Top 15 Best Gate Latches (2024)

Gates play the pivotal role of safeguarding our homes and the belongings that are tucked inside. Being large and bulky, opening and closing them requires a great deal of manpower on your part. This is not a venture you can embark on singlehandedly. You need a gate latch for the job.

A gate latch is basically an accessory that comes in the form of a decorative plate. It is fixed on the street side of the gate. By the press of a thumb depressor, this latch opens the gate. To help you find the most suitable one for the job, we have seen it appropriate to generate this review and buying guide.

15 Best Gate Latch Reviews

#1: Raswik 4” Privacy Hook and Eye Latch Easy Lock for Barn Door

Raswik 4 inch

Looking for a suitable latch for your barn door? You have no better bet than this one! It is strong enough to bear the weights of such large doors. Then again it is highly responsive to be able to open and close promptly.

2-layer Powder-coating

Throughout its exterior are two layers of powder coating. These ones are placed there to offer added protection to the metal component underneath. On account of this layer, the latch endures all weather conditions well.

Solid Iron Construction

The item itself is manufactured using solid iron material. For this reason, it is stronger and more resilient to the common agents of damages. This is besides being able to resist corrosion and chipping.

Excellent Dimensions

All factors considered, the gadget comes about in excellent dimensions indeed. It measures the impressive 4 inches in length, relatively sturdy and heavy-duty in stature.

  • Adds some privacy to your barns

  • Locks and opens quicker than most conventional locks

  • Useful in a variety of applications

  • Suitable for interior and exterior doors

  • Enjoys a lifetime replacement backup

  • Limited to bards and barns alone

  • Has almost no aesthetic value

  • No automated features or traits

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#2: NIDAYE Self-Locking Gate Latch

NIDAYE Self-Locking

Is your gate the one that swings? Well, you have a pretty reliable companion in this specific lock. It is agile enough for use on gates that swing. Then again, it can attach both inside and outside the gates for ease of use.

Variable Mounting Options

As we have already explained, it is possible for you to install this lock inside or outside the gate. This definitely gives you a sense of convenience all the while of use. It also adds to the agility of use thereof.

Self-latching Fingertip Release

It does have a self-latching fingertip release. This one plays the role of enhancing the engagement of the lock itself. It is operable at the simple turn of the finger. By doing so, it negates the need to put in the excess effort.

Easy to Install

Overall, this item is easier to set up for subsequent use. Unlike your typical latch, it does not at all require the possession of excessive levels of expertise. Thus, even a fresh user will find it handy.

  • Can be padlocked for added levels of security

  • Requires an ordinary padlock to provide the added security

  • Boasts of a strong metal construction

  • Comes along with some furnished screws

  • Latches automatically and independent of your input

  • May not secure gates that do not swing thoroughly

  • Stays visible to a would-be intruder

  • Easily sustains corrosion and other agents of damages

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#3: JQK Door Hasp Latch Lock


Could it be that your area is often too exposed to the weather elements? For your own safety and peace of mind, you want a latch that is manufactured using stainless steel. The material withstands external weather elements well.

5-inch Door Hasp Latch

The security item fastens by way of a hasp that measures 5 inches. This fastener is manufactured using stainless steel and is subsequently strong enough to the elements of weather and corrosion. It also carries out the tasks well.

Adequate Protection

Given that it performs the tasks associated with it well, the item gives off added protection to your premise. What’s more? It is also applicable to the security of your interior apparatus like fridges and cupboards.


This latch is designed in such a way as to allow the right and the right-handed persons to use it seamlessly. Given this ambidextrous nature, the gadget is truly convenient to operationalize.

  • Delivers both safety and privacy

  • Keeps away all intruders due to its strong stature

  • Richer in quality and overall performance

  • Thick enough to stand the test of time

  • A brushed finish adds some strength and vitality

  • Pretty complicated to care for and maintain

  • Calls for a keen eye of attention

  • Its bulky nature impedes use and applicability

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#4: Alise MS9001 Stainless Steel Flip Latch Gate Latches Bar Latch Safety Door Lock

Alise MS9001

Want to add some aesthetics where you are also? Pick and utilize this one. It does have a distinctive black finish that adds some beauty and elegance to your environment of use. Then, it is tough enough to stand longer.

High-quality Stainless Steel

In its entirety, this latch is made of high-quality and super durable stainless steel material. Courtesy of this makeup, it lasts longer and manages to give off repeated incidences of use and applications.

Corrosion Resistance

The stainless steel character also makes it super capable of resisting all forms of corrosion and the damages that ordinarily come along. This again guarantees that you will make the most of it in the long run.

