Top 11 Best Frost Free Sillcocks (2024)

Dealing with water pipes can prove difficult especially when temperatures are low. This is because water tends to change state from liquid to solid when it is exposed to certain temperatures.

Furthermore, when water freezes, it expands and this may not work well with your pipes. As a result, the pipes may bulge or burst in worst-case scenarios. Both situations will require you to spend money on repairs and replacements.

You can save yourself from all this by preventing the disaster before it occurs. By using a frost-free sillcock, you can stop water from freezing inside your pipes.

These plumbing items are specially designed to withstand harsh weather conditions like the one experienced during winter. Since the seat valve and the stem washer are kept in the house, the water will maintain its liquid state.

Also, these pieces of equipment ensure that your water is safe from contamination through the anti-siphon feature, which prevents water that has already been pumped from flowing back to the source. If you are worried that winter is coming, here are some of the best frost free sillcocks that can help you keep your pipes free of the freeze.

Homewerks VFF-ASP-C19PA Anti-Siphon Frost Free...
  • PERFORMANCE: Prevents the cold weather from freezing pipes and protects against back siphoning with built-in vacuum breaker, eliminates backflow of water.

11 Best Frost Free Sillcocks

#1 Homewerks VFF-ASP-C19PA Anti-Siphon Frost Free Sillcock

Homewerks VFF-ASP-C19PA Anti-Siphon Frost Free Sillcock

The Homewerks VFF-ASP-C19PA is a 12-inch unit that is specially designed to protect your pipes from freezing. It has a built-in vacuum breaker, which prevents back siphoning, so the water system will not be contaminated. This water faucet has a sturdy design that prevents corrosion and rust. The Homewerks VFF-ASP-C19PA has an easy to use quarter-turn handle that provides you with a convenient on and off function.

You can use this anti-siphon sillcock with full assurance that your piping system will stay as it was before the temperatures dropped. This is because the VFF-ASP-C19PA meets all the recommendations that are required in a freeze-proof faucet. As such, it fully complies with all the guidelines provided by the American Society of Sanitary Engineering (ASSE 1019-A). Additionally, it meets both regional and international industry standards, making it a trustworthy product.

The inlet diameter measures ½ inch, making it a perfect fit for a male pipe thread or ½ inch solder cup. On the other hand, the outlet diameter is 3/4-inch and is compatible with a standard size exterior hose pipe. The body is made with premium quality forged brass that can withstand even the harshest weather conditions. It can keep your pipes safe throughout winter without cracking or malfunctioning from the inside. This unit is all you need to stay worry-free when the weather gets frosty.

  • No backflow

  • Easy installation (you can solder it if you want)

  • Compact design

  • Efficient operational features

  • May jam after long use

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#2 SharkBite 24628LF Frost Free Sillcock, 8″

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You don’t need any special tools to install the SharkBite 24628LF sillcock since it has a push-to-connect design, which allows you to fix pipes without a hassle. It locks in so perfectly that you won’t experience any leakage after the installation. This is because the end of the pipe has unique ridges that create a leak-proof attachment. This freeze-resistant unit has a lot of safety features that can help you secure your plumbing system when things get chilly.

This water faucet is versatile and is compatible with a wide variety of pipes, so you can connect it to CPVC, copper, PE-RT, and PEX pipes. More to this, it has a built-in hose bibb, which makes it even stronger. The components making up this unit can withstand high pressures of up to 200 psi without rapturing. This ensures that your piping system is not damaged when the water is pumped at high pressure. Furthermore, the standard pressure in most water pipes is 80 psi, so it will take a lot to break the SharkBite 24628LF.

This Anti-Siphon Frost-Free Sillcock has a 1/2 inch push-fit inlet and a 3/4 inch MHT outlet. As such, it gives you an easy time during installation, since these measurements match a good number of pipes in the market. The integrated air gap ensures that there is no back-siphonage when water is being pumped.

