Top 11 Best Hardware Organizers (2023)

If you own a hardware, workshop, garage or generally a storeroom for tools, investing in a good hardware organizer should be among your priorities.

As the name goes, a hardware organizer is a tool storage system that is specially designed for keeping your tools organized without taking plenty of room.

The ability to provide a proper arrangement of tools eliminates search-time since you know where each tool is located.

Furthermore, a hardware organizer improves your storeroom layout while their sleek design adds unique accents of beauty in the space.

In this content, we will be exploring the 11 top-ranked warehouse organizers. Come and join us as we take a walk through our hand-picked top picks for the year!

CRAFTSMAN Medium Storage Organizer, 14...
  • CUSTOMIZATION: Removable dividers provide customization for small parts and larger hand tools

11 Hardware Organizer Reviews

#1 Akro-Mils 10126 Hardware Organizer

Akro-Mils 10126

If you have ever found yourself searching for a specific tool in a large pool, it is obvious you are familiar with the hassle that comes along. For this reason, owning a hardware organizer would save you the hassle in the future. And yes, this is one of the reliable models you can rely on to keep your tools in the proper arrangement. The model packs a number of impressive features that most buyers want in their organizer.

Multiple Drawers

Akro-Mils 10126 hardware organizer has 6 large 4-3/8″ x 2″ x 5-1/4″ drawers to give enough room for the larger tools. The model also has twenty virtually unbreakable drawers measuring 2-1/8″ 1-1/2″ x 5-1/4″ each to provide plenty of space for the smaller tools such as screws, bolts, and other tools.

Clear Drawers

Since the model comes with numerous drawers, mastering the drawer for each type of tool could take quite some time. With this in mind, the organizer has clear drawers. This feature lets you see what is in each section so that you don’t have to pull multiple drawers out before getting the drawer containing the tools you want.

Convenient Pulls

This storage system also has finger-grip drawer pulls that make it easy to pull the drawers out by the use of a finger. Each of the 26 drawers features rear stop bars that prevent the drawer contents from spilling when pulling the drawer out or pushing it into place.


  • The price of this unit is very reasonable.
  • The frame is extremely solid.
  • The multiple configurations provide versatility in storage.


  • The drawers are quite short to fit markers and pencils.

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#2 Seville Classics Hardware Organizer

Seville Classics

This rack storage system has a depth of 14 inches, a width of 36 inches and stands 56 inches tall. The organizer features 22 bins of three varying sizes to give you multiple storage solutions. The bins are easy to slide out to provide you an easy time when accessing the tool you need. The rack is aesthetically appealing and can fit in almost any space, whether a garage, wail rooms, offices, work centers, retail environments, and other settings where there are storage needs.

Epoxy-Coat Protection

The frame and the shelves of Seville Classics Commercial Rack Storage System are of reliable steel wire. This construction supports heavy storage for up to the capacity of 150 lbs in each shelf. A platinum epoxy coat protects the steel construction from corrosion and other elements so that the entire unit stands the test of time.

Assorted Bins

The rack features 12 medium bins for storing small-sized tools, six large, and 4 extra large bins for keeping bigger tools such as wrenches and drills. But just in case this number is not enough for all your storage needs, you can create additional storage spaces using the bin dividers. Also, all the bins slide out nearly effortlessly for easy access while the notches prevent them from falling off.

Heavy-duty casters

One of the unique features about this rack storage system is that it comes with heavy-duty casters. The casters are specifically designed to roll smoothly, making the transportation of multiple items in a single trip a breeze.


  • The rack is easy to put together.
  • The unit moves easily.
  • The containers provide a large room to hold more.


  • The setup instructions are not very clear.

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#3 Akro-Mils 10144 D Hardware Organizer

Akro-Mils 10144 D

This option comes with 12 large bins and 32 smaller containers to ensure that every tool variety gets a place of its own. The larger bins measure 6 x 4-1/2 x 2-3/16 inches and are located at the lower part for convenient access and easy putaway for the heavy tools. The smaller drawers on the other side are at the upper side and measure 6 x 2-1/4 x 1-5/8 Inches, providing perfect storage for the smaller and lighter weight tools.

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Unbreakable Drawers

The 44 drawers are of industrial-grade polypropylene material for reliability and durability. The see-through drawers let you see the contents of each without the need of sliding them out. The finger-grip drawer pulls on the other side lets you pull out the drawers easily by the use of a finger.

Multiple Setup Options

Whether you want to mount it onto a wall or want to stack it, the organizer can suit any of these setup options. The rack features keyholes at the back for easy mounting while the tabs on top and bottom make stacking the unit a piece of cake.

Sturdy Frame

Akro-Mils 10144 comes with a high-impact polystyrene frame. The rugged construction of the frame lets you buy with the peace of mind on grounds of durability. Also, the frame has a black finish to ensure that it dovetails with any space decor.


  • The drawers can be divided.
  • They are ideal for jewelry.
  • The black finish makes it aesthetically appealing.


  • The dividers may not be adequate for some users.

