11 Best GFCI Outlets (2024)

Ever imagined a world without electricity?

Well, that’s the world that people lived in before its discovery a few centuries ago.

And yes, the discovery of electricity has proved to be among the science’s most important blessings to the humankind. In fact, if we woke up to a world without this form of energy, almost every aspect of life would be affected.

Putting the positivity aside, electricity also has its downside. For example, it can cause electrocution resulting in death.

However, provided you take safety measures into practice, there is nothing much to fear about electricity.

Now, one of the safety measures you should consider putting in place is installing a GFCI outlet.

GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) outlet resembles the standard wall outlet although its smart functionality and two buttons on the face account for the difference.

A GFCI outlet features a sensor that monitors to find if there is any significant difference between the electric current leaving the hot terminal and the one returning to the neutral.

A sizeable difference signifies leakage forcing the GFCI outlet to cut the power supply by turning off.

In today’s article, we have hand-picked the 11 GFCI outlets that guarantee the best protection to you and your loved ones!

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11 GFCI Outlet Reviews

#1 Leviton GFNT1-W Self-Test SmartlockPro GFCI Outlet

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Since water is a good conductor of electricity, it is highly recommended to use GFCI outlets in areas such as washrooms, kitchen, laundry rooms, basements or any other area where there is a water source. Now, if you want one for either of these places, Leviton GFNT1 is among the best options you may consider buying. The 15-Amp GFCI receptacle comes as a single piece and


To ensure that the unit offers reliable protection to you and your loved ones, it automatically performs a self-test. The self-test helps to ascertain that the device is providing the much-needed protection from the dangerous ground faults. In case the outlet detects that the security mechanism has been compromised, it will alert the user.

Patented Reset Lockout

In case the outlet gets damaged, the Patented Reset Lockout feature denies resetting to mean that it can no longer protect the user. This feature ensures that you stay with peace of mind that your family is protected and lets you know when replacement is necessary.

Sleek Design

This unit comes in a slim and elegant design that only takes 75% space of what the other conventional GFCI receptacles take. This design makes installing in electrical boxes more straightforward. The T-design latch mechanism allows for efficient operation while the colors of the ‘TEST’ and ‘RESET’ buttons match to ensure a more streamlined look.


  • It can be installed in older shallow electrical boxes.
  • It comes with good instructions.
  • It is easy to install.


  • The reset button is quite hard to push.

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#2 [10 Pack] BESTTEN Tamper-Resistant GFCI Outlet

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Although most experts recommend installing GFCI outlets in areas such as kitchens and washrooms, you may also install them in any area of your home to ensure more safety. And yes, if this is what you are thinking about, this package comes with you in mind. The bigger pack comes with ten smaller packs of GFCI outlets to meet all your needs.

Tamper Resistant

One common thing about the little ones is that they are curious. With this in mind, this outlet features a tamper-resistant security mechanism that prevents the insertion of objects into the receptacle by the little ones. This feature prevents electrocution that may occur in case a foreign conductor is inserted, providing an extra margin of safety.

Green Indicator Light:

Each BESTTEN Tamper-resistant GFCI Outlet Receptacle features a green indicator light. This light remains on when the unit is functioning correctly. In other words, whenever the green light is off, it means that the device is no longer offering protection. No need to interact with the unit to know if a replacement is necessary!

Advanced GFCI Design

The state-of-the-art design offers better protection from electric shock as compared to other models from the competitors. The new design also comes with a polycarbonate housing is fireproof to minimize the risk of fire.


  • It is easy to see the green indicator light.
  • They are easy to install in minutes.
  • The price is great for the number.


  • They are not a perfect option if you need a single GFCI outlet.

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#3 TOPELE 15 Amp GFCI Outlet

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If you want a GFCI outlet that is easy to install, this should be one of the ideal options for you. The premium-quality unit comes with all the installation screws you need to do the work right and an easy-to-understand manual so that you don’t have to rely on guesswork. The outlet is tamper-resistant to prevent a foreign body from coming into contact with the live parts inside the outlet.

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High-Level Protection

Since it is made with materials of the highest quality, this unit guarantees to offer reliable protection whether you use it in the kitchen, bathtubs, or any other area of your house. The receptacle also utilizes shatter-resistant design to prevent electrical shock that may occur when foreign material is inserted.

2 Wall Plates

The pack also comes with two wall plates- a screwless wall plate and a standard wall plate. The screw-free option features a low profile design and looks modern to give the outlet a more elegant look. The standard wall plate on the other side is not only fade-resistant but also heatproof to prevent fire breakouts.

Green Indicator

Just like the preceding model, this option also features a reliable green indicator. This light alerts the user when the outlet is no longer performing its work as expected. It does this by turning off when something is not right.


  • The design is nice.
  • It comes with two wall plates.
  • It comes with a smooth polished finish.


  • The green indicator light may mislead at times.

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#4 [2 Pack] BESTTEN Tamper-Resistant GFCI Outlet

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Just like the earlier sibling, this GFCI Outlet by BESTTEN is also among the reliable options the market currently holds for you. Unlike the other model that comes in a pack of ten, this package comes with a pair. This makes it an ideal option for anyone who is looking for a replacement outlet. The smart outlet also has a green indicator that communicates the functioning status.

