15 Best Grass Seeds (2024)

Want to spruce up your yards and gardens? Alright, you have to plant the finest grasses in those areas of your home. For this role, you will have to lay your hands on the best suitable grass for the job. How else can you possibly achieve that very end save for receiving the necessary inspiration?

We have prepared this specific review-cum-buying guide to aid with that role. To do this, we have identified the best breeds and seeds of grass at the moment. Accompanying each product is an in-depth look into their finest traits. Take a look at the explanations and how they might suit you.

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15 Best Grass Seed Reviews

#1: Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed Sun and Shade Mix

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If your yard is shady, we invite you to attempt your luck on this particular set of grass. It is highly resistant to shades and hence more likely to thrive even in those areas that have plenty of darkness.

Fine-bladed Texture

The grass comes along with some fine-bladed texture. Thanks to this stature and makeup, the seeds are finer and less likely to injure or incise anyone who comes in direct contact with them.

4-in-1 WaterSmart PLUS Coating

Throughout the exterior of the grass is some coating. The coating comes in the form of the 4-in-1 WaterSmart PLUS that is generally famed for being pretty awesome insofar as the absorption of water is concerned.

Appropriately Protected

Other than absorbing water, the seeds themselves are appropriately protected from the external elements of diseases. At the same time, they remain moist twice as long as the ordinary seeds.

  • Performs well in extreme weather conditions

  • Spreads aggressively to the other parts of the yards

  • Remains green even when the shades are extremely dense

  • Quite resilient to diseases and other infections

  • Thrives thicker and more luxurious than most alternative seeds

  • Has a limited biomass

  • Cannot add humus to the soil

  • Gets easily damaged by severe weather

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#2: Smartykat Sweet Greens Cat Grass Kit- 1 Oz.

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Are you an organic gardener? If you nodded in affirmation to this question, your solution rests in the acquisition of this specific kind of seed. It does not require any fertilizer to thrive as is the norm with other grasses.


The seed is approved for use on all kinds of soils. On the strength of this stature, the seed performs well and is less likely to inflict any kind of inconvenience to you at all.


It is overall pretty compact and able to grow on a pot too! Thus, you yet again have this particular seed for your consideration if you want to produce the same for commercial applications and sales.


Overall, the grass is rich in all kinds of nutrients like chlorophyll, minerals, and vitamins. It is hence yet again a good one to use to enrich your own soil and the humus contents thereof.

  • Certified appropriately by the various standards organizations

  • Loved by cats and many household pets

  • Requires limited care and attention on your part

  • Grows simply and easily with limited input on your part

  • Adds some water and moisture in your home

  • May not do well in poor soils

  • Has a limited thrive and growth

  • Cannot add some beauty to your homes

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#3: Todd’s Seeds, Wheatgrass Seeds

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Looking for some grass purely for your cat and rodents? We invite you to attempt this particular seed. It is wholly meant for your cats as it is highly nutritious and able to feed them well.

Highest Germination Rate

Of all the seeds we have under our purview, it is that germinates at the fastest rate. This has been vouched for by the many laboratory tests and appropriately labeled for the same end.

Mouthwatering Wheatgrass

The grass is also truly delicious and savory to the pets and cats in particular. You have it for your own consideration if all you want to enhance the growth of your cats and other household pets.

Highest-quality Chemical-free Seeds

One distinctive aspect of this seed is that it is completely devoid of any chemicals. At the same time, it is also of high quality and is less inclined to the harms and dangers that the environment brings along.

  • Demands limited input and care during growth

  • Tested for resilience and other forms of damages

  • Takes a shorter time to get to full maturity

  • Unlikely to contaminate your soils

  • Traps plenty of nutrients and supplements

  • Lacks any commercial value

  • Quite weighty and cumbersome to carry around

  • Easily withers when there is insufficient moisture

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#4: Rose and Branch Organic Wheat Grass Seeds

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This seed is wholly devoid of any genetically modified organisms or chemicals. Thus, the seed is safer for you not to mention also providing richer nutrients to your pets. It also grows faster and easily.

Organic and GMO-free

As we have already mentioned, the seeds are devoid of any genetic modifications. They are also organic in nature. For these two reasons, they are less likely to impact your pets negatively.

Grown and Harvested in the USA

It is grown and harvested in the United States of America. In light of this fact, the seed conforms to and even exceeds the many standards that are put in place. You will find it better suited for many kinds of pets.

Sustainable and Happy

In all, the seed is both sustainable and happy in equal measure. On the strength of this, it is attractive even to the rabbits and reptiles that are naturally indifferent to smells and other attractions.

