11 Best Heat Guns (2024)

Apart from woodworking applications, heat guns are useful for shrink-wrapping tubes and peeling paints from a range of materials. You can adjust (heat control) the temperature of this tool and motor the readout values.

Without using heat guns at specific temperatures, it might be difficult to sterilize surfaces. Usually, well-built hot air guns allow users to increase temperature settings with push-buttons. It’s important to buy heat guns that have built-in temperature switches on their handles.

These models often have user-friendly components that make your work easy. Apart from professional applications, these versatile tools are useful for home improvements, garage, and DIY tasks.

With the best heat gun, you can avoid accidental damages on your workpiece with the hot nozzle. These types of heat guns often come with integrated stands that allow you to stand and operate the heat gun in an upright position.

Usually, hands-free operations are necessary during long hours of work like thawing of frozen pipes and paint-stripping jobs. Apart from the heat control switch, well-designed heat guns have Large LCD screens, heating elements, electric motors, non-slip handles, and built-in fans.

While other inexpensive models of heat guns have simple designs, they might look similar to premium models. However, the marketplace is filled with power tools that have different features and performance levels.

You can compare the features of high-end heat guns with this buying guide, and pick your favorite tool.

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Top 11 Best Heat Guns

#1. Tacklife Heat Gun

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This portable TACKLIFE Heat Gun is a pro-grade tool with improved features like the LCD screen for real-time values. It allows you to use five airflow and two temperature control settings. These features are powered by a built-in 1700W electric motor that runs smoothly.

Another impressive feature is its ceramic material that’s coated with thermal-protective layers. With this design, it’s comfortable to handle the tool after applying high temperatures. Also, you’ll receive accessories like a putty knife four heat gun nozzles, and three scraper blades.

You can use this Tacklife HGP72AC Heat Gun to remove rusty bolts, plastic molds, bend pipes, and strip paints. However, the overload-protection mechanism will prevent its heating element from burning your workpiece.

  • It comes with a high-performance motor that can run for about 600 hours

  • Large LCD screen

  • It allows rapid heating and can reach its maximum temperature of 650 degree Celsius (1202°F) within seconds

  • This heat gun and its accessories don’t come in without a carrying case.

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Do you need heat guns that can light up charcoals, dry mud patches on the drywall, and paint touchups? It’s safer to work heat guns that have built-in hands free support stands.

This PORTER-CABLE model supports several applications. It comes with a variable temperature-control dial and a 1500W noiseless motor. Also, this 2-lbs lightweight tool has a long (6-feet) power cord that increases your range of mobility around tight workspaces.

You can adjust the airflow from this tool because it comes with a dual fan-speed selector. After work and during cold air application, you can keep the gun in an upright position. Additionally, it’s easy to store this PORTER-CABLE Heat Gun with its hanging hook.

  • It comes with an integrated hands-free stand that reduces fatigue during long hours of work

  • Multiple fan speed settings

  • It is suitable for learning how to weld plastics, remove adhesive tiles, and shrink plastic tubing.

  • The airspeed slider switch on the handle doesn’t often stop at the desired spot.

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#3. DEWALT Heat Gun

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With this DEWALT Heat Gun, you can monitor airflow and temperature adjustments on the LCD screen. This lightweight tool (2.3 lbs) comes with a hard body carrying case and 12 accessories.

Apart from its compact design, it has a rugged housing and user-friendly buttons. Also, there’s a built-in ring that allows you to hang this tool (after work) conveniently.

You can adjust the temperature in 50-degree increments with the control dial. It’s unsafe to work with heat guns that tip over easily. However, this DEWALT model comes with integrated kickstand support that enhances the stability of the tool when it’s an upright position.

Additionally, its overload protection function prevents overheating of the built-in element that can roast your workpiece or burn your fingers during work.

  • Durable cord protector

  • The LCD screen with clear backlight

  • Its temperature range is between 150 to 1100°F

  • It doesn’t have the option of displaying temperatures in Celsius.

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#4. Wagner Spraytech HT1000 Heat Gun

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Wagner Spraytech Heat Gun delivers high heat with two temperature settings (750F and 1000?F). It’s suitable for bending plastic pipes, loosening rusty bolts and nuts.

You can use this home improvement tool for DIY and professional tasks. With a 1200-watt electric motor, you can regulate the two-fan speed settings seamlessly. Also, it’s equipped with a heating control range of between 750 (low) and 1000°F (high) for several applications.

This versatile heat gun has a corrosion-proof nozzle that allows you to work in any environment. Additionally, it’s suitable for loosening rusty nuts, removing new adhesive and putty from wood and metal surfaces.

Don’t worry about hands-free operations because it comes with a built-in stand that allows you to work safely.

  • Dual temperature control settings

  • Two-speed settings and low-noise operations for the fan

  • An integrated hanging hook

  • It might not be great for removing old paints

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#5. Steinel HG 2010-E Heat Gun

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Do you need a long-lasting and easy-to-use heat gun? Steinel IntelliTemp heat gun offers amazing performance with a smooth-running 1,600-watt electric motor.

