heavy-duty caster wheels make it easy to move around when cleaning while the Power Broker dial avoids blown circuits. The hose wrap hooks ensure proper management of the unit while the capacity of 9 gallons means that it is designed to suit heavy extraction needs that cannot be handled by the typical dust extraction units.

What we like:

  • It captures even the finest dust particles.
  • It has a high suction force.
  • The rubber wheels have locking caster.

Area of improvement:

  • It does not come with HEPA filters.

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#2 Festool 584156 Ct Mini Hepa Dust Extractor

Festool 584156

This is yet another dust extraction tool you can rely upon to keep your home and workshop looking cleaner than ever before. The premium-grade unit has a reliable HEPA filter that removes up to 99.99% of dust particles and other particles as small as 0.3 microns to ensure that your work environment remains ultra-clean. The cleaner has a variable suction force function that will suit different applications. And since it is a lightweight option, Festool 584156 brings an ideal solution to any user who wants to introduce power to their job sites without necessarily having to go for the hefty machines.

The unit comes with two wheels and dual casters that make it easy to maneuver the tool in the job site for more effective cleaning. The casters feature a reliable braking system that prevents accidental movements. The ergonomic handle is strategically positioned at the top to make it easy to transport the machine over longer distances.

The large capacity makes it a great option for heavy cleaning needs. Also, the tool-activated auto-start function is automatically activated when you run the connected tool. The 11-1/2-foot hose does not kink like in other models and nests neatly at the top of the extractor for easy transportation. The compact design means that it will not take much space in your workshop, rendering it a good option for workshops that have limited space.

What we like:

  • The capacity suits most worksite applications.
  • It is small yet powerful.
  • It does not make noise when in use.

Area of improvement:

  • The rear wheels can only move straight unlike the flexible front casters.

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#3 FEIN Turbo I Vacuum Cleaner

FEIN Turbo

This dust extractor is designed to work in both wet and dry conditions. The integrated power circuit runs the extractor after the power tool is switched on. The ruggedly constructed unit features a compact design for convenient storage and transportation and features 360-degree rotatable wheels for easy navigation. Although it features solid construction, don’t think that it is among the heavyweight dust extractors since it is not.

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The mighty turbine generates air flow of up to 152 cubic feet-of-air-per minute (CFM) for more effective dirt removal even in the demanding worksites. Moreover, FEIN Turbo dust extractor employs a quieter design with a noise level of 66dB. The capacity of 5.8 gallons means that the unit is large enough to handle small to medium cleaning needs so that you don’t have to frequently interrupt cleaning to empty the bin.

The bypass cooling system shuts the vacuum when it becomes extremely hot. Also, this system prevents dirty air from coming into contact with the motor, prolonging the service life of the product since what goes in the vacuum remains put. The extractor comes with a protective filter cassette which eliminates the need for replacing the cellulose filter when working on wet conditions.

What we like:

  • It is easy to clean.
  • It delivers powerful suction.
  • It has a compact design.

Area of improvement:

  • The locks of the casters are not perfectly effective.

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#4 DEWALT DWV010 HEPA Dust Extractor


This dust extraction unit from Dewalt has a capacity of eight gallons for uninterrupted operations. The automatic filter cleaning function cleans the filter after every 30 seconds for smooth and non-stop cleaning. The powerful machine comes with a 15-amp motor that delivers airflow of 130CFM to ensure optimized suction of dirt.

The cleaner also arrives with heavy-duty casters for maximum workplace mobility and durability. The lighter weight of 27 lbs implies that one can easily move this site while the noise level of 76dbA indicates that it will not destruct your workplace peace. The unit also incorporates a universal hose connector which provides robust connection with the swivel capability.

The model comes fully assembled to rid you of the complex assembling. The package also includes 2 HEPA filters and anti-static hose so that you won’t have to incur the additional cost of acquiring them separately.

What we like:

  • The vacuum is solidly built.
  • The suction is good.
  • It is very portable.

Area of improvement:

  • The power cord is quite short.

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#5 Vacmaster 8 Gallon HEPA Vac


If you are looking for a versatile dust extractor that can work in both wet and dry conditions, then you should not overlook this model. However, when working in wet dirt, it is always wiser to use the foam filter instead of the default fabric filter in order to ensure that you don’t impair with the quality of the fabric.

