11 Best Dustpans and Brushes (2024)

Every homeowner desires to maintain a clean and healthy environment. Now, one of the ways of keeping home spotless and neat is by cleaning.

Unfortunately, even with constant cleaning, there are some things we cannot keep away completely. For example, we can’t entirely prevent dust particles from accessing our space.

Nevertheless, we can effectively clear any settled dust from our space. And yes, it is at this point that a dustpan and brush come in handy.

A dustpan and brush is a dust-evacuation set which is specially designed for easy dust clean up. Obviously, with the role the set plays, it guarantees to be among the few things you will be interacting with regularly.

Therefore, when choosing the set to buy, ensure that you buy a high-quality option that will not only do the work but also feel great in your hands. Here are some of the top dustpans and brushes!

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11 Best Dustpan and Brush Set

#1 Casabella 1 Count Dustpan and Brush Set

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The Casabella Dustpan and Brush sits on the first spot in our top-notch review. The set is majorly graphite in color although the brush has an orange segment to make it easy to spot. However, it is also available in green and taupe color that looks great in any room. The brush has a pointed tip. This feature enables you to access dirt in tight corners and other hard-to-reach areas more conveniently for better results.

The set is made with the highest quality materials for excellent durability. The improved design of the brush sweeps dirt and dust effectively without scattering it all over like most models in the same category. Also, the brush has an ergonomic handle that will interact nicely with your palm to suit extended use. The unit measures 12.5 inches by 9.75 inches by 5 inches. With such size, this set will handle a large amount of dirt.

The dustpan arrives with a built-in comp that allows you to clean the brush without having to touch the bristles. The lip is designed to conform to the shape of any floor for a more effective and efficient dust collection. After use, this brush will nest nicely into the pan for convenient storage.

  • It has a rubberized grip.

  • The tray offers a vast capacity to accommodate more dirt.

  • The brush has an angled tip.

  • The bristles of the brush will sweep fine dust particles.

  • The rubber material that joins the lip and the handle is slightly thin.

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#2 TreeLen Dust Pan and Broom/Dustpan Cleans Broom Combo

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This cleaning combo is also another amazing option you will hardly regret including in your budget. Also coming with a broom and a dustpan, it is designed to keep your home super clean. The handles of the collector and the broom are extra-long for easy cleaning. I mean, the handle of the dustpan measures 38.5 inches while that of the brush is 52 inches long. For this reason, in case you require a kit that will offer stand up cleans; this should be a great choice.

The stainless steel construction of the dustpan ensures excellent durability. The lip of the dust collector is of rubber and will fit perfectly onto any floor to allow you to pick even the finest dust particles without trouble. This feature pairs with the soft bristles of the brush to rid your space of even the finest dust particles.

The built-in scraper makes cleaning the brush a breeze so that you will never be bothered by the stubborn pet hair or human hair when trapped between the bristles. After use, the brush will snap perfectly into the dustpan for compact storage. This feature renders it an ideal option for an office, small rooms, and any other areas with limited space.

  • The brush fits nicely inside the pan.

  • The poles have metal construction.

  • The handles are extra-long.

  • The weight of the set is good.

  • The sticker on the dustpan is a little hard to remove.

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#3 mDesign Hand-Held Dustpan and Brush Set

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Whether you want it for small or large projects in the office, home, in your workshop, or any other place, this set adopts a smart design that tackles any mess. The dustpan features an extra-wide design to maximize pickup, allowing you to clear the mess faster than it would have taken a majority of the competing models. The lip of the picker is of soft but durable material to pick up even the tiniest dust particles to leave your space looking as you want it.

The brush adopts a pointed design with angled bristles for handling dust particles in tight spaces more effectively. The extra-long bristles make sweeping quick and easy. The shatter-resistant plastic means that they are strong enough to withstand heavy use year after year. The handle of the brush is made from eco-friendly bamboo to ensure that it will not snap even with heavy cleaning projects. This construction also resists stains and odors, making it easy to keep the brush in top condition.

The serrated edge at the scooper removes any stack dirt from the brush so that you will never have to handle it with your hand. The lightweight design makes the pieces easy and convenient to use. After use, the handle of the brush fits comfortably into the hand of the dustpan for convenient storage. Nevertheless, the handle of the broom comes equipped with a rope to give you an extra storage option.

  • The set is very beautiful and sleek.

  • The bamboo handle is very sturdy.

  • The bristles will not come out.

  • It has a built-in comb that is strategically positioned.

  • The handle may not clip into the dustpan firmly.

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#4 Everclean Dustpan and Brush Set

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If you are an aesthetic fan looking for a dustpan and brush set that will get the work done correctly, here comes your perfect choice. The set has an attractive color that will look great in any setting. The brush utilizes an ergonomic form that makes it comfortable to use for extended projects.

