15 Best Garden Hose Splitters (2024)

Have some irrigation tasks and purposes to carry out? The hose splitters are a ‘must-have’ gadget for your use.

As their name implies, these are plumbing items that basically scatter the flow of water in two directions. This way, the items allow you to channel the flow of water appropriately.

We have prepared this review to aid with just that.

15 Best Garden Hose Splitters

#1: Morvat Garden Hose Connector Tap Splitter (2 Way)

Morvat Garden Hose Connector Tap Splitter

This splitter is strong and truly durable in that it is manufactured using the strongest materials available. It is also new and improved as it comes packed with loads of elegant features, parts, and components.

Updated and Improved

In all, the splitter is both new and improved in equal stature. It is thus the embodiment of the latest features, parts, and specifications. Thus, they guarantee that they shall take you further for longer.

2-way Connector

The gadget does comprise a two-way connector whose role is to discharge the flow of the fluids unhindered. It works hard to eliminate the stress of you having to switch hoses periodically.

Heavy-duty Brass

Its entire stature and makeup come in the heavy-duty brass. This gives it the strength and vitality needed to stand taller to the extremes of weather and impact elements.

  • Keeps leaks at bay due to great threading

  • Simpler to install

  • Hardly breaks apart even when subjected to intense force

  • Has some ball valves that adjust the flow and pressure appropriately

  • Accommodates all standard hoses

  • Does not interrupt or impede the flow of water

  • Quite strenuous to turn and thread

  • Poor handling may injure you

  • Lacks the ability to pair with other like-minded gadgets

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#2: 2wayz 2 X Metal Body Hose Splitter. Newly Upgraded

2wayz 2 X Metal Body Hose Splitter

Wishing to lay your hands on a splitter that mounts and installs easily without any strenuous effort on your part. Without too much ado, this is the one we would ask that you attempt to make do with.

Bolted Components

All the constituent parts and components are bolted to make them firmer. With this bolting in place, the splitter is unlikely to fail even when deployed for use repeatedly or under extreme circumstances.

2 Spouts

The splitter has some two spouts that are similarly fastened using the metal bolts. Thanks to this fastening, the spouts will not disconnect even when handling pressure at rates that are higher than average.

Seamless Installations

You will also enjoy the benefit of seamless installations if you choose to work with this splitter. This is largely made possible by the fact that it requires no tool to operationalize. Instead, it gives smoother actions.

  • Packed with loads of family-friendly safety features

  • Pulls in all directions smoothly

  • Built to last due to the powerful construction

  • Enjoys an impressive customer service guarantee

  • Combats the menace of watershed

  • Cannot withstand extreme pressure

  • Does break under its own weight

  • Unlikely to bear fidgeting and other issues

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#3: Twinkle Star Garden Hose Splitter 2 Way

Twinkle Star Garden Hose Splitter

Wanton water your garden appropriately? This hose splitter will make the job done for you fairly well. It is the one that is specifically intended for use in the garden owing to the gentle nature.

2 way Y hose splitter

In its entirety, this appliance comes about in a two-way Y splitter mechanism. This simply means that its splitting mechanism is shaped in the form of letter Y. Aiding these are some two valves and three connectors.

Adjustable Flow Controls

The gadget gives you the leeway to adjust the flow of the water output appropriately. Also coming along is a plastic handle that manages easy grip and is similarly simpler to turn on and off.


Overall, the splitter is easier to connect to a hose. It is entirely firm and is less likely to sustain leaks and other issues that characterize the use of these plumbing gadgets.

  • Fits all the standard garden and faucets

  • Manufactured by use of only premium materials

  • Solid and longer-lasting for your own reliability

  • Controls the flow of water in each end separately

  • Bears pressure of up to 80 pounds-per-square-inch

  • Limited to gardens alone

  • Lacks meaningful commercial ends

  • Unable to pair and attach to many accessories

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#4: IPOW Solid Brass 2 Way Garden Hose Connector Splitter

IPOW Solid Brass 2 Way Garden Hose Connector Splitter

It is not uncommon to sustain abrasions, blisters, and other forms of damages in the course of making use of these liters. To be on the safe side, you want one that is optimized for comfort.

Universal Stature and Makeup

All factors considered, the splitter comes in the form of the universal stature and makeup. On the strength of this makeup, the splitter is able to fit all the standard as well as garden hoses.

Solid Brass Construction

Complementing the universal stature is the solid brass construction. Brass, as we all know, is strong, sturdy, and able to bear extensive periods of abuses and impacts. Expect the hose to similarly handle those issues well.

Highly Effective

When weighed against the strengths and efficacy of the many other hose splitters we have around, this one is highly effective. Its ability to split the waters into two heads is what makes it appropriately suited for this.

