Top 15 Best Grow Lamps (2023)

Are you a plant enthusiast who stays in an area that is too dark? Fret not! It is still possible for you to grow your plants. All you have to do is lay your hands on a suitable grow lamp. As its name implies, this is a special kind of lamp that can mimic the natural sunlight.

It hence allows your plants to thrive just as they normally would under direct sunlight. Finding the most suitable grow lamp is the most critical step towards enjoying the benefits that come along ordinarily. We have come to your rescue by preparing this review and buying guide for you.

15 Best Grow Lamps

#1: Juhefa LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants


Could it be that you want to grow succulent plants? Well, this lamp will provide the light output that is sufficient for the formation of the succulence. It emits both ultraviolet and infra-red radiation.

Multi-connectable Design

This appliance is able to pair and share with many other like-minded gadgets. This is made possible by the multi-connectable design. The connectivity allows for a wider illumination for added efficiency.

Professional Full Spectrum

It also exudes the professional full spectrum formation. This is evidenced by the existence of some 144 powerful light-emitting diode bulbs. They have the ability to produce just about every other color output.

Updated Hanging Kit

Lastly, it comes about with its own updated hanging kit that serves the role of expediting the installation and set-up. The kit cuts down the time that would otherwise go to waste when laying the various pieces in place.

  • Comparatively simpler to assemble for subsequent use

  • Applicable in a wide variety of settings and environments

  • Changes the modes to give off numerous impacts

  • Truly energy efficient that sees it save plenty of your money

  • Cost-effective as it requires minimal investments

  • Too strong for drier plants

  • Cannot generate heat (light only)

  • Has a comparatively shorter lifespan

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#2: Ankace Plant Grow Lights


Some plants require precise levels of temperature outputs. The grow lamps in use have to be timed to allow for that. We invite you to try this one that comes along with a timer and three switch modes.

Upgraded Timer

As we have hinted, this lamp is equipped with a timer that basically regulates the number of hours that the lamp glows. It is this one that forms the core of the appliance and contributes to saving time.

Dimmable and Switch Modes

The lamp allows you to dim it and even switch the modes. Thanks to this awesome arrangement, you will be able to supply the right amount of light for the precise stage of growth of your plant.

Adjustable Design

All its parts adjust to being able to conform to the required dimensions and circumstances of growth. The 360° adjustable gooseneck stands tall as it ensures that the light is channeled exactly where it is supposed to be.

  • Pretty great at promoting the growth of succulents

  • Improves the tastes of some vegetables like cucumbers

  • Bolsters the quality of the flowers and the flowering time

  • Performs multiple uses and applications

  • Delivers a good light color combination

  • Calls for some expertise to operationalize

  • Has limited connectivity

  • Quite delicate and prone to fidgeting

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#3: AeroGarden Harvest – Black


Modern plant growth is quite a complicated undertaking. It requires the incorporation of so many factors and caring for so many issues. It is only by using an equally special lamp of this kind that you may do the job well.

Easy-to-use Control Panel

It does have a control panel that is pretty easy to use. This panel is able to alert you on whether you may have to add some extra plant food or not. The machine does this chiefly by turning the lights on automatically.

High-performance LED Grow Lights

At the core of the lamp are some high-performance LED grow lights that bear the 20W rating. These bulbs are energy efficient as is evidenced by the minimal loss of power they suffer in the course of use.

In-home Garden System

The appliance fits well with your in-home garden systems. You will find it particularly handy when growing fresh herbs and vegetables preferably on an all-round basis.

  • Guarantees a year-round supply of fresh produce

  • Able to facilitate the growth of plants on water

  • Encourages faster growth of the plants

  • Sends out simple reminders from time to time

  • Eliminates all forms of guesswork in the course of the growth

  • Only for the expert plant grower

  • Costs a lot to come by

  • Demands extreme caution and attention

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#4: GHodec LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants


Have some seedlings that you want to bloom and sprout faster? We have some good news for you here. This lamp will do to you just that. Its light output is pretty strong and awesome enough to allow for just that.

Variable Light Output

The equipment is able to generate a variable light output. These come in the form of the three color modes and some 10 levels of brightness. They make it possible for you to impact your plants in wholesome ways.

Auto On/Off Timer Function

Auto on/off time function also forms the core of the lamp. It basically expedites the operations of the lamp by allowing for smooth activation and deactivation thereof. These happen automatically.

Sturdy Gooseneck and Strong Clamp

Its frame comes in the form of a gooseneck. Thanks to this arrangement, the lamp is able to bend to allow for the easy channeling of the light output to the desired positions with absolute ease.