  • Simple enough to handle on your own

  • Tested for pathogens and other dirt elements

  • Excellent germination rates

  • Requires limited moisture input to thrive

  • May not thrive well outside North America

  • Sustains water damages easily

  • Cannot grow in a shaded area

  • Its roots do no sink deeper

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#5: Scotts EZ Seed Dog Spot Repair Sun and Shade

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Searching for some seeds to mulch your grounds and soils? This is the seed to find and make use of. Indeed, when the grass is fully grown, it spreads atop the soil to cover it completely from the bare exposition.

Salt Neutralizer Formula

A special neutralizer formula adorns the seeds. The formula basically diminishes the strength and the potency of the salts that are released by the dogs when they urinate on the grasses.

Wholesome Combinations

The seeds combine some mulch, soil, and seeds. This wholesome combination enables the seeds to absorb six times as much water as its weight. In doing so, it protects the seeds through a layer.


Lastly comes the protectant that maintains the seedlings in an absolute state of safety against the elements of diseases and other issues that ordinarily affect the seeds.

  • Repairs pet damages

  • Grows just about anywhere else

  • Mulches your soils from all forms of damages

  • Guards against the emergence of harmful diseases

  • Does not wash away even when it is rainy

  • Likely to entangle your feet when used

  • Demands too much fertilizer to thrive

  • Unable to stand tall to strong winds

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#6: Pennington 100526658 Smart Perennial Rye Grass Seed

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Could it be that your area experiences heavy traffic? If that is the case, you want a seed that produces grass with good traffic tolerance such as this one. It is distinctively thick enough to bear excess weights.

Excellent Traffic Tolerance

Topping the charts with regards to its long list of awesome benefits is excellent traffic tolerance. This is largely made possible by the thick and durable nature that sees it withstands many stepping.

Pure-bred Smart Seed

The seeds are purely bred. On the basis of this, it lacks any harms and contaminants that characterize the seeds of these kinds. It also guarantees thicker and healthier grass outcomes later on.

Drought Tolerant

One added benefit is the fact that the seeds tolerate drought and desiccation. This is mainly evidenced by its ability to save up to 30% of all water per year when compared to your ordinary grasses.

  • Pretty easy to establish for growth

  • Generates finer textures that are breathtaking to behold

  • Maintains a dark green color through to the winter

  • Resists insects naturally

  • Bears the tough summer heat with ease

  • Direct contacts can cut or incise you

  • Requires tender care and observation

  • Its leaves do not thrive luxuriously

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#7: Seeds2Go White Clover Seeds

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If you want some permanent solutions to your bare grounds, we ask that you set your eyes on this particular seed. It does grow extremely fast and also spreads abroad each year. This makes its impact more permanent.


As we have already hinted, this grass is perennial in the sense that it spreads each year. In light of this, it requires limited effort on your part to fertilize and enhance the overall growth.


The grass is also able to fix Nitrogen in the soil. In case your soil has poor productivity, you want to give the seeds a try. This is something you should do more so if you grow plants that require higher levels of Nitrogen.

Effective Mulching

Given that this breed of grass grows indefinitely year in year out, it is an effective way of mulching your bare soils. You may hence use it as a ground cover to mitigate the possibilities of erosion of your topsoil.

  • Vital for pasture and turf mixes

  • Comfortable seeding rates

  • Requires less attention and monitoring

  • Tolerant of many diseases and infections

  • Demands less water to grow to fruition

  • Does poorly in highly alkaline soils

  • Cannot tolerate drought

  • Inappropriate for summers

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#8: PowerGrow Systems Certified Organic Non-GMO Wheatgrass Seeds

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This seed is mainly good for those soils that are hard and unbreakable. The reason is that it has an excellent sprouting rate by the virtue of being able to pierce through the soils with absolute reliability.

USDA Certified

These seeds bear the United States Department of Agriculture certification. As such, it does not contain the otherwise harmful pathogens and chemicals that are more likely to destroy your soils.

Ethical Farming Techniques

Only the ethical farming techniques have been used to make the seeds up. With this in mind, expect your seeds to stand tall to the harsh elements of possible damages and impediments to growth.

Detailed Sprouting Instructions

Also accompanying the seeds are some detailed sprouting instructions. These instructions see to it that you take good care of your seedlings from the time you plant them to the time they mature up.

