Top 11 Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners (2024)

If you’re a student, teacher or someone who uses pencils in their line of duty, then you know how important it is to keep your pencil sharp and safe at the same time.

Electric pencil sharpeners are ideal tools for such people due to a number of reasons.

Besides being fast and efficient, you can use them for a long time before having to worry about the dullness of their cutters.

Also, your pencils will have rounded and safety tips that are sharp enough for improved writing or drawing experience.

One major drawback of sourcing a great unit is the plethora of different types of sharpeners on the market.

On our list are top-performing machines in their categories. You can be sure to find one which performs excellently for you.

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11 Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners

#01. X-ACTO School Pro Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener

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As a teacher or parent, you will always want students to have pencils that aren’t too sharp to pose an injury risk. With the SchoolPro classroom electric pencil sharpener by X-ACTO, you will achieve classroom safety. You might ask yourself the question: How is that so?

The answer is simple: This pencil sharpener uses a patented fly-away cutter system that stops when the tip is sharp enough. The result is a rounded-tip pencil that is safe for every user. This means that this device is ideal for both teachers and students, especially younger ones.

You can sharpen pencils of different sizes with this unit, thanks to its multiple size pencil selector. A quiet, heavy-duty electric motor powers the hardened helical steel cutter of this sharpener. Due to its impressive quiet operation, you can use this product in a classroom without interrupting anyone’s attention.

Besides having an extra-large and transparent receptacle that collects pencil shavings, this product has a strong and durable casing. Also, there’s a SafeStart technology that prevents the unit from operating if you’ve removed the receptacle.

  • It doesn’t consume electrical power when in standby mode.

  • It has suction cup feet for a sturdy anchorage.

  • It’s an affordable unit.

  • It’s ideal for an entire classroom’s needs.

  • You will need to replace the cutters at some point after they become dull.

  • It comes with an instruction manual that has some minor typing errors.

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#02. AFMAT Electric Pencil Sharpener Heavy Duty

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If you’re an engineer, teacher or student, you could find this AFMAT electric pencil sharpener very handy. It automatically sharpens 6-8mm No.2 graphite or colored pencils. All you need to do is insert your pencil inside it and wait for 3-5 seconds!

Remember not to push your pencil too hard into this unit since it won’t sharpen it but produce a “hum” noise. The motor sound will change due to the decrease in sharpening resistance when your pencil is ready for use.

That’s when you will take your pencil out of the unit. Using this product is, therefore, simple and hassle-free. A heavy-duty electric motor powers the durable, bigger and stronger helical blade in this sharpener.

You can sharpen your pencils 200 times without noticing any issues such as overheating. Besides, this is a UL listed electric pencil sharpener, meaning it’s high-quality and safe to operate.

Two safety features make this unit stand out: First, it stops working when it’s overheating; it also stops working when you remove the shaving box.

A pencil shaving box is in this unit to collect all the waste. Once it’s full, you will need to empty it. This unit is a great gift because of its high efficiency, fast sharpening speed and ability to handle heavy-duty use. This unit also comes with a wall plug for convenient usage.

  • It has non-skid feet for stability.

  • It has a strong and durable casing.

  • The shaving bin is transparent.

  • It’s affordable.

  • You will have to replace the helical cutting blade after 6,000 sharpening sessions.

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#03. JARLINK Electric Pencil Sharpener

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If you use pencils in your line of duty and frequently on the move, maybe it’s time to consider having the JARLINK electric Pencil sharpener. This device has a versatile power supply. You can plug it into a 100-240V power outlet or use 4 AA batteries to run it.

Even with its portability design, this unit packs a powerful electric motor that runs its durable helical blade for fast performance. You can sharpen your 6-8 mm No. 2 pencil in 5-10 seconds. Other pencil types that you can sharpen include colored and charcoal pencils.

The pencil shaving entrance is spacious enough and no finger can fit through to prevent accidents. Not even your kid’s little finger can fit through. Once your pencil goes through the shaving entrance, this unit automatically starts working. It then auto-stops when the pencil tip is sharp enough. And if the lead breaks, this unit disposes of it intelligently.

