Top 11 Best Heated Bird Baths For Your Backyard (2023)

Here comes that moment of the year when temperatures fall, walkways and driveways turn white and home heating systems rule the day!

You guessed it right: It’s winter!

With the low temperatures causing most rivers and natural ponds to grow too cold and even freeze, our feathered friends will soon be struggling to find somewhere to bath and quench their thirst.

Show some care for the avian buddies this coming winter by getting a heated birdbath and they will return the favor by rewarding you with a bustling and entertaining backyard. Heated bird baths have built-in thermostats that detect the water temperature to maintain it slightly above the freezing point.

These baths keep the water neither hot nor warm but at just the right temperatures for the birds to enjoy. Any of our 11 best heated bird baths guarantees great moments for the avian friends and will keep them flocking your backyard even after the winter.

Top 11 Heated Bird Baths

#1 VIVOSUN 2-in-1 Outdoor Garden Bird Bath

VIVOSUN 2-in-1

Lure birds into your outdoor space this coming winter by getting this premium-grade heated bird bath for them. The unit adopts polypropylene construction. Hence, it is tough to stand up to several years of outdoor use.

The construction is also sturdy but lightweight to make it easy and less demanding to install and move around the garden. The antique finish will look great in any yard, making it an excellent option for anyone intending to add a touch of style to their gardens.

The base of this unit takes sand or stones for better stability. However, it also has four holes at the bottom for fixing nails during windy days. You can even grow some flowers at the base to keep your yard more appealing.

The diameter of 50 cm accommodates more birds and gives them enough space to play and bath. The height of 28 inches prevents rodents such as squirrels from accessing the top so you won’t have to refill the unit very frequently.

  • It is sturdy and heavy enough.

  • It is simple to set up.

  • It looks great.

  • It is available in two finishes.

  • The vertical support may arrive with a slight bend.

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#2 Allied Precision Industries Mounted Heated Bird Baths

Allied Precision

This heated bird bath has a diameter of 20 inches and is 2 inches deep. Therefore, it is large enough to take a greater number of winter birds. The unit has a built-in thermostat that detects the water temperature to keep it above the freezing point.

Therefore, no matter how extreme the outside temperatures fall, this heated birdbath maintains the water at a good temperature. During the summer or other hot days, the power-cable of this 120-volt unit stays underneath the basin for a neater setup.

The item weighs 4.8 pounds to make it easy to carry around the garden. Also, the unit comes in a light stone color that guarantees to look great in any backyard.

The clamp-on mounting bracket has a reliable hinge. This feature makes it easy to remove stagnant water and convenient to clean the bowl so that your avian colleagues will always enjoy a constant supply of clean water.

  • The installation of the unit is easy.

  • It cleans with less hassle.

  • The hinge makes it easy to remove stagnant water.

  • The package includes instructions for straightforward mounting.

  • The mounting bracket needs a slight step up in quality.

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#3 Allied Precision Industries Diameter Heated Bird Bath Bowl (API 600 20-Inch)

Allied Precision Industries API 600

This heated bird bath comes fully assembled. Therefore, the only thing left is to attach the water bowl to your intended spot. The adapter clamp allows you to mount the unit on a variety of surfaces.

Nevertheless, it does not arrive with a pedestal stand so you may need to acquire it separately. The bowl measures a diameter of 20 inches with a maximum depth of 2 inches. I mean, the depth is just right for most bird species.

Also, this size holds more water for the birds to drink and bath without the need for frequent replenishment. Therefore, if you are normally busy and don’t have enough time for refilling more often, this heated birdbath will be a great option for you.

The built-in thermostat keeps the water temperature slightly higher than the freezing point even on the coldest days. The shape of the rim provides a proper grip to the bird’s talons so that birds will always want to land in your yard.

  • The rim provides an excellent grip on the birds’ talons.

  • The adapter clamp works well with different surfaces.

  • It holds a lot of water.

  • The light stone color is nice.

  • The mounting screws need to be more robust.

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#4 Songbird Essentials Heated Birdbath


This heated bird bath is also another model that will attract birds of different species to your backyard. It is of cedar construction that works well with the decor of your yard and deck.

The birdbath may not be as large as the previous option. However, the diameter of 14.25 inches and depth of 1-3/8 inches implies that it is still big enough to hold more birds at a go.

The birdbath uses an internal temperature gauge that triggers the heating system once the temperature falls to about 32 degrees Fahrenheit. The heating mechanism is properly enclosed to support years of tough outdoor use.

Songbird Essentials Heated Birdbath does not arrive fully assembled but it will only require a few of your minutes to get the work done since the holes in the bath support and legs arrive already pre-drilled.

