11 Best Heat Transfer Vinyls (2023)

You already have enough capital to begin a business, but you aren’t sure what kind of business you should venture into. Well, I have a suggestion for you; a T-shirt printing business.

It simply involves creating customized designs on T-shirts. With the right assets, skill, and location, this business will grow rapidly than some of the businesses (if not all) you are probably thinking of giving a shot.

Now, to succeed in this area, one of the key decisions you need to make correctly is choosing the right heat transfer vinyl, abbreviated as HTV. Heat transfer vinyl provides a way of passing the incredible designs you have in your computer to your fabric.

Of course, picking the right HTV isn’t a rocket-science as one would argue. However, it still needs a little research to have it right. If you aren’t sure of the exact HTV to buy, don’t worry; we’ve got your back. Here are some of the best heat transfer vinyl out there.

Top 11 Best Heat Transfer Vinyl

1 ARTEZA HTV Vinyl Bundle

ARTEZA HTV Vinyl Bundle

We chose this to be our first option on the list because it comes at an affordable price that most people can take in the budgets. Surprisingly, its quality matches that of the majority of the expensive models.

This Polyurethane heat vinyl sheet is tough and durable to stand up to regular washing. Its impressive quality means that it will work well whether you use it for T-shirts, tote bags, backpacks, aprons, or any other fabric where you would like to add your decoration.

The HTV pack includes 14 vibrant colors to allow for limitless multi-color designs for your fabric. The users of these vinyl sheets also like that they weed easily with no fuss like some members of the competition.

The vinyl sheets are work with any craft-cutting machine without curling or tunneling. I mean, whether you are using Silhouette, Pazzles, Xyron, Cricut, or any other cutting machine, you can buy it with the peace of mind that it will work smoothly with your existing equipment.

  • The transparent backing allows you to see how it will lay.

  • The material is very durable.

  • The price suits all pockets.

  • It is very straightforward to weed.

  • The darker colors are a little hard to differentiate between the vinyl side and the tape.

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#2 Impressed Vinyl HTV Heat Transfer Vinyl

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Add whatever detail you want on a T-shirt, bag, hat, hoodie, or any other fabric and take it as a gift to your loved one. This HTV is of impressive quality and leaves very durable decorations on fabric that will not come out even with regular washing.

And since the elaborate designs will neither fade nor crack over time, expect these sheets to retain the original message for several years to come. The high-quality polyurethane material is also eco-friendly which means that it is also safe to wear.

The single pack offers up to 20 assorted colors. These colors include; 2 white and black vinyl sheets, yellow, brown, gold, purple, light pink, green, aqua, neon yellow, royal & sky blue, pink, green, orange, silver/gray, fuchsia, red, and pink.

With all these options available, you will like how you can conveniently create a unique multi-color decoration for your special ones. Whether you are a Silhouette fan or a Cricut faithful, these vinyl sheets support use with any machine in the market.

Also, whether you use it with a heat press or iron, expect it to deliver excellent results that you were anticipating from the start of the project.

  • The packaging is great.

  • It works with heat press and iron.

  • It is compatible with all cutting machines.

  • The PU material is eco-friendly.

  • It does not come with instructions.

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#3 JANDJPACKAGING Heat Transfer Vinyl

JANDJPACKAGING Heat Transfer Vinyl

This option offers up to 16 colors. Hence, you will also enjoy endless multi-color designs using this amazing pack. It offers up to 25 sheets, that is, 4 red, 3 red, 2 green, orange, lilac purple, like green, orange, and other many colors.

All sheets measure 10 inches by 12 inches and possess amazing characteristics that make them easier to cut and peel than the majority of the members of the competition.

The high-quality heat transfer sheets are of commercial-grade material that can withstand regular washing without cracking or peeling even when machine-washing. However, the manufacturer recommends that you wait up to 24 hours before washing the fabric after applying.

It works perfectly on T-shirts, bags, hats, aprons, and any other piece of fabric you have ever thought of adding your decorative design, whether made of cotton, polyester and many other materials.

Before you use the heat transfer sheet, however, it is wise to ensure that the fabric is compatible and that it can support high temperatures of your heat press machine or iron. Also, this option is eco-friendly and will therefore serve as an excellent gift to your loved ones.

  • It doesn’t roll up on you since it’s already flat and not rolled as some HTVs.

  • Weeding is a breeze.

  • It is machine washable.

  • The color will not fade with time.

  • It’s not easy to tell the cut side.

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#4 CAREGY Heat Transfer Vinyl for T-Shirts

CAREGY Heat Transfer Vinyl for T-Shirts

If you are looking for the best deal in the market, then you don’t have to go beyond this model. The package includes a total of 36 sheets, more than you will find in any of our previous options. When we compare all these sheets to the price, we are safe to argue that this set offers the best price per sheet. This explains why it is one of the best-selling heat transfer vinyl in the market.