  • Measures the impressive 5 pounds

  • Certified by the United States Department of Agriculture

  • Contains no harmful genetically modified organisms

  • Manages excellent germination rates

  • Good enough for juicing and many allied tasks

  • Its nutrient consumption is pretty high

  • Requires excessive care and attention

  • Cannot spread around on the soil surface

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#9: Jonathan Green Black Beauty Ultra Grass Seed

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Want to darken and enrich your hood? This green black beauty grass seed will do the trick. It has the distinctive advantage of being able to trap excess levels of sunshine that gives it a darker and elegant appearance.

10% Frontier Perennial Ryegrass

This grass is perennial in the sense that once sown, it grows and re-grows in perpetuity. For this reason, it is able to deliver the selfsame benefits that come along ordinarily for an extended timeline.

Sod Quality Mix

It boasts of the sod quality mix that is specially formulated for faster germination. The mix further allows for optimal growth and excellent outcomes. In this way, it yields better than average produces.

Comprehensive Packaging

The seeds do come in some comprehensive packaging that has the ability to impact the impressive 400 square feet of space. With this packaging, it is possible for you to attain more convenient outcomes.

  • Comes about in a diverse species-set

  • Gives rise to taller and healthier grasses

  • Covers a whopping 400 square feet of space

  • Contains naturally insect resistant grass

  • Coated to guard against sicknesses and diseases

  • Calls for tender care and maintenance

  • Comes at too great a cost

  • May not thrive in some soils

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#10: Magic Grow Wheatgrass

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Could it be that your soil is difficult and hard? Fret not! All you have to do is lay your hands on this particular grass seed. It is guaranteed to grow in the sense that its formulation is richer.

Hard Red Winter Wheatgrass Seeds

When fully grown, the grass is the hard red winter variety. Its stature and looks are both elegant to behold. The winter capability makes it stand taller in the harsh winter months.

Great Germination Rate

The grass does take the least amount of time to germinate, of all the ones we have under our review. This stems from the fact that it is tested for the same and generated a whopping 95% optimal outcome.

Naturally Grown

Also setting this grass apart from the others is the fact that it lacks any genetically-modified stuff. On account of this, the seeds are safer and gentler for your own use and considerations.

  • Packaged in a re-sealable for your easy use

  • Offers the best values in the market

  • Grows into a hard red winter grass

  • Measures 1 pound is hence safer for your use

  • Germinates at a faster rate

  • Easily affected by sicknesses

  • Limited to the winter months alone

  • The roots do not sink that deep

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#11: DLF 216AX004UCT198 K-31 Tall Fescue (Coated) 5 White

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Is your area dry? We ask you to attempt your feat on this particular grass seed. It does have the distinctive ability to absorb and retain excess moisture. This is mainly due to the existence of a coating.

Kentucky 31-inch Tall

When fully grown, the Fescue grass grows to a decent height of 31 feet. Thus, it is able to wholly cover an area and prevent sun or other harsh environmental weather elements from damaging the soils and the area.

Excellent Forage or Turf Grass

After the grass has fully thrived, it has the ability to provide sufficient forage for animals. You should hence look up to it if you are intent on satisfying the needs of your pet animals and livestock.

Covers up to 1, 000 Square feet

On the whole, the seeds are able to spread and cover a whopping 1,000 square feet of space. For this reason, it is yet again possible for you to mulch an area and rid it of the effects of soil erosion.

  • Lasts extremely longer duration

  • Highly tolerant to the effects of drought

  • Absorbs excess levels of moisture

  • Reaches full maturity within a week only

  • Survives excess heat levels

  • Requires abundant sunshine to thrive

  • Unsuitable for the harsh winter months

  • Its leaves are not really breathtaking to behold

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#12: Seeds2Go Dichondra Repens Grass Seeds

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Looking to conserve the moisture of your grounds and soils? This seed will get the job done, and perfectly well for that matter. Its creepy nature and circular leaves are chiefly responsible for these.

Perennial Ground Cover Plant

It is also perennial in the sense that once planted, it keeps growing for years to come. This is what makes it capable of sprucing up your lawns and maintaining them in the best shapes and forms.

Shade and Disease-resistant

The grass is highly resistant to shades and diseases. On account of this, it performs well in the shades and those areas that are naturally susceptible to the risks of diseases and contaminations.

Dense Carpet-like Appearance

After it has attained its full growth phase, the grass will form a dense carpet-like appearance. Thus it protects your bare soils not to mention maintaining the same in a perfect state and quality.

  • Attains the comfortable height of 2 inches

  • Maintains a bright green color output

  • Stays luxurious and wither-free even when it is too hot

  • Grows very easily with minimal effort

  • 3 pounds of the seed covers 1,000 square feet

  • Germinates in a specific timeframe (March to May)

  • Requires frequent watering and care

  • Easily desiccates with prolonged dryness

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#13: PERFECT PLANTS Cat Grass Seeds by Perfect Plants

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Perfect Plants is a brand that is renowned for reliable and fast-maturing seeds. It is hence in your best interest to attempt one of its products to be able to similarly enjoy the awesome benefits that they yield.

