Top 11 Best Electric Log Splitters (2024)

Splitting wood manually using an ax is fantastic to relieve stress once in a while, but when you have an entire cord of wood to split it will leave your back screaming with pain and your shoulders wishing that they could just fall.

The good thing is, you can avoid all that pain and save up a lot of time by using an electric wood splitter. Electric wood splitters use powerful hydraulic or kinetic energy to split even the sturdiest wood in your yard. These powerful machines only require a few manual operations, and they do the rest.

When planning to whiz up an electric wood splitter, there a few features that one should consider including tonnage measurement, type of wood you want to split, and the type of electric splinter you prefer. The electric wood splinters in this review were selected based on these and more features, which are discussed in detail within the article.

Keep reading, and your strenuous manual splitting might just come to an end when you find your preferred electric wood splitter.

WEN 56208 6.5-Ton Electric Log Splitter with Stand
  • Powerful 15A motor provides over 13,000 pounds of log cracking pressure

11 Best Electric Log Splitters

#1.Powerhouse XM-380 Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter

Powerhouse XM-380

The Powerhouse XM-380 horizontal log splitter is built for lightweight splitting around your home. It features sturdy steel construction for durability to ensure that it gives you service for a long time.

It boasts with a 3HP engine which delivers 7 tons of hydraulic power. This is enough power for a homeowner to split up wood measuring 8” – 12” in diameter and up to 20” long easily and fast. Being a hydraulic ram, splitting occurs in a safe and controlled manner.

It takes approximately six seconds for it to split a 20.5″ log with a diameter of 12″. It then takes 5 seconds to return to the starting point, which allows faster loading speeds.

Powerful machines always carry a certain level of risk to the user. That’s why the Powerhouse XM-380 focuses on your safety by having a two-hand operated splitter. This ensures that your hands are nowhere close to the machine when it’s splitting up wood. When you remove your hand from the controls, the ram automatically retracts.

The X-380 is compact and lightweight. It weighs 104 pounds only. This makes it easy to roll in and out of the house using its in-built handles and wheels.

You can also use it indoors because it doesn’t produce any fumes and it runs a quiet operation. This is helpful during the winter or rainy seasons.

The only issue faced when using the XM-380 is that it’s not suited for notorious hardwoods.

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#2.Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Wood Splitter

Boss Industrial ES7T20

The Boss Industrial ES7T20 is one of the most loved log splitters from Boss Industries. It integrates safety, efficiency, power, and durability to give you a comfortable time when splitting your wood.

ES7T20 is a hydraulic horizontal wood splitter. It features a 2HP electric motor which delivers a 7ton force to split up your wood with ease. It accommodates logs of up to 17” in length. Its cycle time is 14 seconds, which allows you enough time to pick up the next log to be split.

It has an automatic ram retraction system which makes it easier to operate. This ensures that time is used well when splitting up logs.

This splitter is a one hand design. This makes it easier to carry out operations as you’re free to use the other hand. However, this carries a safety concern as you can end up placing your hand near the log and end up getting hurt by exploding logs or by the machine itself.

It has integrated side rails which hold your logs in place and prevent them from falling after splitting. This cradle prevents pieces from flying around, which increases safety when working.

It has inbuilt wheels and a handle to allow maneuverability around your property.

Considering that it’s an electric wood splitter, it can be used indoors when the conditions are not favorable on the outside. This makes it adaptable.

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There’s only one downside to using the ES7T20; it’s a one hand design splitter which creates a safety concern.

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#3.Pow’ R’ Kraft 65556 15 Amp Electric Log Splitter

Pow’ R’ Kraft 65556

The Power’ R’ Kraft features a heavy-duty steel construction design which makes this splitter durable and sturdy for maximum performance.

It has a 15 amp motor which produces 4 tons of ram splitting force. It can split up to 20” (Long) by 10” (wide) logs with ease. This hydraulic power makes it ideal for small jobs and lightweight woods.

The splitter requires both hands to run it, which keeps you safe through the splitting process. If you release any of the controls, the ram retracts back to its starting point. This not only keeps you safe but also saves time when switching logs.

At 95lbs, the splitter is light enough to move around your household. The wheels and handle make portability easier. It’s also compact not only for easier maneuverability but also to occupy minimal space in storage.

The only downside with this splitter is that it has low ram splitting force, which makes it suitable for soft grain woods only.

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#4.Dirty Hand Tools 100481 Log Splitter

Dirty Hand Tools 100481

The Dirty Hands Tools 100481 is a horizontal hydraulic wood splitter. It is compact and well-constructed to withstand the power of its hydraulic system.