  • It looks great at the deck.

  • The packaging is good.

  • The guide holes align properly.

  • It remains sturdy.

  • The cord measures only 12 inches.

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#5 Allied Precision Industries (970) 20-Inch Diameter Heated Bird Bath with Metal Stand

Allied Precision Industries (970)

This birdbath comes from the United States. It has a long-lasting construction that won’t crack no matter the outdoor elements. The rim of this bowl works well with your bird’s talons while the shape and texture are very convenient for bathing.

The diameter of 20 inches and the depth of 2 inches offer enough volume to rid you of the hassle of frequent water replenishment. The sturdy metal stand holds the unit firmly in the right position and will not tilt when a bird lands on one end of the basin to prevent water from spilling.

The unit arrives with a high-quality stand so you won’t need to buy it separately. The stand is 30 inches high to keep the water far from rodent’s reach and at a height that you can easily enjoy the delighting view of sunbirds from afar.

The internal heater maintains the water at the temperatures of between 40 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit even in the coldest and snowiest weeks of the winter. I mean, your birds will always rely on this birdbath for a good supply of water no matter the time of the year.

  • The weight makes it easy to clean.

  • It comes with 3 staples for securing the base.

  • The textured surface encourages bathing.

  • The ceramic bowl is very durable and crack-proof.

  • A few users reported the stand to catch rust after years of use.

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#6 Farm Innovators Heated Birdbath (Model BD-75 3-In-1)

Farm Innovators Model BD-75

If you are a bird lover operating within a small budget, this 75-watt birdbath should be your excellent purchase. The premium-grade unit comes at a budget-friendly price tag that most people can comfortably take in their budgets.

It comes in a beautiful Terra Cotta color although it may also come in green although for a slightly higher price. The package packs hardware for convenient deck and clamp mounting.

However, you can also stand the unit on the ground since it comes with legs that permit stable placement. The sturdy frame of the unit has durable powder-coating for years of rust-free use. The plastic construction of the bowl is lightweight but durable and easy to clean.

The built-in thermostat triggers the heating system only when the temperatures fall to a certain point. This feature makes the unit highly efficient since it will work when necessary. The premium-grade power cords stay away from sight during warm weather use.

  • It offers three mounting options.

  • The cord tucks away during hot days.

  • The weight of the tray is nice.

  • It is affordable.

  • It may not work perfectly with deck bracket.

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#7 Allied Precision Industries Diameter Heated Bird Bath with Stand (API 400 12-Inch)

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This birdbath arrives with a stand so you won’t need to mount it on a bracket. The support unit makes use of rugged metal construction that will withstand extended outdoor use for several years to come. Actually, since the metal structure has a durable coating, this water basin will not catch rust over time as with some options out there.

The three anchors keep the stand stable and in place even on windy days. The diameter of 12 inches indicates that it doesn’t offer the best capacity but it still big enough to handle the needs of several birds.

With just 50 watts of power needed during the coldest days, this heated birdbath is one of the most economical models you will come across in the market. The safety feature turns off the heater when the tray runs out of the water to save energy and prolong the service life of the unit.

Also, since it is made with an all-year-round use in mind, the heating element of this heating tray will come out easily during warm days and snap back in place perfectly when cold days return.

  • It has textured sides for comfortable use.

  • The heating element is removable.

  • The cord remains underneath the tray for protection from ice and snow.

  • The three support arms provide proper balance.

  • It may take some minutes to assemble.

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#8 Best Nest API 650 Deck Mounted Heated Bird Bath with Outdoor Cord Connector

Best Nest API 650

This fantastic heated birdbath guarantees to supply your feathered visitors with clean water even during the below-zero conditions. It has a well-sealed heating system that maintains the water temperature at the ideal level during the chilliest moments of the winter.

The generous diameter of 18.5 inches provides the avian friends with enough room to drink and bath. In fact, the water basin slopes slightly to a maximum depth of 2 inches to maximize its capacity when still giving the lovely songbirds a fantastic bathing experience.

The contoured rim works nicely with birds’ talons while the textured surface provides proper grasp for the feathered friends. The premium plastic structure will not crack in the most extreme conditions, making it an ideal option for people living in areas that grow extremely cold in the winter or intolerably hot in the summer.

The EZ-tilt deck bracket makes it easy to mount the unit in apartments and condominiums and allows for convenient tilting for more convenient cleaning and refilling.

  • The birdbath originates from the United States.

  • The plastic construction is crack-proof.

  • It keeps water completely free from ice.

  • The mounting bracket is nice.

  • There is nothing special in the design.

