Top 11 Best Electric Fireplace TV Stands (2024)

Electric fireplaces are a popular choice for the home, as they provide both warmth and light. They also don’t require logs or ashes, so you don’t have to worry about getting your rug covered in ash either! We have a selection of electric fireplace kits that are perfect for setting up in any room of your home.

Whether you’re looking for something traditional and simple or innovative and unique, we have it all at Carpets Plus! Browse our selection below to see what best suits your needs.

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11 Electric Fireplace TV Stand Reviews

#1 Ameriwood Home Lumina Fireplace TV Stand

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The Ameriwood Home Lumina fireplace TV stand comes with amazing features that you will find helpful. Aside from that, it will make your living area more attractive with its enchanting beauty. This unit is sleekly designed and can complement the look of any modern décor style. It also has a spacious top surface, which can accommodate large flat panel TV sets. Thanks to its sturdy construction, you can place your items on this stand without worrying about their safety. This unit is mainly made of medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and laminated particleboard.

The shelves, on the other hand, are glass-inspired, while the legs have heavy-duty metal construction. Besides, the stand has six open shelves, so you will have enough room to place all your media components. This may include game consoles, audio devices, and any other electronic equipment that you may need when in the living area. To make it even more aesthetic, the side shelves have built-in LED lights, which deliver a colorful illumination. If you are looking to light up your living room, the Ameriwood Home Lumina fireplace TV stand is the way to go.

But, that’s not all; this unit comes with a fireplace insert, which is fully customizable, thus allowing you to personalize the settings to suit your needs. The flame effect is very realistic since you can change the colors according to your preference. Besides, the fireplace is designed in such a way that you can have flames without getting heat. This way, you can always turn off the heating function when you don’t need it. With the help of the remote, you will be able to do all this without leaving the comfort of your sofa.

  • Provides you with ample storage space
  • Elegant design
  • Very colorful
  • Assembly is very involving

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#2 Walker Edison Fireplace Universal TV Stand

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This media console has a classic design that will make your living room glamorous. The materials from which this stand is crafted are of good quality and are also durable. This unit comprises of four large shelves and a fireplace that is conveniently built to keep you warm when the weather is chilly. With this unit, you won’t have a difficult time managing your cables since there are pre-drilled cable ports at the back of the shelves.

More to this, the ports are wide, so the cables won’t tangle up. Additionally, the heat from the fireplace and the display can be controlled independently. As such, you can tune the unit to provide you with the service that you need most. This stand has a rich driftwood finish, which will complete the look of your room. To make it more stable, the manufacturer has reinforced the center area with an extra pair of wood planks. Through this, there will be equal load distribution throughout the unit, thus preventing the legs from collapsing.

You don’t need any special skill set to get the fireplace up and running. The unit has a plug-in design that allows you to get heat in an instant. Furthermore, the fireplace insert requires minimal maintenance, hence making it convenient for users. This unit does not come pre-assembled, but it won’t take much of your time. You can make the process easier by getting an extra pair of hands to help you with the assembly.

  • Adjustable shelves
  • Built to last
  • Easy installation
  • The shelves are not covered

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#3 SEI Furniture Tennyson Electric Fireplace TV Stand

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This unit may just be the missing piece that your living room needs. It is not only functional but also beautiful. This electric fireplace TV stand has a unique ivory finish that will blend well with most fixtures in your home. To add to its elegance, the section in which the fireplace is housed has a floral pattern at the top, which will give your room a touch of class. Also, the unit has a powerful heating element, which will provide you with optimal heat while consuming minimal energy.

That said, the fireplace is equipped with energy-efficient LED lights, which have a multicolor design. This feature allows you to control the color of the flame that the unit will provide you with as it generates heat. Moreover, the interior part of the fireplace has a brick design, thus making it look even more realistic. For your safety and those around you, the glass covering the fireplace will remain cool even when the device has been running for several hours.

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The shelves on this stand have a bookcase design, making this unit a suitable option when it comes to storing books and other forms of literature. Alternatively, you can use the available space to store other things such as DVDs, cable boxes, audio systems, etc. The remote will give you full control over all functions, thereby allowing you to adjust the thermostat and the timer suit your individual needs.

  • The remote has a child safety lock
  • Has a self-regulating heater, which shuts down automatically once the set heat level is attained
  • The mantle can support wide panel TV sets
  • The shelves have no pre-drilled holes

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#4 Home Decorators Collection Kendall Media Fireplace

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The electric fireplace TV stand from Home Decorators can go well with both traditional and modern décor styles. It has six shelves with an open design and a recessed space on top of the fireplace. As a result, you will be able to arrange all your electronic gadgets such that you can have easy and quick access to the device that you need. This unit has a glazed pine finish that will look amazing when paired with other pieces of furniture that are made of wood.