There’s a large capacity shaving reservoir to hold all the waste for a while before you empty it. It’s transparent so you can know when to rid it of the shavings and broken pencil leads. You will have to open the cover of the reservoir to clean it. Using this device is simple and anyone can work their way around it.

  • It makes fine points.

  • It has an overheating protection mechanism.

  • It’s energy-efficient.

  • You can sharpen your pencils 3,000 times.

  • Its casing is strong and durable.

  • The operation is a bit loud.

  • Batteries don’t sufficiently power it.

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#04. Bostitch Personal Electric Pencil Sharpener

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This sharpener is electrical power-operated. It’s thus not a very portable device. But, it boasts a space-saving design that’s ideal for both home and office environments. It comes in two major color options: black and blue, and its price varies depending on the color option that you’ve chosen.

This unit has a powerful electric motor that never stalls. The motor rotates the durable and powerful HHC cutter for a smooth pencil with a rounded tip. This unit’s cutter is four times more durable than other sharpeners’ cutters.

As such durability is something that this product guarantees its users. Since the cutter shreds the shavings into extra-thin sizes, you will have multiple sharpening sessions before the high capacity shavings tray fills up. The tray is transparent so you can see through and know when to clean it.

For safety reasons, this unit has a tamper-proof MagnaSafe technology. This technology prevents the unit from operating when you’ve removed the tray. If you’re looking for a small-size pencil-sharpening tool for your small space, you can consider this unit.

  • It’s an affordable device.

  • Offers a reliable performance.

  • It employs the use of automatic operations.

  • The casing is elegant-looking.

  • It’s a fragile unit.

  • Not ideal for heavy-duty usage.

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#05. Zmol Electric Pencil Sharpener

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This is an electrical power-operated pencil sharpener that’s ideal for heavy-duty usage. It has a quiet, heavy-duty electric motor that sufficiently powers the high-quality steel helical blade for 3-5 seconds of sharpening. These features make this unit an ideal sharpening tool in a classroom or library setting.

You could find the auto-operations of this device very handy. Just by inserting your pencil into the tool, it instantly starts working. When your pencil has a safe and rounded tip, the machine automatically stops without eating it.

One feature makes this product a good choice for people looking for varying levels of lead sharpness. A slide switch on top of this unit helps you select the appropriate sharpness option. You can select the blunt, medium or sharp option without any problem if you opt for this sharpener.

You might also love the transparent shaving box that lets you see through. A safety feature that stops the blade when you remove the box is in place to protect your finder. When it comes to protecting the unit from falling, there are non-skid feet that firmly anchor it on your office desk during usage.

  • It’s an affordable unit.

  • It sharpens pencils 6,000 times before the blade wears out.

  • It features efficient performance.

  • It comes with a wall plug.

  • Weighs just 1.55 pounds.

  • The casing material isn’t the best quality.

  • Replacing the dulled helical blade at some point is inevitable.

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#06. VEYETTE Electric Pencil Sharpener

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This next electric pencil sharpener by VEYETTE features a highly portable design. It only weighs 3.35 oz. and has a dimension of 3.5 x 1.6 x 3 inches. With such measurements, you can carry it with you to wherever you desire.

Besides, it features flexible power supplies. You can either use 2 AA batteries to power your device or plug it right into the USB port of your laptop.

Its electric motor uses less energy making it a highly efficient pencil-sharpening tool. Also, it has a sharp built-in blade that sharpens no. 2 or colored pencils within 10 seconds!

For a convenient connection to your laptop’s port, this unit comes with a 31.5 inches-long USB cable. Its shell features a strong and durable material. A long-lasting design is something that you will always want in a unit and this product guarantees that and more.

There’s a transparent scrap box for all the pencil shavings. Once it’s full, you’ll be able to see and clean it. Safety is another feature that makes this product amazing.

Besides having a protective mechanism that stops the motor from running when you’ve taken the scrap box out, this unit also has a small shaving entrance to keep all fingers out, including your little kid’s. if you’re a teacher, student or someone who uses pencils a lot, this one could be right for you.

