Top 15 Best Fire Escape Ladders (2024)

Accidents are bound to happen at any time of day without notice. If and when the accidents do arise, they often inflict devastating consequences that are difficult to emerge from.

Of all the accidents that are likely to arise, it is the fire accidents that are more devastating. To stay free from them and ensure smooth operations, you require a fire escape ladder.

This is a special kind of ladder which facilitates the climbing of the upper stories of buildings.

It hence helps to save lives and rescue persons who may otherwise trap to death.

We have prepared this guide to help you in getting started and leverage the awesome benefits it brings along.

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15 Best Fire Escape Ladders

#1: Kidde 468093 KL-2S Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder

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Searching for a simple ladder that you can use on your own? This is the one to place your bet on. It is simple and straightforward. As such, it does not require any expertise to handle and engage as is the case with other kinds of ladders.

Awesome Weight Capacity

Though simple in nature, this ladder has a pretty awesome carrying capacity. It is capable of holding 750-1,000 pounds of weight. On account of this, it is able to achieve feats that elude the ordinary simpler ladders of its kinds.

Anti-slip Rungs

Its rungs do not slip. This is mainly because of the zinc plating which lies atop a stainless steel frame makeup. With this arrangement, you may be certain not to fall off when climbing up and down the stairs. Your protection is hence upheld greatly.

Tangle-free Design

Lastly, the ladder does not tangle when handled or stepped on. Instead, it remains steadfast at all times of use. In this way, it does not in any way endanger you as you walk around. This is definitely good news for you.

  • Allows for smooth evacuations from a two-story building

  • Does not tangle and is hence safer for quicker use

  • Good enough for the three-story buildings too!

  • Attaches quickly to most windows

  • Folds to store and transport compactly

  • Accommodates only a few people at a time

  • Cannot be used for mass evacuations

  • Not for extremely large buildings

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#2: First Alert Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder EL52-2

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Looking for a ladder to accommodate a larger number of people? This is the one to lay your hands on. Why you may ask? It is tested to accommodate a whopping 1,125 pounds and is also made of stainless steel.

Two-story Folding Ladder

Though capable of accessing two stories, this ladder folds. Thanks to this folding mechanism, the ladder is able to be transported smoothly and conveniently. It also occupies limited storage spaces than other ladders.

DuPont Cordura Nylon Strapping

At its core is the DuPont Cordura Nylon strapping. Owing to the powerful and strong nature of this strapping, the ladder exudes added strength and lasts longer. In this way, it also accords the reliability you need to enjoy the accompanying benefits.

Comfortable Length

This ladder measures a whopping 14 feet. Thanks to this comfortable length, the ladder confers to you a dependable means of escaping second floors whenever there is a fire incident or other forms of emergencies.

  • Folds to allow for compact storage

  • Comes fully assembled and ready for immediate use

  • Strong enough owing to the steel makeup

  • Comfortably handles 1,125 pounds of weight

  • Tested to the rigorous ASTM standards

  • Quite cumbersome to carry around

  • Requires plenty of space to mount and operate

  • Costs a lot to obtain

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#3: ISOP Fire Escape Ladder

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Some kinds of fires are ordinarily very devastating. They have the impacts of damaging the strongest materials available. Only by laying your hands on a fire-resistant ladder like this can you be able to ward off any such severe damages.

Solid and Stable Design

In its entirety, this ladder comes about in a solid and stable design indeed. This design draws from the high-quality thick ropes and resins employed for the job. You are hence sure of the stability you need to enjoy the benefit of faster evacuation.

Durable Construction

Then, it is entirely durable and strong enough to handle the weightiest occupants. As a matter of fact, this ladder has the ability to bear 2,000 pounds without breaking apart. This again goes a long way in making you comfortable.

Heavy-duty Carabiners

Lastly comes the heavy-duty Carabiners. These ones make the ladder pretty suited for use on windows frames. They also let you easily escape from fires in residential buildings and other apartments.