Additionally, the columns are beautifully carved to make the unit more elegant. This stand will look good in your living area as well as the bedroom. The fireplace will provide you with life-like flame embers that will add warmth to your room. You can enjoy the fireplace ambiance by disabling the heater. Thanks to its safety feature, the heating element will shut off when the room has gotten enough heat.

You can regulate the heat that is produced by using the timer or the thermostat. Either way, the fireplace will provide you with quality results when heating your room. Furthermore, the flame has multiple settings that you can use to meet the desired goal. Plus, you can choose to use heat or not to use heat. The top surface has a wide surface area, so you can place your TV on this unit without worrying about it falling off.

  • Come with an easy-to-use remote
  • Colorful fireplace
  • High quality
  • Assembly manual could be better

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#5 ChimneyFree Walker Cherry Electric Fireplace Entertainment Center

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This electric entertainment center has a built-in infrared fireplace that will help you warm up your room without using firewood and real fire. It uses an advanced SpectraFire Plus flame technology, which will provide you with spectacular flame colors that you can choose from. The manufacturers have put in a lot of effort to ensure that the flames appear as real as possible. As such, it is true to say that this unit has an attractive visual display that is noticeable.

As a matter of fact, this is probably the first thing that your guests will see when they walk into your living room. To top it all up, the unit also has a heater, which you can pair with the colorful flame display to get the full warming effect. This unit has a traditional design, but you can still pair it with the other fixtures that are in your room to give your home the lovely look that you yearn for.

The base is arched and is also wide to enhance the overall stability of the unit. More to this, the top shelf is divided into two compartments, thus providing you with maximum storage space for all your media components. As if that is not enough, this stand also features two side cabinets with two shelves on either side. In addition to this, you can adjust the brightness of the flame up to five levels.

  • Adjustable flame speed
  • Easy to operate
  • Customizable
  • Requires some assembly

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#6 Carver Electric Fireplace TV Stand by Ameriwood

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Coming from a reputable brand that is well known for providing users with top-class electric fireplace TV stands; this piece can be an excellent addition to any living area or bedroom. Despite having a simple design, this unit can elevate your décor style to the next level. This piece has multiple storage compartments with a closed and open design. The stand has an elegant white finish, while the top surface has a natural woodgrain finish.

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Both styles will complement your décor, thereby giving your home a welcoming look. The shelves at the top have cable ports that will allow you to pass the wires from your TV and other devices with ease. Besides, this unit can accommodate television sets with wide screens, so you only have to check on the specifications to see if your TV can fit the available space. Furthermore, the cabinet doors are fitted with tempered glass, so all your gadgets will be safe from dust.

Plus, the fireplace insert is easy to work with and is also compatible with standard wall outlets. That’s not all; the LED lights in the fireplace are very powerful and can run continuously for long hours. The built-in reflectors will provide you with realistic flame displays that will make your room visually warm. With its independent control function, you can have flames without having heat.

  • The remote comes with batteries
  • Well built
  • Sturdy
  • Assembly requires an extra pair of hands

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#7 Baladog Modern Fireplace Television Stand

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This unit combines functionality and elegance to provide you with a sleek electrical fireplace stand that you will be more than happy to have. It has a modern design and is also fashionable, thus allowing it to blend effortlessly with different items. This stand sits atop two metal legs, which are not only strong but also durable. With this piece, you will be able to make your home more appealing in an instant.

The unit is inclusive of an electric fireplace insert, which will make the environment in your home warm and comfortable. Compared to most units that have displays of burning logs, this piece has a crystal fireplace that will give your living room a priceless look. And the good news is that you won’t require the services of an electrician when installing the firebox. The available instructional manual will walk you through the step-by-step procedure, thus allowing you to assemble the unit within the shortest time possible.

To add to this, the storage compartments are very large and can accommodate most components that you are likely to use with your TV. You can as well use this stand as a display unit when dealing with collectibles and other valuable items. The fireplace is made of metal, so the unit will hold up even when the heat is at its peak. This piece can be a good centerpiece for different décor designs, thus making it a TV stand that is worth buying.

  • Made of premium grade MDF
  • Minimalistic design
  • Has a convenient plug-in design
  • The fireplace insert is not as easy to install

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#8 Hogan Electric Fireplace TV Stand

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This electric fireplace stand has a farmhouse-inspired design that will give your room a vintage vibe. The top surface has a rustic brown finish that will upgrade the look of your room. Moreover, the fireplace features a digital thermostat with multiple flame effects that you can apply according to the mood that you are in. Through the available LED screen, you will be able to set the fireplace timer with exact accuracy.