The brush also features professional-grade bristles that clear the tiniest particles of dust to keep your space looking cleaner than it has ever been. The lip of the collector is soft molded and will settle nicely on any floor to accommodate dust without letting some particles from being swept underneath.

The large size of the picker accommodates more dirt to eliminate the need for frequent disposal amidst cleaning. Therefore, expect to finish the work faster when using this set than using others of a smaller size. The handle of the brush snaps nicely into the handle of the dustpan for easy storage.

  • It is very attractive.

  • The set takes minimal storage space.

  • The brush is dense hence effective.

  • The set has sturdy construction.

  • It may not be ideal if you want a brush with soft bristles.

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#5 Full Circle Clean Team Brush & Dust Pan Set

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This set comes in a standard size although it is also available in a mini size. It also arrives as a single set although it is also available in packs of two, three, and four as you want. Like all the earlier models on our list, the dustpan of this set has a soft edge that conforms to just about any floor for great dust collection leaving minimal to no residue behind.

The collector also features a built-in scraper which allows you to get rid of the dirt stack on the brush with minimal effort. The built-in comp is strategically positioned for easy and more convenient use. The bristles are made of environmentally friendly materials while the remaining part is eco-friendly bamboo.

The coating on the bamboo is non-toxic to let you buy with the peace of mind that you are getting a safety-guaranteed product. When not in use, the picker stands upright at the corner while the handle of the brush fits nicely into that of the dust collector for space-saving storage. However, you can also hang the set if your space cannot afford them a spot on the floor.

  • The set can stand or hang when not in use.

  • The flexible and dense bristles conform to any surface.

  • The top edge curve keeps dirt inside.

  • The teeth of the comb are high-quality.

  • The bristles may develop a yellow color at the tips after extended use.

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#6 Redecker Dust Pan and Brush Set

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This brush set is not only for use in the indoor environment but also outdoors. The pan measures 17.5 “long by 8.5″ wide by 1.5” high while the brush is 12 inches long, 1.5 inches wide and 3 inches high. With such size, expect this set to clean even the dust-notorious areas in no time.

The two pieces come with a convenient hanging loop so that you won’t have to worry that it will demand a spot in the already limited space. The bristles are of horsehair which is naturally strong. Therefore, the fibers won’t come out with frequent use as with other pans. And although they are strong, they flexible to take the shape of any floor for more effective cleaning.

The pan adopts stainless steel construction which gives it unsurpassed durability. The collector features a spacious design which means that you can use it in the garden. The body of the picker is made to pick up everything you sweep into it. The curved design keeps debris, dust, and dirt put in the dustpan to rid you of the hassle of repeat work. The set cleans up easily in warm water with mild soap to remain set for the upcoming challenge.

  • The shipping is fast.

  • The handle offers a good length.

  • The stainless steel construction offers strength and durability.

  • The oiled wood handle brings elegance to your space.

  • The handle is quite thin.

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#7 OXO Good Grips Dustpan and Brush Set

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Although the unit does not come with long handles, it packs essential features that qualify it on our list. The short handles are designed beautifully with ergonomic grips that cradle nicely in the hand for comfortable use. Most customers applaud the non-slip handles since they are easy to grasp firmly even with wet hands.

The whisk-broom brush fits in tight spaces and corners to leave your entire space just as clean as you would want it. The lip of the dust picker is of highly durable rubber which conforms to the floor of your space for more effective dust accommodation without letting any particles to be swept underneath.

The set comes with sturdy construction that will withstand heavy regular use for several years to come. Furthermore, this brush snaps into the dustpan to save on storage space. The affordable price indicates that the set comes with low-budget homeowners in mind.

  • The bristles are closely packed.

  • The product looks great.

  • The non-slip handle is a plus.

  • It picks up most dirt particles.

  • The handle is short.

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#8 KMEIVOL Dust Pan and Brush Set

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This high-quality set is made with premium-grade materials for prolonged service life. The set constitutes of three pieces, a dustpan, brush, and a microfiber towel- more than you will find in any other pack! With all these pieces in a single pack, we are safe to claim that this premium-grade includes everything you will need to face any dust-cleaning project with confidence.

The brush and the dustpan adopt a multi-purpose design. I mean, they are highly dependable on cleaning sinks, kitchen floors, desks, corners, and just about any other dirt-notorious area in your home. The brush has high-quality bristles that are flexible for maximum dust pick up. They also feature an angled design so that you can use it to remove dirt at the corners and other tight spaces where ordinary brushes cannot fit.

The edge of the dustpan features a high-quality rubber and is designed to pick up even the finest particles no matter the type of floor. The handles of the two pieces have small hooks for convenient hanging when not in use. However, in case you want to stand them at a corner, the two pieces are designed to lock together so that they don’t eat up much of your floor space.