It features a 2HP engine powering 5 tons of splitting force to its ram. It accommodates up to 20.5″ long logs. The ram has a 20 seconds cycle time which makes it a little bit slower than most of the electric splitters.

The Dirty Hands Tools 100481 is operated by both hands keeping your safety first when splitting logs. This ensures that both your hands are always engaged to eliminate any chance of being hurt by the splitter.

It has an auto-return feature which allows the wedge to return to its original position keeping your hands free to load the next log for splitting. This saves a lot of time.

The splitter features two grip handles and flat-proof wheels which allows easy portability of the splitter in and out of your storage. It weighs 99pounds only.

It features a built-in log cradle to keep the logs in position and prevent them from flying around. This increases safety around your working environment.

The Dirty Hands 100481 has a few setbacks. First, its Frame tends to get weak after a while. Second, its cycle time is too long.

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#5.Earthquake W1200 Electric Wood Splitter

Earthquake W1200

This is a horizontal wood splitter. It features a well contracted compact machine for durability, and it offers excellent performance if used and maintained well.

It has a 1.7HP motor powering the 5-ton hydraulic system. This makes it perfect for small projects at home or even for regular usage for splitting light grain woods. It comfortably holds up to 20” long by 10” wide logs. It has large side-mounted support wings which hold the logs in place and makes sure that they don’t fall after being split.

The W1200 has a cycle time of 22 seconds, which allows you enough time to get the next log. This cycle time is okay if you’re working alone.

It has rubberized handles and large wheels which allow easy portability of the 99lbs log splitter. The wheels have steel support, which is durable and can withstand considerable abuse.

The splitter has copper windings and precision gears, which gives it a constant splitting force. This makes it dependable.

This splitter is not ideal for splitting hardwoods.

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#6.WEN Lumberjack 56207 Electric Log Splitter

WEN Lumberjack 56207

The WEN 56207 is a powerful log splitter that comes with a 34″ stand for you to choose your preferred position.

It has a 15amp motor powering a 6.5-ton hydraulic system for wood splitting. This makes it robust and reliable to split most types of woods at home.

The splitter has a capacity of 20.5″ long by 10″ wide logs. The logs are supported by support wings which ensure that they stay in place during the whole process. It has a 20 seconds cycle time, which means it can handle almost 120 logs per hour.

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The distance traveled by the push plate can be adjusted according to the size of the logs you’re splitting. This reduces the cycle time and creates efficiency.

After each split, the ram automatically returns to the starting point. This saves a lot of time and allows you to fetch your next log.

The WEN 56207 has a handle and 5″ never-flat wheels which make the portability of the 98 pounds splitter easy.

This splitter has a two-hand operation system which is meant to keep both your hands occupied to avoid injuries during the splitting process.

The major problem connected to this log splitter is that the wheels are installed poorly. They roll over the cotter pin and come off.

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#7. Swisher LS22E Electric Log Split

Swisher LS22E

The Swisher LS22E is one of the few log splitters that can work both vertically and horizontally. The vertical position helps a lot when you are working with massive logs.

The LS22E features a dual voltage motor changeable from 110V single phase to 220V single phase. This should, however, be done by a trained electrician.

It has a massive 22TON SPLITTING FORCE which makes it sturdy enough to split through any wood. This makes it efficient, reliable, and suitable for commercial use. It’s also more than perfect for home use, but it’s definitely an overkill splitter.

The Swisher LS22E has a 13 second cycle time which makes it quite fast. This makes it perfect for splitting large cords of logs.

It features a robust construction which makes it durable and resistant to harsh environmental conditions. This also means it can handle some massive logs without a problem.

The splitter has a pair of big wheels which makes it easier to transport it.

The only problem faced with this splitter is its weight. It weighs 456 pounds. This makes it hard to move around.

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#8.YardMax YS0552 Log Splitter

YardMax YS0552

YardMax YS0552 represents simplicity, effectiveness, and durability put together. It features lightweight and sturdy construction. This makes it easy to carry around to wherever you want to split your wood.

It comes with a long stand to make your work easier and ensure a stable working surface. This also eliminates bending and squatting, which gets annoying when working.

It has a powerful 15 amp motor which powers up the 5-ton ram force to split up your wood easily. This makes it ideal for light-duty work around your home.

The splitter has a capacity for up to 20.5″ long and 10″wide logs. The logs are supported by a side-mounted frame which ensures that they remain in position through the whole process.