  • Simpler to turn around to allow for easier dispensing

  • Gives off a more comfortable grip on your hands

  • Lets you control and regulate the flow of water smoothly

  • Negates the need to constantly get back to the source of water

  • Enjoys an effective after-sales-services

  • Demands excessive storage and mounting space

  • If broken or damaged, may be tricky to restore

  • Its brand is not really reputable

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#5: Homitt Hose Splitter

No products found.

Wary of your own comfort all along? Put your worries to rest principally by choosing to work with this hose splitter. It does contain a comfortable rubberized grip that primarily exists to imbue this comfort.

Durable and Recyclable

By all accounts, this splitter is durable and recyclable in equal stature. This stems mainly from the extensive use of the high-quality zinc alloy and some comfortable rubberized grips to make it up.

2-way Y-hose Splitter

In its entirety, the piece of equipment comes in the form of a 2-way Y-hose splitter. On account of this, the splitter is able to scatter and diversify the outflow of water to many directions with a fair degree of ease.

Correct Size

It does come in just the right size. Thanks to these perfect dimensions, the splitter fits snugly in the smaller and cramped up spaces available. At the same time, it also allows for easier transportation.

  • Requires no tools to set up for use

  • Accompanied by a 12-month worry-free return service

  • Matches many American spigots

  • Pairs with the soaker hose that has a timer on it

  • Made of great metal that is covered with rubberized coating

  • Slightly delicate and prone to damages

  • Limited to low-pressure applications

  • Slightly weighty and difficult to haul around

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#6: Eastrans 2-Way Heavy Duty Brass Hose Splitter

Eastrans 2-Way Heavy Duty Brass Hose Splitter

Tired of fake and faulty hose splitters? We advise against picking any at random. Instead, we urge you to attempt your luck on this particular splitter. Its sheer strength and vitality are what separates it from the rest of the plumbing mechanisms.

Comfort Grip Handles

Some comfort grip handles rank in first among the many goodies that the equipment has to offer. They provide the vitality you need to operate the structure with absolute ease longer.

Solid Connection

A set of high-quality ball valves also come along in the plumbing mechanism. You use them to shut off the structure tightly and reliably. Thanks to them, any leakages are wholly kept at bay.

Excellent Customer Service

This product enjoys excellent customer service backing. Many people who have already attempted it have noted it to be a cut above the rest. Expect it hence to similarly satisfy you fully.

  • Lasts longer than many other structures in place at the moment

  • Discharges water at higher pressure without breaking apart

  • Reduces stress while attaching and utilizing the structure

  • Boasts of the all-brass heavy-duty construction

  • Adjustable water flow control sexist to expedite your operations

  • Be prepared to dig deeper in your pocket

  • Requires many attachments to operationalize

  • Potentially clutters your workspace

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#7: Melnor 65087-AMZ EZ-Flow Control Valve with 2 Hose Washers Set

Melnor 65087-AMZ

Wanting to be in full control of the flow and discharge of water? This plumbing mechanism will get the job done for you. It does have a control valve that makes this possibility real.

High-volume Valves

A set of high volume valves rank first among the many vital features this equipment has to provide. Thanks to the existence of this valve, the splitter is able to manage a higher volume of water flow.

Metal Hose Threads

Some metal hose threads do exist as a vital part and parcel of the splitter. The roles of the threads are to fasten the various parts and components together to prevent the same from falling apart while discharging water.

2 Extra Washers

Also forming a vital part and parcel of the structure are some two washers. These ones seal the structure tightly to prevent any leakages and allow for smooth and hassle-free dispensing of water.

  • Eliminates the need to twist and turn faucet constantly

  • Manages to discharge a maximum outflow of water

  • Seals all contents firmly to minimize leakages

  • Accommodates many plumbing accessories and gadgets

  • Easily repaired if it gets torn or lost

  • Slightly strenuous to handle

  • May predispose you to the risks of water damage

  • Likely to soil your garments

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#8: Pexio Professional Garden Hose Connector, Hose Splitter 2 Way

Pexio Professional Garden Hose Connector

It is not uncommon to sustain blisters, bruises and some other forms of injuries in the course of making use of these appliances. You want neither to happen to you that is why you want to prioritize a comfortable one like this.


In all, the plumbing gadget is eco-friendly in the sense that it is both durable and recyclable in equal stature. Expect it hence not to interfere with your environment at large.

2-way Y Hose Splitter

It does come in the form of a 2-way Y hose splitter that forms its core. This one discharges the flow of water smoothly to the various corners of the garden or typical field.

