The Best Hammer Handle? Here are Our Top 11 Picks! (2023)

A hammer is one of the most common tools that you are bound to get in every household.

So numerous are its uses, it dangerously feels close to a basic need. A crucial part of the whole package is the hammer handle; that goes without saying huh?

In this enlightening article, we have compiled a comprehensive list of some of the best hammer handles based on quality, performance, durability, ease of use and maintenance.

Here is everything you need to know when it comes to matters hammer handles.

Top 11 Hammer Handle Reviews

Our list below is based on well researched information on the aspects and unique characteristics that make each hammer handle a better option than others in the market.

We will have a look at some of these features later on in our ‘Buying Guide’ section. Each of the items made it to the list on merit and with zero bias. Here are some hammer handles you can consider if you are looking for the very best!

#01. AMES 2002400 Heavy 36’’ Sledge Hammer Hardwood Handle

AMES 2002400

Are you in search of a super effective piece of craftsmanship that allows you to work easily, conveniently and swiftly? Well, the well-constructed AMES 2002400 would be your most ideal go-to tool.

This heavy-duty hammer handle is built from the highest quality of American Hickory hardwood.

It is highly shock absorbent and sturdy, allowing you to work on such tasks as demolition, striking wood, splitting wedges as well as driving nails through hard wood and concrete.

While using the AMES 2002400, you will get precision, proper weight distribution as well as the perfect posture while working.

  • Allows you to easily drive nails even though the sturdiest of materials

  • Built with adherence to high standards of excellence

  • It fits sledges of 20 to 24 pounds

  • The handle is quite durable

  • It may feel slightly heavy

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#02. Link Handles Ball Pein Machinist Hammer Handle 400-19

Link Handles

The Link Handles Ball Pein Mechanist Handle is ideal for any DIY application or basic woodwork. It is a one-of-a kind type of hammer handle that you can count on all day every day for some satisfactory results.

This handle is ideal for 2 Oz hammers and made from the best quality of American hickory. It is best suited for industrial commercial use, although it can still be used in other basic home applications.

It comes with a clear lacquer and fire finish for durability and finesse.

  • quite ideal for easy to accomplish tasks at home

  • It is strong and highly reliable

  • Well-polished and fully heat treated

  • It is lightweight for ease of use

  • The wooden handle can easily warp and rot if left unmaintained

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#03. Fiberglass Innovations 36’’ Pick Handle

Fiberglass Innovations

Fiberglass hammer handles seem quite fancy and high quality, and you can bet that the Stanley Fiberglass Innovations 36’’ Pick Handle is built to not only perform but also impress! Investing in it is definitely a wise move.

This hammer handle comes with some rounded versatility offering you the very best of innovation and top-notch performance make it stand out among the rest.

The fiberglass offers enhanced striking power, doing wat much better than wooden handles. It offers better client satisfaction as the fiberglass is non-corrosive, waterproof and non-warping.

  • Ideal for construction works that are heavy duty in nature

  • Its sturdy build enhances durability

  • Offers you the toughness you need in a striking tool

  • It may feel heavier than other hammer handles

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#04. Stiletto 16’’ Curved Hickory replacement handle

Stiletto 16

Anyone who owns a hammer needs to consider the fact that the handle can break while at work. As such, there is need for a replacement handle. What better choice is there than the Stiletto 16’’ Curved Hickory replacement handle?

This handle is made of American Hickory for durability and top performance. It fits into steel or titanium hammer heads with a reverse-eye style. The Stiletto 16’’ replacement handle has a good grip given its curved make

  • The handle is quite budget friendly

  • It comes with an easy to follow guide on how to mount its lip onto the head of choice safely

  • The handle comes with all the necessary wedges needed for successful replacement

  • It is quite lengthy making it unsuitable for squeezed spaces

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#05. Seymour 407 19 16-inch Ball Pein Hammer Handle

Seymour 407 19

Yet another brilliant craftsmanship when it comes to matters hammer handles is the Seymour 407 19 16-inch hammer handle. it is beautifully finished to ensure that it lasts long while delivering on your every day hammering needs.

The Seymour 407 19 16-inch Ball Pein Hammer Handle is best suited for all 24 to 28-ounce hammers. The handle is made of American Hickory to ensure maximum absorption of all striking vibrations.

  • Well-polished and fully heat/ fire treated

  • The handle is well curved to enhance grip

  • It is a budget-friendly tool

  • If left unmaintained, the wooden handle can easily warp and rot

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#06. Stiletto 18’’ Curved Hickory Replacement Handle

Stiletto 18

Value for your money and an amazing experience when you work is what the Stiletto 18’’ Curved Hickory Replacement Handle guarantees you of.

This hammer handle fits perfectly into stiletto 19- and 21-ounce steel heads or 12- and 14-ounce titanium heads.