  • Multi-turn shut off valve

  • Sleek design with an attractive silver coating

  • Corrosion-resistant

  • No soldering or plumbing glue required

  • Durable design

  • None

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#3 Everflow 6212P-NL Sillcock Pipe Chrome Plated Brass Body Frost

Everflow 6212P-NL Sillcock

The Everflow 6212P-NL Sillcock has a structural design that gives you full confidence with your piping when winter strikes. It is made with high-quality brass, which has further been reinforced by a chrome plating finish that delivers both strength and beauty. This unit has a large valve made from durable plastic, hence making it easy to operate. Moreover, this feature gives you full control when regulating the amount of water passing through the hose bibb.

This faucet is both corrosion and rust-resistant, so you will use it for a very long time without making replacements. The inner surface has also been uniquely designed to prevent the build-up of foreign materials that may clog the system. This unit is 12 inches long with a 1/2 inch PEX inlet and a 3/4 inch male hose thread outlet. The Everflow 6212P-NL Sillcock Pipe is UPC and NSF certified, making it safe for domestic and industrial plumbing.

When it comes to pressure management, this water faucet can operate efficiently when the pressure is kept below 150 psi. The handle has a multi-turn design, so you can turn it both ways for a complete freeze-proof flow.

  • Multipurpose (you can use it when dealing with water, oil, and gas)

  • Airtight and leak-proof

  • Convenient design

  • Easy to install

  • None

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#4 Prier P-164D12 Quarter-Turn Frost Free Anti-Siphon

Prier P-164D12 Quarter-Turn Frost Free Anti-Siphon

This anti-siphon sillcock from Prier is made from three of the most durable elements in the plumbing industry. It has both brass, copper, and aluminum, so no rust or corrosive material will be able to destroy this unit. The handle is coated with rubber to improve the grip and also gives you a comfortable feel when using the on and off function. It has a quarter-turn feature, which allows quick and easy control over the flow of water.

Additionally, the Prier P-164D12 has a vacuum breaker, which ensures that the water flows as it should. In normal case scenarios, piped water flows in a single direction and this sillcock will ensure just that. This will keep you and your family safe from serious water contamination. The outside spigot has five full threads that can help you connect a garden hose with ease. It provides you with maximum grip, thus allowing you to water your plants without the hose falling off.

To ensure that the flow of water is consistent, the manufacturers have included a built-in drainage angle of 4-degrees, which gives the system the right drainage pitch. The compression seat stem is also very easy to repair since this unit does not use ceramic discs. Instead, it uses “00”-sized seat washers, which are easy to tune should the need arise to make changes.

  • Has an anti-siphon spigot

  • You can install the unit without using a solder

  • Aesthetic design

  • Conveniently sized handle

  • Not suitable for systems that operate at extremely high pressure

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#5 B & K/MUELLER INDS 104-517 10″, Anti-Siphon Frost Free Sillcock

B & K/MUELLER INDS 104-517 Frost Free Sillcock

If you are looking for an anti-siphon sillcock that is simple and classy the B & K/MUELLER INDS 104-517 is one of the options available for you. The unit is made from pure brass and has a lavish silver coating that gives it a luxurious look. It has a notched flange design, which makes the whole installation process easy. When it comes to certification, this unit meets the standards set by ASSE 1019-A and ASME A112.18.1 / CSA B125, making it a safe option for your plumbing projects.

This unit has a total measurement of 10 inches with a 1/2inch male iron pipe and a 3/4-inch hose thread outlet. The integral vacuum breaker prevents water from siphoning backward, thus preventing possible cases of contamination. This faucet can assist you in keeping your plumbing system frost-free when the temperatures drop due to its anti-freeze properties. The material used in this design is durable, so the unit will withstand the harsh weather conditions without choking on ice.

It has a red handle, which makes it colorful, but most importantly, the handle rotates smoothly, allowing you to direct the flow of water as required. Since the inlet has male threads, you can connect this unit using a female adapter to get an easy fix. The other way to go about this is through soldering. However, you have to be cautious when using the solder method to avoid damaging the unit.

