Top 10 Best Gas Air Compressors (2024)

Air compressors have a wide range of applications- from inflating tires to operating roofing nail guns.

Also, air compressors derive their operating power from either electrical power or gas-powered engines.

But with so many gas-powered air compressors on the market, finding a great unit might be a daunting task.

We’re helping you source an air compressor unit that might help you power all your pressure-powered tools.

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10 Best Gas Air Compressors

#01. Industrial Air Contractor Pontoon Air Compressor

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If you’re looking for a highly portable yet powerful gas air compressor, you could consider this air compressor.

True to its name, this gas air compressor features a powerful 5.0 horsepower HONDA OHC/OHV premium residential gas engine.

It has a fuel capacity of 160 c.c which makes it a low fuel consumption yet a powerful engine.

Besides consuming less fuel, this engine starts easily and runs smoothly. Also, It features lower emissions.

Moreover, the engine features air throttle cylinder and separate pilot and check valves. It runs at high rpm to make the patented low-maintenance air pump of this unit perform optimally.

Apart from being a low-maintenance air pump, the pump is also powerful, making this air compressor an efficient unit.

At 5.0 CFM (cubic feet per minute), the pump delivers an air pressure of 90 PSI; at 6.9 CFM, the pump delivers air with a pressure of 40 PSI.

And, The maximum pressure of air that this pump can churn out is 155 PSI! The pump is a low-maintenance one because it’s an oil-free air pump.

Also, The pump has a two-piece cooling system which is very efficient.

The cooling system efficiently lowers the temperature of the air pump and this prolongs the life of the pump and the unit as a whole.

As such, the compressor is durable and the unit features two tanks with a “pontoon” style tank design that makes it highly portable.

Each tank has a capacity of 2 gallons, giving you a total of 4 gallons of tank air capacity. One of the tanks is equipped with a regulator, gauges and quick connect.

The handles of this unit feature a soft cushion for a comfortable grip. Also, this air compressor unit features a direct drive which makes using it very easy.

This gas air compressor unit is unable to power heavy-duty tools. Also, it has a limited warranty period.

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#02. Rol-Air 6590HK18 Air Compressor

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A powerful 6.5 horsepower Honda commercial-grade gas engine powers this air compressor. The engine is easy to start, reliable and runs quietly.

This makes this air compressor a suitable unit for people looking for quiet operation for some reason.

The engine of this unit features an automatic idle control which comes in handy when it comes to prolonging the engine life.

Also, the automatic idle control makes this unit to have an impressive fuel economy. Besides, the engine has a fuel capacity of just 196 c.c and has 4 cylinders.

Moreover, the engine has a low oil shutoff that protects it in case your engine oil runs low. The air compressor has an oil sight gauge that helps you notice the oil level.

You will be able to top up the oil when the need arises. The engine uses less oil, thanks to the atmospheric unloading system in the engine.

Also, It features a heavy-duty single-stage pump that can run 6-9 roofing guns or 5-7 framing guns simultaneously.

What’s more, the air compressor unit features two cast-iron cylinders with a capacity of 9 gallons. This is a powerful gas air compressor that delivers 90 PSI air pressure at 13.8 CFM though this air compressor is rated 17.9 CFM.

One thing that you might love about this air compressor is its high-tech cooling system that prolongs the life of the air pump and the engine.

Also, This air compressor has an 11-inch multi-finned flywheel and air-cooled aftercooler that keep the pump at low operating temperatures.

This air compressor is a bit expensive.

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#03. Ingersoll-Rand SS3J5.5GH-WB 5.5 Horsepower

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This air compressor comes in a wheelbarrow design that makes transporting it around the job site hassle-free.

It features a powerful 5.5 horsepower Honda gas-powered engine. The engine has a fuel tank capacity of 0.825 gallons.

Also, this air compressor has twin tanks with a cumulative capacity of 8 gallons.

With the help of its powerful engine, this air compressor produces a maximum air pressure of 135 PSI, thanks to its powerful air pump.