It comes with a sturdy Aluminum case, and several accessories like plastic welding rods, and reduction nozzle (9mm). Other accessories include the pocket guide for welding, reflector nozzle (14mm), shrink tubes, and spreader nozzle (75mm).

Its variable temperature regulation button allows you to toggle between 120 to 1150°F during work. Also, it uses the DuraTherm heating element that’s electronically regulated. You can see real-time values of temperatures and airflows on the LCD screen too.

As a lightweight (30 oz) power tool, you will not suffer from the inconvenience of using this HG 2010-E model during long hours of applications.

  • The temperature dial allows 10°F increments

  • It offers continuous airflow

  • Built-in microprocessor control

  • The digital controls might be slow to adjust the temperature.

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#6. SEEKONE Heat Gun

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SEEKONE Heat Gun offers even air flows and fast heating of on different surfaces. This heat gun uses an easy-to-adjust over-load circuit that prevents potential overheating conditions.

Its built-in 1800W motor allows can provide 1202℉ (650℃) heat in less than one minute. However, this mechanism works with two flow modes.

Depending on the requirements of your task, you can choose the first temperature mode of between 50 to 450℃ (190 to 210L per minute). Also, you can switch to the second mode of between 50 to 650℃ (250-500L per minute).

It’s designed to PVC materials, shrink tubes, vinyl wraps, and strip floor tiles. It comes with a long deflector nozzle and an ergonomic handle. Additionally, SEEKONE combines functionality and design in this heat gun model.

  • Variable temperature settings

  • Heavy-duty electric motor

  • It focuses heat on the surface of your workpiece

  • It doesn’t have an LCD screen to monitor temperature and airflow values.

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#7. Milwaukee Cordless Heat Gun

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Don’t you need a cordless heat gun that allows you to work in any location? This Milwaukee Heat Gun has a cordless design and it provides strong power for tough jobs. Within 7 seconds, this heat gun allows you to reach the desired operational temperature.

While it’s powered by one XC 5.0 Lithium battery, its space-saving design allows you to store in small toolboxes.

Another impressive feature of its source of power is the compatibility with any M18 Lithium battery. Also, this portable heat gun has a compact design, and it’s easy to operate. You can work in poorly-lit workspaces because this cordless heat gun has a built-in LED lamp for illumination.

As a 1.7 lbs heat gun, it uses cutting-edge temperature technology to boost its functionality. Additionally, its heating element is durable and easy to adjust.

  • Impressive battery performance

  • It comes with a guarded nozzle that protects workpiece

  • It has a length of 6.4 inches that requires less floor and storage spaces

  • It doesn’t have an LCD screen.

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#8. Wagner Spraytech Heat Gun

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This Wagner Spraytech model comes with a 6-foot power cord, and it allows you to handle it for 3 positions. With this heat gun’s ergonomic design, it’s easy to use the hands-free, pencil, and palm grip positions.

It comes with improved designs like the cool-touch sidebar that ensure seamless applications for your projects. Also, its narrow nozzle allows directional heat to hard-to-reach areas of the workpiece.

You can remove stickers, light up candles, dry frostings, and emboss artwork on any surface with this device. It’s a suitable heat-applying tool for phone repairers too.

Unlike the HT1000 model, this Wagner Spraytech HT400 heat gun has a built-in retractable stand that allows you to work in hands-free modes. However, it’s dual-temperature function falls within a range of 450°F (low) and high 680°F (high) settings.

  • 3 operating positions

  • A versatile and durable heat gun

  • A lightweight (0.7 lbs) heat gun that reduces hand fatigue

  • It has a slim-profile design that fits your hand comfortably

  • The rating of its built-in electric motor is unknown.

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#9. EnerTwist Heat Gun

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ENERTWIST Heat Gun has an impressive ergonomic design and non-slip grip and stands. This skid-resistant design is a soft material. During the hands-free mode, this material allows you to place the tool on wet surfaces or grip it with wet hands.

It’s a pro-grade tool with built-in overload protection that reduces the risk of over-heating and damages on your workpiece.

When this electric heat gun works at its maximum temperature, it can run for about 500 hours. Also, its lightweight design comes with the right weight balance that prevents hands and shoulder fatigue.

Apart from paint removal tasks, this EnerTwist Heat Gun model is ideal for waxing skis, drying surfaces of materials, soldering and de-soldering circuits.

  • It uses a low-noise 1500 Watt (12.5 Amp) electric motor

  • This heat gun offers 9-temperature adjustable modes and 3 fan-speed levels

  • The anti-slip design enhances the stability of gripping with wet hands

  • Its maximum temperature is 932℉ (500℃), but it’s too low for a pro-grade heat gun.

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#10. Chandler Embossing Heat Gun

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Heat guns with insulated handles are easy to hold. This Chandler Heat Gun is perfect for embossing powders, beeswax, and removing stickers from acrylic materials. Also, you can use it to remove epoxy resins and shrink films from hard surfaces.