For extra security or safety measures and stability of the tool, the package comes with a wooden wedge and two round steel ones. The i8’’ of length helps with easy maneuvering of tasks.

  • The handle is face curved for a better grip and ergonometric performance

  • Comes with replacement instructions to make your work easier

  • Highly durable

  • Supreme quality American Hickory hardwood

  • It is quite lengthy making it unsuitable for squeezed spaces

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#07. True Temper 2036200 Replacement Hickory Wood Sledge Hammer Handle

True Temper 2036200

If you are in search of the most ideal hammer handle for your sledge hammer, then this one right here has to be your number one choice.

This replacement handle is 36’’ in length. It can fit in all 6 to 16-Pound sledge hammer heads. The AMES True Temper handle is highly shock absorbent

  • Quite durable given the hickory wood construction

  • Ergonomic design for better performance

  • It is not ideal to use for small spaces

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#08. Vaughan & Bushnell 61242

Vaughan & Bushnell

With the Vaughan & Bushnell 61242 replacement handle, you do not have t0 worry about any kind of damages to your tool.

The Vaughan & Bushnell 61242 is 17’’ in length for easy maneuvering of tasks. It can be used for hand tools, hammers and even tool organizers.

It is made from Second-grown hickory for enhanced durability and top-notch performance.

  • It can withstand harsh weather conditions as it is machine gauged

  • It provides optimal grip and maximum hand comfort

  • The handle comes packed with all necessary accessories for each particular tool

  • Its length can make it hectic to use in small spaces

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#09. Vaughan 65002 16.5″ 19 Oz Replacement Handle

Vaughan 65002

This tool right here with a hatchet style is best suited for contracts or any kind of framing.

It is made of premium and highly durable materials for efficiency and convenience. Its fantastic design enhances its grip, allowing you to work almost effortlessly.

It reduces vibrations, allowing you to work well even in prolonged durations without ending up with strained muscles.

  • It is quite a powerful tool handling an array of tasks

  • A sturdy handle for enhanced durability

  • gives you a great swing given the perfect weight distribution

  • At times the handle can get slippery especially after multiple swings.

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#10. Vaughan 3700 Dalluge

Vaughan 3700

The Vaughan 3700 Dalluge hammer handle is specifically made for professionals in the construction industry who really know their tools of work well.

The Vaughan 3700 Dalluge is sleek and well contoured for the perfect grip. It is double lacquered and buffed for optimal comfort

  • Quite high performance

  • Machine gauged to enhance balance

  • made of American hickory for durability

  • The handle can feel slightly slippery with multiple swings

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#11. Truper 30812 16-Inch Hickory Handle for Sledgehammer

Truper 30812

Are you looking for the perfect handle for your sledge hammer? Well, the Truper is an excellent choice. It is a sturdy tool that you can count to keep up with high work demands.

The hickory construction of the handle helps in dampening or dispersing any vibrations to ensure you don’t experience muscle strains as you swing the hammer.

This handle is made based on the newest technology available for hand tools to ensure the users’ safety.

  • Ease of use

  • Highly durable

  • Its unique design allows you to work for hours on end with little to no fatigue

  • It makes work easier allowing you to work for a much shorter duration of time

  • Worn out parts can be quite hazardous hence the need to always check whether or not the hammer head is tightly secured.

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Types of Hammer Handles

Hammer handles come in many shapes and sizes; the varieties in the market are just so many. It can get daunting to make up your mind on the best, especially if it is your first time to shop for a hammer.

These handles all have different lengths, with style configurations such as hatched handles, straight as well as curved ones.

However, one striking feature among the different hammer handles is the material in which they are made. Gone are the days when the only common handles were wooden ones.

Nowadays we have fiberglass handles, steel and even titanium hammer handles! I bet for most of us the titanium handles are kind of a shocker.

Wooden Hammer Handles

Conventionally, these right here are the most common of the hammer handles. Having been tried and tested for the longest time ever, we can all agree that they are quite the classic.

Budget friendly

Most wooden hammer handles are quite affordable. This is not to say that there is no high-end wooden hammer handles out there. However, most wooden handles are quite easy to find and at a good price.

Better absorption of the striking impact

Each strike made by a hammer comes with some kind of impact on the muscles. Wooden hammer heads absorb this impact way much better than their fiberglass or even steel ‘counterparts’. They transmit way much less vibrations. This makes working with them so much easier. Additionally, the chances of strenuous muscles are quite low.

They have great balance

If you ask any carpenter, they will most probably prefer the wooden hammer handle as opposed to any other. This balance makes it so much easier and smoother to make the swings with each hit.

If you combine the handles’ good absorption, great balance, and amazing price range, you definitely have a hammer that is a favorite for most.

Titanium Hammer Handles

The idea of a titanium hammer sounds exciting and it really is! Most titanium hammers are usually a one-piece kind of construction that you can count on for reliability and top-notch performance.