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#4 Greenpro 3309 Hardware Organizer

Greenpro 3309

Greenpro 3309 features nine large drawers measuring 5 ½” x 4 ½”x 2 1/8” and thirty medium-sized drawers with dimensions of 5 3/8”x 2 ½”x 1 3/8” to meet all your storage needs. The entire cabinet measures 18 3/8″ H x 15″ W x 16 1/4 D to ensure that it keeps your tools in the proper organization without taking plenty of your hardware space.

Rugged Frame

The frame of this option is of polystyrene material. Therefore, one can count on the frame to provide the much-needed support to the drawers. Also, the frame gives the user multiple setup options since it easily mounts onto a wall and stacks on a table. Mounting tools form part of the package to make the process quicker and more straightforward.


Whether you need it for storing hardware, crafts, sewing supplies, or any other thing, the design of this model offers such versatility. The ability to suit multiple applications renders it among the market’s most versatile options you will come across.

Rear Tabs

The translucent drawers feature tabs at the rear part which prevents the drawers from falling. The rear tabs also keep the contents of the drawer put by preventing them from spilling when pulling or pushing the drawers.


  • The drawers are pretty long than most of the competitor’s.
  • The construction is durable.
  • The price is great.


  • It may arrive with a few scratches on the exterior.

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#5 Stanley 014725 Hardware Organizer

Stanley 014725

Whether you are a craftsman or a DIY enthusiast who is always on the go, you need a portable tool organizer that will keep all your tools well put. And yes, Stanley 014725 is one of the top-notch picks that come with you in mind. The amazing unit is neither too large to make transportation a hassle nor too small to accommodate your tools.

High-Impact cups

This case has cup-compartments of three different sizes to suit storage needs for different tools. The rugged construction of the compartments can stand up to the heavy weight of the hardware accessories. Also, these cups are easily removable to permit quick access by the user.

Purposeful Lid Design

The case features a crystal clear lid that allows the user to view the contents without having to open it. Also, the design of the high-impact lid ensures that the storage cups remain in place when the unit is in transit. This design prevents the accessories from sneaking into other compartments, ensuring that every tool remains where you put it.

Extra-Wide Handle

Since it is a portable model, ergonomics in this unit steps in as one of the manufacturer’s priorities. Stanley 014725 hardware organizer employs a humanized design to give the user an easy time when transporting it to the job site. The design is evident through the extra-wide handle that minimizes hand fatigue.


  • The removable cups allow for a flexible arrangement.
  • It comes with solid construction.
  • The 25-compartment unit is portable.


  • It is only perfect for small-sized tools.

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#6 Stanley Fatmax FMST14820 Hardware Organizer

Stanley Fatmax FMST14820

This hardware assortment kit has a compact design that does not take much of the floor space. In other words, if you are a hobbyist living in an apartment where space is premium, this kit should be an ideal option for you. The premium-grade kit has multiple compartments to accommodate more varieties of tools. However, unlike the Stanley 014725 tool organizer that comes with 25 compartments, this Stanley Fatmax FMST14820 has 10 sections to carry the only needed tools for the project at hand.

No-mix compartments

Although all the hardware organizers have multiple compartments, at times the hardware may mix especially in portable tool organizers. Therefore, this model features interlocking lid and dividers to keep all the hardware nested in their respective compartments even when moving the case.

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Unbreakable Lid

Just like the preceding sibling, this tool comes with a clear lid for easy visibility of the contents. The lid is impact-resistant and employs a unique design that locks the pockets in place to prevent your tools and accessories from mixing.

Heavy-duty handle

A heavy-duty handle complements the rugged construction of the body. In other words, the solid construction of the handle can stand up to the weight of your tools and still come out in great shape.


  • The organizer is of high-quality.
  • The water-resistant seal keeps the tools safe from water.
  • The metal latches are a plus.


  • The lid only opens to 90 degrees.

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#7 MaxWorks 80694 Hardware Organizer

MaxWorks 80694

One of the things that makes this rack a standout is the price. In fact, if we compare its capacity, quality, and the price of the competition, we can claim with confidence that it is one of the best deals the market holds. The rack has a total of 30 compartments that meet all your storage needs.

Extra Storage Capacity

Twelve of the thirty compartments come in blue color and are larger to accommodate up to 3.5 lbs. The remaining eighteen bins arrive in a beautiful red color and can handle up to two lbs each. Therefore, you will get more than enough space for holding your small items such as bolts, nails, craft beads, buttons, and many more.

Removable Bins

Unlike other organizers that have fixed bins, this rack features removable storage containers. The removable design allows you to carry the bin containing the tools of your interest to the place where you need them. This feature helps to save time and provides additional convenience to the user.

Mountable Design

The peg panel board of this tool mounts easily to a wall to ensure that your hardware devices remain safe. The black finish of the frame blends into any space decor while the robust construction means you can rely on this tool to hold up for years.


  • It permits different configurations to meet your needs.
  • It is quick to mount.
  • The bins are strong.


  • It does not come with mounting software.

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#8 Akro-Mils 19320 Hardware Organizer

Akro-Mils 19320

This frame USA-made storage system arrives with 24 gauge steel construction for unmatched durability. Premium resilient powder coating covers the construction to offer superior protection from corrosion and harsh elements. Also, the powder-coating finish is chip-proof to ensure that the storage system retains its original look even with years of use.