  • Its gooseneck adjusts smoothly to allow for precise light channels

  • Clamps to the desktop for easy operations

  • Provides three timing options for you to select

  • Negates the need for manual tuning and operations

  • Avails 10 levels of brightness that yield wholesome impacts

  • Limited to the early growths of plants only

  • Loses relevance a bit too soon!

  • Yields reduced value for your money overall

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#5: EZORKAS Grow Light


For complete plant growth, the lamp you choose has to be able to emit varying spectrums of lights. We draw this to your attention. It emits both the blue and the red spectrums both of which impact your growths wholly.

Efficient Red/Blue LED Combination

We have already explained that the lamp produces both red and blue spectrums respectively. Thanks to this awesome combination, the lamp is able to allow for complete impacts and growth.

Variable Modes

All its modes are variable. These include the 9 dimmable modes, 3 switch modes, 3 spectral modes, and 9 levels of intensities. They allow for the smooth and convenient growths of your plants overall.

Visible Quality and Adjustable

Its light output exhibits some visible quality not to mention being adjustable. With these traits, it is possible for you to manage varying feats and bring about some added levels of convenience.

  • Turns on and off automatically

  • Comprises a USB plug for easier sharing of contents

  • Varies the light output in response to the specific plant needs

  • Usable in potted plants and indoor gardens

  • Relevant at each stage of the plant’s development

  • Its energy consumption is pretty high

  • Requires that you dig too deep in your pocket to operationalize

  • Has a somewhat poor customer service support

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#6: Spider Farmer SF-1000 LED Grow Light

Spider Farmer SF-1000

It is impossible to grow plants without availing the full spectrum of the light output that is necessary for the job. To guarantee this, you have to lay your hands on a lamp that is similarly designed for the emission of that spectrum.

Loads Cheaper to Run

Compared to many of its peers, this lamp loads faster and is subsequently cheaper to run. This is further complemented with the high energy efficiency that gives it the leeway to save you plenty of money.

Samsung LM301B Diodes

At the heart of the lamps are the Samsung LM301B diodes. These ones have been noted to generate the highest light output of all the appliances of its kinds on the market. They also suffer limited energy loss.

Comparatively Safer

Other than being energy efficient, the lamp is also safer. It, unlike many of its peers, does not yield too much noise, or overheat. These are besides being waterproof enough to resist any form of water damages.

  • Has a 50% longer lifespan compared with other brand lights

  • Lets you grow your plants with absolute confidence

  • Provides every vital growth ingredient your plant requires

  • Gives rise to beautiful high-yielding plants

  • Requires no assembly before use

  • Its utility consumption is way too high

  • May not fit certain rooms

  • Calls for frequent upgrades and attachments to work

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#7: GARSCEN YORC Grow Light LED Growing Lights Indoor Plants


Have some seedlings that you want to germinate and sprout? This lamp is designed to expedite just that. It is particularly effective in triggering the growth of seeding vegetable flowers.

Full Spectrum Plant Lights

The lighting gadget is able to emit the full spectrum plant lights. These are the infra-red, ultraviolet, blue and red respectively. All these simulate the actual rays of the sun to provide a precise environment for growth.

Longer Life Span

Yet again when compared to the competing lamps, the life span of this one tends to be longer than average. This is mainly attributable to the use of the ABS material that is stronger and super robust.

Simplified Operations

Though stronger and more durable the lamp is nonetheless simpler to operationalize. That is due to its accompaniment with the hanging brackets that easily adjust to hang the plants easily.

  • Useful for wide applications

  • Fits many spaces and areas of use

  • Facilitates the growth of many kinds of plants

  • Backed by an awesome after-sale service

  • calls for fewer repairs and maintenance

  • Limited to the early stages of plant growth

  • Loses relevance a bit too soon

  • Does not yield that much value

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#8: Elaine LED Grow Light for Indoor Plant


Do you operate a schedule that is too squeezed? We have some good news for you here! This lamp is automated and hence able to handle many growth-related tasks independent of your own controls.

Pretty Long Life

With the ability to operate for 50,000 hours in total, the lamp is truly reliable in the long run. On account of this long life, you are assured the peace of mind you need to enjoy the benefits that the lamp gives forth.


It is also richer efficiency-wise as it wastes less energy while at the same time give off higher energy output. In this way, you will spend less to maintain it operational yet derive so much more benefits.

5 Adjustable Brightness

Some five levels of adjustable brightness also exist as a part of this lamp. They make it possible for you to determine the light output that may be necessary for the stage and species of plants at any given time.