The kind of construction with titanium hammers ensures that you have peace of mind all the way. You do not have to worry about having to replace the handle every other time. This is the kind of tool that you can pass down for generations to come.

Ease of use for better performance

Titanium is way much lighter than steel, say by a whopping 45%! This basically means that with a titanium hammer handle, you get to ‘hit on targets’ with the mighty force of steel but in a significantly lighter package.

Less shock or recoil

Titanium too has good absorption of striking impacts. This makes hammers with titanium handles quite user-friendly, without the constant worry of worn out muscles.

Steel Hammer Handles

Tough as steel some would say. This is particularly true for steel hammer handles. In as much as the wooden ones have been with us for a bit longer, the steel handles are coming on strong in the market and with good reason as such

Strong and super durable

Steel is almost synonymous with durability and the same applies to steel handles. You do not have to worry about the handle breaking as you make your swings.

Can easily handle heavy-duty tasks

Steel is a heavy metal, which would mean that a hammer made of a steel handle is bound to be a strong tool. These hammers are made in such a way that most of the weight is far from the strike point. This ensures that the strength of the strike is not affected in any way whatsoever.

Surprisingly affordable

One may be inclined to think that steel hammer handles are quite on the higher side of the price spectrum. The good news is that they are quite affordable with some handles being at par with their wooden ‘friends’.

Fiberglass Hammer Handles

These handles sort of lie in between the wooden and steel handles. In as much as they are relatively new, they seem to be taking the market by storm, quickly replacing their predecessors.

Lower vibration transmission

Fiberglass has considerably lower recoil as compared to steel for instance. This makes them quite easy to use as they are not tough on your muscles.


This feature makes them a favorite among many electricians. If you are using it for cabling or any other electrical-related task, you need not worry about electric shocks.


Most of these hammers are one-piece kind of constructions. You do not have to worry about the head getting detached from the handle and all the accidents that such an incident can cause.

What To Look For When Choosing A Hammer Handle

We can all agree that hammers are one of the most common must-have tools in each household’s collection of respectable tools.

Before heading out to your favorite hardware store to buy a hammer handle or hammer for that matter, there are a couple of considerations you should make.

There is quite a lot of information out there in regards to what qualifies as a good hammer handle.

It is paramount that you get your facts right by gathering as much information as you possibly can before making a hasty decision that you might end up regretting.

Below are just but a few features that you should be on the look out for to help you make the right decision.

The Material or Handle construction

In your choice of a hammer handle, one of the key things to consider is the material used to make the handle. Most of them are made of wood, fiberglass, steel or titanium. Each of these materials have their advantages as well disadvantages.

Consider the pros and cons of each before settling on your hammer handle of choice. A fiberglass handle, for instance, are so much easier to handle given the fact that they are relatively light.

Wood handles come with better vibration disperse making them less strenuous on your muscles


More often than not, your hammer’s intended purpose will determine what kind of handle best suits you.

Hammers intended for everyday use are bound to have different handles from those meant for heavy duty and one-off kind of tasks. Telling these apart will help you in getting a handle that best suits your needs.


Just as is the case with all other kinds of purchases, the price is a huge determinant of the kind of handle you will end up settling for.

The good thing with hammer handles, there are quite some amazing products that are quite affordable not to mention their versatility and ease of performance.

Handle Length

The hammer handle length, not just the type, usually has a major role to play in your work and end results. A longer handle would require you to use more force with each and every blow or strike.

The ideal length for an everyday hammer for easy to handle hammering at home would be about 13 inches. the shorter and more sturdy hammer handles are great if you are working in a tight space; they usually give more desirable and intricate results.


How do I know which is the best hammer handle to buy?

It all depends on what you intend on using your hammer for as well as the price. Sometimes, it also comes down to who you are as an individual. If you are a bit old school, it is highly likely that you will prefer the classic wooden handle as opposed to newer models

Are all hammer handles sold separately from other parts of the hammer?

Not necessarily. Some hammers have separate handles while others have the head and hammer constructed as one unit.

How should I best maintain my hammer handle?

Just like is the case with any other product in the market, the longevity of your hammer handle is dependent on how well you will maintain it. Wooden handles tend to rot when left out in the rain. As such, it would be best if you are careful and ensure that the hammer is well kept in your household toolbox after use.

Check the condition of your handle regularly. If you notice any cracks or other forms of weakness, prepare yourself to get it replaced lest it causes accidents while you work.

Concluding Thoughts

Each hammer handle is different from the other and it has its own unique benefits.

The best handle in the market is dependent on what kind of a user you are and exactly what you are using your hammer for.

Whether you are a daily handyman, a regular DIY kind of guy who loves fixing things at home or even a professional who is in and deep in the construction industry, there is definitely the ideal hammer handle for you.

There are literally hundreds of products in the market. Our list above consolidates just but a few among the best.

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