At 11.8 CFM, the powerful pump of this air compressor churns out air at a pressure of 90 PSI.

What’s more, this unit will last longer because high-quality cast-iron makes up its frame and has a belt guard that keeps you safe when you’re using it.

Other components of this air compressor include a regulator and a pressure gauge. Controlling and using this air compressor unit is, therefore, simple.

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Besides, this air compressor has an efficient cooling system that keeps both the engine and pump at lower temperatures for prolonged optimal performance.

It has handles and a wheel that lets you transport it to where you need it with less effort, thanks to its wheelbarrow design.

This unit weighs just 175 pounds, making its transportation lightweight.

This gas air compressor in an expensive unit. Also, its customer care doesn’t respond quickly.

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#04. DeWalt DXCMH1393075

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This air compressor features a two-stage engine and air pump design.

Its engine is powerful, making this air compressor unit deliver an impeccable air pressure of 100 PSI at just 24.0 CFM or 175 PSI air pressure at 22.0 CFM.

The Honda GX390 OHV Gas engine is very easy to start, thanks to its electric start mechanism. Also, the engine starts in a short time.

This gas engine has a capacity of 390 c.c, which consumes a reasonable amount of fuel.

Since an engine will malfunction and damage if the oil level drops below a specific level, this air compressor features an automatic low oil shutoff that protects your unit.

The engine is fuel-efficient and performs optimally to give you enough power for all your air-powered tools.

When it comes to the air pump, this air compressor features a patented air pump that runs at low temperatures for prolonged and optimal performance.

This compressor features Industrial grade Solberg air intake filters that feed only clean and debris-free air to the pump.

What’s more, the air pump runs at lower temperatures because this air compressor has a cast iron flywheel with large extended fins that cool both the pump and the engine.

Besides, the air pump has cooling fins that release heat into the surrounding air for efficient cooling pump cooling process.

This air compressor unit has a metal belt guard that helps cool the pump further by 60 degrees Fahrenheit besides protecting you from any kind of injury from the belt.

Also, this belt guard protects your air compressor’s moving parts. The tank of this unit has a capacity of 30 gallons and features a truck-mounted style design.

Also, the tank has a liquid-filled pressure gauge that gives you an accurate reading of the pressure inside the tank.

This air compressor is heavy since it weighs 427 pounds. Another setback is that it’s an expensive air compressor unit.

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#05. NorthStar Portable Gas Powered Air Compressor

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This air compressor is ideal for heavy-duty usage. It features a powerful 12.0 horsepower Honda GX 390 OHV engine that runs on gasoline.

The engine has an electric start mechanism that makes starting it not only simple but also fast.

There’s a recoil start mechanism that acts as a backup starter in case the electric start mechanism fails.

Moreover, the compressor features a two-stage full cast iron pump design. A belt drive design that makes the pump to run at lower temperatures.

Also, the pump features a V-style cylinder design that makes it cool faster and better. The pump of this unit runs at a speed of 1300 RPM, which makes it very powerful.

Thankfully, a heavy cast iron flywheel makes sure that the pump has extra momentum for optimal operation.

What’s more, this air compressor delivers 90 PSI of air pressure at 24.4 CFM. And, since the air pump features the high-quality FC35 Grade cast iron, it will deliver impeccable performance for a long time!

Its maximum air pressure is 175 PSI at 18.7 CFM. The engine features an auto low oil shutoff that protects it from damage in case the oil level drops below a certain level.

This air compressor features a sight glass that comes in handy when you’re looking to check the oil level.

The tank of this air compressor unit has a capacity of 30 gallons. Also, high-quality ASME-certified materials comprise the tank, making it highly durable.

Besides, the tank features a weather-resistant powder-coated finish that adds more durability to this unit.

Right beside the tank is a pressure gauge that lets you know the amount of pressure build-up in the tank. This air compressor can charge a battery since it has a 3 Amp battery charging circuit.

It’s a very heavy gas air compressor since it weighs 492 pounds. Also, it comes with a hefty price tag.