  • Timed to allow for automated applications

  • Enhances the performance of photosynthesis

  • Applicable for all stages of the growth

  • Manages easier heat dissipation

  • Saves your electrical bills significantly

  • Likely to confuse a simpler user

  • Quite tedious to master and comprehend

  • Calls for constant upgrades and attachments

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#9: Giixer 1000W LED Grow Light

Giixer 1000W

Are you a farmer who uses hydroponics to grow your plants? Well, not every lamp you pick randomly will yield the benefits you are desirous of. You have no choice but to place your bet on this one.

3 Modes Optional Vegetation

Topping the list of the many goodies it potentially brings along are some three modes for operations. These ones regulate the various stages of growth and development. They are comprehensive for maximum impacts.

Excellent Light Transmission Mechanism

It does have an excellent light transmission mechanism. This is largely made possible by the combination of gold wires, highly conductive chips, and exceptional workmanship that sees a smooth flow of power.

Strong Heat Dissipation Design

Other than sheer strength, the lamp also boasts of a strong heat dissipation mechanism. It neither heats up excessively not burn out as many of its peers do. Have we also mentioned the 100,000 hours operating span?

  • Comprises a couple of new upgrades

  • Saves plenty of energy and effort

  • Lasts longer than many other lamps

  • Delivers full spectrum light output

  • Applies to each stage of growth

  • Unsuitable for soil growths

  • Quite delicate to handle and engage

  • Does not bear strong impacts

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#10: Fauna LED Grow Light for Indoor Plant

Fauna LED Grow Light

Succulent plants generally require plenty of water and abundant sunlight to mature and yield fruit. Thus, the lamp you use for the job has to similarly be powerful enough to replace the natural sunlight.

Powerful Durable Clip

A powerful durable clip stands tall among the list of the many awesome benefits it gives off. It is durable and subsequently well able to take you further for longer than many of its peers.

360° Flexible Gooseneck

Its stand comes in the form of a gooseneck that swivels at an angle of 360°. Thanks to this flexibility, the lamp is able to channel the light output to the precise areas that may be of interest to you at any given time.

Upgraded 4 Head Lights

Some four headlights do adorn the top portions of the lamp. They jointly generate the full spectrum light that mimics that of the sun. They hence provide every ingredient that the plants require to thrive.

  • Suits all manner of indoor plants

  • Relevant for all stages of growth and development

  • Requires limited attention on your part

  • Sets the time at periodic intervals all the while

  • Has a comparatively large illumination area

  • Tends to overheat

  • Prolonged exposure can desiccate the plants

  • Glares excessively and can damage your eyes

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#11: KingLED King Plus 600W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum

KingLED King Plus 600W

Vegetables generally require plenty of strong lights to be able to thrive. This lamp is specifically intended to do just that. You have it for your taking to be able to achieve that very end.

Veg/Bloom Switch

A veg or bloom switch is the premier part and specification of this lamp. It basically regulates the flow of the light output in order to be able to allow for smooth growth and development.

Energy-saving Technology

Only the energy-saving technology has been used to make it up. The technology allows the lamp to consume negligible amounts of electrical energy that subsequently reduces the operational expenses.

Advanced Cooling System

It is also packed with an advanced cooling system. This system is made of up multiple high-speed mute fans that work in conjunction with the upgraded aluminum radiators to maintain the system cold.

  • ‘Grows’ with your plants from scratch to finish

  • Prevents any damages to the chlorophyll

  • Encourages sprouting the developments of the roots

  • Invigorates the flow of nutrients in the leaves

  • Manufactured by a reputable firm

  • None

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#12: Simple Deluxe HIWKLTCLAMPLIGHTMX2 2-Pack Clamp Lamp Light

Simple Deluxe

Other than chiefly supplying sunlight to your plants, a good light source should also add some ambiance and décor to the inner rooms. We invite you to attempt this one as it is more likely to yield that benefit.


This appliance is able to deliver many benefits. It is multifunctional in nature and is hence better placed to do a good and convenient job overall. You will find it truly reliable for your garages and art studios.

Practical Lamp

The lamp is overall pretty practical by virtue of possessing firm clamping grips. These, unlike your ordinary clamps, do not leave behind any stray marks on your surfaces.

Adjustable Aluminum Reflector

An aluminum reflector that adjusts exists to focus the light energy output to the desired area of use. It does not mar or diminish with time as is the case with the many alternative reflectors that exist.