It has a two-hand operation design which ensures that your safety always comes first. If you release any of the controls, the ram automatically retracts. This keeps you safe and saves time.

It has a 16 seconds cycle time, which ensures utilization of time for maximum output.

The YardMax YS0557 has 7” wheels and a handle for easy maneuverability around your property. The splitter weighs 108lbs.

The only downside is its low ram power which can’t split tenacious hardwood logs.

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#9.Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SELS60 Electric Log Splitter


This is a heavy-duty electric log splitter. It has a durable construction which can withstand the splitting process effortlessly.

It features a compact structure which allows portability and storage. The 7″ wheels and handles make it easy to move the powerful machine around.

The Southland SELS60 Electric Log Splitter has a 1.5HP motor which powers its 6-ton hydraulic system. This is powerful enough to split up most of your regular logs to keep your house warm and cozy. It can work both vertically or horizontally, depending on the user’s preference.

It has an 18 second cycle time. However, this can be reduced using the integrated stroke limiter to make this log splitter more effective. This is done to provide a smaller cycle time when splitting short logs.

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It has an integrated cradle which holds logs in position to prevent them from falling during splitting. This plays a role in creating a safe work environment.

It is designed to be operated using both hands, which makes sure that you stay clear of the equipment to avoid being hurt.

The unit is flawless if used and maintained well.

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#10.Sun Joe LJ602E Electric Log Splitter

Sun Joe LJ602E

This splitter is designed for lightweight household use. It’s durable, reliable, and strong to split up lightweight logs. It’s a hydraulic splitter which operates horizontally and has an overall steel construction to withstand wood splitting.

It features a 15 amp motor which powers up the hydraulic system to produce 5 tons of splitting force. This is capable of effectively splitting standard logs.

The Sun Joe LJ602E has a capacity of up to 20.5″ long by 10″ wide logs. There are integrated side wings which are meant to keep the logs in position during the whole splitting process.

It is a two-hand operation design which ensures that your hands are always engaged to eliminate the possibility of getting hurt. If any of the controls is let go, the ram retracts back to its initial position.

It has 6” wheels which allow easy maneuverability of the 92.6pounds splitter.

The Sun Joe LJ602E is only suitable for lightweight splitting.

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#11.Goplus 6 Ton Hydraulic Electric Log Splitter

Goplus 6 Ton

The Goplus Hydraulic Log Splitter is built for durability and efficiency. It features a sturdy and durable construction with an IP54 waterproof rating.

It has a 1500W motor delivering a 6-ton ram splitting force. With this kind of power, the splitter is well suited for household use or lightweight commercial use. It has an average cycle time, which allows you to split a considerable amount of wood within a short period.

It has a logging capacity of 14.5″ (L) by 10″ (W). The logs are supported by an integrated frame which keeps them in position during splitting.

The Goplus 6 has inbuilt wheels and an ergonomic handle which allow maneuverability of this powerful wood splitter around your homestead.

This splinter is not able to split unseasoned logs. It also starts to overheat if not allowed to rest between several rounds of splitting wood.

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What is the difference between hydraulic and kinetic log splitters?

Hydraulic splitters run on hydraulic pumps. The pump and the ram or push plate are connected. The plate applies force on the log pushing it against a wedge which splits it up.

The kinetic splitters are different in that they split up logs using power accumulated in the flywheel. The flywheel is fired in a single, fast, and powerful blow.

Kinetic splitters are faster than hydraulic ones. Their cycle time is less than half that of hydraulic splitters.

What is a stroke limiter?

A stroke limiter is used to adjust the distance traveled by the ram accordingly. This, in turn, reduces the cycle time, which saves time when splitting small logs.

Do electric splitters run on the standard house current?

Yes. Electric splitters will not cost you extra money to employ an electrician for a special current connection. Just plug them up in the regular home current, and you’re good to go. Most of them run on 110V.

Is a two-hand design better than a one-hand design?

Two-hand operation is better in terms of safety. Both of your hands are occupied, making sure that there is no risk of getting hurt. However, most people find this annoying and inconvenient, and they prefer one hand operation. Pick the process that you find safe and convenient as per your preference.

Final Verdict

Although electric wood splitters have replaced the strenuous use of ax to split up logs, there are significant features that one needs to consider when acquiring one, including safety, durability, and tonnage. Each feature is vital as it determines the type of wood you’ll be able to split. Take your time and figure out the specs and features that fit you best before making any purchase.

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