Top 11 Best Gate Handles (2023)

Whether it is the door of your barn, garage or cabinet, installing a proper door handle is essential for easy operation. And yes, the case is no different when it comes to the main entrance of your home. Having a good grip at your gate makes it easy to push or pull the heavy entry when entering or leaving the home.

While choosing a door handle may be a pretty straightforward task, it is exactly the opposite when it comes to picking a handle for the major entry. A good gate handle needs to be sturdy, rust-resistant, affordable, great size and comfortable in the palm.

Bearing all these factors in mind, we took the initiative to dig deep into the market with the main objective of determining the top options available. And yes, after hours of research and comparison between the top-most models, we got a breakthrough finally!

11 Best Gate Handles

#1 WEBI Gate Handle


The handle measures 11 inches long, 0.75 inches wide and 0.4 inches thick. Considering the size, we will be safe to conclude that the grip will suit large entries such as your fence gate. The cast iron construction will put up with the tough beyond-the-door conditions for decades. The piece weighs 0.95 lbs; approximately 429.3 grams.

With this weight, it is heavy enough for daily use with the heavy gates but also lightweight to allow for portability and make it simple to install on your own. The sturdy construction maximizes the suitability of the grip so that it comes in handy for most doors of your home. I mean, apart from the gate, this handle will also complement other doors like for garage, barns, exterior door, and many other heavy doors.

Our hand-picked model arrives in a pack of one although it is also available in a cost-efficient pack of two when need be. The lacquered finish resists rust to help sustain the attractive look of the grip year after year. Nevertheless, in case the finish does not match that of your door, you can spray paint it easily to match your door for that integrated look you are looking for.

  • They are made for comfort.

  • It is available in a pack of 1 or a set of 2.

  • Delivery is super-fast.

  • The weight of 0.95 lbs is good.

  • It is quite pricey.

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#2 Boerboel 73014320 Black Gate Handle

Boerboel 73014320

This accessory is yet another dependable choice you may count on to complete the look of your gate. It boasts an elegant design that enhances the aesthetics of your gate. The piece works on entries made of wood and vinyl. For this reason, in case you have a metal gate, it’s unfortunate that you may have to rely on other options on our list.

The kit constitutes the handle and four 1-inch Phillips screws for straightforward mounting. The handle utilizes a long-lasting nylon construction. The Nylon material can stand up to tough weather and will not give in to rust like those of metal. Also, this material is generally easy to maintain for trouble-free service life.

And for those that have an electric fence, they can count it as a great addition to their gate since the material is a non-conductor of electricity. The black finish guarantees that the handle will go perfectly with most door colors.

  • The black finish is aesthetically appealing.

  • It is of top-grade plastic.

  • The plastic material is easy to maintain.

  • The quality of the screws is impressive.

  • It comes as a single piece.

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#3 My Fancy Farmhouse Solid Cast Iron Gate Handles

My Fancy Farmhouse

This handle is for not only gates but also wooden doors, garage doors, barn doors, French doors, and other types of entries in your home. The top-grade handle utilizes cast iron construction. Therefore, it should hold up well for many years. The beautiful black finish resists rust and other outdoor conditions when simultaneously stepping up the overall beauty of your entry.

Their unique design and construction deliver that rustic look you are anticipating to get at your gate or barn door. The package contains the grasp and mounting screws to make installation quick for you. In fact, since the handle is pre-drilled right from the company, expect to get the installation done in no time without the help of an extra hand.

The piece has a height of 9 inches with a width of 2.5 inches, pretty large enough to suit little and large fingers alike. Nonetheless, it can also come with a height of 6.25 inches in case the 9 inches seem to be too big for your needs.

  • They are available in two sizes.

  • They work with different doors.

  • The handles are nice looking.

  • The construction is heavy-duty.

  • The pre-drilled holes have some slight imperfections.

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#4 SMARTSTANDARD Heavy Duty Barn Door Pull Handle


This handle is another option that is designed with versatility in mind. The high-quality piece works excellently with interior and exterior entries whether gates, barn doors, cabinets, and any other door where you have ever thought of adding a handle regardless of whether it is of wood, glass, or metal.

The package constitutes of the handle and all the accessories you need to turn the installation process to a piece of cake. Therefore, just in case you haven’t installed a gate handle before, this should be an ideal choice for you. The steel construction holds the promise of extended durability whereas the black finish dovetails perfectly with most doors.

The unit measures 10 inches to provide enough space for a comfortable grasp. However, it can also come in a larger size of 12 inches just in case you think the 10-inch option is slightly small for your need.