More on the fireplace, it features a large display, which uses 3D technology to provide you with realistic flames as you warm up. The cabinets are concealed with barn-like doors that will make your room unique. More to this, the weathered finish will blend easily with most modern design schemes. The shelves are adjustable, so you can install the shelving boards according to your storage needs.

This unit is built with a sturdy base that provides the stand with maximum support. Plus, you will be able to access the cabinets with ease since the doors have a slide design. They also have large handles for user convenience. The cable management holes are well-positioned, so you will have an easy time when connecting the TV cables.

  • Detailed instructional manual
  • The flame function can work minus the heat
  • Can easily warm large rooms
  • There are no cable holes at the back

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#9 Northwest Electric Fireplace TV Stand

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The electric fireplace TV stand by Northwest has a space-saving design that can assist users who live in apartments with limited space. This unit is small but is also very stylish and versatile. It features an open media shelf that can accommodate Blu-ray players, game consoles, cable boxes, and other electrical appliances. This stand is very slim, so it will provide you with extra storage space for your TV without taking up much a lot of room.

This piece is available in three colors that you can choose from according to your décor style. The fireplace has a dual-switch function, which allows you to control the flames and the heat separately. This feature can come in handy when you want to limit the amount of electricity that is used when the unit is running. Moreover, the fireplace is energy-efficient in that it requires less electricity to warm your room.

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The automatic thermal cutoff feature will ensure that the heating element heats appropriately without overheating. This will allow you to create a cozy atmosphere in your home while cutting down your electricity bill. Additionally, the fireplace can help you throughout the year even when the temperatures are extremely low.

  • Safe for use
  • Not as heavy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Cannot accommodate large TV sets

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#10 Sonax West Lake Stained wood Fireplace Bench

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You can make your living area warm and welcoming by installing this high-quality stand from Sonax. If you are looking for a TV stand that can accommodate most of your audiovisual components, this is one of the units that is worth adding to any room. It has a dark espresso finish that will accent your décor in a way that will impress you and your guests. The top shelf has three spacious compartments for convenient storage.

The firebox is center-placed, while the cabinets are placed on both sides, thus providing you with even more space to store your devices. Also, the upper compartments have an open design, so you can easily place or remove your items from the shelves. The storage spaces on the lower section are, however, concealed with tempered glass for extra protection. Furthermore, the cabinet doors have horizontal trims and are also fitted with knobs to give users easy access.

When it comes to the fireplace, this unit provides you customizable flame settings and a reliable heater that will make your room super comfy. This piece comes with a well-written assembly manual that will guide you on how you can attach the firebox and other pieces. The top surface very large and can accommodate television sets that are not more than sixty-eight inches.

  • Expertly designed
  • The cabinet doors are made of tempered glass
  • Has an in-built cable management
  • Very heavy

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#11 Pleasant Hearth Riley Espresso Media Electric Fireplace

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This media console features a fan-forced air heater, which can efficiently distribute heat even when placed in large rooms. Moreover, there are up to ten heat levels that you can use to keep yourself warm. The ember bed delivers a realistic glow and the flame is also adjustable, so you can customize all the functions to suit your needs. This unit only requires you to plug the power cable to a wall outlet after which you can control the functions using the remote or the control panel.

The remote has a simple design and will allow you to change the settings with a simple touch. Furthermore, the thermostat on this unit is very responsive, so it will stop the heater immediately when it reaches the heat limit that you set. Also, the stand has concealed cabinets that you can use when storing gadgets that can easily be affected by dust.

The media compartment at the top has a ventilation/cable management port that will provide you with a stress-free user experience when attaching the cables. In addition, the LCD display on the fireplace is back-lit, so you will be able to set the timer even when in a room with poor lighting.

  • Sturdy construction
  • Adds elegance to your room
  • Uses advanced infrared technology
  • The wood may chip is proper care is not taken during assembly

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can an electric fireplace warm up a large room?

This will depend on the energy output of the heating element. If the heater has a large output, the fireplace will have a greater effect and vice versa.

Are electric fireplaces safe?

Compared to the traditional fireplace, electric fireplaces are safer since they are less likely to cause fires.

Can electric fireplaces cause carbon monoxide poisoning?

No. Electric fireplaces don’t combust any fuels, so they don’t produce carbon monoxide or any other toxic gas.

Final Verdict

The electric fireplace stands on our review list will make your home cozy and comfortable. Additionally, they will provide you with enough space to place your TV and other A/V components that work hand in hand with your television set.

We have highlighted the strengths and flaws of each product to give you a sketch of what you will get. As such, you can choose the stand that you feel will meet all your needs.

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