Top 15 Best Hanging Planters (2023)

Want to make your home more beautiful and full of fresh air?

You have to incorporate some hanging plants as well. Plants do suck out excess carbon dioxide and give off some oxygen. Owing to their breathtaking appearances, they also add some décor to your indoor spaces.

No other accessory aids with this role than the hanging planters.

Unlike the ordinary planters, these ones suspend on a rope at a height that is normally removed from the ground level.

We have sampled 15 of the top hanging planters in the meantime for your own consideration. Some frequently asked questions also follow thereafter…

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15 Best Hanging Planters

#1: Mkono Plant Hanger Indoor Hanging Planter


Simply want to make your ambiance beautiful? This is the planter to choose to work with. It indeed exudes some cozy elegance and aesthetics. These have the tendency to making your balconies and offices breathtaking.

Awesome Materials

Only awesome materials have been used to make the planter up. Its rope is made of jute whereas the beads are strong and brown in color. Thanks to this trait, the planter is durable and strong indeed.

Versatile Styles

Generally speaking, the planter is highly versatile in nature. You may hang it from a hook that is attached to a ceiling much like an ordinary wall hanging. This gives you some freedom to use it in whichever way you want.

Long-lasting Stature

All factors considered, this planter exudes some long-lasting stature. This stems from high-quality jute material construction. On account of this, the planter does not deform easily and also resists corrosion.

  • Decorates your rooms with grace and elegance

  • Makes your life appear more unique

  • Fits many kinds of flower pots

  • Versatile enough to work with many shapes and sizes

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

  • Accommodates a limited number of plants

  • Easily breaks apart when tinkled

  • Requires too much attention to monitoring effectively

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#2: AOMGD 3 Tier 80″ Macrame Plant Hanger


Do you own pets in your home? Get hold of this planter to contain your pets. Indeed, this one saves you from the struggles that pet owners have to contend with when managing them. It is strong and reliable.

Meticulous Handcraft

By all accounts, this planter features some meticulous handcraft. Thanks to this meticulousness, the planter adds some touch of décor and elegance. In doing so, it adds some beauty to your room and home.

Flexible Woven Design

As part of its meticulousness, the planter also features a fair degree of flexibility. This is evidenced by its ability to accommodate diverse shapes and sizes of accessories and planters.

Handmade Weave

Throughout its construction, the planter is handmade. No machine is used at all. For this reason, it is tailored to the precise needs of any individual who might want to make use of it.

  • Serves decorative purposes as well

  • Very stable and less inclined to shaking

  • Comes about as a complete package

  • Installs easily

  • An ideal gift item

  • Quite clumsy to handle

  • Does not blend well with other pieces of furniture

  • Imposes some clutter to your rooms

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#3: Umbra Trigg Hanging Planter

Umbra Trigg

Have some small plants in your possession? The planter you choose has to be appropriately suited for handling the smaller plants. It is this one that we ask that you place your bet on. Read through to know why.

Beautiful Wall Planter

By all accounts, the planter is truly beautiful and blends well with the walls. Also, it takes up limited space and will less likely interfere with the other pieces of furniture in the home environment.

Small, Light and Highly Versatile

In all, the planter is small, light in weight, and highly versatile. It is this mix of traits which makes it suitable for displaying smaller plants. Moreover, you may also use it to safeguard your stationery and supplies.

High-quality Material Construction

The manufacturer has made deliberate steps to use only high-quality materials to construct the planter. Two of these stand out. These are the plated metal wire and high-quality ceramics. They jointly up the longevity of the item altogether.

  • Handles the succulent plants well

  • Useful in close and cramped up spaces fine

  • Comes about in an attractive and modern design

  • Adds some decorative touch to your rooms and environment

  • Trusted and highly reputable brand

  • Cannot handle larger plants

  • Becomes obsolete as soon as the plants overgrow

  • Easily breaks apart under its own weight

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#4: Petutu Indoor Hanging Planter Holder


In case you want to house and accommodate plants whose shapes and sizes vary, you need to choose a multipurpose planter of this kind. This one is available in three different sizes and will hence contain most shapes and sizes of plants.

Simple Design

Though able to handle flowers and plants of varying shapes and sizes, this planter is simple enough to comprehend. It hence requires no expertise to handle and engage. Just about any other person will find it useful.

Stainless Key Ring

At the top of the planter is a key ring that is made of stainless steel. This one lets you hang the planter just about anywhere you might have to. It hence cuts some inconveniences that arise in the course of use.

Practical Knotted Design

As part of its design, this planter bears some practical knotting. With this vital trait, the planter holds the flower pots firmly and conveniently to allow for easy access. This gives room for easy holding and engagement.

