Top 8 Best Hydraulic Bench Presses (2023)

Whether you are a metalworker or a hobbyist, there comes a time when you need to straighten or bend a metal workpiece to fit correctly where you want it.

Now, unless you have a machine for this job, that may mark the end of your project, especially if you are dealing with hard metal. For this reason, every metalworker or a dedicated hobbyist needs to invest in a good hydraulic bench press.

Ranging from stamping and straightening metal pieces to installing and removing U-joints, bearings, and pulleys, a nice hydraulic bench press will handle several projects in your garage, workshop, and at home.

As the name suggests, this equipment mounts easily on your workbench for greater user convenience.

Now, in case you have been window shopping for the right option for you, we have pooled the market’s best hydraulic bench presses to make picking the correct option pretty easier for you. Take a walk with us as we examine deeply the features of each of our hand-picked models.

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Top 8 Hydraulic Bench Presses

#1 Dragway Tools A-Frame Benchtop Hydraulic Shop Press (12 Ton)

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The first on the list is a fantastic option from Dragway tools. The great option packs an array of amazing features that makes it one of the market’s top-rated models.

For example, it adopts an A-frame design that gives it outstanding sturdiness. With the capability to deliver a pressure of up to 12 tons, this hydraulic bench press may not be the strongest model you will find in the market.

However, with such an amount of force, you already have enough to execute projects perfectly in the workshop, machine shops, garage, and just about any other setting where a hydraulic bench press comes in handy.

The rugged construction implies that the unit is designed to last. Therefore, in case you require a handy unit that will deliver great performance for several years to come, the Dragway Tools 12 Ton A-frame Bench-top is one of the options you should consider adding to your target list.

The sturdy metal construction has a red finish. This coating renders it aesthetically appealing to step up the decor of your workspace.

The premium finish also protects the metal construction from catching rust, ensuring that it maintains its beauty throughout its service life.

  • The A-design is great.

  • The red finish is durable.

  • It is very versatile.

  • It is easy to use.

  • It is a little expensive.

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#2 Black Bull PRESSA6T A-Frame Shop Press (6 Ton)

Black Bull PRESSA6T

Also on our list is a reliable hydraulic bench press by Black Bull. The unit utilizes a durable steel construction. Therefore, buy it with the confidence that it will last year after year even with regular heavy use.

A premium powder coat covers the steel construction to step up its overall beauty so that it blends perfectly with the existing decor of your workshop and garage.

This coating also protects the piece from corrosion to make it even more long-lasting.

The dual press plates provide your workpiece with steady support while the maximum pressure of 12, 000 pounds guarantees to tackle most of your projects.

With the amazing force it generates, most users found the machine to be very useful in installing and removing gears, bearings, u-joints, among many other press-out tasks.

But even with this power, this hydraulic bench press adopts a compact size that claims minimal space in the workshop. Hence, in case you are having a workshop or garage with limited space, this equipment should turn a great choice for you.

Also among the unit’s amazing properties is the spring-return beam. The adjustable table offers two settings to make it more convenient and easier to use on different sizes of workpieces than most of the models out there.

Nevertheless, most users found it a little daunting to assemble especially for those that haven’t assembled one before. However, after assembly, people cherish that it does the job perfectly with less to no long-term issues.

  • The compact size spares space in the workshop.

  • The sturdy steel construction is very durable.

  • It is highly adjustable for user convenience.

  • The powder coat gives it an attractive appearance.

  • Assembly requires some patience.

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#3 Torin Big Red Steel Frame Hydraulic Shop Press (12 Ton Capacity)

Torin Big Red

This unit is among the market’s a few models that are made with durability and quality in mind. Like the previous piece, it features heavy-gauge steel construction that stands the test of time even with frequent use in a busy workshop.

I mean, if you often find yourself interacting with a hydraulic bench press, the Torin Big Red Steel 12-Ton model should stand up to the challenge. The steel construction is chemical-washed before applying lead-free paint.

The high-quality finish offers excellent protection against rust when still resisting oil, grease, and dirt to make it easy to maintain the unit in perfect condition.

This coating also elongates the service life of the machine further to let you buy knowing that you are getting something that will last.

The high capacity of 12 tons means that the unit can comfortably handle just about any bending, straightening, and stamping job you throw at it.

Hence, whether you intend to use it in the workshop, garage or machine shop, you can always count on it to get several tasks done perfectly.

Although durable and dependable, this equipment arrives with a budget-friendly price tag, unlike other options of the same category.

Therefore, expect it to deliver a hard-to-beat value for your money. The box contains the shop press, hardware kit, and 2 solid plates.

  • It comes with two steel plates.

  • The 12-ton capacity is great.

  • It is very versatile.

  • The price is reasonable.

  • It will rarely come with some missing part(s).

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#4 Titan Hydraulic Shop Floor Press H Frame 24000 lb w/ Heavy Duty Steel Plates (12 Ton)

Titan 12 Ton

This hydraulic shop press also possesses great specs that qualify it among our very finest options. The piece is super easy to use and will provide excellent results even in the hands of those just joining the trade.