Multiple Varieties

The cabinet is available in different numbers of drawers all measuring 17 x 11 x 11 inches. Therefore, you can choose between 9, 15, 16, 20, and 28 drawers. Also, the drawers are available in varying color varieties such as grey, red, blue, yellow, and black. Therefore, you can choose the drawer color that best goes with your space.

Built-in feet

This tool organizer has built-in nesting feet that provide stable stacking on a table or bench. Do you want to mount it to the wall? No problem- the cabinet also features four keyhole slots that provide unprecedented versatility in mounting.

Dovetail Dividers

Just in case you feel the compartments are not enough for your needs, or maybe they are larger than the intended size, you can partition them to as many as eight sub-sections using the dovetail dividers. This property helps to meet your personalized needs.


  • The label holder and transparent windows of the drawer make it easy to see what is in each drawer.
  • They hold more than the standard options.
  • The bins are very sturdy.


  • The see-through window doesn’t help much since the inner side is dark. Therefore, it is important to take time and label the drawers.

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#9 WorkVanEquipment Hardware Organizer


This mobile hardware organizer comes with 15 storage sections; six medium-sized and the remaining nine of a smaller size. All the compartments are removable for added convenience while holes on the sections allow you to easily mount the organizer on any flat surface.

Nylon Shoulder Strap

Unlike the other models that have a handle, this organizer features a nylon shoulder strap for easier transportation. The strap is wide enough to minimize the pressure applied onto the neck when moving around with the organizer.

Attachment Clip

Each of the removable bin features a clip to allow you attach the select bin to your work belt where you can access them easily when performing your operations. The grafted grip on every bin allows you to open it with ease to access the internal components.

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Section Dividers

For more personalized needs, this mobile option has dividers that allow you to create smaller sections of the bin. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the smallest pieces mixing up or getting lost when on the go.


  • The strap is a big selling point.
  • The bins are removable.
  • The lids fit tight to prevent small pieces from falling.


  • Opening the box may not be as smooth as you would expect.

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#10 Stack-On CB-12 Clear View 12-Bin Hardware Organizer


This storage container offers up to 12 bins for accommodating the smaller parts and accessories. The container features lightweight yet long-lasting Gray co-polymer material to enable easy mobility without compromising on the strength of the rack storage system.

Convenient Lids

The lids have a clear-view design for quick content identification. Furthermore, the lids lock in an open position for easy retrieval of materials. Also, the ability of the lids to snap shut avoids spillage when transporting the unit.


Just like other options, you can place this material storage system on the workbench or mount it to the wall depending on your preference. Also, for simpler loading of the storage system, you can lay it on its back and pour the contents into their respective sections.

Large Bins

When you compare the bins of this model to the competition, you will realize that they are bigger. The larger size means that you get more room to ensure that all your components remain put.


  • The doors swing down easily.
  • The bins are extra-large.
  • The design keeps dust out.


  • 12 compartments are quite a limited number especially for the serious hobbyists and professionals who have many types of tools.

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#11 HDX 320028 Hardware Organizer

HDX 320028

The price of HDX 320028 suits almost every pocket of a serious hobbyist. The portable organizer has an ergonomic handle that gives you full freedom to carry it anywhere you want. The removable dividers allow you to customize the internal space to meet your individualized needs.

Double Sided

This model offers storage space on either side. Therefore, you can put your construction gear on one side while the construction accessories take the other side of the piece. To keep your accessories more neatly, you can partition the accessory side using the dividers to create up to 17 storage pockets.

Latch Locking System

Since the handle is at the top side of the unit, one can be tempted to think that the smaller accessories will fall off when carrying it around. However, this model has a robust latch system that keeps the kit locked tightly to ensure that everything remains in its place.

Impact-resistant construction

If you work in a rugged job site, you need a solidly-constructed option that can withstand the everyday abuse in such an environment. This model comes with an impact-resistant polymer construction that can stand up to light impacts and drops without compromising its integrity.


  • The ability to adjust the sizes of the compartments adds on versatility.
  • The two sides offer convenience.
  • It is easier to carry than most mobile options.


  • The size is quite small for those that have more tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you organize tools in a hardware organizer?

Hardware organizers have multiple sections to ensure that you keep every type in its own compartment. For easy access, ensure that you keep the tools that you use frequently in the drawer that is strategically positioned for convenient access.

How can you save time using a hardware organizer?

Although keeping the tools in separate sections saves time, you can make access quicker by labeling each drawer. Also, you can buy storage systems with clear windows/lids.

How do you know the right organizer for your needs?

Currently, we have so many designs of hardware organizers. Some models are portable while others are not. The numbers and the sizes of sections also differ. Therefore, ensure that you understand the nature of tools you deal with first. Also, some options allow for customization which comes as an added advantage.


As seen, there are lots of reasons as to why you should buy a hardware organizer just in case you haven’t. However, to get the right organizer for you, you need to understand the nature of your needs.

Our top-notch options come in different designs, sizes, and constructions to meet individualized needs for most customers. The price tags for our picks are also reasonable to suit almost every pocket.

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