  • Useful and relevant for many occasions

  • Hangs easily and conveniently for your own access

  • Fits any available empty space like the walls and ceilings

  • Relevant for use in many places like the offices and windows

  • Made of strong and durable materials

  • Lacks many vital components

  • Prone to frequent damages and breakdowns

  • Easily wears out when placed outdoors

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#5: GROWNEER 5-Pack Macrame Plant Hangers


Could it be that you have many flower pots? For your own convenience, you want a planter that is able to fit all the pots smoothly. This is the one we would ask that you lay your hands on. It is versatile enough to achieve that feat.

Eco-friendly Material Construction

In its entirety, this planter is made of eco-friendly materials. The natural cotton stands tall from this list. Courtesy of this eco-friendliness, the planter is easier to wash and keep clean after each use.

Longer Span

On all accounts, the planter is able to support pots and containers which span a whopping 10 inches in diameter. In this way, it will fit many of the tools and accessories which other planters cannot accommodate.


When all is said and done, the planter also saves greatly on space. This is made possible by the compact size and the tight-fitting nature therein. Hardly will it interfere with the other room occupants when in use.

  • Comes about as a comprehensive package

  • Relatively simple to make good use of

  • Hangs in many spots and places of use

  • Adds some décor to your rooms

  • Finds applicability in many parts of a typical home

  • Slightly strenuous to handle

  • Takes too long to deploy for eventual use

  • When broken, costs a lot more to restore

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#6: California Home Goods Modern Hanging Planter Pots (2-Pack)

No products found.

Want a planter exclusively for matters of indoor decorations? This is the one to look up to. It is small, compact in size and hence appropriately suited for the decorations of interior spaces.

Faster Installations

You will find this planter faster to install. That is because it comes along with its own installation parameters and tools. These cut down the time you would take and also expedite the process.

Brass Wire Frame

Its frame is made of the brass wire. This one is strong and resilient enough to hold and keep your pots against the wall seamlessly. In this way, it also makes the processes of cleanliness and maintenance easier.

Multi-functional Decorative Hanging

By its sheer nature, this planter is able to discharge many roles and purposes at a time. Other than holding the flower pots, it also serves some decorative purposes. This is not to mention the fact that it holds succulent plants well.

  • Particularly useful for indoor houseplants

  • Tackles many kinds of plants species

  • Enhances your interior décor too!

  • Useful in the business and office as well

  • Simple enough for personalized use and applications

  • May not add much value outdoors

  • Brings about lower value for money

  • Becomes obsolete a bit too soon

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#7: RISEON Boho Black Metal Plant Hanger


Intending to add some beauty to the exterior segments of your home? The planter you choose has to be good enough to use at the porch, balcony, and patio. It is this one which we ask that you place your bet on.

Elegant Décor

As mentioned above, this planter adds some elegance and décor to your room and home. It indeed brings about some modern accents, breathtaking appearances and awesome visual appeal to you.

Black Finishing-chain Hanger

To install this planter in readiness for use, you will make use of a hanger. The hanger in question possesses some black finish which makes it resist all the elements of corrosion, scratches, and whatnot.

Awesome Dimensions

All factors considered, this planter possesses some awesome dimensions. It measures 20.87 inches long by 6.3 inches wide. This is complemented with a chain that stretches 19.7 inches to allow for smooth hanging.

  • Handles many kinds of plants

  • Mounts in the home, office, and gardens alike

  • Compact enough to fit your wall and ceilings

  • Decorates your rooms and patios alike

  • Quite strong and durable indeed

  • Does not offer much value apart from beauty and elegance

  • Easily sustains scratches and other agents of damages

  • Does assume ghastly appearances when scratched

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#8: Foraineam Round Basket Hanging Planter


Could it be that your flower ports are too large and big? You have to acquire and make use of a planter that is similarly large and high in capacity as well. Of all that are under investigation, it is this that comes next to that need.

Dual-pots Design

As stated, the capacity of this planter is large. This is made possible by the dual-port design that embodies it. Thanks to this extra capacity, the planter has the ability to handle larger and bulkier flower pots.

Excellent Drainage Mechanism

Other than accommodating larger pots, this planter also comes equipped with an excellent drainage mechanism. Through this mechanism, excess and unwanted water is channeled away from the root and base of the plant.

Self-watering Reservoir

A self-watering reservoir also exists as a package of this planter. As you may have guessed, this reservoir acts as a buffer by availing a sufficient amount of water for the roots of your plants and growth.