It’s a heavy-duty heat gun with a nozzle shield and sturdy stand. With its compact size, you can enjoy a balance of its weight during extensive operations. The dual-heat setting modes (high and low) respond fast when you need them for high-volumes of work.

Additionally, its built-in and low-noise (300 Watt) electric motor allows for heavy-duty heat applications. As a durable tool with impact-resistant plastic housing, you will enjoy the strength of its materials. Another impressive feature is its metal heating element that applies heat with precision.

  • Its heat modes are suitable for delicate jobs like candle-making, jewelry, and cell phone repairs

  • The heating element reduces risks of electrical shock hazards

  • It has a lightweight design

  • Its maximum temperature setting of 300℃ might be too small for heavy-duty tasks.

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#11. Homidic 110V Mini Heat Gun

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Homidic Heat Gun comes with heat vents, a long-profile and anti-slip handle. As a mini (9.44 x 1.97 inches) handheld heat gun, you can perform embossing and rubber stamp applications on any surface. Also, the nozzle has a protective cover that allows you to focus the heat on small materials.

Since the temperature could reach 200°C within a few seconds, this hot air gun can shrink crafts, automotive, and electric wires quickly.

Apart from handling this device, its built-in stand allows you to work in hands-free modes. Also, this portable heat gun has a 300W electric motor that offers continuous airflow. However, it’s advisable not to use the maximum temperature mode for more than 10 minutes without allowing it to cool down.

  • It has a 6.56-foot cable

  • Self-Support and table-top design for hands-free operations

  • An ABS plastic handle with stainless steel components

  • At 80°C, it will take a longer time to melt the soldering elements of electrical circuits.

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What To Consider Before Buying Heat Guns

The Type Of Applications

While hobbyists and DIYers don’t need all the features that come with high-end heat guns, extra functions are designed for professional tasks. Also, the quality of materials and technology in heat guns determine their prices.

For household applications, hot air tools with maximum temperature modes of 400°C can provide enough heat and air flows.

Anything pro-grade heat gun with a maximum heat setting 600°C can perform a range of tasks. Also, heat guns with impact-resistant casings can withstand the harsh conditions of your workspace. These types of heat guns are rugged and often have user-friendly components.

The Power Source

Since heat guns are power tools, they could come with 6-foot corded-cables and cordless designs. Usually, cordless heat guns like the Milwaukee model uses Lithium-ion batteries. Its heating element responds quickly and you will enjoy working in tight workspaces with this tool.

While manufacturers produce heat guns that require 240 Volts, many models of corded hot air tools are designed to use 110 Volt input of electricity.

Regardless of the cord type, electric heat guns have built-in motors. According to experts, higher wattage increase the overall performance of your power tool.

While the regular electric motors are rated at 12.5 Amp (1500 Watt), you can get heat guns with lower ratings (300W) for small projects. Usually, a pro-grade hot air tool with 3400-watt electric motors is designed with power requirements.

To avoid vibration and noise levels from your favorite heat gun, choose models with sealed and brushless motors. Additionally, energy-saving heat guns can be designed with impressive airflow rates.


Adjustable heat guns allow operators to use precise temperature settings for a range of tasks. Without temperature control and airflow (fan speed) modes, it might be difficult to optimize the functions of heat guns.

While some models allow increments in 10°F, other types of heat guns can be adjusted within 50-degree increments.

However, user-friendly knobs allow you to adjust temperatures easily. Also, many industrial power tools are compatible with step-down transformers that allow you to use either 110/120V or 220/240V.

These types of heat guns with adjustable features might not run on natural gas (Butane), but their variable controls makes them versatile.

Display Screens And Work Lamps

The LCD screen of heat guns allows you to monitor real-time values of temperature and air flow settings. Usually, these display screens allow you to read values in multiple digits. It helps you to avoid the errors of settings and applying heat on materials.

Few heat gun models have integrated work lamps that guide your applications in poorly-lit workspaces. However, the Milwaukee Cordless Heat Gun comes with an LED lamp that provides illumination.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the right temperature for stripping tough adhesive on sticker?

Heat gun models with maximum temperature of 500°C are perfect from tough paint-stripping tasks. Consequently, lower temperature settings are suitable for removal projects that require mild applications of heat.

Can heat guns cause hand fatigue?

Apart from heat guns, heavy handheld power tools tend to cause shoulders and hand fatigue. Ensure that your favorite heat gun model has adjustable and easy-to-use features, but lightweight designs are important.

Final Verdict

These models of heat guns are functional tools that suit both household and professional applications. The range of options for smart buyers ensures they use the right heat guns for different projects.

With these variable settings, you can apply consistent heat on materials and boost the quality of your workmanship. Also, these heat gun models are easy to maintain and they are durable.

While they are designed to apply heat on sensitive materials, their sturdy designs show great build quality and much value. However, you need to store them in protective carrying cases after using them for projects.

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