Top 11 Best Grow Tents (2023)

If you have a strong passion for gardening but don’t have enough outdoor space or the outside elements seem to be against the idea, a good grow tent should come to your rescue.

A grow tent creates an ideal growing environment for plants within the indoor space. It offers an avenue for you to grow delicate plants and your favorite edibles within the easy-to-control indoor space.

Also, since they afford the plants with the necessary conditions to flourish, these tents maximize the potential of high-quality yield.

However, before you even begin enjoying all these benefits, you need to first get the ideal model for you. Our review makes it simple since it examines some of the 11 best grow tents in the market.

Top 11 Grow Tent Reviews

#1 VIVOSUN Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent (24″x24″x48″)


As the best-selling grow tent, this is the first option you may count on for high-quality produce. The tent measures 24 inches x 24 inches x 48 inches (L x W x H). But in case this size seems too large or small for your needs, the high-quality tent is available in smaller and bigger versions.

The tent features a premium-grade 600D canvas. This material is thick and tearproof to support years of use. As if not enough, the tent also has double stitching that further prolongs the service life of the grow tent. The 98% reflective Mylar lining prevents light from escaping for optimal efficiency.

The enclosure also has black lining at the zipper. The backing keeps the light put for greater efficiency and high-quality produce. The zipper is also of premium quality and will therefore not disappoint like other options in the market.

The strong metal poles support the tent and have a very smooth finish for rust protection. The door unzips conveniently when you need access to the tent while the observation window allows you to check on the conditions of your plants.

  • There are a variety of sizes available.

  • It has a premium-grade zipper.

  • The material is durable and tearproof.

  • The metal poles are strong.

  • The observation window may leak some light.

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#2 OPULENT SYSTEMS Hydroponic Mylar Water-Resister Grow Tent


If you do not have enough outdoor space for gardening, this is one of the options you may turn to for effective indoor growing. This tent provides you with high-quality yield without claiming your whole indoor space.

It adopts a premium 600D canvas at the exterior while the interior is of reflective material. I mean, the inside material of this unit ensures that light will focus on the interior side of the tent and not in the surrounding space like some of the models out there. The canvas material is double-stitched to prevent light from penetrating through.

The unit also has a high-quality SBS zipper that has an inner lining to prevent light from escaping. The easy-view window allows you to monitor the status of your plants without having to disturb the temperature and light levels in the inside environment.

The floor tray is water-proof and comes out easily for convenient cleaning. The tool bag offers convenient storage for your tools. If you have never interacted with a grow room before, you will like how easily this tent assembles and how sturdy it stands.

  • The instructions are very easy to understand.

  • The four adjustable straps allow for easy hanging of light.

  • The mesh storage is very handy.

  • The frame is very sturdy.

  • You can still some slight light leaks in total darkness.

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#3 GreenHouser (24″x24″x48″) Reflective Mylar Grow Tent


With the construction of this grow tent, its crystal clear that it is designed for a constant supply of high-quality produce several years to come. The PEVA material of the tent is PVC-free and environmentally friendly.

The material also boasts a fabulous reflective effect so that light does not sneak out of the grow tent. The lining also prevents heat loss to create an optimal growing environment for your plants.

The outside of the tent adopts 600D oxford cloth. This material is also lightproof so nothing penetrates in or out of the unit. The metal frames have a diameter of 16 mm and highly durable for long-lasting use. These poles are easy to lock in place and do not require any tool for the job.

The tent also comes with high-quality corner adapters that make the tent super stable. The floor tray of this grow tent is also waterproof and removable. This feature makes it easy to maintain your indoor space clean.

  • It is super easy to put together.

  • The price is reasonable.

  • The shipping is super fast.

  • It is an extremely strong unit.

  • The small viewing window may be hard to trace.

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#4 TopoGrow 2-in-1 Indoor Grow Tent (48″x36″x72″)


This tent measures 48 inches x 36 inches x 72 inches. Therefore, it is a great size for home hobbyists and anyone with an interest in hydroponics. Nevertheless, in case you find it to be a bit big or small for your needs, you can still opt for a different size since the tent is available in smaller and larger sizes.

The lining in the interior side of the tent reflects light into the tent for the plants to benefit from every little bit of light coming from the source. The tent’s interior is of premium fabric that will stand up to years of use without tear.

TopoGrow 2-in-1 tent has three growing areas. The different compartments make it easier and more convenient for farmers to manage their indoor plants at different levels of development. The grow lamp produces light that is much closer to that of the natural sunlight.

The external zippers guarantee safety use and a more straightforward design. Also, the double light blockers at the zippers prevent light from escaping through. The package includes a grow tent, waterproof tray, 2 nylon belts, and an instructional manual.