Perfect Dimensions

It does come about in some perfect dimensions. Thanks to this stature, the hose splitter is able to fit and pair with the standard connectors that measure ¾ inches and any American spigot.

  • Requires no tools to operationalize

  • Responds promptly to the minutest controls

  • Enjoys a lifetime satisfaction guarantee

  • Customizable to many shades and sizes

  • Delivers truly reliable performances

  • May not work well outside North America

  • Demands a fair mastery of expertise to operate

  • Lacks any automated features and parts

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#9: Kasian House SLI200613 2 Way Solid Brass Y Valve Garden Hose Connector

Kasian House SLI200613

If you have never attempted to make use of these splitters before, you want one that is simpler and straightforward. This might be a good one to start out with as it is somewhat simplistic in nature.

Quick-connect Faucet Attachment

A quick-connect faucet attachment ranks first among the many positive attributes of this plumbing apparatus. It does seal the structure tightly to prevent any leaks or common water damages that come along.

Solid Brass Construction

Throughout its stature, the item bears the solid brass construction that is known to be stronger and tougher. This construction also gives it the durability it requires to remain afloat for longer.

Leak-free Design

All said and done, the item comes about in a leak-free design. On the strength of this design, the plumbing gadget retains its composure and spares you of the water damages that generally arise with use.

  • Simple enough for a starter

  • Eliminates clutter in your typical workplace

  • Works well despite its simplistic nature

  • Negates the need for constant supervision

  • Cheaper to care for and maintain

  • Too simple for complex chores

  • Cannot bear excessive pressure

  • Manages limited cycles of use

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#10: Orbit 67745 Dual Shut-Off Hose Y

Orbit 67745 Dual Shut-Off Hose Y

Have many kinds of gardens and settings to discharge water in? Well, get hold of this splitter and say goodbye to all your worries. It is indeed capable of making your multiple-use well.


With this splitter, it is possible for you to handle and manage many purposes. You may for instance switch from one faucet to multiple hoses all at a go. The shut-off valve exists for this.

Leak-free Ball Valves

Some leak-free ball valves exist as a standard in this faucet. You use this one to adjust the flow of the water appropriately. Thus, it contributes to minimizing any possible losses that arise as a result.

High-impact Non-corrosive Construction

Its high-impact non-corrosive construction rounds up the list of the many benefits its potential benefits. The construction is truly durable, a fact that similarly bequeaths the structure with the longevity it exudes.

  • Multipurpose due to its versatile nature

  • Allows for multiple uses and applications

  • Operable by the simple press of a button

  • Does not leak as many other valves ordinarily do

  • Tends to last longer than average

  • Comparatively more complicated to handle

  • Only for the expert user

  • Potentially injurious when handled recklessly

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#11: Jansamn Garden Hose Connector Splitter Adapter with Comfort Grip (2 Way)

Jansamn Garden Hose Connector Splitter

This splitter is for those who want to enjoy repeated and uninterrupted performances. It is stronger and more durable than the ones that we have already looked into at the moment.

High-quality Brass Material

A high-quality brass material stands taller among its most outstanding features. This is the one that gives it the strength and vitality it needs to deliver the equally reliable performances it gives off.

No Leak Independent Valve

Next comes the ‘no -leak independent valve.’ As you may already have guessed, this valve plays the role of regulating the flow of water smoothly without any unnecessary interruptions of whichever nature.

Adjustable Flow Control

Other than letting you adjust the flow of water unhindered, the valve also regulates the overall speed and vitality of the water with the utmost reliability it requires. Thus, it acts to maintain your own safety and peace of mind.

  • Controls the flows of water separately

  • Bears water pressure that reaches 80 pounds per square inch

  • Resists rust and other forms of damages

  • Hardly leaks even when used for too long

  • May serve as a great gift for you

  • Lacks the ability to pair with other attachments

  • Has a limited range of use

  • Not great for some kinds of settings

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#12: A1001T Heavy Duty Brass Y 2 Way Garden Hose Connector

A1001T Heavy Duty Brass Y 2 Way Garden Hose Connector

Wishing to enjoy the maximum peace of mind while in use of these apparatus? We invite you to attempt your own luck in this specific splitter. Its manufacturer has carved a niche in the line of excellent services.

Heavy-duty Brass Construction

All the constituent parts and specifications are enclosed in a heavy-duty brass construction housing. Thanks to this awesome arrangement, the structure in its entirely stronger and longer-lasting.

Leak-free Ball Valve

To help you with regulating the flow or output of water, the structure comes about in a leak-free ball valve. It is this one that regulates the flow and output of water considerably for your own safety.