  • Very reliable in times of emergencies

  • ‘Must have’ for use in homes, offices, and schools

  • Deploys in a matter of seconds

  • Requires no special expertise to assemble before deployment

  • Comes in a user-friendly design

  • Potentially dangerous to handle

  • Costs a lot to handle and manage

  • Quite complicated to a simple user

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#4: Adams Manufacturing Quick-Fold Side Table (Cherry Red/Set of 2)

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Searching for a ladder for your patios, decks, and lounges? We invite you to try your hand on this specific one. Its ideal size makes it pretty suited for all kinds of outdoor and elevated usage and applications.


Other than being tough and resilient, this ladder also inhibits the activities of the ultraviolet radiation. Particularly, it lets colors to retain their brightness and attractiveness all the time of use.

Durable Resin Material

Some durable resin material adorns the entire exterior of the ladder. Courtesy of this material makeup, the ladder does not rot, rust, or peel off as others do. Instead, it retains its stature reliably in the long run.

Quik-Fold Side Table

Lastly, comes the one-of-its-kind Quik-Fold Side Table. Well, this one confers a perfect accent for your patios and poolside. It also holds the sunglasses, books, laptops, and other essentials you may carry along with you.

  • Weighs a paltry 3 pounds

  • Transportable via the boats and bikes

  • Good for taking to your fishing pools

  • Usable in tight spots and spaces easily

  • Does not clutter your workspaces

  • Supports only 25 pounds

  • Requires in-depth maintenance and cleanliness

  • Brings in fewer returns on investments

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#5: HYNAWIN Emergency Fire Escape Ladder

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Tight spots require faster responses and deployments. Only the sturdy and flexible ladders may guarantee this level of performance. We invite you to try this one out if yours is a cramped up space.

Lightweight and Convenient

On the whole, this ladder is light in weight and convenient to make do with at the same time. It is almost entirely made of Aluminum. With these two traits, the ladder carries around easily without any hassles on your part.

Seamless Compatibility

The ladder fits smoothly on the window frames and other parts of a building on which it may be attached. When appropriately fit, this ladder does not slip off but rather attaches firmly and securely.

Steel Hook

A steel hook also comes along to aid with the installations. This hook works hand in hand with the ‘V’ type central support to deliver to you some firm attachments. In this way, you get to enjoy more stable and sturdy support.

  • Fits easily and smoothly in cramped up spaces

  • Accommodates a whopping 990 pounds

  • Expedites your escapes and evacuations

  • Requires limited spates of repairs and maintenance

  • Good enough for emergency situations

  • Likely to injure you when recklessly handled

  • Demands too much care and attention on your part

  • Cannot attach to other vital accessories

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#6: EZ Escape Ladder by Ultra Protect

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Is your window manufactured using the corrugated steel? This is the escape ladder to look up to. It is strong and compact with these kinds of windows. Also, it measures 54-66 inches deep and is thus quite reliable.

Powerful Construction

On the whole, this ladder features a very powerful construction indeed. Only materials that are strong and light in weight have been used to make it up. These are the Aluminum angle and the anti-slip safety tapes for maximum support.

Alternative Mounting Hardware

To set this ladder up for use, you will make use of the alternative mounting hardware. With this hardware, you will be able to mount it on all kinds of surfaces. The timber, concrete, blocks, and wells are examples of these.

“SAF-T Lock” Locking System

A “SAF-T Lock” locking system also forms part of this system. This mechanism basically seals the ladder firmly to prevent it from slipping off when in need or use. It hence goes a long way in enhancing your safety.

  • Compatible with the latest building codes

  • Lets you climb the basement levels also

  • Available in various shades, and models

  • Comprehensive enough for whole family use

  • A quicker assembly as it requires common household tools

  • Quite cumbersome to handle and stow around

  • Demands excess manpower to utilize

  • Prolonged use may cause excessive fatigue

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#7: Safety First Company 2 Story Fire Escape Ladder (13ft)

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Lack of basic evacuations skills yet want to enjoy the benefits of a good escape ladder? This is the one you should prioritize. It is ready for use in the sense that it does not require any assembly before use.