Added Strength and Longevity

When weighed against the other latches of its kinds, this one is extra strong and longer-lasting. Hardly will it bend even when subjected to the most strenuous of impacts and other agents of damages.

  • Provides truly reliable protection against intruders

  • Simple and practical yet richer in profile

  • Comparatively more convenient to maintain

  • Boasts of an all-metal construction

  • Backed by a 30-day return guaranteed

  • Quite hard and potentially injurious

  • May not be affordable by many people

  • Only for use in the exterior positions

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#5: HELEMAN Barn Door Latch


The door that slides is generally difficult to mitigate. You cannot rely on your ordinary latch to take it on. It is for this reason that you have to choose and work with one that is appropriately suited for them, like this one.

Unique Non-slip Design

It does come about in a unique non-slip design. This design is the one that is responsible for the maximum security that gadget potentially brings along. Due to its non-slip nature, it is comfortable to handle.

Automatic Unlock

The lock has the ability to automatically unlock itself. On account of this, it is better for your use as it does not demand an excessive level of manpower input from you. Thus, it saves on your time too!

Inox Eye Latch

Its eye latch lastly is available in the form of an Inox structural makeup. It contains sufficient vents that allow for the dissipation of heat and buildup of pressure. All this work to add some durability to you.

  • Made of the tough stainless steel makeup

  • Resist all forms of corrosion and the associated damages it brings along

  • Negates the need to pay too much attention

  • Adds extra privacy to every aspect of your own room

  • Pretty suited for emergencies and evacuation

  • Too slippery to handle

  • A simpler user may find it quite difficult to engage

  • Useful only to the large doors and gates

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#6: Nationwide Industries Keystone Black Zinc Die-cast Metal Key Lockable Latch

Nationwide Industries

To be able to enjoy the highest level of peace of mind, you want to place your hands on a latch that allows for the use of multiple locking mechanisms. Waste not your time and effort with any other than this one.

Durable Zinc Die-cast Metal

It is made of the durable zinc die-cast metal that is higher in quality. The metal lasts longer not to mention that it endures the various agents of damages with utmost reliability.

Sophisticated Traditional Design

On the whole, the item does come about in a sophisticated traditional design. On the basis of this design, the item is yet again very dependable even when things are too dangerous for ordinary items to handle.

Configurable Locking Mechanism

You have the pleasure of being able to configure the latch to your desired incidences of use and applications. Particularly, this equipment gives you space to re-key the 5-pin key in ways that are suited to your own use.

  • Accommodates both the right and left swinging gates

  • Comes with everything you need for the job

  • Handles a comfortable gate gap that allows for smoother use

  • Works well on many surfaces and materials

  • May be opened using a standard key for all locks

  • Easily hackable owing to its acceptance of many locks

  • Quite prone to duplicity and double standards

  • Lacks the strength necessary for intensive use

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#7: MTB Fence Post Bullet Cap 0-Way 2-3/8″ Aluminum, Pack of 4

MTB Fence

Do you change locations every quite often? Well, a lock that is made of the super-light Aluminum metal structure. Though light, this material is similarly sturdy and strong enough for repeated use.

Chain-link Fence Post

At its core is the chain link fence post. The fence post basically provides added support and safety for you in the course of your use. It is hence a great one for your long-term reliability.

Chain Link Fitting

Coming in next to the fence post is the nice chain link fitting. It does have the ability to fit well over 2-3/8 inches of the OD piping, a fact that extends the range of uses to which you may devote it.

Cast Aluminum

All its crucial parts and components bear the cast Aluminum makeup. This use of material adds some sturdiness and agility to the entire system. In particular, it extends the life of the item altogether.

  • Keeps out all weather

  • Keeps the weather out of your fence post

  • Comes with its own installation apparatus

  • Its installation is not really simple

  • Lacks a coating and is hence prone to scratches

  • Sharp prickly edges are definitely injurious

  • Requires many accessories to operationalize

  • May not work well in other installations

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#8: Tibres – Sliding Barn Door Latch Lock


Just in case the doors you have in your mind are too large and bulky, you cannot rely on any latch you pick at random. Instead, you want one that is similarly strong enough to bear the extra weight that comes along.


During the makeup of this gadget, the hand forging is extensively applied. The use of this approach definitely brings about more precise outcomes besides similarly handling your locks well.

Multifunctional Use

With this gadget, it is possible for you to handle many locking-related tasks. Locking barns, shutters, windows, and double doors are core examples of these. It does yield higher returns on investments indeed.

Bright Décor Element

Other than locking your installations, this latch also yields some bright décor to your room. This, makes possible, via the bright décor element that exists as a vital part of it.

