11 Best Exterior Caulks (2023)

With time, surfaces that were once flawlessly smooth may develop ugly cracks that can make your house look less aesthetic.

As a homeowner, you can correct this by using caulks. These sealants are designed with unique properties that allow them to deliver airtight seals that can save your floor, wall, window, and boards from further damage.

Since there are so may sealant caulks in the market, we have narrowed down the search for you by highlighting the best exterior caulks that can help you change your home to the state that it was when it was new.

The products on this review list have been deeply researched to ensure that you get nothing but perfection.

11 Exterior Caulk Reviews

#1 Dap 18110 Acrylic Latex Caulk

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The Dap 18110 is an all-purpose caulk that is flexible and durable. It can help you seal up the stubborn cracks that are making your house look less attractive.

This adhesive spreads easily and adheres to surfaces excellently, thereby giving you a solid coverage that will make cracked surfaces appear smooth and admirable.

You can use this product to patch up various materials such as tiles, glass, wood, and other surfaces that may be showing signs of weakness.

This sealant is paintable, so you can apply a color finishing of your liking after correcting the flaw. The good news is that you won’t have to wait for long to apply the paint because this formula can adhere to paint 30 minutes after application.

The silicone infused in this formula gives it a waterproof feature that allows you to use this caulk in wet areas. You can apply it to wooden floors that are leaking to prevent further damage.

It is also resistant to mildew and moisture build-up. This feature keeps you safe from mildew-related respiratory complications.

More to this, the formula is suitable for both interior and exterior use. As such, you can use it when fixing windows and doors. This caulk holds firmly, thus saving you from doing frequent repairs. It dries into a slate grey color that matches with most surfaces.

  • Water clean-up
  • Superior quality
  • ASTM compliant
  • Less odor
  • Requires a caulking gun

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#2 GE GE012A All Purpose Silicone 1 Sealant Caulk

GE GE012A All Purpose Silicone 1 Sealant Caulk

This silicone-based caulk by GE Sealants is a weatherproof formula that can stand the test of time. The cured surface can go up to seven years without being infested by mold. This sealant will walk with your home every step of the way as it ages.

This formula is multi-purpose, thus allowing you to apply it on trims, window slides, baseboards, and attics. Those are just but a few examples, this sealant has a wide range of applications that you will find useful.

The formula has a high adhesive power that allows it to bind cracked surfaces effectively.

After the sealant has cured, it cannot be affected by mildew growth, so the surface will maintain a presentable look. The waterproof feature allows you to use this caulk in outdoor environments.

It is also freeze-proof, so the cured seal won’t be affected by the low temperatures experienced in winter. This product is made from pure silicone, so it can be used when handling small and large caulking projects.

This product comes in 10.1 oz. cartridge, which can be loaded into a caulk gun to get to make the application process easy.

You can fill all the gaps by using this GE GE012A caulk. It cures to form crack-free seals that are watertight. This caulk dries fairly fast, thereby allowing you to use the sealed surfaces almost immediately.

  • Same-day rain-ready
  • Provides a reliable seal
  • Permanently flexible
  • Sun-proof
  • Non-paintable

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#3 Gorilla 100 Percent Silicone Sealant Caulk

Gorilla 100 Percent Silicone Sealant Caulk

This caulk formula can handle some of the toughest marine plumbing jobs that may be stressing you. It is quite versatile, so you can use it when repairing gutters, kitchen countertops, and windows, just to mention a few.

This formulation does not yellow when applied. Instead, it dries into a translucent clear shade that will leave the surface looking neat and clean. As a result, it is ideal for use in areas that are in open sight such as doors.

Unlike most sealant caulks that rely on caulking guns, this gorilla brand comes in a squeezable tube that is easy to use. The nozzle is conveniently shaped to allow precise bead delivery to the damaged area. Repaired surfaces can be exposed to water just 30 minutes after caulking.

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This caulk forms mold-free seals that are long-lasting. It does not crack or shrink after it has cured on a surface, making it one of the formulas that you can depend on when a high-quality seal is needed.

This product comes in a decorative package with a humorous looking gorilla that will melt your heart away. If you have been having problems sealing cracks, this formula may just be what you need to change the face of your home.

It will allow you to go on a sealing spree in every part of the house, thereby enabling you to get rid of annoying surface marks.

  • Mildew-resistant
  • 100% silicone
  • All-weather
  • You can use it on indoor and outdoor cracks
  • May cure if the cap is not replaced tightly

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#4 Red Devil Ultra Premium Elastomeric Acrylic Latex Sealant

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The high-performance sealant from Red Devil is designed to provide you with a lifetime seal. This formula has anti-fungal properties that allow it to keep mold infestations at bay. You can find this sealant in a variety of shades.

The color option allows you to pick a pigment that blends well with the surface that you are fixing. As such, you can go for the white-colored caulk when working with white baseboards and window panes or any cracked area that has the same color.

On the other hand, the clear shade can go with almost any color since it maintains its appearance even after curing. This caulk can adhere to plastic, ceramic tile, concrete, treated lumber, and bricks.