2-story Emergency Escape Ladder

This is the ladder to choose to escape from a two-story building. It is sufficiently long and hence well able to bear your weight and confer to you the support you need. If you live in an apartment, this ladder is a ‘must-have.’

Fiberglass Fire Blanket

Unlike other ladders, this one also comes along with a fiberglass blanket. With this extra accessory, the ladder is able to allow for smooth storage and retrieval if and when the need to do so finally arrives.

Anti-Stick Steps

Its steps do not stick unlike those of the ordinary kinds of ladders. That is because they bear the anti-stick steps. Yet again, you have your own safety and well-being to be thankful for. Hardly will you miss steps and fall off.

  • Deploys faster than many other alternative ladders

  • Less predisposed to damages and hardships

  • Light enough to carry around regularly and easily

  • The anti-slip steps safeguard you from slipping off

  • Tested to a whopping 1,000 pounds!

  • May not handle complex operations

  • Lacks the ability to tackle many other chores

  • Gets obsolete a bit too soon!

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#8: SHAREWIN Portable Fire Ladder

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Three-story buildings are ordinarily taller and largely inaccessible. You cannot hence pick any ladder randomly and use the same for your rescue and evacuations. That is why we recommend that you insist on this one.

Wide Steps V Center Support

At its core are the wide steps ‘V-center’ support. These steps, as well as the support, jointly add to the stability of the structure altogether. In this way, it prevents you from slipping off unnecessarily when in an emergency.

High Carrying Capacity

With this ladder, it is possible for you to accommodate a whopping 990 pounds of weight. It makes this possible because of the firm and strong stature. This arrangement also makes you handle your emergencies diligently.

Appropriate Certifications

Lastly, the ladder is certified by the European Union’s EN131 security certification. It is hence stronger, safer, and more likely to yield you higher returns on your investments. Why would you even want to look elsewhere?

  • Truly flexible and able to handle many roles

  • Quite portable to carry around with much simplicity

  • Folds to save greatly on your space needs

  • Fits smoothly under the bed or in a cramped-up space

  • Hooks firmly and securely when attached to the windows

  • Very long and tedious to handle

  • Easily fidgets when bombarded with strong winds

  • May not give much use to those who live in bungalows

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#9: ISOP Window Iron Hooks for Rope Ladder – Fire Escape Use

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Want some quick and easy-to-use ladder? Why not start with this one? It is simple in the sense that it contains the bare minimum set of features needful for the job. By its simple nature, it requires not any high-level expertise to utilize.

Sturdy Window Hooks

Coming in first among the list of the awesome features are the sturdy window hooks. These windows are indeed strong and powerful enough to handle your emergency evacuations with absolute ease.

Reliable Iron Hooks

Next comes the reliable iron hooks. These ones attach to the window to allow you to easily climb down when confronted with an emergency. They provide the balance and peace of mind necessary for a good rescue.

Seamless Compatibility

This ladder is capable of fitting many kinds of windows. It hence follows that you have it for your own taking if your household has many kinds of windows. They will expedite your own evacuations without fail.

  • Fits most kinds of windows

  • Strong enough to bear extremely heavyweights

  • Pretty reliable when called upon to do so

  • Absolutely simple to make use of

  • Good enough for fires and break-ins

  • Does not last longer

  • Cannot fit many other accessories

  • Its weight capacity is a bit too low

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#10: FONG Emergency Escape Rope Ladder Kit

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Could it be that your home is too high? If it is, the ladder you pick and make use of should be long enough to reach there. We are pleased to let you know that this one is tall enough to get to the fourth floor.

Seamless Compatibility

This ladder is able to fit window frames of all kinds and sizes. Further to these, the ladder also fits well in the balcony railings. These two feats are made possible by the heavy-duty hooks which fasten firmly to give the necessary support.

Long Enough

As we hinted earlier, this ladder measures the impressive 32 feet. It is subsequently capable of reaching the fourth story of a building. In this way, it enables you to evacuate safely from whichever height you may hail from.