  • It’s good for a small area.

  • The zippers are nice.

  • It features a pretty thick construction.

  • It has three separate areas.

  • The font size for the instructions is quite small for some people.

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#5 Hydro Plus Grow Tent Kit (60″x48″x80″)

Hydro Plus

You will like the freedom you enjoy in size selection since this model is available in 7 sizes. Like most of the tents already on the list, Hydro Plus Grow Tent makes use of commercial-grade 600D oxford cloth.

This material gives it a longer lifespan and effectively blocks light and temperature from penetrating in or out of the grow tent. The zippers of this tent are also designed to impress in the long term and will not let light pass through.

The kit comes with 16-mm frames that keep the frame sturdily held in place. The rods have a white painting to help reflect light and prevent them from absorbing heat. For this reason, expect this tent to maintain an optimal temperature and light level for your indoor plants for a greater yield.

The middle divider piece partitions the tent into 3 sections; 2 small and a large one. The small sections are perfect for seedlings while the large part will turn handy as the plants advance in growth. However, in case you don’t need the sections, the reflective panel dividing the sections is removable to give you a fully open unit.

  • The package contains lots of accessories.

  • It entirely blocks light and smell.

  • The all-metal frame construction ensures greater durability.

  • It is partitioned for increased user convenience.

  • It does not have an observation window.

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#6 Apollo Horticulture (48”x24”x60”) Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

Apollo Horticulture

For those that want an affordable grow tent that will offer long-lasting use, the Apollo Horticulture Grow Tent should be an ideal option for them. The tent is of a very thick material with double stitching. This construction ensures that you get something that will support your indoor growing projects for several years without costing you an arm and a leg.

The frames are of sturdy metal construction and will keep the tent stable all through. The reflective lining at the interior side of the tent ensures that 92-97% of the light hitting the walls bounce back to your indoor plants to increase the intensity of the light in the tent without increasing your energy bills.

The material of the unit will also maintain the temperatures at optimal levels to keep your plants healthy. The heavy-duty zippers will also keep light and odors concentrated in the inside of the tent. The kit comes with an instructional pamphlet for a straightforward setup even for those that are doing it for the first time.

  • The fabric is heavy.

  • It blocks the light well.

  • The price is great for the quality.

  • The manual is accurate.

  • The zipper seems to be a little stiff although it gets easier to close with time.

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#7 TopoLite Full Range Multiple Sized (24″x24″x48″) Indoor Grow Tent Room


If you are living in a rented apartment where space is premium, this unit is one of the options to turn to. It measures 24 inches x 24 inches x 48 inches to introduce gardening in your inside environment without claiming much space from you.

However, if space isn’t an issue and need something that can hold more plants, the producer also gets you covered since the tent can also come in other large sizes. The diamond Mylar interior prevents hotspots and reflects the light back for it to remain concentrated in the tent for greater efficiency.

The 16-mm metal poles keep the unit steady. The white finish on the metal frames delivers improved reflective effect to maximize the light intensity in the inside of the tent. Also, the kit comes with plastic connectors instead of metal since they keep the setup more stable than the metallic options.

The zipper of this tent is also designed for easy operation. The lightproof backing at the zipper keeps everything inside the tent without leaking even the little bits of light or odor. The package includes the tent, a set of frame rods and plastic connectors, a removable tray, 2 nylon belts, and an instructional manual.

  • The enclosure stays rigid.

  • The entire assembly is easy to move.

  • It zippers operate smoothly.

  • The compact size fits small spaces.

  • The vent hole could have been at the walls and not on the roof.

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#8 YINTATECH Indoor Grow Tent (24″x24″x48″)


Since it is also the smallest of all the available sizes, this enclosure will work well for people that can’t afford much space in their indoors. The 600D oxford fabric is very thick and will not tear or allow water to penetrate. The inside of the tent has a silver material for enhanced reflective effect while the exterior is black to dovetail with your indoor space.

In fact, with the double stitching design, this grow tent will effectively block light and odors from sneaking out to maximize efficiency and give you undisturbed indoor space. The enclose sets up easily in no time without the need for any tools.

The multiple vents mean that installing lights, fans, filters, and cables has just gotten easier and more convenient than before. The zipper door opens effortlessly to allow you to monitor the status of your herbs, vegetables, fruits or whatever you would want to grow in the tent.

The lack of observation window is to avoid light from leaking and minimize the chances of tearing at the seams. When it comes to cost, this tent comes at a price that is hard to beat. Therefore, if you are a low-budget gardener looking for a reliable option, this could be the model you have been longing to bring to your space.

  • The metal poles are rust-resistant.

  • It has multiple vents for enhanced convenience.

  • It holds the temperature well.

