11 Best Indoor Herb Garden Kits (2023)

If you are passionate about fresh herbs, there’s a chance to grow indoors. Unlike in the garden where plants are vulnerable to harsh weather conditions, they get safe spots in your living space. Apart from herbs, you can grow vegetables, fruits, and flowers with garden kits.

However, the nerve-stimulating fragrance of fresh herbs can purify the air in your home. The quality of air around us is important, but herbal plants can enhance the appearance of your living space. Also, you can save money all through the year by growing favorite culinary herbs at home.

Generally, indoor herb garden kits come with many amazing benefits. Some of them include gaseous exchanges between you and the plant, decor ideas, culinary, and medicinal benefits. With herb garden kits, you can learn how to germinate faster with special bags and build a healthy root system with planters.

The best indoor herb garden kits often come with plant cartridges, extra seeds, and other accessories. So, save yourself the hazards of exposing herbal plants in the backyard garden to pests and get garden kits. Customize your workspace, patio, and kitchen interior with indoor herb garden kits.

There are indoor herb garden kits with innovative features. Every year, manufacturers attract buyers with new features. While these manufacturers help you to enhance plants’ growth, keeping a smart garden might is a surefire way of promoting eco-friendliness.

Normally, garden-enthusiasts use electricity bulbs to trigger the photosynthesis of indoor plants. During this process, the emission of heat increases and affects the environment. However, energy-efficient indoor herb garden kits with LCD bulbs don’t emit UV (ultraviolet) rays. Instead, they ensure faster germination of herbal plant varieties.

This review will excite you because it gives useful tips on how to pick garden kits that suit your needs. More so, you’ll learn about products that ensure plant growth, soil nutrition, pH, aeration, and moisture. Let’s share favorite kits for you to grow herbs indoors.

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11 Best Indoor Herb Garden Kits

#1. VegeBox Hydroponics Indoor Herb Garden kit


Decorate and illuminate your library with this table lamp-style garden kit that only requires water. The VegeBox Hydroponics indoor tending kit for herbs has a smart lampstand with auto turn off and on features.

This LED electrical system determines the ideal time for plants to enjoy the soft glow of UV-free 21-Watt LED light. When the light goes out, plants stop their photosynthesis and conserve nutrients. As a growth support system, you don’t bother about the effect of sunlight’s intensity on tender plants.

With this VegeBox Hydroponics indoor garden kit, you can refresh your plants with 1.2 liters of water every month. Unlike regular indoor garden planters, this product offers a chance to grow herbs and veggies with smart features.

  • Hydroponic (grow plants without soil) planting kit

  • A four-in-one light technology – red, IR, green, and blue.

  • 9 plant holes

  • Lampstand angle adjustment of 135°

  • This kit doesn’t come with complete accessories like seed pods.

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#2. AeroGarden Stainless Steel Harvest Elite Indoor Herb Garden Kit


Wouldn’t you like some cups of home-made organic vegetable smoothies and herb soda after a gym session? This AeroGarden indoor garden kit helps to build a healthy life all year-round. With nutrients from herbs and vegetables, you can relax well and maintain skin beauty.

The Harvest Elite kit has a stainless steel finish. Also, it’s designed with an easy-to-use digital control panel. With soft-touch buttons on the panel, you can program reminders to water the plant. Also, the 20-Watt LED system works with sensitive lights that go dim like natural sunsets. The light cycle helps to track the progress of your seedlings and the effectiveness of plant nutrition.

  • 6 holes to grow plants (to about 12 inches) without soil (hydroponics)

  • Vacation mode with advanced settings to grow plants automatically

  • Adjustable lamp arm and menu buttons with scroll-through options

  • The bedroom isn’t an ideal place to keep this kit because its LEDs are very bright, and the intensity can disturb your sleep.

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#3. FATPLANTS Herb Growing Kit With 3 Planter Boxes


Experience the satisfaction of growing culinary herbs and flowers indoors. This FATPLANTS indoor garden kit is a set of 3 mini-planters (5 x 5 x 5 inches), and a drip tray (17 X 6 inches). Also, the herb garden set is a handmade craft with materials that resist attacks from pests and weather effects.

With this FATPLANTS garden kit, you can grow thyme, basil, parsley, and chives. Apart from these 3/4-inch (thick) Red Cedar mini-planters and the drip tray, you’ll receive a seed storage bag, seeds, and instruction manual.

By raising herb seed with these handmade planter boxes, you can enhance your indoor space with some rustic appeal and the smell of the cedar. Also, this FATPLANTS package provides everything you need to grow herbs from start to finish.

  • The package comes with nutrient-rich soil to enhance plant growth

  • 6 seed herbs – Basil, Oregano, Cilantro, Chives, Thyme, and Parsley

  • Planter boxes have a dual-tone turquoise coat

  • It’s a large planter, but planting 2 different herbs in each container might cause over-crowding and poor growth.