Compact Design

Lastly comes the benefit of compact design. Indeed, this ladder is small and compact enough to be able to fit the smallest spaces available. In this way, it also expedites the evacuations from smaller spaces.

  • Great for hotels, offices, and residential facilities

  • Requires no complex tools to deploy

  • Quite resistant to the various elements of weather

  • Very convenient and accessible to make use of

  • Long enough to get to the fourth floor

  • If it falls on you, it might injure you permanently

  • Requires utmost care and attention to handle

  • My disparage those who lack the necessary muscle power

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#11: QuickEscape Fire Escape Ladder

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Some emergencies are way too risky to confront ordinarily. The only way to go about them is to make use of a ladder that is extremely portable. This one comes in the form of a portable chain ladder and is hence awesome for such circumstances.

20-foot Ladder

In its entirety, this ladder measures a whopping 20 feet. It also lacks the plastic sleeves which adorn the chains of most other ladders. For these reasons, the ladder is strong, compact, reliable and pretty reliable to escape in.

Industrial Strength Hooks

It hooks on surfaces courtesy of the industrial-strength hooks. These ones are so versatile that they fit almost all kinds of windows and supporting structures. In doing so, they let you escape extreme hazards with relative ease.

Convenient Stand-offs

Lastly, the ladder does comprise some convenient stand-offs. They are convenient in the sense that they install and remove easily. On account of this, they add some stability to every rung while at the same time confer added flexibility when engaged.

  • Very reliable emergency preparedness structure

  • Perfectly suited for earthquakes and many deadly emergencies

  • Guarantees quick escape from second or third floors

  • Comes along with a stand-off for added stability

  • Perfectly strong owing to the 18-gauge steel construction

  • None

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#12: Dyne, Inc. 3 Step “Ultra Protect” Egress Basement Window Well Escape Ladder 3ESL

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If you must escape only through the windows, the ladder you choose for the job has to be compact and agile enough for the windows. Look to no other ladder than this one. It is able to fit your corrugated windows and is hence awesome for the job.

Lightweight Aluminum Angle Construction

On the whole, this ladder is light enough. This lightness is mainly brought about by the use of Aluminum rather than the heavier stainless steel construction. You will hence enjoy the rare privilege of carrying it out and about seamlessly.

Anti-slip Safety Tape

Its stepping surface is adorned with the anti-slip safety tape. The role of this tape is to give you some smooth and reliable surface on which to step on. This, in turn, prevents you from slipping and possibly falling off.

3-step “Ultra Protect” Egress

To further make your escapes viable, the ladder comes equipped with a 3-step egress. This one expedites your escape principally by giving a smooth passage all along. It is particularly awesome when time is not on your side.

  • Does not require excess muscle power on your side

  • The surface does not slip or fall off as others do

  • Fits the basements better than other ladders

  • Reaches greater heights and depths

  • Fits the window openings also

  • Breaks apart too soon

  • Its weight capacity is rather limited

  • Only for windows and basements

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#13: Aoneky Fire Escape Rope Ladder

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Do you reside in a cramped up space such as an apartment? Well, this is the ladder to pick and make use of. It is on the whole super easy to deploy and works well even in the narrowest spaces available.

Super Durable

Deliberate attempts have been made to make this ladder super durable. Other than being strong, the ladder is also made of materials that are resistant to fire. You will, therefore, find it a good secure item to make use of.

Easily Installs

Then, it also installs easily. You need no technical expertise to do that at all. Drawing from this easy installation, you will enjoy seamless operations at all times of use. In particular, it is suitable for use on windows and balconies.

Awesome Weight Capacity

Finally comes the benefit of awesome weight capacity. The ladder indeed can handle a whopping 250 pounds of weight. Moreover, it also stretches and retracts to and from 16-32 feet. You will use it in your second and third stories.