The industrial-grade unit comes with a two-stage motor that delivers great suction to eliminate the mess in no time. Although the motors are powerful, it operates quietly to ensure that you don’t wake everyone up the next time you use it to clean the house early in the morning. The unit has four levels of filtration for effective elimination of dust and other particles of dirt. In other words, the extractor is rated at 99.97% which means that even the tiniest dust particles will not escape the vacuum.

Vacmaster VK811 PH has an eight-gallon tank that is designed from premium polypropylene material to ensure extended durability. The large storage compartment means that you can collect all dust and debris from your workspace in a single go.  The base of the vacuum features ball bearing casters for smooth movement around the workplace when operating. The vacuum surpasses the stringent HEPA rules to let you buy with confidence that it is a reliable option.

What we like:

  • It suits both dry and wet dirt.
  • Has a maximum water lift of 106 inches.
  • The industrial hose is crash proof.

Area of improvement:

  • The front hose may detach easily.

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#6 Festool 575267 CT MIDI HEPA Dust Extractor

Festool 575267

This dust extraction tool by Festool is yet another unit that will help you get the work perfectly done in no time. Festool 575267 comes with a high-performance turbine which delivers non-stop high suction to ensure that you and your tools remain safe from hazardous dust emanating from operations. And since it is a highly effective cleaner, this unit will prolong the service life of the expensive irreplaceable tools.

The vacuum comes with a T-lock feature which allows the user to connect a systainter to the extractor. The two-layer filter bags traps even the tiny unseen dust particles to give you a healthy working environment. The auto-cleaning mechanisms help to extend the lifespan of the filters and ensure high performance when cleaning.

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The 15-liter bin means that the unit is specially designed for handling light to medium duties both at home and workshops. Also, the net volume of this vacuum equates the gross volume to ensure maximum utilization of the container.

To make things more straightforward for you, this extractor can be retrofitted with a Bluetooth module to allow for remote control use. At the top, this unit has a large room that holds the gear to allow for transportation.

What we like:

  • It features a long cord.
  • It is easy to store and takes up little room.
  • The extractor is wonderfully quiet.

Area of improvement:

  • It will cost you more.

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#7 Pulse-Bac 550H Dust Extractor

Pulse-Bac 550H

If you operate a busy workshop, or maybe you are a very busy person, this option should be a great choice for you. Unlike the other cleaners that still require you to operate, this unit introduces a hands-free operation to allow you to concentrate on other core issues. All you need to do is take the extractor to the dust-notorious area that you want to be cleaned, turn it on, go back to your work and come back to a dirt-free space.

A durable powder coating covers the construction to offer superior protection to rust and harsh outdoor conditions. The beautiful finish also adds new accents of beauty to any space. The model is HEPA-certified hence you can buy with peace of mind that it will not disappoint. The five filters are thoroughly tested to ensure that they provide 99.97% filtration. The eight-gallon steel tank provides plenty of room for dirt.

Pulse-Bac 550H is constructed from heavy-gauge steel and premium ABS material for durability. The ability to extract both wet and dry dirt makes it a good addition to any home, garage, and workshop. The airflow of 150 CFM ensures that you get perfect results in every cleaning task.

What we like:

  • It is a hands-free tool.
  • It is super durable.
  • It works on both dry and wet dust.

Area of improvement:

  • It is quite heavy.

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#8 Fein 92027060090 Turbo I 5.8 Gallon Dust Extractor

Fein 92027060090

Whether it’s in an installation or repair job, this dust remover combines with your power tools to minimize the dust in your workshop. The unit features an automated on/off feature which turns on when you start the power tool. The turbine delivers a remarkable 161 CFM to ensure excellent performance in cleaning.

Although it is among the market’s mightiest, this dust extractor has a noise level of 66dB which means that it does not make much noise. Therefore, you can use the tool without disturbing the rest of the employees at work. The extractor features robust yet lightweight construction to offer exceptional strength without compromising on the portability. Its versatility means that it can serve as an either wet or dry vacuum to allow for professional use.

The large and sturdy wheels mean that they can move easily in areas with rough terrain while the 360-degree rotating ability ensures optimal maneuverability even when working in tight conditions. The extra long power cord and hose ensure that the user enjoys the maximum working range. Just like the before sibling, this model also comes with a 5.8-gallon tank which will suit both small to medium cleaning tasks.

What we like:

  • It is ultra-quiet.
  • The casters are heavy-duty and rotate smoothly.
  • The capacity of 5.4 gallons offers plenty of room for the collection of dust.