  • Can be used indoors and outdoors equally

  • Comes about in a simple deluxe design

  • Incorporates the latest technological advancements

  • Suits a variety of working environments

  • Tackles many other vital chores as well

  • May require extreme care and attention

  • Sustains scratches and damages easily

  • Likely to run out of fashion prematurely

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#13: WAKYME 600W LED Grow Light


Obviously, plants require so much more than light to be able to grow and thrive. Among other vital necessities are adjustable rope, humidity, and heat. This lamp embodies all these other needs.

VEG Switch for Seedling Stage

At the top of its features is the VEG switch. This one provides wavelengths that vary from 460 to 630 nm. Accompanying this are some white lights that truly expedite the germination of seedlings.

Bloom Switch for Flowering Fruiting Stage

During the fruiting stage, you will make use of the bloom switch to supply 410-730 nm of white light. This level of wavelength has also been noted to furnish enough nutrients for the plants.

Daisy Chain Function

Lastly comes the daisy chain function that allows the connection of two or three like-minded grow lights. This connection, you manage by use of a standard power cord to enhance the functionality thereof.

  • Lasts 100,000 hours of lifetime services

  • Impacts a wider area at a time

  • Cools automatically to avoid overheating

  • Easily controlled via the double switch

  • Promoted healthy growth of plants

  • Only for the professional user

  • Requires too much care and attention

  • Takes up plenty of mounting space

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#14: BESTVA 1000W LED Grow Light


Vegetables and flowers require an above-average supply of light. It is unlikely that the lamp you pick randomly will be able to achieve this feat. Luckily, you have a good companion in this one.

Photosynthetically Active Radiation

This is special radiation that mimics the plant photosynthesis. It comes about in a wavelength range of around 380 ~ 730 nm. The range coincides with that of visible light and is thus effective at yielding the necessary growth outcomes.

Core Coverage Area

Its coverage is pretty wide. In light of this, it is able to deliver above-average impacts on the leaves of the plants that it is intended to impact. This way, it makes it possible for the supernormal growth of plants.

Aging Tested

During its makeup, the lamp undergoes thorough testing for the aging. At such a time, it undergoes 300 current impact tests within a period of 72 hours. This way, it guarantees 100% better outcomes.

  • Brighter and more effective than many bulbs

  • Facilitates each stage of growth

  • Varies the heat and energy outputs considerably

  • Dissipates heat better and more effectively

  • Mimics natural sunshine as nearly as possible

  • Complicated to master and comprehend

  • Careless handling may lead to unnecessary hazards

  • Its brand is not really reputable

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#15: VOGEK 72W 144 LED Plant Growing Light

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Could it be that the only space that is available is a desktop? Well, this last lamp will do you some good. It is compact enough to fit your desktop and also comprises a gooseneck that adjusts for easy viewing.

3 Bendable Goosenecks

In between the clip and the lights are some three bendable goosenecks. They jointly allow for the supply and directing of the rays of light accordingly to the precise area where they are required to hit.

3 Bulbs

Unlike your standard lamp, this one is able to accommodate three light bulbs at a time. These bulbs jointly furnish the light output you need to illuminate your rooms wholly.

Strong Clip

A strong clip rounds up the list of its outstanding features. They provide the strong support that you need to be able to similarly enjoy the peace of mind you require to do a better job overall.

  • Times the power output as well

  • Gives you the power to determine your own level of brightness

  • Shuts off automatically to prevent any desiccation

  • Restarts on its own yet again to ward off any manual input

  • Adjusts accordingly to allow for smooth channeling of light output

  • Limited to the desktops alone

  • Cannot facilitate the growth of succulent plants

  • Has a shorter number of hours

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which light is best for growing plants?

The full-spectrum lights are no doubt the best for growing plants. They provide all the rays of light your plants require to be able to thrive fully without the possibility of suffering any malnourishment.

What are the best lights for growing plants indoors?

Incandescent lights are no doubt the best for growing plants indoors. They are the more energy-efficient as they deliver only 10% of their energy as light with the remaining 90% as heat.

Can I put a grow light in a regular lamp?

Why not? Many are designed to be used in any lamp. Be sure though to confirm whether the one you have in mind is able to allow for such use or not. Placing it in a wrong place will no doubt prove disastrous later on.

How far should a 1000 Watt HPS light be from plants?

5-8 inches would be suitable for optimal growth to occur. The HPS lamps, being stronger should be further away from the plants than the incandescent lights. Yet again, you may have to factor your species before proceeding.

How many hours a day should you use a grow light?

It all depends on the kind of plant you have in mind. Many flowering plants and vegetables require 12-16 hours of light daily. This is complemented with no less than 8 hours of darkness daily.

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