  • It’s a quiet pencil sharpening device producing only 82 dBA of sound.

  • It comes in elegant purple color.

  • It’s an affordable unit.

  • Not ideal for heavy-duty pencil sharpening.

  • It doesn’t feature other color options.

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#07. Omitium Electric Pencil Sharpener

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To start off, this electric pencil sharpener features a flexible power supply design. You can either use the main household electrical power or 4 AA batteries to run it. Its motor is not only powerful but durable as well. Also, it has a sharp and durable helical blade that works within 5-10 seconds!

Some of the ideal pencil for use with this unit include no. 2 pencils, colored and charcoal pencils. Basically, it’s a compact pencil sharpening tool that takes up less space. This makes it an ideal solution for a teacher or an engineer’s office.

Besides, it has a pen holder that comes in handy for a teacher. The shaving reservoir has a large capacity. You will sharpen all your pencils before it fills up. Also, it’s transparent so you can see through.

There’s a useful safety feature in this sharpening tool. If you take off the reservoir, the motor automatically stops to protect you and the unit. The unit also auto shuts off when your pencil is done the sharpening. The result is a rounded tip that’s safe for the user. This unit comes in two color options: black or blue. You might find one of the colors if not all appealing.

  • It operates quietly.

  • It has a non-slip pad underneath it for a sturdy anchorage while in use.

  • You’ll sharpen pencils 3,000 times before the blade becomes dull.

  • It’s UL listed product, meaning it’s safe.

  • It features a strong body construction.

  • It’s easy to use: simply insert your pencil, wait for 5-10 seconds then take it out!

  • It’s ideal for heavy-duty performance.

  • Its operation sound might distract learning students.

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#08. PowerMe Electric Pencil Sharpener

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This electric pencil sharpener by PowerMe features high-quality and beautiful body construction materials. This means that it’s bound to last longer than you might expect. It features a vertical space-saving design that makes it an ideal sharpening tool for offices or classrooms.

It runs on batteries and this improves its portability. Even with such a power source, it packs heavy-duty components in its design, making it an ideal commercial-grade sharpening tool. Its motor is powerful and effectively drives its ultra-durable high-grade stainless steel helical blade. The result of this is a smooth, rounded-tip pencil in just 3 seconds!

It also features an auto-stop function that instantly initiates itself when you’ve removed the shaving reservoir or when you remove the lid. This feature saves every user from injuries, including your kids.

The shaving reservoir has a large capacity, meaning you will use your device for long before emptying it into a wastebasket. Besides, it’s transparent so you can notice when it’s full. This unit is ideal for no. 2 and colored pencils. It performs excellently despite its compact size.

  • It comes with a user manual.

  • It has an auto-jam release system so your pencil never gets stuck.

  • It’s easy to clean.

  • It gives you 3,000 sharpening cycles before facing any issue.

  • It’s an affordable unit.

  • It is a little loud.

  • You will have to replace the blade after some time.

  • It doesn’t grip the top of the desk effectively.

  • It doesn’t include AA batteries.

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#09. OfficeWorld Electric Pencil Sharpener

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Straight out of the box, you immediately notice how smooth and elegant the outer shell is. High-quality materials comprise the shell, making this unit very durable. It’s a battery-powered unit without a built-in 2,000mAh Lithium battery.

It comes with a USB cable that you will use to charge the batteries once they drain. You can plug this sharpener into the USB port of your laptop or into a power outlet when charging it. Even with such a portable power supply, this unit packs high specs in its design.

The motor is powerful and efficient. Also, it has a heavy-duty steel helical blade that sharpens 6-8 mm no. 2, colored and charcoal pencils in just 3-5 seconds! It can also sharpen short pencils, making it a unique product on the list. It also has an automatic sharpening function that comes in handy. Simply insert your pencil into the shaving entrance and wait.

Once your pencil has a perfect pencil nib, this tool automatically stops. You can adjust the nib size to your preference. As such, you can always meet your nib size needs with this unit. There’s a large capacity shaving reservoir to collect all the waste. It is transparent so you can see through and know when it’s full and needs cleaning.

