15 Best Garden Netting (2024)

Plants are generally the targets of many predatory animals like squirrels, birds, mice, and bugs. You want neither of these to interfere with your harvests. Luckily, there are nets that are constructed and intended purely for the purpose of keeping these unwanted animals away from your garden.

While at it, they still let in copious amounts of fresh air and sunlight. Thus, they do not interfere with normal growth and thriving plants. To be able to lay your hand on the most suitable one, you have to be guided appropriately. Our review and buying guide hereunder endeavors to do just that.

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15 Best Garden Netting

#1: VIVOSUN Heavy-duty Polyester Plant Trellis Netting

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This net is heavy duty and is subsequently well able to stand the years of use and applications. Count on it if all you want is to save yourself from the stress of periodic and repeated spates of maintenance.

Soft yet Heavy-duty

The net is a soft yet heavy-duty in equal stature. Thus, it is reusable, highly versatile and longer-lasting. With it in your gardens, you will be sure not to spend too much of your money to repair it.

Highly Customizable

In all, this item is highly customizable in the sense that you may cut it into many sizes and shapes. Chances of suffering either oversize or undersize nets are thus greatly reduced to the absolute minimum.

Space Saving

By virtue of being contractible, this net saves a great deal of space on your part. On account of this, it also deploys at a pace that is faster and less time consuming overall.

  • Leaves enough room for you to pick and prune

  • Offers adequate support to the plants and other growths

  • Useful for many plants and herbs

  • Simpler to install and subsequently make use of

  • Maximizes your yields considerably

  • Slightly weighty to the average user

  • Not really easy to repair and maintain

  • May suffocate chickens and other household pets

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#2: Grow Tent Flexible Trellis Net (2 pack)

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Have many kinds of gardens to care for? This net will get the job done as it can alter its dimensions to conform to many periods and environments of use. Use it for your multipurpose gardens as well.

One size fits all

As we have implied already, this net is able to handle and facilitate the growth of many plants and use in many gardens. That is because it allows you to alter its dimensions appropriately.

True Scrog style net

It does come about in the True Scrog style feature. Thanks to this elegant feature, you will be able to train and spread out the plants pretty easily. The same applies to support while flowering.

Awesome Makeup

Lastly, the net is manufactured using Carbon fiber and latex. These two materials, as we all know, are very durable and yield awesome performances when engaged. That notwithstanding, they are still soft enough.

  • Does not require that you cut and zip the ties

  • Attaches to the poles easily by use of hooks

  • Removes and slides the poles as simple as may be required

  • Fits many circumstances of use and operations

  • Helps to tame the spread of creeping plants

  • Comes at a cost that is somewhat great

  • Slightly complicated to handle and execute

  • Does not allow for free movements and spreads

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#3: DQS 11 Bird Garden 1” Mesh as Deer Netting

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Could it be that your garden suffers the menace of birds? We ask that you prioritize the use of this particular net. It is the one that is recommended and made specifically for the birds.

Nylon Multifilament Net

At its core is the nylon multifilament net that is resistant to the harmful ultraviolet radiation. The material, in turn, features some recycled items that give it the strength and stature it requires to stand strong.


With this net, it is possible for you to discharge multiple roles at a time. You may safeguard your trees, flowers, creeping plants, and smaller animals from invading your garden and compromising your harvests.

Super Easy Set-up

Lastly comes the benefit of super easy set-up and use. Regardless of your strength and expertise, you may be sure to put it up for use without too much strain and effort on your part.

  • Good enough for use to tame wildlife

  • May serve as an outdoor cover for your fence

  • Does not harm your pets and wildlife

  • Provides adequate protection to your plants

  • Light enough to carry around easily

  • Limited to birds alone

  • Hinders pruning and other vital ergonomics

  • Once torn may not be repaired

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#4: Gradeningwill 4Ft x 10Ft Mosquito Bug Insect Bird Net Barrier Hunting Blind Garden Netting

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Could it be that you handle and grow mainly fruits and flowers? You know too well that these kinds of plants are the primary targets of many birds and other wildlife. Pick this net to shield them from the very menaces.

Year-round Protections

With this net, it is possible for you to obtain the benefit of year-round protection to your plants. That is mainly because it lasts longer and in doing so manages you take you further than you would ordinarily go.

Safe and Effective Barrier

When appropriately deployed the net gives an effective barrier at the sides and the ends of the garden. In this way, it shields your own plants from direct contact with animals, birds, and insects.

Fine Marquisette Knit

Throughout its makeup, the net boasts of the fine Marquisette Knit. An account of this, it is softer and more comfortable to handle and get into direct contact with. Thus, count on it for your own safety.