  • Manufactured using the wrought iron that is definitely tougher

  • Adds some décor and grandeur to your rooms

  • Manufactured through a hand-forging process

  • Mounts easily owing to the accompaniment with the mounting hardware

  • Requires no specialized skills to set up for use

  • Quite costly and unaffordable to come by

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#9: uxcell 2 inches Cabin Hook Eye Latch Gate Door Swivel Window Door Hook


Remote areas are generally cut off from the mainstream. It may not usually be possible hence for you to deploy any gadget easily to these locations. Only this one that is accompanied by its mounting screws may be of help.

Solid Cabin Hook

This lock is available in the form of a solid cabin hook. Thanks to this arrangement, it is stronger and pretty resistant to all forms of potential damages that may be leveled against it. This is besides resisting rust and corrosion.

Seamless Utility

The list of the uses to which you may devote this item is basically endless. From the French doors to the barn doors to the garden gates and the shed doors, you indeed have a companion that is reliable all the while.

Effective Installations

Due to its accompaniment with all the installation apparatus you need for the job, this gadget allows for effective installations indeed. You won’t really have to worry about it getting broken into after a spate of installation.

  • Comes about in some comfortable dimensions

  • Large and effective enough for the equally larger doors

  • Its materials are stronger and resilient to damages

  • Resistant to winds and other harsh external elements

  • Good enough for the windows as well

  • Does not last as long

  • Unable to facilitate the opening and closing of larger doors

  • Easily prone to corrosion and scratches

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#10: Nordstrand Sliding Barn Door Lock – Rustic Gate Latch

Nordstrand Sliding Barn Door Lock

Lack the necessary financial muscle power but would still wish to enjoy the benefits that come along? Well, you have no better bet than this specific gate latch. Its rustic design is simple enough for any user.

Vintage-style Flip Latch

Its core features the vintage-style flip latch. This one is not only easy to make use of but also suits the indoor and the outdoor use pretty fine. Grab it to save yourself the additional stress people go through when opening doors.

Powder-coated Steel Frame

The frame comes about in some steel material that is coated using the powder. It is also heavy-duty and thus stands tall to all forms of breakages. You have it for your extra durability and use.

Rust-resistant Finish

On its exterior is the rust-resistant finish. Thanks to this coating, the item itself is reliable against all forms of the damages that have the potential to eat away the exterior surface. This definitely makes it last longer.

  • Prevents even the pets from opening the doors arbitrarily

  • Quicker to set up for eventual use

  • Maintains your doors completely shut at all times

  • Comes along with its own mounting hardware

  • Impacts the cupboards and other interior furniture in equal measure

  • Lacks many other vital parts and components

  • Too manual to operate conveniently

  • Cannot accept any upgrades and extras

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#11: WorldPac (Pack of 2) 1/2″ Spring Pin Latch Lock Assembly


If your search for the right latch is dictated mainly by the need to lock the utility trailer gates, this could be a good one to lay your hands on. Besides this, it is also heavy-duty and hence able to take you longer and further.

Spring-loaded Pin

Its flagship trait is the spring-loaded pin. This is the one that provides the support and leverage needed to lock and unlock the doors with the added benefit of requiring limited effort on your part.

Adequate Weather Protection

The structure is wholly constructed with the aim of conferring adequate weather protection to you. On account of this, it stands taller to the exterior elements of weather without the risks of getting damaged too soon.

Pin Size

Its size is small courtesy of the pin makeup. On account of this, the lock is small enough to fit the least available mounting spaces. Then, it also demands a limited level of expertise on your part making it very convenient.

  • Small enough for uncompromised use

  • Tucks in just about every other storage space available

  • Matches many ordinary day-to-day items

  • Made of the solid steel and is hence strong enough

  • Handles fidgeting well

  • Highly prone to the risk of pilferage

  • Falls short of many vital requirements

  • Unfavorable for locking larger doors

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#12: Garage Door Parts Side Lock for 2 Inch Track Side Latch

Garage Door Parts

Circumstances of use come and go. They also vary a lot in scope. Many locks are unable to keep pace with these variations though. Only this one that is dynamic and long-lasting may be of your help.

Spring-activated Lock Bar

The most outstanding aspect of this device is the spring-activated lock bar. This one takes the stress away from your use as it dampens vibrations to make it possible for you to operate it with added convenience.

Bright Zinc-plated Finish

Throughout its exterior is the bright zinc-plated finish. This one plays the role of warding off any possible damages that might ordinarily come your way in the course of the use of the gadget.

Top-quality Steel Stampings

It is wholly shaped by the use of top-quality steel material. This gives it the added benefit of being stronger and more agile for your use. Then again, it lasts longer not to mention resisting possible damages with ease.