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#9 Songbird Essentials SE501 Cedar Heated Deck Bird Bath (Set of 1)

Songbird Essentials SE501

Also among the top-notch options, we have on the list, this amazing option will impress from different dimensions. For example, it has a very reliable thermostat that keeps check on the water temperature to trigger the heater when necessary.

The bowl adopts premium construction that can face the harshest conditions and still come out in great shape. I mean, if you want an all-year-round unit that will serve for years to come, this choice by Sunbird Essentials should be a great purchase.

The beautiful construction looks great in any decor or garden. Also, the bath mounts easily in your intended spot. Most users also love that the bowl cleans with less hassle as compared to some models.

However, it also has its shortcomings. For example, with the diameter of just 13 inches and the depth of an inch, you need to maintain a daily check on the water level. Also, some claim that the price is slightly higher for its size although this shouldn’t be a major issue since it outlasts the majority of the cheaper options.

  • The wood is sturdy.

  • It mounts conveniently.

  • It is easy to maintain clean.

  • It looks great in most settings.

  • It is quite small.

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#10 Farm Innovators Model HBC-120 Heated Birdbath

Farm Innovators Model HBC-120

With the robust construction of this heated birdbath, we can safely argue that this heated water bath is one of the options that are engineered for durability. Therefore, in case you are prioritizing durability, you should never go beyond this bath.

The built-in gauge works by monitoring the water temperature and activating the heating system to keep it slightly above the freezing point. In other words, even during the chilliest days, the water on this unit will not freeze. Therefore, your avian colleagues will always have something to make them thrive during the cold moments.

The four thumbscrews at the bottom of the unit make securing the unit on wooden railings a breeze. And since the unit boasts heavy construction, this water bowl will not be knocked over even by the strongest winds.

The shallow design of the unit is an implication that the small beautiful birds will always keep coming to your backyard or deck all through. However, this design also means that it holds less water and therefore you may need to refill it more often especially during the summer when the evaporation rate is very high.

  • The thumbscrews make it effortless to attach.

  • It is quite shallow to accommodate both big and small birds.

  • The color shows when cleaning is necessary.

  • It withstands strong winds.

  • Not an excellent suggestion for those looking for a lightweight pick.

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#11 K&H Pet Products 9006 Thermo-Birdbath

K&H Pet Products 9006

Although it employs plastic resin construction, this premium bath stands the test of time even in harshest moments of the year. The construction is UV-resistant. I mean, this unit can tolerate the blazing moments of the summer without fading like other plastic baths out there.

It measures 17 inches by 23.5 inches by 4 inches. Therefore, it is quite large to accommodate more birds and hold more water. The bottom of the bowl is non-slip to offer excellent grip to birds when bathing.

The elegant stone color integrates perfectly with most decors and adds a natural look that will keep wild birds coming to your backyard even during off-winter periods.

The reliable heating system prevents the water from freezing during the coldest days so your feathered friends will always have a place to drink, bathe, and play even during the coldest days of the winter. The cord is 5.5 feet long, quite longer than for most models in the market.

  • The stone color delivers a natural look.

  • It is very beautiful.

  • It is UV-resistant.

  • The base of the bowl is textured.

  • The cord is quite stiff.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Should I put rocks in my birdbath?

A deep water bowl will work well for the big birds but the pint-sized birds need something shallow. Hence, if the water basin is quite deep, it’s wise to put some rocks in the bath to provide a place for the smaller birds to perch.

How do you encourage birds to use a birdbath?

Just bought a birdbath but can’t have any birds using it? Don’t worry, all that you may need to get them flocking your place is to make a few adjustments. For example, as said earlier, adding some stones will attract small birds.

Also, you should keep the water bowl clean, maintain the right water depth, place it in the shade, and add a fountain.

Can you put a birdbath on the ground?

It all depends on what you are targeting. If you want it for birds, you should put it at a slightly high position. However, if you intend to use it for other creatures such as rodents, you need to position it a little lower where they can reach with less hassle.

How do you maintain a birdbath?

Proper maintenance of a birdbath is important for its durability and attractiveness to birds. Therefore, cleaning it regularly (preferably twice or thrice a week) and frequent replenishment is good. Keeping it in the shade especially during the summer is also a great idea.

How deep should the water in a birdbath be?

Experts recommend that water should be less than an inch near the brim but not more than 2 inches at the center of the bath. Therefore, ensure that the bath you choose does not exceed 2 inches deep.


Birds make our backyards more beautiful and lively. Now, one of the effective ways to attract these beautiful creatures is by providing them with water during the coldest moments. Begin this by grabbing by one of our very finest options from our high-quality suggestions.

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