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#06. Metabo HPT EC2610E

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This air compressor unit combines a professional-level quality with reliable performance to give you uninterrupted operation on job sites.

First, this unit features a 5.5 horsepower Honda GX 160 gas engine that delivers performance at all times.

The engine has a recoil start mechanism that works exceptionally fine at all time.

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The air pump is also high-quality for optimal performance. This unit features a cast iron air pump that runs at a low RPM for improved performance.

Also, the pump is oil-lubricated for improved durability.

With a powerful gas engine and a high-quality air pump, this air compressor delivers 9.5 CFM at a pressure of 90 PSI.

The dual tank design of this air compressor has a total capacity of 8 gallons. With the air-cooled aftercooler technology of the tanks, there will be less moisture inside the tanks.

One remarkable feature of this air compressor is its discharge hose that has braids that are stainless steel-made.

This discharge hose resists corrosion, meaning your air compressor unit will serve you longer than you expect. Even with the braids, the discharge hose is still flexible!

The pressure gauge and regulator are on the baseplate panel for hassle-free control and operating this air compressor unit.

The pressure gauge has a steel casing that protects it. another brilliant feature of this unit is its pneumatic throttle control that uses air instead of a cable to adjust the throttle.

This throttle design always works excellently and doesn’t face failures as cable-controlled throttles do.

This gas air compressor unit doesn’t feature an electric start. Its price is also expensive if you have a tight budget.

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#07. Mega Power NEW! 6.5 HP Honda Engine

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If you’re looking for an air compressor for 5 nail guns, you could check this one out.

It’s a gas-powered air compressor, featuring a 6.5 HP GX200 Honda engine.

This engine has a recoil start mechanism that works in all weather. Starting this unit will, therefore, be hassle-free.

This unit has a puma style compressor pump that has 3 cylinders.

The pump has adequate fins that release excess heat into the surrounding air for low temperatures pump operation.

This air compressor has a dual tank with a total capacity of 10 gallons. With the dual tank and single-stage air compressor pump design, this unit delivers an incredible 14 CFM at 90 PSI.

The pressure peaks at 135 PSI to give you unmatched performance for all your 5 nail guns. This air compressor also comes with a regulator for easy control and operating the unit.

Besides, it also features a Conrader Pilot valve for pressure control. As such, you will use this unit without facing any problem.

Transporting this unit is easy because it features a wheelbarrow design. This means that it has a non-pneumatic tire that never goes flat.

Also, this unit features rubber feet that dampen vibrations to the floor. With its handles and non-pneumatic tire, you will transport this unit to wherever you need it to bed.

The engine of this gas air compressor has no electric start mechanism. Also, the price is a bit high.

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#08. Rolair GD4000PV5H

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This air compressor unit features a highly portable design. Also, it packs a lot of features that guarantee optimal performance.

A powerful 4 horsepower Honda GX120 gas engine powers the oil-lubricated compressor pump directly, meaning there’s no belt or pulleys to consume additional space or engine power.

Both the engine and the air pump sit atop a high-quality steel frame. This makes the air compressor not only attractive to look but also highly portable.

This unit features a pancake-type air tank with a capacity of 4.5 gallons.

This air compressor has a performance rating of 4.4 CFM at 100 PSI.

Its pressure peaks at 125 PSI. with such an incredible performance, this air compressor remains to be an ideal carry style unit for light to medium duty performance.

Also, this unit comes with a 1/4-inch regulator and pressure gauge for smooth control and operation.

Since it weighs in at just 72 pounds, this air compressor is very portable. This is a quiet air compressor that produces just 90 dBA of sound at 3 feet away.

The pump runs fast- at 3400 RPM- to let you have sufficient power for your nail guns or sanders.

Other two crucial hardware that are available in this air compressor are relief and drain valves for easy control and operation.

Besides, this unit has soft rubber feet that dampen vibrations that might cause it to crawl or damage delicate concrete surfaces.

This unit has a small tank capacity. Its performance rating is a bit low. This means you can’t use this unit to power heavy-duty tools.

