Top 10 Best Fencing Pliers (2024)

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If you own a farm, it’s important to fence it to keep your assets protected, including livestock, crops, farm supplies, and equipment.

It’s also important to fence your yard to keep intruders away. Fencing is especially important for establishing borders, maintaining an organized farm or yard, and enhancing security.

Installing a fence is labor-intensive and time-consuming, especially if you don’t have the right tools. Luckily, tools such as fencing pliers make fencing easier and faster.

A fencing pliers feature a wire cutter, hammer, and staple puller. The wire cutter section is used for cutting fencing wire whereas the hammer section is used for driving fencing staples into the fencing logs.

On the other hand, the staple puller is used for removing staples.

If you’re a fence installer or DIY enthusiast, then you definitely need to get yourself, top-quality fencing pliers. However, it can be quite confusing to choose the right pliers for fencing.

We’ve made the searching work easier for you by shortlisting and reviewing the best fencing pliers available today. Read on for the detailed reviews.

Top 10 Fencing Pliers

#1. IRWIN Tools VISE-GRIP Pliers

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The IRWIN fencing pliers tops our list based on its effectiveness in fencing. It’s designed as a multi-function fencing tool. You can use it to install barbed wire and any other type of fencing wire. Regardless of the kind of wired fence you want to install, it has all the necessary functions to get the done work more easily.

It features a grooved hammer head that you can use to pound nails and staples into timber logs when fencing. The opposite side of the hammer features a sharp claw end that can be used for pulling out staples or nails from fence posts. The claw end is sturdy enough to pull out even the toughest nails.

The pliers boasts of having grips with exclusive ProTouch technology for comfortable handling. Thus, you’ll find it easier and more comfortable to hold the pliers in your hands. Furthermore, you can hold the tool for extended periods without your hands feeling fatigued.

Another feature that these pliers have to boast about is their 1.25 inches jaw capacity. These jaws are ideal for cutting extremely thick and tough fencing wire. The jaws are designed in such a way that they grip fencing wire with maximum strength.

Besides, the pliers are made of nickel-chromium material. This alloy is extremely tough such that the pliers withstand regular use. The alloy resists wear and corrosion, making it ideal for tough fencing work.

  • Ideal for use on both wooden and metallic posts

  • Features an ergonomic handle design

  • Offers a non-slip and anti-pinch grip

  • A little challenging to grab staples with the pinching tip

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#2. Channellock Fence Tool Plier

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This Channellock fence pliers come with all the key features needed to install or maintain wire fencing. Thus, we included it among the top of our list based on its effectiveness and reliability in fencing.

To start with, this fence pliers measures 10 ½ inches long. It’s designed with a curved grip that allows for maximum pressure when gripping wire fencing. Besides, the handles that come with the pliers are well-designed for enhanced leverage and comfort when working the pliers.

The pliers come with two differently sized cutters. You can easily cut high tensile fencing wire with the cutters. Furthermore, you can take advantage of their different sizes to cut both thinner and thicker fencing wire. To add to that, the cutting shears are specially treated with laser heat to make them effective for a longer period.

Another great feature that comes with these pliers is its wire stretcher. You can easily use it to stretch fencing wire during fence installation or maintenance. The pliers also come with a staple starter that will allow you to hold staples safely to protect your fingers from getting hit when hammering staples.

You can also take advantage of its staple puller to pull out staples from fence posts. The pliers also come with a hammer that will assist you in driving staples and nails into wooden fence posts.

  • Extremely versatile

  • Top-quality design and strongly built

  • Comes with an effective wire splicer

  • The inside jaws are a little too wide

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#3. DEWALT DWHT70273 Fencing Pliers

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We rank this DEWALT fence pliers as the third on our review based on its value when it comes to fence installation and maintenance. Besides, the brand is known for manufacturing top-quality tools. For instance, these pliers are made of chrome vanadium steel material. This steel alloy is extremely strong such that it’s able to handle strong fence wires with ease. Besides, the alloy is durable and won’t wear out any time soon.

The handle features a bi-material cushioning that makes it extremely comfortable to use the tool, even when handling the toughest fencing wire and staples. Besides, the handle cushioning allows for a strong grip such that you’ll easily apply maximum pressure when gripping staples or cutting fence wire.

Another feature that these pliers have to boast about is its staple puller and starter. You can use it to hold staples or pull them as needed. It’s able to grip staples tightly for easier removal. Its two wire cutters are ideal for cutting fencing wire of different sizes.