The piece measures 51.5″ tall x 19.75″ wide x 3.25″ deep. In other words, it comes at a convenient size that fits nicely in small and large shops alike.

The high-grade H-frame construction indicates that the unit will hold up very well year after year of heavy use.

The beautiful red finish elevates the style of your shop, garage, or whatever space you want to use the hydraulic table press. This model from Titan also boasts a high working capacity of 12 tons, which translates to 24000 lbs.

With this amazing capacity, you will be able to handle nearly any metalwork with ease whether straightening, bending, pressing or any other application where such pressure is needed.

Other great features about this model include a working range of 24 inches, an extra-long ergonomic handle of the pumping system, and a customizable bolster platform.

  • The quality is decent for the price.

  • It comes with heavy-duty arbor plates.

  • The base is well-designed.

  • It comes with pre-drilled holes for easy mounting.

  • The packaging is not perfect.

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#5 JEGS 81635 Hydraulic A-Frame Shop Press Bench Top Mount Working Range: Up (6-Ton)

JEGS 81635

The compact size of this hydraulic bench press makes it a go-to option for garages and workshops that have tight square footage. Although small, this machine exerts up to 6 tons of force.

Hence, expect it to come in handy in multiple metalworking projects such as removing ball joints, pulleys, u-joints, and many other projects. Like a majority of the models on our list, the piece features steel construction for extra strength and durability.

The rugged construction has a beautiful yellow finish to keep it safe from rust. The high-grade coating also steps up its overall beauty, making it a visually-captivating addition to any space.

Although durably constructed, JEGS 81635 Hydraulic A-frame Shop Press only weighs 46 lbs. For this reason, transporting it to your workshop or job site is a piece of cake.

In other words, if you want a Sturdy-yet-lightweight unit that will serve in several metalworking projects in your home, the JEGS 81635 Hydraulic A-Frame Shop Press will hardly disappoint.

The unit comes with two press plates that measure 6.125 inches by 3 inches each. Also, most of the customers appreciate the bench-top option of up to 4.25 inches.

The handle is extra-long for increased user convenience. The rubberized grasp ensures that the user gets a comfortable grip for increased user comfort when using.

  • It is lightweight.

  • The compact size suits small spaces.

  • The handle is ergonomically designed.

  • The yellow color is aesthetically appealing.

  • The capacity of 6 tons means that it may not handle some heavy-duty applications.

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#6 Dragway Tools Hydraulic Shop Floor Press (6-Ton)

Dragway Tools 6-Ton

In case you are looking for a combination of affordability and versatility, the Dragway Tools 6-Ton Hydraulic Shop Floor Press should be the right option for you.

With the capacity of 6 tons, this amazing unit should handle nearly any DIY project and other projects in your workshop.

Most people find the piece perfect for not only metalwork pressing jobs but also other projects such as installing and removing bearing, gears, ball joints, and other many applications.

Nonetheless, the 6-ton capacity may not be enough for some heavy commercial applications. Therefore, in case you are looking for a product that will support heavy industrial use, its unfortunate that this may not be what you want.

The unit adopts the modern open-sided design. This feature enhances user convenience to make it easier than it has ever been to work with long workpieces. The spring quick-return ram saves time.

The steel construction implies that it is sturdy and designed for longevity.

The adjustability of the cross beams makes the unit incredibly easy for nearly anyone to use on different workpieces while the ability to allow for appropriate working distance means that it is made to handle multiple tasks.

  • The open-sided design enhances user convenience.

  • It features two steel plates.

  • The adjustability of the cross beams is a plus.

  • Raising and lowering is easy.

  • The paint may begin to chip off after some time.

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#7 Dake Manual Utility Hydraulic Bench Press (B-10 Model)

Dake B-10 Model

This bench press is yet another valuable addition you will hardly regret bringing to your machine shop or garage. The one-speed hand pump lowers the ram to generate up to 10 tons of force.

With such an amount of force, you will accomplish projects in your garage with minimal effort and faster. This capacity also implies that this is one of the models that is engineered with versatility in mind.

The H-frame permits straightforward height adjustment so that you can work on both small and bulky items conveniently.

Furthermore, the work head is customizable to permit off-center force exertion while the hydraulic cylinder and pump allow the user to position them on either side for maximum user comfort.

The box contains Dake B-10 Press, Flat ram nose, step-reduced ram nose, and 2 table plates.

The two plates support your workpiece when pressing for greater precision. The press does not come fully assembled and therefore you should be ready to dedicate a few of your time to put it together.

Nevertheless, most metalworkers and hobbyists claim that it is easy and quick to assemble so this should not be a big deal for you. In fact, the base comes with four pre-drilled holes to make bench mounting pretty straightforward.

  • It is easy to assemble.

  • The packaging is excellent.

  • It is very compact for use in small shops.

  • The height is adjustable.

  • It may arrive with a few minor scratches.