  • Acts as a good side lock for your doors

  • Installable in the left and the right-hand sides

  • Accommodates several bracket-hole combinations

  • Pretty a cost-effective solution to your needs

  • Lasts a longer duration of time

  • Quite weighty to haul around with absolute ease

  • Take care that it entangles not your hands

  • Limited to the side installation and use

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#13: National Hardware N236-612 850 Door & Gate Springs

National Hardware N236-612 850

Operate a schedule that is too tight? Alright! Stress not yourself with any other ordinary latch you pick at random. Instead, place your bet on this one that contains loads of automated features.

Self-closing Spring

A self-closing spring mechanism exists primarily to make it possible for you to automatically open and close the gates. It is this one that spares you from the need to invest too much of your attention to operate it.

Adjustable Torque

The device yet again allows you to adjust the tightness you need to operate at any given time. By adjusting the tightness, you get to determine the degree of the efficacy of the locking mechanism.

Ambidextrous Hand Opening

This gadget is designed to open and close using the left and right-hand sides equally well. With this arrangement, you may count on it to be suitable for all kinds of users regardless of their orientations.

  • Spares you from the need to invest too much of your attention

  • Allows for the adjustments of the tautness

  • Accompanied by its own mounting apparatus

  • The exterior bears the corrosion-resistant triple finish

  • Handles heavier applications with absolute ease

  • Gives you limited control of the use

  • Performs fewer uses and applications

  • If broken, may be tedious to repair

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#14: Hearth Creek 5.5″ Hearth Creek Black Barn Door Hardware Farm Gate Latch

Hearth Creek

To be able to manage everyday applications, the right latch has to be highly versatile. Nothing captures this versatility better than being able to mount in various positions and styles at any given time.

Everyday Versatility

This latch is highly versatile. It has the ability to rotate at an angle of 360°. This makes it appropriately suited for all applications. Yet again, it yields a fairer convenience of use.

Higher Value for Money

With this gadget in your hands, you get to obtain a higher value for your money. That is because it is cheaper than those alternative gadgets that have a similar degree of functionality as it.

Thoughtful Design

Overall, the gadget bears a thoughtful design. The design is largely made possible by the hand welding that provides for a rustic and unique look. That way, it also suits many of the purposes you may be on the lookout for in your typical home.

  • Delivers some elegance and aesthetics as well

  • Secures the gates and sliding barn doors

  • Useful also for securing the windows and the bathrooms

  • Comes with its own mounting hardware

  • Made of high-quality materials

  • Favors only those with the necessary expertise

  • Tedious to care for and maintain

  • Costs a lot to get hold of

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#15: WOOCH Cabin Hook Eye Latch

WOOCH Cabin Hook

This latch is constructed with long-term use in mind. As such, it is super strong and comprehensive in scope and stature. It also takes on many of the common sources of damages with absolute zeal.

Practical Design

In its entirety, the gadget comes about in a practical design. Thanks to this design, the latch brings about a sense of added privacy to your door openings and other vital pieces of household furniture.

Privacy Hook

Other than merely sealing your doors and entrances to other vital applications, this one also adds some privacy therein. Moreover, it also installs easily and requires not much input on your part.

Life-time Service

It is on the whole capable of delivering lifetime services. This is mainly made possible by the high quality solid stainless steel structural makeup. It also spares you of the need to spend too much of your money in keeping it in good shape.

  • Sold as a comprehensive package

  • Enjoys a lifetime guarantee and backing

  • Imbues a sense of privacy also

  • Has some special mounting screws for installations

  • Polished to give off added eye appeal

  • Very expensive to afford

  • Has limited functionality

  • Yields limited returns on investments

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is a flip flop also called a latch?

It performs much the same role as a latch. When an input is fed into the system, it flips by getting high. The other side automatically goes low, called a flop. These two actions correspondingly close and open the gates.

How does gate latch work?

You activate the system principally by pressing your thumb downwards. As you do so, the tail rises thus lifting the latch-arm that exists in the inside of the apparatus. This correspondingly secures the gate. Lifting your thumb triggers the exact opposite reaction and outcomes.

What is a Suffolk latch?

This is a simple drop-down bar that secures the doors of the period properties. It is on the whole simpler and easier to get your hands on. Nothing beats its overall relative ease of simplicity.

Which side do hinges go on a gate?

May gates are hinged on the street side. Thus they open outwards. This is due to the limited spaces that often exists in the inside of the homes or compounds that they are designed to secure.

Should a gate swing in or out?

Well, ideally, a gate should swing inwards rather than outwards. This is to save on the obstructions that the gates themselves pose to the exterior spaces that lie adjacent. Nonetheless, due to space constraints, many swing outward as well.

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