Each sheet measures 12 inches long and 10 inches wide to provide ample space for your decorations. The standard size is also an implication that every heat transfer sheet of this pack allows use with any standard craft cutting machines.

The 36 sheets come in a wide spectrum of color varieties. For this reason, you will always invent a unique design in every printing project. Also, unlike most heat transfer sheets that give the users a hard time telling the cut side from the other side, it is easy to differentiate the two sides in this option by using a finger.

After applying, allow up to 24 hours before washing to create a permanent decoration on your fabric. After these hours, you can hand-wash the fabric or machine-wash it if you don’t want to face the hassle of hand-washing.

  • The 2 sides are easy to distinguish.

  • Some colors are hard to find in other packs.

  • It works well with iron.

  • The price is great, especially for the quantity.

  • Some would prefer if it were a little shinier.

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#5 YRYM HT HTV Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle

YRYM HT HTV Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle

This HTV bundle has some important properties that make it among the market’s leading options. For example, it is designed to cut nicely and apply effortlessly. With this feature, you will handle your projects faster and more efficiently without compromising the quality of the outcome.

Also, since it’s temperature and pressure-sensitive, it will transfer the design in just the exact way you wanted onto your intended surface. After transferring the details, this heat transfer vinyl is also designed to allow for an easy take-off.

The pack includes 42 sheets with each having a standard size of 12 inches by 10 inches. These dimensions allow you to use any craft cutter to create the design that you want with minimal to no troubles at all.

This heat transfer vinyl bundle is also stickier than most modes out there. Hence, it will remain on your fabric even after many times of washing. The package includes 27 different vibrant colors with commonly used colors such as white, black, red, and green coming in quantities of 10, 5, 5, and 3 respectively.

  • There are 27 color varieties.

  • It adheres very well to fabric.

  • The size of each sheet is easy to manage.

  • It works well on cotton and other materials.

  • It will require more heat to stick on some materials.

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#6 ARHIKY Heat Transfer Vinyl for T-Shirts

ARHIKY Heat Transfer Vinyl for T-Shirts

Once you request this heat transfer vinyl pack, you will get 37 standard-size sheets and a Teflon sheet. The 37 sheets offer 30 color assortments to provide more than you need to forge your own design.

All the sheets are very tough and of premium-quality to support use with nearly any fabric. I mean, you can use these sheets to develop unique patterns on T-shirts, bags, canvas shoes, and just about any other fabric that you would want to incorporate a design of your own.

The commercial-grade Vinyl maintains its color and shape even after washing it repeatedly. Hence, whatever you print on the fabric of your choice to remain there for several years without any signs of aging. The premium polyurethane material is eco-friendly, safe to wear, and easier to operate than other brands.

The material also boasts great sensitivity to pressure and temperature. For this reason, expect it to transfer every detail onto your fabric whether you are using a heat press machine or the household iron box.

  • The assortment is nice.

  • It is very sensitive to temperature and pressure.

  • The universal vinyl provides professional results even when using iron.

  • The vinyl sheets have impressive elasticity.

  • The black color doesn’t stick well as other colors.

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#7 Firefly Craft Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle

Firefly Craft Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle

From the good comments the Firefly Craft Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle gets from its users, it is easy to tell that it is one of the options that will take your printing business to the next level.

The package includes 15 sheets. With each sheet coming in a different color, this pack does not offer you as many color varieties as some options. However, with the 15 color assortments, you can still create limitless patterns of different color combinations in your projects.

The available colors include; black, deep pink, purple, royal blue, red, white, elastic foil gold, pink, yellow, teal, sky blue, lime green, gold, mint green, and fluorescent green. Each sheet is 12 inches wide to permit compatibility with the cutting machines.

However, unlike other HTV sheets that are 10, 12 or 15 inches long, each sheet here is 20 inches long. The additional length allows you to create more designs. Also, no matter the color and the pattern you use, this vinyl has good elasticity that combines with its impressive adhesion for it to look like part of the fabric.

  • Each sheet accommodates more designs since they are 5-10 inches longer.

  • It’s super easy to cut and weed.

  • The material is very soft.

  • It has good elasticity.

  • The price isn’t exactly the best for the number of sheets it offers.

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#8 ZAIONE Leopard Cheetah Pattern Iron-on Heat Transfer Vinyl

ZAIONE Leopard Cheetah Pattern Iron-on Heat Transfer Vinyl

Our next option on the list works well with cotton, polyester or a mixture of the two materials. The pack includes a total of 5 pieces of vinyl with each measuring 12 inches by 9.8 inches.

Each HTV employs PVC material. Therefore, they are very long-lasting and easy to cut and peel for smooth user experience. They create a unique design on your T-shirt, backpack or apron using a leopard cheetah pattern and not solid color like others out there. And in case you are using it for the first time, it is straightforward to use.