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#8 Dake 972200 B-10 Bench Manual H-frame Press (10-Ton)

Dake 972200

Also coming from Dake, you will hardly regret allocating some budget for this equipment. Although the price may not favor every pocket, this bench-top hydraulic press boasts great functionalities that make it one of the market’s top-rated models.

The hand pump is designed to lower the ram more efficiently and fast so that you get the work done quicker than it would take the majority of the members of the competition.

The ability to exert up to 10 tons of force means that the H-frame press is designed with versatility as a guiding principle.

Therefore, whether you want it for light or heavy applications, Dake 972200 B-10 will handle just about anything you align in its path in no time.

The gauge located at the top of the unit provides readings both in tons and psi to make it easy to monitor the pressure.

The table height adjusts to provide a wide or narrow vertical opening depending on the size of your workpiece. This feature ensures that you work on both small and bulk workpieces easier and more conveniently.

To allow even greater convenience when dealing with unusual workpieces, the hydraulic pressing cylinder can be shifted from the center to the right or left just as with the earlier sibling.

  • The maximum pressure of 10 tons makes it a multi-purpose addition.

  • It comes with a top-mounted gauge.

  • It accommodates just about any workpiece.

  • The construction is very durable.

  • Not the ideal model for low-budget hobbyists.

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Why You Need A Hydraulic Bench Press

  • They are versatile: As aforementioned, these tools will handle several projects in your garage, workshop, home, and any other place where you use them. Their multi-purpose nature means that they will give you greater value for your money.
  • They are very durable: If you are keen enough to secure a nice deal, you won’t even have to invest in another unit in the future.
  • They make work easier: Ever imagined exerting a force of about 20 tons without the aid of any machine? Impossible, right? Well, a hydraulic bench press will multiply the amount of force you exert to produce greater force for your project using minimal effort.
  • They are easy to use: Normally, a hydraulic bench press will have a very simple design for straightforward use. The uncomplicated design means that even a beginner can get the best out of it in their very first time of use.

What To Look Out For When Buying A Hydraulic Bench Press

The Capacity

Here we are simply talking about the maximum amount of pressure the unit can exert. Obviously, for heavy-duty applications, you will need a machine with greater capacity while for light duties, a unit with a tonnage of 6 tons of 10 should be enough. Nevertheless, it is better to get one with greater capacity since it comes with high versatility.

Height Settings

When buying a hydraulic bench press, its important you buy one with an adjustable table. This feature will allow you to adjust the vertical height depending on the size of your workpieces. More height settings come with greater user convenience.

The Construction:

For something that will take a good fraction of your payslip such as a hydraulic bench press, you should buy something that will last. Steel construction, in this case, is good. Also, ensure that it has a durable coating for maximum rust resistance.

The Size

The size of a hydraulic bench press is another feature you shouldn’t overlook. Consider the vertical height as well as the amount of space in your workshop. Absolutely, if you have limited space, you need to choose a compact size that will not eat much of your space.

Other features

You also need to consider what the unit comes with. For example, one with press plates will offer an added advantage than one that doesn’t. Also, one with the open-sided design is a plus since it allows you to handle larger workpieces. Pre-drilled holes for installation will make the mounting job easier and quicker.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How does a hydraulic bench press work?

Hydraulic shop press work using Pascal’s principle of transmission of fluid pressure. According to Pascal, pressure (P) in a liquid exerted by force (F1) over an area (A1) is transmitted undiminished across the fluid to cause force (F2) over a larger area (A2). This theory simply means that a small force (F1) applied over one area (is magnified to a greater force over a larger area.

Where can I use a hydraulic bench press?

The hydraulic bench press is a very versatile equipment that comes in handy in several projects. You can use it for straightening or bending workpieces as well as for removing and installing pulleys, bearings, u-joints, and other applications that require massive force.

How do you know the right hydraulic bench press for you?

The term ‘right’ will differ from one customer to another because it is subjective. The ideal option for you is the one that seems to tackle all your projects perfectly. To know the excellent purchase for you, consider things like the quality of the construction, the tonnage, design, adjustability, and versatility.

How much should I expect to pay for a high-quality hydraulic bench press?

The cost of hydraulic bench presses differs depending on the features of each model. Nevertheless, you can get a good model ranging below $200 while other options go for as much as above $500. Therefore, the greater determinant here is what you are looking for in a hydraulic bench press and the amount of money you are readily willing to pay for one.

How long will a bench press last?

If you are keen enough when selecting a hydraulic bench press, you will enjoy the best part of durability and performance. A good model will last for years even with regular use while a knock-off type may only handle just a few projects.


With a good hydraulic bench press, you will be excited about how quick and easy you will execute jobs that seemed impossible to accomplish in your workshop.

These amazing tools are very versatile and will turn handy regularly or at least occasionally in most settings. And as you think of getting one for your projects, we highly recommend that you consider our suggestions.

All our hand-selected choices are durable, reliable, and will do exactly as they say. Therefore, just go through each product review keenly to identify that perfect option you have long-searched for your projects.

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