Additionally, the pliers serve as a wire splicer and stretcher. It’s able to splice even high-tensile fencing wire with ease for your convenience. You can use its stretcher feature to stretch out any sagging fencing wire.

  • Comes with a reliable hammer face

  • Multi-function design

  • Solidly built

  • The gripper between the handles is a little too wide

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#4. TEKTON Fencing Pliers

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The TEKTON fencing pliers are a multi-purpose fencing tool that is specially designed to assist in installing, repairing, and maintaining fence wire. It comes as a 7 in 1 tool that will save you from the stress of buying different tools for different purposes. This also means that you’ll only carry one tool for several purposes, thereby making your toolbox lighter.

One of the most standing out feature in the pliers is its two wire splicing crimpers. One of the crimpers has smooth edges for splicing less sturdy wire and a toothed crimper for splicing tougher fencing wire. Another great feature that comes with the pliers is its two wire cutters. They’re strategically placed on either side of the pivot area.

The pliers also features a hammer for driving staples into wooden fence posts. The hammer face comes with fine teeth that allow for enhanced contact on staples to reduce slipping. Besides, the pliers feature a sturdy staple claw that makes it easier to remove staples.

You’ll also find it more comfortable to hold and control the pliers when working with it, thanks to its non-slip handle design. Additionally, the tool is made of chrome vanadium steel. This material is extremely strong and durable.

  • Features a highly effective staple starter

  • Firm and sturdy pivot

  • Slim but strong handle design

  • The staple claw is not pointy enough

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#5. Crescent 10″ Fence Tool Pliers

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Crescent has designed this tool with quality in mind. Each functionality in these pliers is precisely designed using innovative and modern technology. It’s made of forged alloy steel for enhanced strength. It’s also worth noting that the hammer head is corrugated for enhanced rigidity.

Its staple claw is extremely sharp such that it’ll easily pull out strongly hammered and rusty staples. Thus, you’ll find it easier and faster to repair an old fence.

The head comes with a special opening that makes it easier to grip fence wire and staples during fence installation or maintenance. Additionally, its wire cutters are electronically hardened to cut high tensile fence wire. Besides, it comes with two wire cutters for enhanced usability.

Another reason you’ll want to go for this tool is its polished head. It grips on fencing wire and staples securely for enhanced efficiency. Additionally, the tool features non-slip handles that allow for a tight grip to ensure the tool remains in your hand when squeezing and twisting.

Its sturdiness makes it withstand even the most demanding fencing applications. It guarantees you superior functionality and durability.

  • It’s ideal for both professional and DIY use

  • Resistant to tear, wear, and impact

  • Heavy-duty and meticulously designed

  • Not ideal for users with small hands

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#6. Draper Fencing Plier

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One of the most striking features of these pliers is its smooth finishing. Its surface and edges are well-polished for enhanced performance. It features a pointy, yet sturdy staple remover that easily removes even the most deeply rooted staples. Besides, the staple remover is curved to allow for more leverage.

The pliers are made of carbon steel for enhanced tensile strength, thereby making it highly effective and reliable in fencing. You’ll also find it comfortable to hold the pliers while working on your fence, thanks to its well-cushioned handles. The handles are designed in such a way that allows you to hold them tightly without slipping out of your hands. Additionally, the cushioning material is tightly fitted into the handles to prevent it from spinning when handling the pliers.

The tool also features 2 shear type wire cutters. They cut fence wire through shearing action. As such, they’re able to cut tough fence wire. The grips located on the inside of the handles are useful for twisting and straining wire. The tool also comes with a specially designed hammer face for striking fence staples.

  • The blue handles make it easy to spot the pliers in a toolbox

  • Able to cut thick wire

  • Grabs wire tightly for more tension

  • Not very efficient at stretching long runs of fence wire

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#7. Allied Tools Fence Pliers

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Allied is known for designing functional hand tools. Its fence pliers are no exception. It’s specially designed for enhanced performance in fencing. One of its most desirable features is that it’s made of tempered carbon steel. The pliers are hardened for longevity and enhanced performance in everything it does.

The handles are ergonomically designed such that they’ll allow you to use the tool comfortably. Similarly, the handles have non-slip cushioning to make it easier to use and control the tool precisely. The wire cutter features sturdy cutting edges that make it easier to cut wire when fencing.