  • Gives your plants sufficient slack for proper growth

  • Grants you numerous options to bury or secure the edge

  • Leaves behind no gaps when installing in place

  • Comes about in a comprehensive packaging

  • Does not impede the infiltration of light and rain

  • Slightly delicate to touch and handle

  • Cannot bear excessively higher levels of impacts

  • Does wear out a bit too fast

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#5: GROWNEER Flexible Net Trellis for Grow Tents

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Could it be that you run an indoor farm that is too large? Place your bet on this particular tent as it is the one that you will find immensely relevant for that very purpose, owing mainly to its sheer size.

Sturdy Support

Topping the charts with regards to the many benefits it potentially brings along is the sturdy support. In light of this, it bears the weights of load that is placed atop it without any extra effort on your part.

Elastic Trellis

The material that is used to make the structure up is elastic as it stretches and retracts considerably. You will subsequently find it quite convenient to alter and correspond to a given application of use.

Removable Hooks

Some four removable hooks that are made of steel exist as the last major feature of the net. They anchor the structure horizontally on the corners of the poles and maybe even removed with ease.

  • Folds to allow for easy movements

  • Ideal for the grow tents

  • Makes room for some 36 growing spaces

  • Expedites the growth and development of many garden crops

  • Compatible with many likeminded gadgets and planting tools

  • Quite bulky and difficult to handle

  • Takes up excessive space to install and mount

  • Has the potential to injure you when it falls on you

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#6: Megaluxx 2-Pack Dual Layer Flexible Elastic Plant Support Trellis Netting

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Searching for a net specifically to use to secure your fruits and vegetables? Think of no other net than this one! It is specially designed and intended for that very role by virtue of its overall elegant makeup.

Dual Layers Scrog Net

It does come about in some dual layers of the scrog net. This doubles up like a flower enhancement system that offers adequate support to the indoor fruits, buds and vegetables alike.

Heavy-duty Elastic Mesh Netting

All factors considered, the net itself bears the heavy-duty elastic mesh makeup. This gives it some added strength and vitality it requires to discharge its mandates for periods that are longer than average.

Multi-use Applications

Lastly comes the benefit of multi-use applications. Simply put, the mesh allows you to handle and facilitate many kinds of applications that the standard net is incapable of executing.

  • Adjusts the height comfortably for your own use

  • Its material is elastic and indeed able to accord much comfort

  • Guarantees you wholesome satisfaction

  • Excellent for many likeminded applications

  • Flexible enough to conform to diverse use and environments

  • Too small for larger grow tents

  • May impede the infiltration of sunlight to the crops

  • It becomes too obsolete too soon!

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#7: Hydrofarm HGN30S Flexible String Trellis Netting

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Is yours a hydro farm? We caution against using any other tent you pick at random. Instead, we ask that you set your eyes on this particular tent for your own use. It is the one that is structured for that purpose.

Heavy-duty Makeup

All factors considered, the makeup of this net is heavy-duty. It does come about in some long-lasting polyester trellis netting that is somewhat reliable in the long run. Count on it for your own convenience.

6-inch Reach-through Mesh

Its mesh measures 6 inches in diameter. This arrangement makes it possible for the trellis to handle the extra weight, retain its tautness and confer added support for the growth of plants.

Soft-woven String Net Trellis

A soft woven string net trellis rounds up the list of the many awesome benefits that the net potentially brings along. Thanks to this softness, it is less likely to impose any hurts on your skin as you handle it.

  • Soft woven string net trellis

  • Reduces the possibilities of damages from insects

  • Gives rise to earlier and bigger harvests

  • Boosts the output of harvests per unit space

  • Maintains your produces in an absolute state of cleanliness

  • Requires some expertise to set up

  • Highly susceptible to the risks of frays

  • Its fabrics are made of materials that do not recycle

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#8: boknight Green Anti Bird Netting

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To be able to ensure higher returns on your investments, you badly want a net that is multipurpose and highly versatile. This tent will get the job done for you as it is the one that incorporates all the traits we have talked of.

Excellent Dimensions

The tent does come about in some excellent dimensions indeed. It measures 6.5 feet wide by 16 feet long by 0.78 inches high. This dimension is definitely able to accommodate many plants at a time.

Nylon Multifilament Net

It is wholly manufactured using the legendary nylon multifilament net. As we all know, this is highly durable and reusable in equal stature. Thus, it gives your net the leeway to manage strong and repeated incidences of use.

Ultra-violet Resistant Materials

All the materials that are used are resistant to harmful ultraviolet radiation. Owing to this strength, the material prevents any adverse damages from passing on to the plants and maintains them in a state of absolute safety.