  • The kit contains all the mounting hardware.

  • The quality is fantastic.

  • The construction is very solid.

  • The packaging is perfectly done to protect the pieces from scratches.

  • Sometimes the handle may come with poor threading.

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#5 DR QUALITY DÉCOR Iron Pull Handle for Doors


In case you are looking for a gate handle that has an excellent rustic patina, then you won’t get a better choice than this. The rustic look not only looks great on your gate but also on barn doors, garage doors, and other outdoor entries in your home. It comes in a set of two, one for your gate and another piece for any other door where you might want to install the additional piece.

The pieces are durably constructed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. Therefore, if you want something that will hold up well at your gate for decades to come, the DR QUALITY DÉCOR Iron Pull Handle should hardly disappoint.

Each handle is 9 inches high, 2 inches wide, and 2 inches tall to offer excellent and comfortable grip when pulling or pushing the door. The pieces arrive with pre-drilled mounting holes so you won’t face the hassle of making some on the handle. The set even includes the mounting screws so that you won’t need to incur additional cost on buying them separately.

  • The size is nice for the hand of any size.

  • The price is budget-friendly.

  • They are versatile.

  • Installation is a breeze.

  • The screws may be a little long for some gates and doors.

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#6 Tebery Black Metal Gate Handle


If you are chasing the hottest deal in the market, this set should be on top of your priority list. The price of the set suits almost every homeowner’s pocket, making it an excellent choice for those operating under a tight budget. In fact, if you have done a little research on the price of the competition, it’s easy to tell that this unit goes at a fraction of their prices.

As if not enough, after ordering the unit, you receive 4 high-quality handles and not 1 or 2 pieces as with the other members of the competition- An amazing deal that is hard to beat! The four gate grips imply that it will be wise for you to grab this model if you want matching handles for outdoor and indoor entries.

Each handle is 6.5 inches long, 1.75 inches wide with a projection of 1-5/8 inches. Although they aren’t the biggest you will get in the market, they come in a great size that will accommodate any hand. The size is also ideal for a fence gate, barn doors, garage door, and other common entries around the home. The vintage design looks great on any door while the black screws will dovetail with both the handle and the door.

  • The set contains four handles.

  • The vintage design is a plus.

  • The value is hard to beat.

  • The size is excellent for most doors.

  • There are a few cases of screws missing in the box.

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#7 Park Hill Collections Barn Door Handle

Park Hill Collections

This door is constructed from genuine cast iron. For this reason, it will stand the test of time even when used on busy gates. As the name suggests, the handle also works excellently with barn doors. The handle is designed to bring that rustic appearance you have always wanted to bring to your gate and the door of your barn. The set offers two handles.

With the two pieces, you can install each on either side of the gate for easy operation of the gate from the inside or outside of your home. With the height of 14.5 inches and a diameter of 1.5 inches, these high-quality handles won’t go unnoticed on your gate. The elegant style brings a warm country feel when also making them be a standout in the neighborhood!

The beautiful black finish protects the sturdy construction from rust and other tough conditions it may encounter along its lifetime. Like all the other preceding models on the list, the set of this unit contains all the necessary hardware for installation. The color-matching hardware provides a more integrated look.

  • The finish is ultra-smooth.

  • The black finish is scratch resistant.

  • The height of 14.5 inches is great for gates.

  • The mounting hardware has a good finish.

  • The quality of the screws not up to the task

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#8 Fi-Shock GHRY-FS Rubber Gate Handle (Pack of 2)

Fi-Shock GHRY

This handle comes in a set of two although you can also get it in a pack of 1 if that is what meets your needs perfectly. The high-quality handles are of premium rubber that will hold up well for several years to come. The rubber material makes most customers prefer it for use at the end of electric fences where metal handles cannot apply since it is a non-conductor of an electric current.

Furthermore, the top-grade rubber will not crack like some handles during the winter period, making the handle an ideal choice for anyone in the lookout for a non-metal gate handle that can last. The tough polymer ensures better strength and safety to give you even more confidence that the grips maintain their shape year after another even with regular use.

The attractive yellow color adds unique accents of beauty to your gate. The yellow rubber is also greatly visible so that you won’t have a problem to locate the handle on the gate in the dark- it’s now safer to open the electric fence gate even in the dark!

  • The rubber material is crack-resistant.

  • The rubber materials suits use with an electric fence gate.

  • The yellow color is conspicuous for the safe operation of an electric fence entry at night.

  • It is available in packs of 1 and 2.