  • Elegant design

  • Easy installation

  • Corrosion-proof

  • The unit may leak if the unit is not properly installed

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#6 American Valve M72AS 4″ Freeze-Proof Anti-siphon Sillcock

American Valve M72AS Freeze-Proof Anti-siphon Sillcock

This American Valve M72AS sillcock has a self-draining feature, which prevents water from freezing in the pipes. It does this by ensuring that the water is shut off from behind the wall to avoid exposure to the low temperatures. The built-in anti-siphon mechanism stops water from flowing in the opposite direction, so there will be a uniform flow throughout the pipes.

More to this, water will not flow back to the source. This unit comes with a PEX adapter, so you will have an easy time with the installation. It measures 4 inches and has a ½ inch inlet with a MIP threaded outlet. The body has been built with a heavy-duty material that allows this faucet to remain functional even when the temperatures are very low.

Nonetheless, this valve is not designed to convey water for human use, so it can particularly prove helpful when handling gardens and other farm requirements.

  • Durable

  • Sleek silver coating

  • ASSE 1019 certified

  • May be too short for some plumbing projects, especially those that involve thick walls

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#7 B & K 104-827HC 10″ WALL HYDRANT

B & K 104-827HC

The B & K 104-827HC anti-siphon frost-free sillcock is made of brass but it also has chrome plating, which makes it more resistant to extremely low temperatures. This unit has a ¾ inch hose thread that you can attach to external pipes. The inlet, on the other hand, measures ½ inch and is compatible with MIP adapter or ½ inch solder. The pipe ends have been conveniently threaded to deliver an airtight link to other pipes.

The handle is grooved and allows you to control the flow of water even when your hands are wet. With this faucet, your piping system will remain frost-free throughout the year, thus saving you from making frequent replacements, which can at times be stressful. You will have an easy and stable installation with the help of the notched flange. This unit has a ceramic cartridge design that provides you with a durable shut off feature, which will keep the pipes from freezing during winter.

This faucet has a built-in backflow preventer that keeps the water flow in check. As a result, the water that has already been pumped only flows to the intended direction and not the other way round.

  • Convenient quarter-turn design

  • Easy to set up

  • Gives you the option of soldering

  • Does not corrode easily

  • The handle may stiffen if frequent maintenance is not done

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#8 Everflow Supplies 6208-NL Lead-Free

Everflow Supplies 6208-NL Lead-Free

The most noticeable feature in this Everflow Supplies 6208-NL is the compact and durable design. This allows it to give you the service that you deserve during cold seasons. It has all the necessary features needed to keep your water in a liquid state regardless of low the temperature may be outside. This unit is lead-free and is UPC approved. That being said, it will ensure that the water you are using is pure and free from all sorts of contamination.

The accessories making up this unit have been put together with exact precision, allowing it to withstand high pressures of up to 150 psi. This enables you to pipe water at high speeds without breaking the valve. When it comes to water supply, this sillcock supports ½ inch solder cups, and also has a ½ inch MIP connect system, so it is really up to you to choose the connection procedure that you will use.

The materials used in designing this unit give it the ability to withstand corrosive agents in the environment. This makes it ideal for salty and wet surroundings that are likely to be infested by rust. The handle has a large diameter, so you won’t experience any problems making the necessary turns when controlling the water.

  • Chrome-plated body

  • The handle has a multi-turn design

  • NSF approved

  • May leak if solder cup is not well placed

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#9 Prier P-164D06 Quarter-Turn Frost Free Anti-Siphon

Prier P-164D06 Quarter-Turn Frost Free Anti-Siphon

The Prier P-164D06 is 6 inches long and is built to last. The heavy-duty construction has been achieved by blending different corrosion-resistant elements to create one tough frost-free sillcock. The manufacturers have done a commendable job with the stem seating, so you won’t hear any noise when the water is flowing. This effective design has been made possible because the stem is secured on both ends.