Heavy-duty and Re-sealable Bag

In its entirety, this product is packaged in a heavy-duty and re-sealable bag. On the strength of this, the seeds are comparatively simpler to dispense and sow on your field. Being heavy-duty, the bag lasts longer.

Rich in Fiber

The grass itself is richer in fiber. As such, it is overall simpler and easier to digest. With the stature, it is possible for you to uphold the health and the overall well-being of your cats in totality.


Lastly, the grass does not contain any genetic modifications. Its lack of toxins definitely makes it safer and well able to handle the tasks that are leveled against it with absolute ease.

  • Grows even where others won’t

  • Safe for human consumption

  • Blends fruits and juices

  • Anchors firmly too deep in the soil

  • Requires less water to sprout and germinate

  • Prepare to dig deeper to afford

  • Demands excess attention from you

  • Cannot withstand too much moisture levels

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#14: Pleasant Hill Premium Annual Rye Grass Seed 4lbs

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Are you a fan or everything organic? Try your hand on this particular set of grass seed. It is packaged and prepared at a local organic farm in the United States of America. The seed is hence unlikely to harm you.

Manual Preparation

Its preparation is manual. That is because the entire process entails the use of hands and manual labor. Thus, it is safer and less likely also to inflict any harm to you while in the course of handling and management.

Fast-lawn Growth

The seeds take faster to grow and thrive. You will subsequently take a shorter duration of time to have your way in them at all. The pleasure of reduced incidences of inconveniences is thus yours to reap.


Considering that it lacks the harmful genetic modifications, the seeds are similarly devoid of or likely to inflict the menace of cancer. Consider them healthy and secure for your pets and you.

  • Grows at a pace that is fast enough

  • Organic nature means zero toxins

  • Free of any cancer-causing substances

  • Slightly cheaper to come by

  • Its brand is really reputable

  • Poor disease resistance

  • Performs only well in areas that are extremely fertile

  • Easily swayed by harsh winds

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#15: Canada Green Grass Seed – 6 Pound Bag

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Could it be that your lawn is a little thin or has some bare spots? We ask you to attempt this specific seed. It does have that distinctive ability to fill the gaps and give rise to some smooth appearance.

Fine-grass Seed Mixture

On the whole, the seed does come about with some fine-grass mixture. The end results are grasses that are similarly finer to the touch and breathtaking to the eyes. They are truly rich in stature.

Simpler Cultivation

You will also get to enjoy the rare benefit of simpler cultivation. That is largely made possible by the fact that it does come accompanied by some instructions for you to follow through and use.

48.3% Creeping

In all, the seeds enjoy some 48.3% creeping capability. Put differently, the grasses spread and thrive smoothly on the surfaces of the soils wherein they are planted to mulch it wholly and prevent moisture loss.

  • Truly resilient to the harsh environmental conditions

  • Crowds out the weeds

  • Resists bugs and harmful weeds

  • Commences the growth phases almost immediately after planting

  • Produces a truly lush lawn

  • Unsuitable for large scale applications

  • Has a shorter reach and overall impacts

  • Withers and wilts in times of drought

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When should I put down grass seed?

Most grasses germinate faster in the springtime. On the same note, they require optimal temperatures that range from 75-90°F degrees. Then again you should pay keen attention to the unique requirements of the specific seed you have at hand.

What is the best grass seed for hard to grow areas?

The perennial ryegrass, buffalo grass, creeping red fescue, tall fescue, bluegrass, and the bentgrass are the best to grow in areas that ordinarily hard and difficult for your normal plants. They are tolerant of drought conditions.

What type of grass seed grows the fastest?

The Perennial ryegrass it is. It takes around 10 days to sprout and germinate well above the ground. Coming in next is the tall fescue seed that takes roughly 10 to 14 days and the Kentucky bluegrass seed that takes around 14 to 21 days.

How much will a 50 lb. bag of grass seed cover?

A typical 50-pound ought to ordinarily cover 10,000 square feet of space when fully spread out and grown in an area. The extent to which they spread is also dependent on the amount of fertilizer that is used in growth and development.

Will grass seed grow if you just throw it on the ground?

NOT REALLY! For a seed to thrive, it has to maintain firm contact with the ground. This cannot happen if you simply throw the seed on the soil. You have to dig deeper and cover the same wholly.

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