Durable wall plate

This order comes with a well-polished wall plate that blends nicely into any space decor. Besides, this wall plate doesn’t have a grainy texture or feel like other standard plastic plates to deliver an elegant look. The polycarbonate wall plate is also unbreakable to ensure maximum durability.

Installation instructions

Making a simple error when installing a GFCI outlet can turn hazardous. Therefore, it’s recommended to hire a licensed electrician when you need to install one. However, just in case you are among the DIY enthusiasts, this pack arrives with a set of detailed instructions to guide you on how to end up with a fully functional outlet even for the first time.

High-Quality Construction

When buying a GFCI Outlet, you need to get the best quality that will guarantee the best protection. Although choosing the best quality is not easy from the knockoff dominated market, this is among the genuine models you can rely on to do the job. The model is made from an ETL-certified facility and meets the stringent quality standards to let you buy with confidence.


  • The build quality of the outlets is excellent.
  • They can be used as replacement faucets.
  • They work great.


  • The reset button may fail on rare occasions.

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#5 1 Pack – GFCI Duplex Outlet Receptacle

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This 125-volt GFCI Outlet comes with premium construction for years of exceptional performance. The commercial-grade wall plate is also commercial-grade and heat resistant to minimize chances of fire accidents. Also, the fade resistance feature of the wall plate means that it will maintain the aesthetic look throughout its service life.

Weather resistant

If you are looking for a GFCI outlet for installing in the outdoor space such as patios, you will need to go for the one with weather-resistance construction. And yes, the materials of this outlet are engineered to provide excellent performance even under extreme weather conditions.

Automatic Testing

Any GFCI outlet can fail. However, it’s always essential to get updated as soon as the unit fails to buy a replacement before the unwanted happens. To guarantee that the protection feature of this outlet is functioning up to par, it performs automatic reoccurring tests on the performance to ensure that you stay safe.

LED Indicators

Another fantastic feature about this unit is that it comes with indicator light. After performing the automated tests, the outlet communicates any ground faults by turning off the ever-on green LED light.


  • The test and reset buttons are both white to provide an integrated look.
  • It is weather resistant.
  • It features durable construction.


  • The size is quite large.

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#6 5 Pack – ELECTECK 15A/125V GFCI Outlet

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If you want to replace your traditional indoor outlets with GFCI receptacles, this model is specifically designed for indoor use. The package comes with a pack of 5 to meet all your indoor use. The 15-Amp receptacle features a green indicator light that alerts the user whether it is working properly.

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If you are looking for an indoor GFCI receptacle with quality that cannot disappoint, this option has you covered. All the outlets are individually tested to ensure reliability before they are released to the market. Therefore, you can buy with confidence that they will meet your protection needs to the letter.

Advanced Technology

Technology keeps on upgrading. ELECTECK 15-A receptacle utilizes state-of-the-art technology to ensure protection that is hard to beat. The developed technology provides reliable protection and prevents false tripping.

Safety Gate

Each receptacle features a safety gate that prevents the insertion of unwanted objects into the outlet. This feature adds a new line of safety especially to the families with juniors. The pack comes with a premium wall plate and screws for installation convenience.


  • The receptacles look lovely.
  • The color coding allows the user to know what the buttons mean easily.
  • They are available in different quantities.


  • They are pretty hard to plug in the few times although it becomes easier with time.

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#7 Cable Matters GFCI Outlet (2-Pack) 15 Amp

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Whether you want to upgrade the existing wall outlet to a safer high-quality receptacle or maybe want to install the GFCI outlet in a new location, this is one of the top models you may consider adding to your shopping cart. The outlet allows for back and side wiring to give you convenience during installation.

Cost Effective 2-Pack

Unlike some models that come with a single receptacle, this model comes with 2 GFCI outlets. The 2 packs mean that you have an extra tamper-resistant receptacle hence you can install one in where you wanted and use the other to upgrade one of the conventional electrical outlets.

Weatherproof materials

The construction of this outlet is not only UV and temperature resistant but also corrosion-resistant. In other words, whether you want to use it in the indoor space or outdoor application, you are guaranteed a longer service life.

Reliable Protection

This receptacle also performs automatic testing after ever 5 seconds to check whether the protection function can be relied on. In case the protection mechanism has been compromised, the green indicator turns red to signify that something is not right or that there is a need for replacement.


  • It conforms to the local housing codes.
  • The quality is great.
  • It offers installation versatility.


  • The installation instructions are not overly clear.

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#8 Leviton AGTR2 GFCI Outlet

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This receptacle employs an upgraded technology to protect your home from electrical hazards. The receptacle features two buttons on the face to permit localized testing and resetting and a status bar that makes it easy to know when tripping occurs. The unit is also programmed to perform an internal self test to confirm that the GFCI can offer protection.

SmartLockPro Protection

This advanced feature offers protection on a higher level than the conventional GFCI outlets. The technology prevents false tripping and hinders the outlet from being reset just in case it is not functioning as it should or when the protection mechanism has been compromised. Incorrect installation may also prevent the reset functionality.