  • The hook for hanging increases storage convenience.

  • It is very straightforward to use.

  • The price is very decent.

  • It is nice if you need a high-quality small set.

  • It may be too small to handle some applications.

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#9 McoMce Dust Pan and Brush

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If you are working under a tight budget, this is another great option you might consider giving a shot. The set boasts top-grade PP and nylon construction that will withstand heavy regular use. The fibers are extra-long and closely packed to ensure that they remove the smallest dust particles in a single pass.

Furthermore, the bristles will not shed with time as with other models. The creative design of the set comes out clearly in the angled handle which allows you to work in cracks and other small areas. The ergonomic handles guarantee a relaxed grip to make keeping your house quite easy than it has ever been.

The slim and flexible design of the dustpan lip implies that it will fit on any surface for a more efficient and effective dust uptake. The convenient size of the brush suits uses in the table, countertop, cars, living environments, and any other area around the home. The dustpan and the brush lock together after use for space-saving storage awaiting the next cleaning challenge.

  • It is light and portable.

  • It works perfectly on small messes.

  • It stands or hangs for storage.

  • The creative design is an added advantage.

  • The quality of the brush needs a slight step up.

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#10 Detailer’s Choice 4B3208 1 Pack Broom and Dust Pan

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With over five decades of market dominance, Detailer’s Choice is among the few manufacturers that more than a few customers turn to when in need of high-quality home and car care products. Now, coming from this manufacturer, this is among the few sets that will hardly disappoint in your cleaning projects. The pack adopts commercial-grade plastic construction for superior strength and extended lifespan.

The pack arrives with a high-quality dustpan alongside a premium-grade brush that will handle nearly any mess around the home. The bristles are tough but flexible enough to handle both small and large debris with ultimate ease. The soft design of the bristles makes the brush more effective on cleaning dust on uneven surfaces and cracks.

The broom width of 6 inches offers impressive coverage to allow you to finish jobs in a fraction of the time it could take most competing models of the same price range. Most users love the compact design of the set since it makes it easy to move around as well as more convenient to store.

  • The broom features an extra-wide design.

  • The picker has a beveled edge.

  • It is very sturdy.

  • It is easy to store.

  • The bristles may bend when handling a substantial mess since they are long and flexible.

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#11 MR. SIGA Soft Bristle Brush/Scrubber with Dustpan

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This option is also made with versatility in mind. Therefore, expect it to come in handy in most of your home cleaning projects. The scrubber features top-grade bristles that deliver professional results on a variety of surfaces. The bristles are soft so they will only remove debris and dust from the surface without scratching the floor.

The fibers are also densely packed to ensure that they wipe off even the tiniest dust particles and pet hair in a single pass. Therefore, expect to take less time in cleaning mess than with most members of the competition. The lip of the dustpan is thin and flexible for optimal dust collection.

The curved design keeps debris contained in the pan whereas the zig-zag pattern allows you to clear dust and pet hair off the brush with ease. The handle of the broom locks conveniently into the handle of the pan for storage. The hanging hole of the set means that you won’t have to spare a spot on the floor for the set when not in use.

  • The set is aesthetically appealing.

  • It is super easy to clean.

  • It works great in removing pet hair.

  • It is versatile.

  • The handles could be a little longer.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Does opening windows reduce dust?

Since dust normally settles on the surface, opening windows will not reduce it but instead provide a way for more to get into your space. Leaving the window open will also let in debris, pollen, bugs, and other unwanted elements.

Why is the dust so bad at my house?

Many reasons could be behind this. For example, it could be as a result of clogged or broken HVAC, leaving the windows open for long periods or the gap between the bottom of the door and the threshold.

How can you reduce dust in your home?

Although it is not possible to completely prevent dust from entering your space, there are measures you can take to reduce it. For instance, you can use air filters to trap dust in the air. Also, you can consider installing door sweeps if there is a gap at the bottom of the door.

How do you know if you have dust mites?

Since dust mites won’t bite or crawl on the surface, it’s quite hard to tell whether they have invaded your space or not. When in your space, they may cause an allergic reaction which manifests through sneezing, coughing, asthma, and other many respiratory issues.

Is dust in the air bad for you?

Naturally, air contains dust. The level of dust in the air is what dictates how toxic it can be when inhaled. When in large quantities in the air, it may cause respiratory issues. However, it may not cause any serious effects when in small amounts.


When buying a dustpan and brush set, it’s important to consider things such as the size, handle length, construction, quality of the bristles, the versatility of the set, and other many features.

Now, with all these things to put in mind, picking the right option can be very time-consuming. For this reason, we have pooled the market’s finest options to make it pretty straightforward for you to get the standout choice for you.

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