As you can see, it fits the job description of all construction work. You can use it when doing final touches to get a consistently smooth surface. This sealant can come in handy when dealing with masonry and metalwork projects.

This formulation has superior paintability and allows you to deliver perfect paint jobs. Professionals projects can benefit from the maximum durability that this caulk offers.

The water-clean feature allows you to wipe the extra caulk from the surface, hence giving you a high-grade finishing. This formula has a service temperature of -20°F to 180°F.

  • Can seal joints that are up to 1-inch wide
  • Infused with HomeShield Antimicrobial Protection
  • Shrink and crack-free
  • Delivers ASTM C920 and SPEC 230 performance
  • Long curing time

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#5 Dicor – 551LSW-12 White Non-Sag Roof Lap Sealant – 10.3 oz. Tube

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This is a UV stabilized formula, so it does not discolor or deteriorate when exposed to the sun. Additionally, it is also resistant to other harsh weather elements, making this caulk a good choice for external applications.

This formula delivers exceptionally when used on roofs, but it can also help you create non-porous seals on vent pipes and air vents. More to this, it adheres excellently to vinyl, aluminum, concrete, and galvanized metal.

You can apply this caulk on horizontal and vertical surfaces. This caulk delivers a continuous seal that is flexible and long term. By applying this formula, you will get a flawless finish because it does not stain the surfaces on which it is applied.

The compounds in this caulk are gentle on rubber materials such as EPDM sheets. Consequently, this property will allow you to expand your roofing projects.

This caulking product has good adhesion, which allows it to bind cracked surfaces together in just 30 minutes. The results that you will get will make you proud of your work.

And since the formula is designed for domestic use, it is safe and won’t cause you any harm. As such, you can even use it on your air conditioner in case it starts acting up.

  • Ideal for spot sealing
  • Non-sag formula
  • Easy to use
  • High quality
  • Not self-leveling

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#6 Sashco Big Stretch Acrylic Latex High-Performance Caulking Sealant

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Unlike most caulking sealants that become brittle over time, the Sashco formula is extremely elastic and can move freely without cracking. It can be used when sealing wide joints due to its high level of stretchability.

This big stretch caulk can handle small and large movements, so you won’t have to worry about windy weather. Your window will remain as it was, and the sealant will not break off from the joints.

This caulk sealant is easy to smooth on as you can do it with your fingers. Through this, you will do the caulking without relying on extra tools. It also has a low odor, so you won’t get nasal irritations when applying this caulk.

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This formula is designed to limit the number of repairs that you make every year. If applied correctly, the seal may last you a lifetime, so you must ensure that you follow all the application instructions.

Besides, this water-based caulk can help you seal soffits, crown moldings, sliding, and baseboards.

Since this is an all-round formula, several applications have not been included in the list. But you can purchase this product with high confidence knowing that it will serve you in a way that you will never forget.

  • Freeze-thaw stability
  • Suitable for interior and exterior applications
  • Smooth formula
  • High performance
  • None

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#7 General Electric GE5020 Concrete and Masonry Silicone II Caulk

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If you want a caulk that cures extremely fast, you can consider using the GE5020. This formula is three-hour rain-ready and won’t wash off after it has cured. This will allow you to run your projects even when the weather is not favorable.

Additionally, this sealant caulk is efficient and fast-acting, so all the cracks will be sealed with a single application. It is not affected by extreme heat or freezing temperatures.

Also, it sticks to surfaces very well and does not come off easily. This caulk is formulated with high-quality ingredients, thus allowing you to use it on heavy-duty tasks such as sealing patios, sidewalks, and driveways.

It can as well be used on foundations, but the application has to be above the ground to prevent corrosive soil elements from interfering with the seal. Masons can also find this formula useful since it can assist in repointing old mortar joints.

A good number of caulk seals crack due to shrinking. However, this brand is free of such tendencies. It maintains its structure regardless of the condition in which it is applied.

The seals that you get from this caulk don’t expand or contract, so the sealed surface will remain intact year in year out.

  • Sun-proof
  • Anti-freeze
  • Flexible
  • Waterproof
  • Only works with a caulking gun

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#8 White Lightning Products 30010 Painter’s Preferred Acrylic Latex Caulk

White Lightning Products 30010 Acrylic Latex Caulk

The latex caulk from White Lightning is uniquely designed to help you out when dealing with materials such as wood or glass.

You can get amazing seals by including this sealant caulk in your toolkit. It cures properly on surfaces and allows you to get the job done as fast as possible.

The tube design makes it even more efficient and you can get more from this by using a powerful caulking gun to administer the lube on target areas.

This product dries to form a paintable surface that responds well to paint. As such, you will only require a small amount of paint to cover the sealed surface.

This is a general-purpose caulk, so you can use it in different sections of the house such as trims, windows, and doors.

The other advantage is that it does not limit you when it comes to areas of application. It performs well in exterior surroundings and delivers impressively when used indoors.