Dual Protection Mechanism

Although GFCI outlets are generally designed for protecting against ground faults, getting one that offers more protection to other electrical hazards would mean better protection.  This GFCI outlet also protects against arc fault to keep you safe from all the potential electrical hazards.

Wide Color Varieties

Although this specific model comes in brown color, the outlet is also available in five other colors; white, gray, ivory, almond light, and black. The multiple color options means that you can choose the one that best meets your space decor.


  • It has a tamper resistant shutter mechanism for added safety.
  • The dual protection ensures maximum safety.
  • The installation instructions are clear.


  • The child safety feature makes it quite hard to insert a 2-prong plug.

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#9 Leviton GFCI Outlet GFNL1-W R02-Gfnl1-00W

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Experts recommend that GFCI outlet should be tested at least monthly to confirm on the functionality. However, with a busy schedule, the chances of forgetting to perform the test are very high. With this in mind, this GFCI outlet utilizes the latest technology that performs automatic analysis instead of manual testing.

Advanced LED light

The GFCI outlet features strategically-positioned two LED status lights for visibility even when multiple plugs are inserted. The LED light respond to the ambient light by brightening when there is dark. I mean, the LED light guides can also double up as night lights to add an element of safety to your room.

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Elegant Design

This outlet comes with a slimmer design that takes 25% less space on the wall than other standard GFCI outlets. The single piece T-design trip latch mechanism allows for efficient operation while the reliable test and reset button take the color of the face for a more integrated look.

Straightforward Installation

The unit comes with precise installation and operation guide for the sake of first-time buyers. The exterior back wire mechanism allows for visual confirmation on whether clamping is appropriately done.


  • It is built to last.
  • The automatic brightness feature is excellent.
  • The design makes setting up simple.


  • The price may not suit every budget.

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#10 Leviton GFCI Outlet GFWT1-W

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Also from Leviton, this GFCI receptacle comes with a slim design to provide a sleeker look. The outlet features SmartLockPro technology that performs self-tests after a few seconds to ensure constant ground fault protection. The Lockout function prevents reset when the outlet is no longer offering protection.

Coated PC Board

The construction of this unit complies with the National Electrical Code that requires that all the outdoor outlets possess weather-resistant properties. The outlet features a UV-Stabilized thermoplastic that offers protection against the effects of prolonged exposure to sunlight. The conformal PC board provides reliable protection to the internal components from moisture.

Minimized Depth

Although some GFCI outlets are easy to install, most of them are not compatible with most electrical boxes especially the older ones that are shallow. However, this model has a reduced depth which makes it easy to install in almost any electrical box.

Rugged Construction

Since this device is designed with extreme outdoor elements in mind, it comes with sturdy construction for years of reliable performance. Besides standing up to harsh weather conditions, this receptacle resists wire pullout and comes with a brass self-grounding clip.


  • The finish on the face is beautiful.
  • The self-test feature is a plus.
  • It is weather-resistant.


  • It would be better if the test and reset buttons were more comfortable to read.

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#11 SZICT GFCI Outlet Receptacle UL-listed

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This GFCI outlet comes from one of the industry leading manufacturers of reliable GFCI outlets. The aesthetic design of the unit means that it can be used in any space whether in the bathroom, bedroom, office, school, or any other place where there is a need for a GFCI installation.

Nice Design

This receptacle comes with two plates, one screwless and the other regular. The screwless design provides a more professional look and elevates the elegance of your space. The standard wall plate on the other side is heat and fade resistant for extended durability without losing the beauty.

Dependable Indicators

The receptacle comes with two LED indicators, one red and the other green. The red indicator flashes for two seconds continuously after installing the unit and then at the intervals of 60 seconds when carrying out an auto self-test. The green sign means that the device is installed correctly and functioning as necessary.

Comprehensible Manual

If you want to do the installation by yourself, comes with an easy-to-read manual that provides mounting instructions and a guide on how to perform the basic operations.


  • The screwless wall plate provides a sleeker look.
  • The price is reasonable.
  • It comes with premium-grade PC material.


  • Plugging something for the first time is hard.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where should you have GFCI outlets?

Most experts recommend that you install GFCI outlets in places where water and electricity are in close quarters such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and many other areas. However, you can also install them in any place of your home for increased safety.

Are all GFCI outlets the same?

GFCI outlets share some common features. Nevertheless, some models come with unique features making it necessary to consider the properties of each model before making a purchase.

Are GFCI outlets required in older homes?

These outlets were required in homes built after 1971. However, installing them in your older home would still be a safety measure.


If we consider the role a GFCI outlet plays, it will make sense to conclude that it is a must-have addition to any home.

From the reviews, it is clear that some models are specifically designed for indoor spaces while others can suit the outdoor application. All our hand-picked models are of high-quality and therefore guarantee reliable protection.

However, I prefer the Leviton AGTR2 SmartlockPro Dual Function AFCI/GFCI Receptacle since it offers dual electrical protection, it is weather resistant and is available in different colors.

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