Dual-adjustable Flow Controls

Complementing the valves we have talked about above are some dual adjustable flow controls. They basically regulate the speed and pressure rather than the direction of the water flow altogether.

  • Less prone to any failures

  • Tends to endure the test of time well

  • Pairs with many other like-minded gadgets

  • Stiffer than the plastic counterparts

  • Does not fidget excessively

  • Comes at too great a cost

  • Too strenuous to handle and operationalize

  • Sustains damages a bit too soon!

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#13: OneBom Hose Splitter 3/4 Inch, Solid Brass Pipe Connector

No products found.

Lacks the necessary financial muscle needed to do a good job? This splitter will come to your rescue. It is cheaper yet still able to measure up to the standards of many alternative splitters on the market.

Humanized Design

All the elegant parts and components are encapsulated in a humanized design. The design embodies many solid eco-friendly parts and components. Thus, it tends to last longer too.

Effective Controls

A host of buttons and controls apparatus exists as a standard on this splitter. They jointly allow for effective controls on your part as they greatly expedite the processes of handling.

Extra-large Swivel Nuts

Some extra-large swivel nuts are also available on the plumbing gadget. They, as you may well have already guessed do give off good grip as they are easier to turn back and forth as need be.

  • Simple enough for the everyday home use

  • Neither cracks nor splits as plastics do

  • Withstands huge swings in outdoor temperatures

  • Needs almost no tools to perform well

  • Interconnects easily with other gadgets

  • Slightly delicate and prone to damages

  • Is not built to last

  • Not so convenient for strenuous activities

No products found.

#14: MOBFONE Metal Body Garden Hose Splitter

MOBFONE Metal Body Garden Hose Splitter

Of all the splitters we have around, it is this one that is highly versatile. You will find it suitable for your use in many areas and circumstances of use. The gardens, bathrooms, kitchens, and farms are the chief of these.

3/4” (US standard)

It measures the magic ¾-inches which is a US standard. This one makes it attach to the common household plumbing devices with absolute ease and limited likelihood of inconvenience.

High Quality

All the various parts and components are richer in quality. They are resistant to water damages, are highly averse to corrosion, and bear harsher forces and impacts exceptionally well.

Easy to turn on/off

It is overall simpler to turn on and off. You need no exceptional expertise to be able to handle the controls apparatus. This, of course, translates to better and more convenient operations on the whole.

  • Made of high-quality materials

  • Relatively simpler to deploy for use

  • Accords firmer grip on your hands

  • Slows down rusting and other agents of damages

  • Comes in a standard size

  • Cannot be customized for various settings

  • Calls for too much attention on your part

  • Costs a lot to repair and maintain operational

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#15: ZAYAD Y Hose Splitter 2 Way

ZAYAD Y Hose Splitter

Are you engaged in large scale drip irrigation? Take hold of this splitter and say goodbye to the hassles that generally arise with the use of such apparatus. It does facilitate drip irrigation perfectly well.

Excellent Anti-corrosive Materials

Only excellent anticorrosive materials have been used to make the structure up. These mainly come in the form of TPR Plastic and high-quality zinc alloy metallic items or structures.

Easy Operations

All factors considered, the item does allow for easier operations. You need no complex or strenuous tools-of-trade to be able to have your way at all in this gadget.

Universal Size

It does come about in a universal size that allows it to pair and work well with many other like-minded gadgets. In this way, it stays well in shape not to mention expediting the processes of operations in all.

  • Extends its coverage and scope extensively

  • Manages higher rates of flow

  • Makes your life more convenient and easier to undertake

  • Delivers comfortable rubberized grip

  • Frees you from the need to worry about blisters

  • Only for large scale operations

  • Cumbersome to handle and engage

  • Imposes some strains on your free movements

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a garden hose splitter used for?

This is a device that is used to channel the flow of water in two directions from one main pipe to two minor pipes. Thus, it expedites the processes of irrigation and distribution of the water resource.

How does a hose splitter work?

It attaches to the main pipe on one end and two other minor pipes on the other hand. This arrangement lets sit to channel the flow of water from one main pipe in two other directions thereafter.

Can 2 water hoses be connected?

WHY NOT? It is actually possible to interconnect two water hoses. All you have to do is see to it that the parts fit well and that they do not clash. You may need a plumber to handle the role for you.

What is a female hose connector?

It is the one on which another connector is threaded. It is thus subordinate to the main connector and attaches firmly to the other one. It is often abbreviated as FHT.

How do you connect two different size hoses?

Attach the female ends of the large-diameter garden hoses to an outdoor spigot. This female end contains the threads inside. Screw the sprayer, sprinkler or nozzle to the male end and attach a second diameter hose. You are good to go!

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