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#4. Mr. Sprout & Co. Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit With Seeds

Mr. Sprout & Co

According to science, plants release oxygen as a by-product of photosynthesis. With proper indoor ventilation, you can reverse the effects of stress and anxiety. Also, improving your physical and mental wellbeing with natural elements inside your home is one of the goals of Mr. Sprout & Co.

Their indoor gardening kits for herbs is a package with complete accessories. Unlike toxic seeds from desperate manufacturers, Mr. Sprout’s non-GMO basil and cilantro seeds can grow into herbs that are safe for consumption.

This herb-growing kit comes in a nice packaging box that makes it an ideal Christmas gift to friends and family members.

  • 5 culinary herb seeds (Basil, Parsley, Mint, Chives, and Cilantro)

  • Lightweight (4.8 ounces) herb growing kit

  • It comes with an instructional manual to guide you

  • The planters are seed packets that are made with low-quality materials.

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#5. Rivet Mid-Century Ceramic Planter with Iron Stand 9.1″H, Pale Green

Rivet Mid-Century

Apart from growing herbs for culinary purposes, you can enhance interior spaces with great decor ideas like stoneware planters. This Rivet mid-century ceramic planter comes as single or two-tone (white/black, grey/dark tan) designs.

Also, you can choose from the options of a small, medium, large, and X-large sizes. The ceramic planter

sits on a tripod of iron shelf that accentuates a mid-century style.

With these specifications, you can use the stoneware to grow indoor plants stylishly. It’s an attractive gardening and decor concept of beautiful space design.

  • Use the planter and shelf as combination or separately

  • 100% natural materials (ceramic 7.6 x 9.1 inches, and metal 5.7 x 5.51 inches)

  • Decor idea of a mid-century style

  • Durable construction

  • The ceramic planter isn’t designed with drainage holes for proper soil aeration.

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#6. Rivet Set Of 6 Indoor Multicolor Ceramic Planters For Herbs

Rivet Set Of 6

The Rivet flower pot set has nice textures and impressive build quality. While you can decorate windowsills with this set of 6 indoor herb planters, their modern design is befitting for any environment.

Each of these 2.95-inch stoneware garden pot doesn’t have drainage holes. However, this feature doesn’t limit the options of placing these planters in different positions of your indoor space. You can add some stones of gravel at the base of the planter to avoid overwatering the soil.

With this set of 6 multicolored stoneware planters, you can mix indoor garden herbs with succulent plants like cactus.

  • Ideal for growing small herbs and artificial plants

  • 6 pots with 2.95 inches of the exterior diameter

  • 100% natural stoneware materials

  • Ceramics are fragile materials, and they are do not have resistance for impacts.

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#7. Click & Grow Indoor Herb Garden Kit with Nano-Tech Designs And 3 Basil Cartridges

Click & Grow

You can grow herbs and vegetables smartly. However, you might need innovative garden kits that accelerates the growth of plants. This Click & Grow self-watering planter comes with 3 cartridges and soil nutrients.

The lightweight (2.4 lbs) design allows for easy movement to different indoor positions. So, there’s no excuse for not consuming fresh herbs when you use innovative gardening kits. Also, a smart indoor garden with plant cartridges allows you to transplant favorite flowers and herbs.

Some smart features of this kit include the nano-tech and built-in sensors. The smart soil (nanotechnology) ensures that plants enjoy sufficient oxygen, water, and nutrients.

With these sensors and energy-saving LED bulbs, you can regulate the intensity of light for photosynthesis.

  • Space-saving design with patented technology

  • A gardening system that ensures proper aeration

  • The cartridges are ideal for growing basil, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, and thyme

  • Long power cord

  • The LED light system doesn’t have a user-friendly programmable design.

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#8. Nancy Janes Stacking Planters Patented 3-Tier Grid System And Vertical Gardening kit for Herbs

Nancy Janes Stacking

Are you are passionate about gardening, but have limited indoor space? There’s a smart solution to grow favorite herbs with stand-alone planters. It’s a 3-tier vertical indoor kit from Nancy Janes Stacking Planters.

This product comes in a range of color options like stone, Tuscany, black, and terracotta. Since this grid-

style planter has an automatic watering system, it prevents any risk of messing up your indoor space.

Usually, stacking planter designs save space and they make your home very attractive. Also, this self-regulating planter contains BPA-free plastic materials. You’ll be confident of growing and consuming culinary herbs and vegetables.

  • Dual positioning designs of stackable trays, and hanging planters

  • Even distribution of water for your herbs

  • Ideal decor idea for growing flowers beside kitchen windows, patios, and the balcony

  • A set of this 3-tier planter might be too small (13 x 13.5 x 6.5 inches) for spacious rooms.