  • It’s lightweight since it weighs only 14.81 ounces.

  • It comes with a user manual.

  • It is easy to use.

  • 1-hour charging time gives you 300 sharpening sessions.

  • It goes under thorough quality inspection before leaving the warehouse.

  • Its color blends well with most office décors.

  • Its user manual has some typing errors.

  • It doesn’t come with a power adapter.

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#10. Jelly Comb Electric Pencil Sharpener

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This is a battery-powered pencil sharpener. It comes in three different color options, though pricing depends on your choice of color. Its motor is powerful enough to handle most of your pencils. You can sharpen your 6-8 mm no. 2 colored and soft lead pencils in just 3-5 seconds, thanks to its stainless steel helical blade.

Being a cable-free product, you can carry it wherever you’ll need its services. Also, a premium-quality material comprises its casing. Durability is, therefore, something that you will find interesting with this product.

Its designers had safety in mind when they were inventing it. as such, it has an automatic function to protect all users from possible injury risks. When you remove the transparent shaving reservoir, this unit automatically stops. This makes it all ages-appropriate. Even your kid can safely use it.

The shaving reservoir has a large capacity, meaning you will sharpen a lot of pencils before having to empty it. besides, it has a compact vertical design that makes it an ideal on-to-of-the-desk sharpening machine. It has a dimension of 4.33 × 1.57 × 2.56 inches.

  • It’s power-efficient.

  • It features an elegant black color.

  • It only weighs 7 ounces.

  • It features quiet operation.

  • It produces excellent pencil tips.

  • It doesn’t eat pencils.

  • It doesn’t come with batteries.

  • Not ideal for heavy-duty performance.

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#11 BIMONK Electric Pencil Sharpener

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High-quality and environment-friendly ABS materials comprise the casing of this electric pencil sharpener. You can count on it to last longer than you expect. It features a nice, black color with a transparent shavings reservoir.

Also, there’s a shaving entrance on its face for hassle-free sharpening process. To use this unit, simply insert your pencil straight and horizontally and let the machine do the rest, thanks to its automatic performance.

It’s an electrical power-operated unit and it comes with a 3.94 feet-long wall plug cable. No batteries needed. A very powerful motor and stainless steel helical blade combine force to sharpen your pencil in just 3-4 seconds.

You can sharpen pencils 6,000 times before replacing the cutter. This makes this unit a heavy-duty pencil sharpening solution. The shaving reservoir is large so you can empty it less frequently.

However, it’s recommended that you clean it regularly for prolonged optimal performance. Stability is also something that you might be looking for in a unit. As such, it has 4 non-slip mats for stability during usage. The shaving entrance is 8 mm in size, meaning no finger can fit through. Safety concerns don’t have to be an issue if you opt for BIMONK.

  • The shaving bin can hold 100 times more waste.

  • It’s energy-efficient.

  • The cutter is very durable.

  • This unit is affordable.

  • It’s a bit loud.

  • Not ideal for use in power outage-prone areas.

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How many batteries do battery-operated pencil sharpeners need?

If you have an electric pencil sharpener that uses batteries, it will need 4 AA batteries. This is the standard number that they require. Even if they don’t specify, your product will need 4 such batteries.

How long can an electric pencil sharpener last?

It all depends on the model that you’ve chosen. But on average, their cutters last for 3,000 sharpening cycles before they become dull. You can always revive the optimal performance by replacing the blade or cutter. Generally, AC power-operated units last much longer than 3,000 sharpening sessions.

Do electric pencil sharpeners cause less breakage?

Yes, they infrequently break the tip of pencils. They have automatic functions that instantly stops the motor and blade once your pencil has a tip that’s sharp enough.

Final verdict

Finding an ideal electric pencil-sharpening tool boils down to your needs. If you intend to sharpen your own pencil set, you can buy a light-duty unit.

But if you’re a teacher looking to safely and efficiently sharpen his/her students’ pencils, a heavy-duty AC power-operated sharpener will do just fine.

Our list contains units with varying power supplies. You can always choose a product that’s convenient and is compatible with your lifestyle.

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