The gripping teeth on the tool allow for a tight grip on fencing wire for enhanced wire bending and stretching. Also, if you’re maintaining your fence and want to remove some staples, this tool will get the job done, thanks to its sharp, strong staple remover hook.

Want to wire fencing staples and nails into wooden posts? Again, this tool will do it for you, thanks to its heavy-duty hammer.

  • Its price range is ideal for anyone on a tight budget

  • Versatile design for most fencing needs

  • Greatly sized and very solid

  • No notable issues

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#8. KING 10.5-inch Fencing Pliers

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The KING multipurpose fencing pliers are one of the must-have tools for any DIY enthusiast or professional who wants to install, maintain, or repair a wired fence.

Its circular teethed hammer head is designed in such a way that it strikes fencing staples accurately. Its enhanced accuracy reduces your effort in fencing. Besides, the hammer head is narrow, thereby making it easier to hammer staples in tight spots.

The handles are uniquely cushioned for a more comfortable grip when handling the tool. It’s also worth noting that the tool is made of forged steel. The steel material is hardened to enhance its strength and effectiveness when working with fence wire. It also resists corrosion, making it perfect for outdoor use in the harsh farm environment.

You can take advantage of its two wire cutters to cut fence wire as needed during fencing installation or maintenance. Its staple remover works effectively when removing staples. The staple remover claw is curved in such a way that makes it easier to remove tough staples.

  • Heavy-duty design

  • Dual cushioned pliers handle

  • No notable issues

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#9. Bates- Pliers, Fencing Pliers

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This is yet another budget-friendly yet efficient fencing pliers. It’s made of polished steel alloy material. This alloy material guarantees you long-lasting performance. It’s also worth noting that this material is rust-resistant. You’ll freely use it in the high moisture farm environment without worrying about rust.

The tool’s corrugated hammer head is extremely rigid for enhanced performance when it comes to striking staples when fencing. It also comes with two strongly built wire cutters. It boasts of a cutting capacity of 7/32 inches.

If you want to grip staples and remove them, the tool will do it effortlessly, thanks to its staple grip and pointed claw. The claw is strong enough to pull out staples without bending.

Another reason why these pliers are worth your consideration is its handle design. The handles are covered with plastic, which is in turn cushioned with soft, non-slip material for enhanced grip. Overall, its heavy-duty design makes it reliable for most fencing needs.

  • Ideal for construction, carpenters, and handymen

  • Well-polished head

  • Elegantly designed

  • Doesn’t show any problems

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#10. NUZAMAS 10 Inch Fencing Pliers

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Although we’ve ranked this fencing pliers from Unique Imports among the last, it’s still one of the top fencing pliers you can get on the market today. It has several desirable features that make it stand out from other pliers that never made it on our list.

Its top-quality design is something worth talking about. For instance, the pliers are made of forged and heat-treated steel that makes it extremely strong for performing fencing work. To add to that, the jaws are precision-machined for enhanced effectiveness.

The handles are slip-resistant for easier handling. Besides, the entire length of the handles are cushioned such that your hands won’t feel fatigued when using the pliers for a prolonged period.

The face of the hammer is milled for enhanced staple striking. It also comes with two wire splicers, a gripping jaw, a staple puller, and two wire cutters. Thus, it’s your perfect fence installation, maintenance, and repair tool.

  • Smoothly polished pliers head

  • 7 in 1 fencing pliers

  • Heavy-duty material

  • No issues

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best material for a fencing pliers?

The best material for fencing pliers is the one that is sturdy and strong enough to handle fencing wire. It should also have corrosion and rust-resistant properties.

What’s the importance of cushioning the handles of a fencing pliers?

Cushioned handles make it more comfortable to hold and use the pliers.

What factors should I consider when buying a fencing pliers?

Consider its material, handle design, and whether it can perform all the functions you need.

What functions should basic fencing pliers perform?

Basic fencing pliers should be able to at least hammer staples, remove staples, grip fencing wire, cut fencing wire, and splice fencing wire. Other functions would be an added advantage for your convenience.

Final Word

If your farm or compound is not properly fenced, it may look disorganized and insecure. If you own livestock, practice farming, or love gardening, then fencing is a must.

Consequently, you should consider owning a fencing pliers to assist you in installing, maintaining, and repairing your fence. Luckily for you, we’ve just listed and reviewed the top-quality fencing pliers available today.

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