Other safety mechanisms have also been put in place to ensure the unit is not damaged when the weather conditions become cold. For instance, the heavy cast brass used in designing the body remains crack-free even when the temperatures are not favorable. This will save you from paying high water bills that come when there is a leakage in the piping system.

With this Prier P-164D06, your hose pipes will never get frosty thanks to the powerful valve that cuts water supply completely. If this unit is installed correctly, the possibility of getting a leakage will be minimal.

  • Rubberized handle for maximum grip

  • ½ inch MIP threading x ½ inch SW

  • Has a built-in vacuum breaker to prevent backflow

  • Can be overwhelmed by extremely high water pressure

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#10 Quarter Ball QB-112PX5 ¼-Turn Ball Valve Frost Proof Sillcock

Quarter Ball QB-112PX5

This frost proof sillcock from Quarter ball is ideal for thick walls due to its convenient length. It has a unique ball-valve design that stops water from flowing into hose pipes when it is extremely cold. As such, it will help you in minimizing the occurrence of freeze in water pipes. This anti-freeze feature is beneficial because it prevents pipes from rapturing. Besides, this unit has a vacuum breaker, which controls the flow of water such that no backflow occurs.

The handle also has some amazing features that will give you a comfortable experience. It is designed to suit both right and left-hand operation. This faucet can handle pressures of up to 125 psi and will remain operational even when the temperature is at 140 degrees F. The inlet is PEX type and measures ½ inch.

However, this item is yet to pass some safety standard recommendations, so it is not advisable to use it in conveying water that is intended for drinking or cooking.

  • Has enclosed screw holes

  • Chrome plated solid brass ball

  • Large handle

  • Easy to operate

  • May contain harsh elements like lead

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#11 Legend 108-155 T-550 Quarter Turn 12″ Anti-Siphon Frost Free Sillcock

Legend 108-155 T-550

The Legend 108-155 T-550 has a large flange area, which makes it versatile. It has a quarter-turn handle that allows you to turn shut off the water with ease. Additionally, the handle has a rubber design, which gives it a non-slip feature. This sillcock has a fine design with a uniquely applied chrome coating that adds more strength.

The flange is slightly angled to facilitate maximum drainage when the valve is open. This item has an anti-chatter feature that enables it to operate with minimal noise. The lustrous surface gives it a beautiful outlook, so it will look appealing on your wall. As for safety, this faucet is ASSE, NSF, and UPC approved, so you can use it with full assurance that your health is in safe hands.

This faucet has a rust-free design and is also resistant to corrosion. You will also like the fact that it is user-friendly, so you won’t have a hard time performing the installation. The brass material will ensure that you get a durable a long-lasting frost-free experience.

  • Has a lock-shield design

  • Integral vacuum breaker

  • Softouch handle

  • 12 inches long

  • None

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do sillcocks work?

These plumbing items have specialized valves, which stop water from flowing in such a way that the water inside the house doesn’t freeze.

Can a sillcock crack when the temperature is extremely low?

Sillcocks are made with heavy-duty materials that can withstand extreme temperatures. So if you are using a high-quality sillcock, the chances of it cracking are very minimal. As such, it is advisable to use sillcocks that deliver what they promise.

At what temperature do pipes freeze?

This depends on the type of pipes that you are using. Some pipes are well insulated so they take longer to freeze, while others freeze almost immediately when the temperature falls below 20 degrees F.

What should I consider when buying a sillcock?

Sillcocks come in different sizes, so the first thing that you should consider is the length and the thickness of the wall that you are dealing with. If the wall is extremely thick, then you have to go for a longer sillcock. The next thing that you need to consider is the handle; good sillcocks have large handles that are easy to use.

Final Verdict

Replacing broken pipes requires a lot of effort and resources. Plus, when pipes break a lot of water goes to waste and this will only raise the bills. You can change all this by installing a frost-free sillcock to preserve the quality of your pipes.

The items listed above can get you started on your journey. They have been well sourced and are also the commonly used brands that most people prefer. All you need to do is select, purchase, and install to get the best from your piping system.

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