  • Installs faster than many alternative tents

  • Guards against many intruding birds and animals

  • Allows sufficient light and air to trickle in the system

  • Resists the harmful ultraviolet radiation

  • Yields higher returns on investments

  • Be prepared to part with lots of money

  • Cannot accommodate any attachments and accessories

  • May impede your smooth and easy movements

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#9: Feitore Deer Fence Netting

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Is your search for the right net mainly determined by prolonged long-term use? We invite you to attempt your luck on this particular net. It is on the whole reusable and is hence a good one to attempt.

Durable and Reusable

First and foremost, the net itself is durable and reusable. These two traits arise mainly out of the durable polypropylene material construction. In this way, it stands tall to the external weather elements with ease.

¾-inch Square Mesh Design

Each mesh that exists as a part of this fence measures ¾ inches and is shaped in the form of a square. It allows for unconstrained inflow and exchange of gases to allow for wholesome growth.

Anti-bird Deer Protection

Lastly, this net also manages anti-bird deer protection. On the same note, it rolls up easily to allow for smooth and expedited operations. This is not to mention being easier to cut through a pair of scissors.

  • Safeguards all your fruits fully

  • Spares your crops from all pecks and damages

  • Strong enough to ward off a hungry deer

  • Lighter in weight and comparatively simpler to haul

  • Resists all forms of rotting and premature damages

  • Cannot match the advancements easily

  • Requires that you dig deeper in your pocket to afford

  • Slightly cumbersome to handle and engage

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#10: OGORI 25 X 50 ft. Bird Netting Poultry Netting Protect Plants and Fruit Trees

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Searching for a net exclusively for your poultry? Set your eyes on no other net than this one. It is strong and reliable enough to be able to ward off any intrusion of poultry and other fowls.

Durable ¾-inch Nylon and UV Inhibitors

On the whole, the structure is extremely durable. This mainly stems from the use of equally durable materials like the Nylon and other ultraviolet inhibitors. They block all birds from infiltrating your garden.

¾-inch Square Mesh Size

Each net has a mesh that ¾ inches and is shaped in the form of a square. They allow smooth exchange and outflow of fresh air and sunlight. That way, they do not impede the luxurious growth of plants and garden crops.

Bright Color Strings

Some bright color strings also adorn the four corners of the nets. They basically allow for the easier visibility of the net altogether to minimize any form of confusion that may potentially arise with use.

  • Protects all fruits and vegetables from possible damages

  • Keeps all thieving birds and pets away

  • Lasts longer than many other nets that exist at the moment

  • Resists any forms of damages from the harmful ultraviolet radiation

  • Bright enough for easier visibility

  • Cannot catch birds

  • Exclusive to the poultry alone

  • Yields limited returns on investments

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#11: BaseGoal All-Weather Trellis Netting Garden Vine Plant Growing

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Gardens come in various shapes and sizes, which also vary significantly with time. It is only fair that the net you pick for the job understands this fact well. Waste, not your time with any other than this one due to its flexibility.

Braided Polyester String

A braided Polyester string emerges tops of its most celebrated features. The strong is pretty pliable, quite soft, and indeed, super-strong at the same time. It does confer better growth overall.

High-quality Versatile Trellis

Other than being strong and pliable, this string is also higher in quality. You will subsequently find it quite reliable for your long-term use and applications. These free up any occupied spaces in your home.

Commercial-strength Makeup

Lastly, the net also embodies some commercial strength that sees it last longer and resists all forms of damages. It is this wonderful trait that makes it handle many kinds of applications with absolute reliability.

  • Safe enough for your children and animals alike

  • Its edges are soft and smoother for your own added safety

  • Does not yield any irritating smells

  • Stable enough to prevent falling over when in use

  • Facilitates the growth of many plants and vegetable species

  • Demands some alterations right before deployment

  • Its overall lifespan is relatively shorter

  • May not be easier to repair if broken

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#12: Abba Patio Snow Fencing Lightweight Safety Netting

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Finding the most suitable net ought not to mean you digging too deep in your pocket. Not when you have this cheap and simple net at your fingertips. The plastic makeup of the net is what makes it cheaper.

Recycled Plastic Materials

It is wholly manufactured using recycled plastic materials. These materials are generally cheaper than many of the existing raw materials. It is them that in fact make the net to be similarly cheaper to come by.

Multiple Functions

The net is overall able to serve many likeminded purposes. Acting as a visual barrier, safeguarding your fences, and cordoning off your swimming pools are top examples of these.

Easy to work with

When all factors are considered, this net is pretty easy to work with. Not only is it simple to remove but also rolls up to stow away at a pace that is faster than many of the alternative nets we have around in vogue.