Area of improvement:

  • It does not come with the lowest price.

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#9 Festool 584174 CT SYS Dust Extractor

Festool 584174

Although this dust cleaner has a compact size, it loads plenty of impressive features that most homeowners and workshops look up to in a dust extractor. Just like the majority of the preceding models, Festool 584174 unit starts automatically when you switch the power tool on and shuts when you turn it off.

The extractor does not come with casters like most vacuums but instead, it features an ergonomic handle which allows for easy transportation. Also, you can also attach a shoulder strap just in case you are traveling long distances. The model incorporates a HEPA filter which will live up to the dust removal rating of 99.99%. In fact, since it has the ability to trap the smallest particles of dust as tiny as 0.3 microns in diameter, you can be sure that not even the finest particles will evade this powerful machine.

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About compatibility, this tool goes with T-Lock system to usher in worksite efficiency. The anti-static design of the hose prevents dust from building up on the exterior of the hose and avoids clogging and errant shocks. The integrated gear storage system at the top keeps all that you want within reach.

What we like:

  • It is easy to use attachments.
  • It is portable.
  • The construction is solid.

Area of improvement:

  • Adding wheels would make movement easier.

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#10 Bosch 9 Gallon Dust Extractor

Bosch 9

This model comes with an extra-large tank that offers up to 9 gallons of space for dust. With such capacity, this vacuum can handle dust-favorite areas without having to empty the tank when the cleaning is on progress. The filter is rated to capture up to 99.97% of your workplace dust to give you a clean and habitable environment. Also, this model has an auto-cleaning function that cleans the filter after every 15 seconds to ensure that it is performing to the peak.

The fleece filter bag protects the filter to guarantee longevity while also ensuring that dry dust and debris remain put. The PRO+GUARD and the end to end dust collection make it more than just a typical dust extractor. This vacuum offers a surprisingly strong suction force of 150 CFM with a maximum static water lift of 97 inches. For easy use, this model utilizes the power button of your tool to turn on/off. The auto-start feature will save you more time since you won’t have to spend time twisting buttons to turn it on.

What we like:

  • The suction power is great.
  • The capacity of nine gallons is pretty large.
  • It is durable.

Area of improvement:

  • The self-cleaning feature makes it a bit loud.

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#11 DEWALT DWV012 10-Gallon Dust Extractor


This vacuum from Dewalt has a large capacity of 10 gallons. In other words, the large dust compartment means that it will be an ideal option for the larger worksites and homes. It also has a self-cleaning feature which runs at the intervals of 30 seconds to ensure continuity of high performance throughout the cleaning process.

The 15-amp motor is very powerful and delivers an airflow rate of 150CFM that picks up both small and large dust particles effectively. The on/off button of your power tool also doubles up as the on/off button of this vacuum. Depending on the amount of dust, you can adjust the amount of suction and energy consumption using the variable suction controls to ensure maximum effectiveness and greater efficiency.

The rugged construction renders the vacuum durable while the premium finish resists dust and harsh weather conditions while the large rear wheels will roll over nearly any terrain. The front locking casters rotate in any direction for easy maneuverability while the handle ensures proper grip and control. And since the handle is telescopic, it retracts when the unit is not in use to take minimum storage space.

What we like:

  • The variable suction suits different applications.
  • It comes with a powerful motor.
  • It comes fully assembled.

Area of improvement:

  • It is quite heavy since it weighs 33.5 pounds.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What is static pressure?

This refers to the pressure of a liquid on a body when the body is at rest relative to the fluid. One can also think of it as the resistance that is created by a dust collection system.

What causes static pressure?

In a dust extractor, there are a number of things that cause pressure. Some of these factors include; dirty filters, air entering through the duct system, and an excessive number of turns in air steam resulting from elbows.

Which is the best dust extractor for me?

Determining the right dust extractor for you will rely on where you want to use it. For example, if you want to connect it to a table saw, a basic unit will do. However, for other applications such as connecting to a jointer, you will need a model with greater suction power and larger holding capacity.

Final Verdict

All these 11 extractors that we have reviewed in this list deliver great performance. They all have great suction power although some have greater power than others. Therefore, you need to consider keenly the features of each to come up with the one that best suits your target job. As for my case, I would prefer going for the Pulse-Bac 550H Dust Extractor since it has the greatest suction power on the list and it’s a hands-free option.

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