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#09. DeWalt DXCMTA5090412

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This air compressor features a powerful Subaru’s Briggs & Stratton XR950 OHV gas engine.

This engine operates very smoothly and quietly, making this unit an ideal choice for people looking for lightweight and quieter operations.

The engine has a fuel capacity of 208 c.c, which means that this air compressor uses less gasoline fuel.

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Besides, the engine has cast iron sleeves that withstand wear or abuse. This can only mean that your air compressor unit will last long!

This air compressor model is quieter because the engine features a strong mastic overhead cam that guarantees quietness and durability as a bonus.

The engine directly drives the patented air pump. The pump is a low maintenance one since it’s oil-free.

Since the pump has a two-piece cooling system, it runs at lower temperatures for optimal and prolonged performance.

When you look at the air tanks, you will find two pontoon-style tanks with a total capacity of 4 gallons.

One feature that makes this model of the outstanding air compressor units is its electric ignition system that lets you start the engine with a single pull.

As such, starting the engine is simple with this unit. Also, this air compressor unit features a 1/4-inch regulator, a tool and tank pressure gauges and an easy-to-use coupler.

Despite weighing just 74 pounds, this unit has a performance rating of 6.9 CFM at 40 PSI or 5.0 CFM at 90 PSI.

This unit takes quite some space in a small storage room. Since it’s a light-duty gas air compressor, it cannot perform heavy-duty tasks.

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#10. Makita MAC5501G 5.5 HP Gas Air Compressor

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The Makita MAC5501G air compressor features a powerful 5.5 horsepower Honda GX160 4-stroke gas engine that provides an enormous amount of torque that will drive the pump great efficient.

This engine has an industrial-grade recoil starter that makes starting it easy. The air compressor unit has a “V” twin pump design that’s cast iron-made.

Besides being oil-lubricated, the pump has a piston with a large diameter to provide maximum performance output.

The engine features the brilliant automatic idle control that helps you spend less money on fuel during your operations.

Besides, this unit has large industrial-grade air filters that make sure only clean air goes inside your unit. This improves durability and performance at the same time.

The two pressure gauges, couplers and a regulator are on the panel below the motor and the pump for protection and optimal performance.

With its belt drive design, this air compressor delivers an impeccable performance that has a rating of 14 CFM at 40 PSI and 12.5 CFM at 100 PSI.

The maximum pressure output of this unit stands at 135 PSI, which is enough to power all your pressure-powered guns or tools.

This unit has twin tanks with a total of 10 gallons in terms of air storage capacity. Transporting this unit is easy with its wheelbarrow body design.

This unit has a 10-inch non-flat tire to help you move it to wherever you need it. Of course, it has handles to help you do that.

Its parts can be hard to find sometimes. Also, the user manual contains minimal information.

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How often should I change the oil in my gas air compressor unit?

You should always change the oil in your gas air compressor after every 3 months (800 hours).

What should I do if my tools need a low pressure output?

You can buy and add a pressure regulator to the discharge hose. This will help you set the right pressure level for your power tools.

What can I use my gas air compressor for?

As we’ve already seen, gas air compressors have a wide range of applications. Some of the tasks that you can perform with your gas air compressor include powering agricultural tools, roofing nail guns and inflating tires, among other tasks.

Can I use my gas air compressor indoors?

It’s risky to use a gas air compressor indoors because of the dangerous exhaust fumes and noise. As such, your gas air compressor should be in an open outdoor space where you cannot inhale the exhaust fumes.

Final Verdict

Even with a well-laid list of gas air compressor units, you might still not know which unit will do your job perfectly.

This is because you might buy a light-duty gas air compressor for your light-duty tools and one day find yourself with a tool that needs a heavy-duty gas air compressor.

Also, you might buy a heavy-duty unit and one day have to use a light-duty tool.

To avoid being in such a situation, you should always look for a gas air compressor that is compatible with your lifestyle (how frequent you move around) and your power tools needs.

Evaluating your power tools needs and nature of your job site might help you find an ideal gas air compressor.

This list comprises the most sought-after units which will help you perform your tasks without problems.

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