  • Allows you to personalize and cut down to size

  • Lacks any sharp edges that may prickle you

  • Pretty safe for your children and pets alike

  • Folds to allow for easier transportation and deployment to faraway places

  • Useful for matters of landscaping and beautification

  • Weaker than average nets are

  • Not so friendly to your environment

  • Its dimensions are somewhat intact

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#13: Easy Gardener Multi-Use Netting for Garden Protection

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Do you have ivies, creepers, and other wall-hanging plants? If you do, then the trellis netting is all you might be looking for. This is one such, we would recommend for you. Get hold of it for your wall use.

Square Aperture

At the top of its most venerable features is the square aperture. It is this trait that makes it appropriately suited for the fences, compost bins and the mitigation of soil erosion.

Flexible Netting

On all accounts, the net is flexible enough to allow for easier handling and engagement. Particularly, you will find it quite simple to cut, handle and install when the time to do so comes.

Durable and Strong

Generally, the net is strong and durable. It has been noted t endure the many rough spates and incidences of use. With it in your hands, count yourself lucky and well cared for.

  • Able to serve many tasks and purposes

  • Resists fades and other forms of damages

  • Easily cut using scissors and common cutting items

  • Requires limited incidences of maintenance

  • Quite an ideal alternative to chicken wires

  • Must be used against a wall

  • Cannot stand alone

  • Has fewer areas of applicability

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#14: ZL Trees 13 x 33 Feet Garden Netting Protect Fruits Vegetable and Sensitive Plants

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Want to offer sufficient protection to your orchids, vineyards, and other agricultural issues? Get hold of this net and say goodbye to the likelihood of pests and rodents infiltrating your farms.

Wholesome Protection

The net is indeed capable of providing wholesome protection to your farm and everything that grows in them. This indeed is the net to look up to if all you want is to minimize the crop damages and the losses that come along.

Simplified Installations

Given that you do not have to possess expert installation and use complicated tools, this net indeed manages simplified installations. Have we also stated that it takes a shorter time to deploy for easy use?

Ultra-violet Resistant

As a last benefit, this net also resists the harmful ultraviolet radiation. Thus, it is beneficial to all your plants and poultry that are averse to the radiation we have spoken about.

  • Strong enough to resist any damages by the eagles and flying raptors

  • Does not suffer severe damages that are inflicted by adverse weather

  • Pretty reliable for your poultry and other domestic fowls

  • Protects your fruits and trees from possible invasions

  • Suitable for various applications that relate to plant and animal care

  • Cannot be customized to desired shapes and forms

  • Does not remain resilient to the various forms of damages

  • Easily sustains tears and frays as you move along

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#15: Ohuhu 6.6 X 65 FT Heavy Duty Bird Netting

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Of all the nets we have looked into, it is this one that is multipurpose. You will indeed find it pretty suitable for talking a variety of closely related chores and issues as protecting fruits, vegetables, and birds.

Tough Construction

It does boast of a pretty tough construction that similarly sees it last longer than average. With this construction in mind, count yourself lucky not to have critters gnaw or damage your crops as they grow.


The net also resists snag and will not get intertwined with the surrounding branches as the Nylon nets do. Moreover, you can even cut them into several shapes and sizes that are desirable to you.

Multi-functional Design

As we have already hinted above, this net serves many tasks and purposes. You may use it to expedite the growth of vegetables, fruits and indeed, many other garden crops we have around.

  • Protects your fresh produce round the clock

  • Keeps your produces safe from wildlife contaminations and damages

  • Good enough for the succulent fruits

  • Comes with its bonus cable for ease of netting

  • Boasts of the snag-resistant polypropylene makeup

  • Be prepared to counter much strain in your use

  • Keeping it clean is somewhat harassing

  • Its fabrics are somewhat weaker and lose

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you protect plants with netting?

Several options exist for your consideration. Chief among these is to drape the frames, hoops, and cages with the netting. This way, you get to shield the plants from all forms of possible damages and exterior intrusions.

How do I put bird netting in my garden?

Use the same processes above to do that. Onto of that, you may also consider covering each individual plant with a net. The option is mainly useful and highly recommended if the plants are highly susceptible to the risks of birds.

Is bird netting effective?

YES, it is! Plants that have been fenced off using the nets have been noted to thrive better and yield better harvests. Those that have been left exposed to external elements are generally poorer and also sustain serious harms.

Can you cut bird netting?

YES, you can! Many of the nets that are available at the moment can indeed be cut. You have to make use of a good pair of scissors to do the job though. Failure to do so may tear the net apart and render it useless for the task of shielding your plants.

Can pollinators get through bird netting?

NO! These nets have been noted to impede the infiltration of the agents that transfer and transmit the pollens from one flower to another one. Thus, you may consider scaling them down in moments of flowering all for the sake of your plants.

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