  • It won’t give you exactly the easiest time in installation.

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#9 Nationwide Industries Gate Handle


Since this handle is also made of a material that is a poor conductor of electricity, you can also use it for the gate of your electric fence. The unit adopts commercial-grade polymer construction. With this material, you no longer have to worry that the unit will rust over time as with most metallic handles out there.

In fact, since the nylon polymer is also UV-resistant, you can buy this unit with the peace of mind that it can face the unbearable heat of the summer and still come out in fabulous shape. Although plastic, this handle is sturdy enough to permit regular use with heavy gates and other doors around the home. In fact, since it works with doors of wood, metal, and vinyl, expect it to work with just about any entry in your home.

The package contains a gate handle and a gate stop which acts as a shock absorber when closing the gate to help prevent wear and tear of your gate latch. The handle is extra-wide to make it easy and comfortable to grasp.

  • It comes with a gate stop.

  • The unit requires low maintenance.

  • It resists the effects of UV.

  • The grasp is extra-wide for a comfortable grip.

  • The black color may be quite hard to locate at night.

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#10 Voilamart 10″ Door Pull Handle


This gate handle utilizes a long-lasting carbon steel construction. The sturdy metal construction has a premium powder coating that grants it improved rust-proof properties. In other words, the construction and the finish of this gate handle indicate that this piece is engineered with outdoor use in mind. The package contains two durably-made handles.

Each piece offers a size of 10 inches long, 0.7 inches wide and 2.2 inches wide. Therefore, no matter the size of your hand, expect the handle to offer a comfortable grip. In fact, the size of the handle and the sturdy construction renders it a multi-use handle. The piece will also serve great in barn doors, screen doors, sliding doors, among other many applications around the home.

The matting black color improves the beauty of whichever door you mount it on, whether indoor outdoor. Also, you will like that each piece has two pre-drilled holes. The two holes make it easy to mount the piece since you only need to drive the screws through the two holes and not multiple holes as with some models on the market. It even comes with four screws (2 for each piece) so that you won’t have to look for them from somewhere else.

  • The two pre-drilled holes make installation a breeze.

  • It is sturdy yet lightweight.

  • The premium coating is rust-resistant.

  • The black color of the piece will go well with most colors.

  • The two holes may not offer a very firm attachment.

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#11 IW Rustic Cast Iron Gate Door Handle

IW Rustic Cast Iron

This gate handle will also serve perfectly in furniture, windows, sliding barn door, and exterior door. The set contains two easy-to-install grips. With the two pieces, you can install each on different doors or on either side of the door depending on your preference. No matter the door, IW Rustic Cast Iron Gate Door Handles deliver that rustic look you have lived to admire.

Each handle has three pre-drilled holes on either end (a total of 6) so that you have the easiest time in the installation without the hassle of having to drill holes through the sturdy metal. However, the package does not include mounting screws but this should not be a major concern since you can readily get them in the market.

The cast iron construction implies that the set is designed with durability in mind while the weight of 14 ounces means that it will withstand regular use on heavy doors. Each grip is 9 inches tall and will leave a space of 1-1/8 inches between the handle and the surface when mounted, large enough to allow use by people with big hands.

  • They are very authentic looking.

  • The quality is outstanding.

  • They suit use by people with big hands.

  • They are of cast iron.

  • They should come with screws.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How do I choose the right gate handle?

As aforesaid, when buying a gate handle, you need to take into consideration the construction, finish, affordability, ease-of-installation, installation hardware, and compatibility.

Which gate handle is ideal for me?

The perfect product for you is the one that delivers great satisfaction to your anticipations. While it may be hard to pinpoint the excellent gate handle for you, our list gathers some of the market’s top customer-satisfying models. Expect them to perform satisfactorily for your case too!

What is the best material for an electric fence gate handle?

If you are using an electric fence, you need to pay more attention to the material of the handle. Avoid handles that are made of metal since they can carry an electric current. Instead, you can consider buying those made of plastic. Also, ensure that the color of the handle is highly visible to make it easy to locate the handle at night.

How durable is a gate handle?

If you get it right in the purchase, you won’t need to buy a gate handle any time soon. A good gate handle can serve for several decades. Nevertheless, if you are unlucky to land for a knockoff, you may enjoy a shorter service life since they can’t hold up for a long time.

How much does a gate handle cost?

The cost of a gate handle differs depending on manufacturer, size, material, and other many determinants. Nevertheless, you should be prepared to spend between $5 and $ 30 when you get to the market.

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