Begin by placing the vinyl properly in a carving machine and making the necessary adjustments. Select the design you intend to print on the material on your computer and then press the engraving button. Remove it and cut the unwanted areas before placing the remaining part of your target fabric. Use heat press machine at the temperature of 50 degrees Celsius to transfer your design to your fabric. Peel the clear protective film and that’s it!

You will also like the fact that this material does not come out when washing. However, like other options, you should use a mild detergent and wash the fabric inside out to prolong its lifespan.

  • It leaves a vivid pattern on the cloth.

  • It does not melt like some options.

  • It uses a fun pattern instead of a solid color.

  • The instructions are reliable.

  • The size is quite small.

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#9 BURVAGY HTV Heat Transfer Vinyl

BURVAGY HTV Heat Transfer Vinyl

The next option on the list consists of 36 pieces in total. The sheets are 12 inches wide and 10 inches long for trouble-free feeding in your machine without trouble. Also, the sheets are very thin, making it easy for any cutter to handle. The kit offers 30 different colors. The many varieties allow you to create your unique patterns using different color combinations.

The PET and PU films have very impressive adhesion properties. They create patterns that will create patterns that will not fade, crack or peel over time. This ability along with other advanced features makes it an ideal option for creating delicate logos that most heat transfer sheets cannot support.

Also, since they are environmentally-friendly, these heat transfer materials are safe for extended use. The improved elasticity of the material ensures that it stretches with the movements of the fabric for maximum durability.

  • They are good for making delicate logos.

  • This HTV works well with mesh and normal fabric.

  • It is very thin for easy compatibility with machines.

  • The 30 colors are a nice offer.

  • Some customers wish it included more of white and black vinyls.

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#10 Siser EasyWeed HTV Iron On Heat Transfer Vinyl (White)

Siser EasyWeed HTV Iron On Heat Transfer Vinyl

This roll measures about 12 inches wide to fit nicely in your existing craft cutting machine. It comes as a white roll that creates unique white designs on your T-shirts, bags, aprons, and other types of fabrics. The vinyl will work well with cotton, leather, polyester, and cotton/polyester blends

Unlike the normal options that come in short multiple shits, this piece boasts a length of 5 feet. Hence, expect one roll to handle several printing projects on your fabric.

The roll is also ultra-thin with a thickness of just 90 microns. With this thinness, it is easy to cut no matter the kind of machines you are using for the project. The ultra-thin design allows for easier weeding and makes it stickier on fabric than the conventional options that are a little thick.

Also, this option requires a low temperature of about 305 degrees Fahrenheit to apply. Hence, expect to use less energy than other options. Most importantly, the heat transfer vinyl peels hot so no need to wait for a few seconds like most options. This feature makes it an excellent purchase for the bulk printing projects since it saves time.

  • It can be matched with colors.

  • It is only 90 microns thick.

  • It applies at low temperatures.

  • It feels hot to save time.

  • The ultra-thin design has its shortcomings.

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#11 CAREGY Heat Transfer Vinyl

CAREGY Heat Transfer Vinyl

This roll of heat transfer vinyl measures 12 inches wide and 10 feet long. The material requires a low temperature to apply which minimizes the total energy consumption of your business.

The vinyl is thinner than most options in the market. The ultra-thin design makes it easy to create multi-layer designs. The thinner structure also indicates that you can use it for creating detailed patterns and logos since it is easy to cut and peel. Also, it can peel hot or cold depending on how you want it.

The vinyl is very durable and will therefore not come out even when you wash it regularly. In fact, the manufacturer claims that it will outlast the actual fabric when you apply it correctly.

The vinyl roll works perfectly with common fabrics such as cotton, polyester, cotton and poly blends, and leather.

  • It peels either cold or hot

  • The black color is good.

  • It is super sticky.

  • The price is decent.

  • It does not work perfectly with mesh fabrics.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What is the best brand of heat transfer vinyl?

We have a few nice brands of heat transfer vinyls that are worth buying. If you aren’t sure about where exactly to direct your cash, consider the brands included in this top-notch review.

How durable is HTV?

The durability of heat transfer will depend on the quality of the material and how well you apply it. When used correctly, HTV should last for as long as the fabric.

Should I wash the fabric before applying vinyl?

Pre-washing fabric is normally not a good idea. Nevertheless, there is no major harm in washing a shirt before you apply vinyl. But in case you decide to wash, ensure that the shirt is completely free from any moisture before you apply your customized design. You can heat press the shirt for about 2-3 seconds to make sure that it is completely dry.

Do you need a heat press for vinyl?

Although nearly all heat transfer vinyls will work with the household iron, you will have to press down the iron for several seconds for your design to transfer. However, using a heat press will save you the hassle.

What is the best size Cricut easy press to get?

A 12 inch by 10-inch machine is good if you need to focus on adult clothing. However, for kids’ clothing, a 9 by 9 machine should be a great option.


Heat transfer vinyl allows you to incorporate a design of your own to your fabric. But with the hundred and one options available, picking the right HTV can be daunting. That’s why we have put together some of the top-notch models on the market.

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