Apart from sealing cracks, this formula can equally work well with joints. The lube fits into tiny spaces, thereby allowing the two separate points to stick together permanently.

This formula is resistant to mildew and fully complies with the product specifications provided by ASTM.

  • Easy application
  • Water cleanup
  • Mold-free
  • None

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#9 Hydroment Color Matched Caulk by Colorfast (Sanded)

Hydroment Color Matched Caulk by Colorfast

This sealant caulk comes in standard size cartridge that you can use with the regular caulking gun. It is sanded to give you a rough texture that matches the feel of your floors and wall joints.

That being said, this sealant allows you to create a seal that has a uniform appearance to the surface that you are working on. Aside from, creating a harmonious texture, the sand also improves the caulk’s ability to stick to different surfaces.

You won’t have issues with color selection when using this caulk brand. This is because it comes in so many shades that will leave you spoilt for choice. It allows you to personalize your sealing by using colors that match your preference.

The 10.3 oz. tube will provide you with enough sealing lube that you can use repeatedly before getting a new one. This allows you to use the product generously for maximum results.

Plus, the seals are not affected by moisture, so the joint or surface will stay attached full time.

Many users have benefited from using this product, and you could be the next one to testify how great this formula is.

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It works in different types of weather and cures to form a strong seal that won’t disappoint.

  • UV resistant
  • Ideal for grout surfaces
  • Fast curing time
  • The odor may irritate some users

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#10 Sashco 13010 10.5oz Sashco Sealants Clear Lexel Adhesive Caulk

Sashco 13010 10.5oz Sashco Sealants Clear Lexel Adhesive Caulk

The Sashco 13010 has several features but the first thing that you will notice is the beautiful cartridge design. With the tube looking so good, you can be sure that the contents will do even better.

This formula is super-clear and does not turn cloudy or yellow after curing on a surface. This feature allows it to camouflage on surfaces, hence making it barely noticeable. As such, you use this caulk when working on jobs that require perfection.

It is paintable and does not separate from the paint over time. As a result, the paint and the seal will stay tucked for a long duration of time.

This caulk formula can stick on surfaces that you wouldn’t expect it to and that is why the manufacturers have nicknamed it “duct tape”.

It can stick to almost every construction material, so you won’t have to buy several caulk cartridges when working on large projects.

This caulk can work on both dry and wet surfaces, allowing you to continue working even when conditions change. Sashco 13010 is a rubber-based formula, so it does not tear even when the joints move.

It can take up to 400% of joint movement, hence allowing it to flex and bend without splitting apart. This caulk can hold asphalt, wood, glass, porcelain, concrete, etc.

  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Mold and mildew-resistant
  • Never freezes
  • May damage some plastics
  • Not applicable in areas where the temperature is above 200°F

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#11 Red Devil 848 EZ Squeeze Window and Door Caulk

Red Devil 848 EZ Squeeze Window and Door Caulk

This caulk comes in an ergonomically designed EZ-roll-up tube that gives you easy lube extraction. With this feature, you can wind up the tube to get every drop of the product.

This particular formula is meant to be used on windows and doors. It adheres to wood and glass very well, allowing you to get seals that you can rely on.

This product delivers extra tight seals that will cling to the surfaces regardless of whether it is hot or cold. If you have been looking for a sealant that can help you restore your home, you can end the search by giving this caulk a try.

It is free of destructive molds such as mildew and mold, so the sealed areas will maintain a clear appearance.

Besides, you can also use this caulk when molding to get good outcomes. You can use this caulk not only in your house but also in other places such as the garage, store, and any other place that has cracks.

  • Paintable
  • Water cleanup
  • Interior/exterior use
  • Some users may have a hard time dispensing the caulk

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a caulking gun?

This is a specialized tool that is used to hold caulk cartridges. It has a trigger handle, which you press to dispense the contents of the cartridge. These guns make caulking easy by maximizing the force that is applied to the trigger.

What are sealant caulks made of?

In most cases, these products are made up of potent polymers that allow them to adhere to surfaces. Some of the commonly used polymers include rubber, latex, silicone, and polyurethane.

What makes a good sealant caulk?

When it comes to choosing a caulk, adhesion is key. You have to ensure that the product you are buying can stick to surfaces without peeling off or cracking unnecessarily.

Do all sealant caulks require a caulking gun?

No. Some brands come in squeezable tubes that allow you to extract the lube by simply using your hands.

Can I get dizzy or lightheaded when caulking?

Yes. Some formulations contain compounds that have very strong odors, which may cause slight migraines. As such, it is not advisable to use some of these products if you have an underlying health condition, especially those that affect the breathing system.

Final Verdict

Having cracks and crevices in your house is not in any way safe. If they are not filled up in time, you may encounter bug infestation.

And we both know how expensive fumigation can be. You can avoid all this by caulking all the gaps so that nothing can go in or come out.

Additionally, sealing cracks will make your home look more beautiful. You can start by picking the exterior caulks in the list above.

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