  • Displays the plants to be easily seen

  • Comes about in a simple-rounded design

  • Matches your interior home décor and styles

  • Suitable for many kinds of plants and growths

  • Hangs easily in your home and offices

  • Takes up plenty of storage space

  • Inconveniences those inside the room

  • Requires extensive muscle power to engage

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#9: LA JOLIE MUSE Hanging Planter


No other planter is as awesome for the outdoor environment as this particular one. Indeed, you will find it relevant to all manner of outdoor settings. These include patios, gardens, and balconies alike.

Detachable Plug

For your installation and fixing, the planter comes along with a detachable plug. With this plug, it is possible for you to easily fix this planter just about anywhere you might want to at any given time.

Adjustable Hanger

The hanger also adjusts to fit the spaces and heights which are desirous to you. It hence gives you the freedom to fix yours in whichever place and position that is acceptable and relevant to you.

Unique Marble Pattern

A unique marble pattern also adorns the exterior of this planter. Thanks to this unique pattern, the planter does exude some breathtaking appearance and décor to you.

  • Adds some class to your otherwise dull ambiance

  • Unmatched with regards to outdoor décor

  • Quite light in weight and less tedious to handle

  • Its hanger does not break no matter how weighty the pot is

  • Gives off many incidences and years of use

  • May clutter your indoors

  • May injure you if recklessly handled

  • Too large to engage with ease

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#10: Soonow 3 Pack Macrame Plant Hangers


With this planter, you get two benefits simultaneously. For one, you add some beauty to your interiors and then hand a variety of indoor plants. It is hence a good one to use if you want to enjoy dual benefits at a time.

Well-made Macrame Plant Hangers

To let you fix it in place in place, this planter is equipped with well-made macrame plant hangers. They do some great job of suspending the pots from afar off the ground. Then, they also the plants for all to see.

Looks Great and Awesome

By its sheer nature and makeup, the planter looks grew and awesome. Indeed, its entire length and breadth look good to the eye. With this décor, you may be sure to add some natural aspects to your room.

Long-term Durability

Given the strong structural makeup, this planter lasts longer indeed. It is indeed capable of enduring the harshest impacts which may be leveled against it from all quarters. With it in your hands, you are sure to enjoy long-term use.

  • Strong and sturdy enough to prevent the spillage of contents

  • Long enough to hang from the highest ceilings and walls

  • Screws faster and easily when engaged by hand

  • Does not really require pre-drilling before use

  • Fits pots of many sizes and shapes

  • Costs a fortune to come by

  • May disparage those who lack the necessary expertise

  • Easily swayed apart by harsh winds

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#11: PUDDING CABIN 4″H Triangle Ceramic Air Planter


Small indoor plants are often swallowed by larger planters and pots. These do block their visibility from the view of those who want to behold it. Only by placing your hands on an appropriately designed planter of this kind can you reveal them.

Modern and Concise Style Design

In its entirety, the planter comes in a modern and concise design indeed. Thanks to this awesome design, the planter adds some beauty and elegance to your interior rooms over and above holding your plants.

Space for Arrangements

Due to its sufficiently large size, this planter accords you sufficient space for the arrangements you need. It measures the impressive 6 inches high and 4 inches wide. This creates enough space for accommodating succulent and flowering plants.

Eye-catching Wall Décor

Other than accommodating your plants, the planter also exudes eye-catching wall décor for you to behold. Indeed, so awesome is the appearance that it makes good for matters of photography and pictures.

  • Unparalleled when it comes to matters of holding succulent plants

  • Made of the high-temperature ceramic material that is strong indeed

  • Strong enough to accord the required levels of durability

  • A metal stand exist to make it more stable

  • Gives off some ornamental values to your room and patios

  • Becomes useless when the plants grow up

  • Breaks easily when the roots outgrow the plants

  • Cannot mount on the walls

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#12: ShabbyDecor Galvanized Metal Industrial Wall Storage Holder


Preparing for a special occasion like a wedding or birthday? You want to spice up your room with extra decorations. It is only by placing your bet on a planter of this kind that you will achieve that very role.

Galvanized Metal

A galvanized metal stands tall among the list of its most outstanding parts and components. The metal gives it its strength and vitality. On account of this, the planter endures the test of time.

Easy-to-wall Mount

You will find this planter pretty easy to mount and set up for eventual use. So simple it is, that even a person who lacks the necessary skill, manpower and expertise will handle and engage it.

Vintage-inspired Decorations

Throughout the makeup of this planter are some vintage-inspired decorations. These ones are complemented by shabby chic home decoration and accessories which extend the range of applicability of the planter altogether.