  • Able to fit your balconies and many other places

  • Accompanied by a rope for expedited escapes

  • Enables fastest escapes via hallways

  • Quite compact to carry around and store

  • Fits nicely under your bed and tight spots

  • Handles only one person at a time

  • Unsafe for use by many persons

  • Likely to suffocate you when many people get there

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#14: ResQLadder Fire Escape Ladder

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Do you reside in an upper story of the buildings where you are in? The ladder you pick for the job has to be long enough to get there and manage to facilitate your own safety. Look to no other ladder than this one.

Complete and Wholesome

The ladder is complete and wholesome. It is parachute-loaded while at the factory. At the point of purchase, this ladder is ready for eventual use. This makes it especially awesome for emergency deployments.

Industrial-strength Ladder

It is strong enough to handle industrial applications with absolute ease. For this reason, the ladder is good to use when confronted with too huge applications that are beyond the scope of ordinary counterparts.

Durable Plastic Encasing

Throughout its exterior is the durable plastic encasing. The plastic is strong and firm enough to guarantee unconstrained use and access in the long run. Moreover, it also gives off comfortable grips.

  • Flexible enough for complicated maneuvers

  • Remains strong and resilient while tackling all obstructions and hazards

  • Comprises some standoffs which add stability

  • Covered to prevent direct contacts and agents of destruction

  • Takes on life-threatening emergencies appropriately

  • Demands too much mounting and storage space

  • Quite cumbersome to handle and engage

  • Likely to trip and fall you off

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#15: Ghillie Suit Shop NEW Emergency 3-Story Escape Ladder

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This ladder is specifically designed for use in the three-story buildings and apartments. Its size and trappings are geared towards just that. It is hence the one to pick and prioritize for the said role exclusive.

Worry-free Escape

With this appliance on your arms, you are assured of worry-free escape. It is strong and durable enough to be able to offer you the support you need for a smooth escape. As you do so, you will be able to enjoy great peace of mind.

The Portable Emergency Ladder

Though tough and powerful, this ladder is still portable enough to carry around easily. It draws this from the built-in tangle-free design. Owing to this portability, you will be able also to enjoy unconstrained carrying and deployment.

Tested for Strength

In all, the structure is tested for the utmost strength. It can, as a matter of fact, be able to handle a whopping 1,000 pounds! In light of this, the ladder handles those tough and strenuous tasks with relative ease.

  • Attaches to many kinds of windows easily

  • Appropriately tested for strength, vitality, and reliability

  • Deploys faster and easier

  • Assembles without the use of any tools

  • Usable easily by those without any skill

  • Only for three-story structures

  • Demands complex care and maintenance

  • Takes too long to bring about the desired ends

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How many fire escape ladders do I need?

You need at least one for each member of your household. That is because when disasters strike, it might never be really possible to put your acts together and mobilize yourselves appropriately. The least you want to happen is to endanger your room occupant.

Q. How do you use the Kidde fire escape ladder?

This ladder is small and compact. To make use of it, you have to attach it to your window or other escape routes. When disaster strikes, you simply pull the release strap. In this way, you get to unfurl the ladder and make it ready for your evacuation.

Q. How does a fire escape ladder work?

These ladders consist of horizontal platforms and grids. Each horizontal pattern will give you a platform to step on and stand firmly. Others even have ropes to aid with your further escape and maneuverability.

Q. What is a fire escape window?

This is a special kind of window that is dedicated for emergency evacuations. It is smaller than the rest of the windows and does not contain any obstructions. When opened, this window leads to a safe area outside where you may rest pending the arrival of an ambulance.

Q. Is blocking a fire exit illegal?

YES, it is! Many municipalities demand that these exist remain unobstructed. Also, they should never be used for any other purpose than the emergencies. It is only in this way that they may serve the purposes which they are designed and designated for.


Fire escape ladders are very important to any home or household. Disasters and emergencies, as we have already explained, can happen at any day or any time.

To be on the safe side of issues, you have no options but to arm yourself appropriately.

Only take great care that you acquire the most relevant for the job. A thorough look at our list above will give the much-needed starting point.

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