  • It works for hydroponic and soil-based growing systems.

  • It may not come with all locking tabs.

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#9 VIPARSPECTRA (36″x36″x72″) Reflective 600D Mylar


Whether it is pepper, cilantro, horticulture, tomato plants, herbs, or any other plant you desire to cultivate in your indoor space, the VIPARSPECTRA 36″x36″x72″ Grow Tent will hardly disappoint.

The tent packs lots of spectacular features for healthier plants and increased yield. The interior is of a reflective silver material to block light and heat from escaping. The exterior side of the tent is black to ensure that it will interact smoothly with your space decor.

The heavy-duty 600D clothing resists weather and tears to guarantee years of service. The heavy-gauge steel poles support the tent while the metal connectors lock it in place for a stable setup. The powder coating on the steel frames protects the metal construction from rust to give the structure a more stable structure.

The improved heavy-duty zippers will hold up well for years and will not let light out. Furthermore, the high-quality zippers open and close smoothly for hassle-free operation.

  • It is a heavy-duty tent.

  • The instructions are decent.

  • The zippers are enhanced.

  • The metal poles may bend easily when handled carelessly.

  • It’s not the easiest to put together.

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Still on the list of the top-notch products, the inside of this tent is of 98% reflective silver Mylar construction. This lining prevents the tent from losing light and heat to the surrounding. Hence, the tent will always maintain the ideal conditions your plants need for healthy growth.

The high-quality zippers of this grow tent open and close smoothly. The tent also features a convenient observation window that enables you to keep a close eye on the plant’s progress without having to necessarily open the entire door of the enclosure.

The metal poles hold the grow room in position for the safety of your seedlings and other delicate plants. Also, the poles have a powder coating that protects them from rust. This feature together with the tearproof fabric of the tent renders the tent one of the most durable options you will come across in the market.

The unit sets up in just minutes and comes down in no time when you no longer need it. In fact, the understandable instructions make it easy to assemble even for those that have never done anything of the kind before.

  • It is a well-constructed unit.

  • The height of 80 inches is nice for the people with tall statures.

  • The price is fantastic.

  • The size is great.

  • You may have to address a few pinhole light leaks.

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#11 iPower GLTENTXS5 Hydroponic Grow Tent (24″ x 24″ x 58″)


Being one of the highly-rated grow rooms in the market, this option will hardly disappoint whether you use it for flowers, medicinal herbs, seedlings, vegetables or any other applications you might need a grow tent.

The tent is 24 inches long and 24 inches wide while the height stands at 58 inches. However, the enclosure can also arrive in smaller and larger sizes in case the very option does not work ideally for your needs. The large top-grade zippers are convenient to operate and will not leak light like some options out there.

The unit is lined with highly reflective Mylar material at the interior side for maximum right retention within the enclosure. By ensuring this, your plants will benefit maximally from the grow light since some light and heat are not lost to the surrounding. The floor tray comes out when its washing time for convenient cleaning.

  • It has a mesh storage bag.

  • The zippers close neatly and easily.

  • It is ideal for small apartments.

  • It is highly versatile.

  • Delivery may delay a little while.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Are Grow Tents good?

Yes. Grow tents are good since they create an ideal environment for plants to blossom without interfering with the remaining part of the indoor space. The tents come in handy when you don’t want to deal with weeding, pests, tough conditions or when you don’t have enough growing space outdoor.

What’s the best reflective material for a grow room?

Based on our research, Mylar is currently the most preferred material for use in grow tents. People prefer this material because apart from being highly reflective it is affordable and distributes light evenly.

How big should my grow tent be?

The excellent size of your grow tent depends on the number of plants you are planning to maintain and the indoor space available. For example, if you don’t have much space, you may need to choose a smaller model that will fit in your space. However, if you have enough space and want to handle a large number of plants, you can go for the largest models in the market.

Is aluminum foil a good reflector?

Although aluminum foil sends light back, it does not possess the best reflective ability. In fact, it’s rated as 50-55% reflective which makes it far less effective for use in grow rooms as compared to Mylar.

What do I consider when buying a grow tent?

Before you buy a grow tent, ensure that you consider the construction of the interior and exterior sides, observation window, quality of the zippers, size, cost, and other features. The material of the exterior should be lightproof and tearproof while that of the interior side should be highly reflective. The zippers should be smooth to operate and lightproof. The size and cost depend on your needs and the size of your pocket.


For high-quality yield, getting a reliable grow tent remains a prerequisite. And while it may seem a five-finger exercise to many, chances of getting an inferior tent are very high. With this in mind, our review makes the work easier for you since we have tested several models to determine those that guarantee better performance. Just go through the review to determine your ideal place to invest next!

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