  • Sturdy enough to endure the common agents of deterioration

  • Mounts to the wall easily and conveniently

  • Minimizes clutter which you ordinarily would have to contend with

  • Keeps your spaces well-organized

  • Fits the bathrooms and other cramped up spaces perfectly

  • Poor functionality traits

  • Has a rather shorter lifespan

  • Brings about fewer returns on investments

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#13: BESTIRTOOL 15-Pack Acrylic Hanging Globe


If you are intent on decorating your room, you have no worthier companion than this gadget. Indeed, it is suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor environments equally. It is also elegant to behold and is as such quite useful.

Well-made Quality

The utmost care and attention have been employed to make this planter. Only the high-quality acrylic has been used in the stead of glass which we all know is brittle and prone to breaking.

Two-part Masonry Design

It also comes along in some two-part masonry design. This design gives it added strength and reliability which eludes many other planters that are meant for decorative purposes. Count on it to withstand damages.

Transparent Acrylic Material

Unlike other planters, this one is transparent to allow you to monitor the progress of the plants and the flowers. Though transparent, the planter is not fragile and will thus not break apart when handled or installed.

  • Embellishes your room and interiors

  • Adds some life and vitality to your occasions

  • Provides some good gifts to the loved ones

  • Conveniently holds things inside

  • Endures the test of time

  • Scratches easily and becomes ghastly thereafter

  • Exudes poor aesthetics when scratched

  • Its hangers do not adjust and are hence inconvenient to handle

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#14: MyGift 4-Pot Bright Pastel Ceramic Hanging Flower Planter Set

MyGift 4-Pot

Looking to add to some décor to your entire room? Look no further than this planter. Why? It hangs in the ceiling and makes it possible for your whole room to enjoy some décor. This is not to mention the bright colors.

Colorful Appearance

In all, the planter has a colorful appearance indeed. The relaxing pastel colors combine with the terracotta pots to make this a reality. You will enjoy the rare benefit of Mediterranean feels and looks.

Small and Compact

On the whole, the planter is small and compact in size. It does comprise some four small terracotta round pots that dangle when hanging with some twisted jute ropes. These also go a long way in adding some beauty to you.

Breathtaking Appearance

All the elegant parts we have looked into above yield breathtaking appearances to you. This appearance is further strengthened by the many colors that adorn the exterior of the pot like yellow and green.

  • Grows the succulent plants

  • Maintains the herbs in a state of freshness

  • Compact enough to fit the cramped up spaces

  • The Mediterranean-inspired design imbues some elegance

  • Relaxes you extensively

  • Far removed from the ground level

  • A bit tricky to care for and maintain

  • Can fall on you if handled without care

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#15: Cuttte Macrame Plant Hangers

Cuttte Macrame

Cats, though awesome, are too playful and cheeky to own. It is not uncommon for them to pose some damages to your plants and other indoor decorative items. To be on the safe side, you want to bring in a planter like this one that can keep the flowers away from them.

Super-cute and Bohemian Style

It does come in a super cute Bohemian-style makeup. This design has the tendency to bringing about some elegant looks and appearances to your indoors. They hence add some beauty and decorations to your rooms.

100% Cotton Rope

Its hanger is made entirely of cotton rope. It is as such more durable and easier to rely on in the long run. This is not to mention that it also adds some eco-friendliness to your room and makeup.


With this planter, it is possible to handle many kinds of roles conveniently at a time. For this reason, it yields higher returns on investments and also makes your work more convenient.

  • Possesses manageable dimensions

  • Fits packs and items of diverse sizes

  • Adjusts to suit a vast array of planters

  • Lasts longer than many other planters

  • Hangs stylishly and in a beautiful way

  • Access is a bit tedious

  • Takes too much effort to handle and engage

  • Mounts in the ceilings only

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can I plant a hanging basket in the ground?

Why not? Indeed, it is possible to hang these baskets just about anywhere you find some space. The ground is definitely one of those spaces which you may utilize for hanging them.

Q2. Do hanging plants need drainage?

Yes, they do! When water is left to accumulate in the roots, it turns acidic and imperils the health of the roots thereof. Only by draining it away can you make the roots thrive luxuriously and grow to full maturity.

Q3. Can you use Command strips on the ceiling?

Yes, you can! These strips are strong, powerful, and longer-lasting. They are subsequently able to bind the surfaces tightly to ensure that the planters do not fall off even when the conditions do not ordinarily permit.

Q4. How much weight can a toggle bolt hold in the drywall ceiling?

Roughly 150 pounds! The actual weight is determined by two main parameters. These are the anchor and the wallboard. Their strengths and reliability combine to determine how much weight the bolts might hold.

Q5. What is a macrame plant hanger?

This one is basically a hand-braided plant hanger that is made by combining the Nylon and the Cotton ropes. The two are braided together to form a knot that is strong and reliable to use to handle larger weights.

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