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#9. Spade To Fork Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit

Spade To Fork

Don’t worry about unfavorable weather conditions. Instead, grow your favorite veggies and herbs with this Spade To Fork indoor herb garden starter kit.

Apart from growing herb seeds indoors, you keep the planters anywhere that fits. High-quality planters with fresh herbs and flowers make kitchen countertops beautiful. This indoor garden kit includes organic soil, and a sprouting box set of 5 (Sage, Basil, Thyme, Cilantro, and Parsley) herb seeds.

As a complete garden starter package, you’ll receive an instruction manual, five potting soil discs, peat pots, and wooden plant markers respectively.

  • Organic (non-GMO) seeds

  • Food-grade and eco-friendly materials

  • Pesticide-free soil discs

  • These planters might be too small to grow herbs and flowers with large stems and root systems.

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#10. TORCHSTAR Indoor Herb Garden Kit with Timer Function


The TORCHSTAR indoor garden kit is unique because of many features, but its 24-Volt LED Grow Light system is an amazing design. It works with 22 low-voltage LED bulbs that boost photosynthesis with a solar simulator.

As an energy-efficient system, you can save utility costs and build an eco-friendly environment for favorite plants.

This kit comes with a stylish decorative design that evokes a welcoming ambiance. It’s 4000K soft glow of white light, and 95 CRI properties ensure proper illumination of the space around your favorite herbs.

You’ll enjoy the pleasure of staying at home, and the confidence of hosting guests. Additionally, this product is a must-have for you and other indoor garden plant enthusiasts.

  • Full-spectrum light system that mimics sunlight

  • Smart timer, and soft-touch keypads

  • Its size (16.54 × 11.42 × 5.43 inches) supports spacious arrangements for planters

  • The plastic material looks fragile.

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#11. Mindful Design Indoor Herb Garden with Timer And LED Light Bulbs

Mindful Design

The indoor garden kit for plants is useful, but this Mindful Design kit offers more benefits than regular products. It has superior features that allow you to grow herbs, flowers, succulents plants.

With a spacious design (14 x 5.9 x 16.5 inches) for 3 planters, there’s enough light and water for your seedlings to thrive. While you don’t have to worry about space, it’s an ideal concept of sharing your home with fresh plants comfortably.

Apart from your kitchen and rooms, this planter kit is a must-have for modern office spaces. There are irregular polygon shapes of decorative patterns on both sides of these kits. Also, the manufacturer used lightweight materials to ensure an easy assembly and enhance portability.

  • LED solar stimulator with 850 lumens, 4000K bright bulbs

  • Automatic On (16hr) and Off (8hr) modes

  • Stylish cutout ergonomics

  • Smooth finishing that’s easy to clean

  • Its lightweight (2.7 lbs) design doesn’t offer enough stability for 6 planters.

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Benefits Of Using Indoor Herb Garden Kits

Re-Pot Plants

You can grow seedlings with compostable bags, and transplant them after a few weeks. Generally, the growth of plants is not limited by their indoor environment. Some factors that might limit the growth are insufficient sunlight, water, and nutrients. However, you can re-pot your favorite plants with garden kits and watch them blossom.

For Nutrition

Customize your dietary requirements with home-made recipes. When veggies and herbs flourish inside your home, they are often free from UV (ultraviolet) radiation and pest attacks. Consequently, you can ensure food safety by this practice of growing herbs indoors. Well-groomed plants can boost your nutrition. Also, you can blend favorite plants and add them to food and drinks.

Instruction Manual

You don’t have to be an avid garden-enthusiast to know the basics of growing herbs. Many indoor garden kits have instructional manuals. They guide (from start to finish) you on how to apply every technique that ensures strong root and leave formation.

Aesthetic Effects

By using an indoor garden kit to grow your favorite plants, it’s easy to combine the effects of decorative elements and fragrance. Since some herbs and vegetables have flowers, it’s an ideal way of sparking your interior space with a range of colors.

Also, herbs like thyme, basil, chives, and parsley have distinctive scents. Their aroma can neutralize bad odor and boost the quality of air inside your home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the ideal design for pot holders?

While pot holders with drain holes prevent retention of excess soil water, they also boost aeration for the roots of plants. However, pot holders without holes are ideal for tables, and countertops.

The drawback of this design is the risk of root rot. Usually, perforated pot holders for indoor plants have trays. Without these trays, drain holes will allow soil water to make a mess of your indoor space.

How Does The sunlight-stimulating LED Work?

This technology ensures that plants enjoy artificial light like sunlight. It works with sensors that activate light’s intensity with automatic supply and shut-off circuits.

Like the Click & Grow’s nano-tech designs, sunlight stimulators trigger the germination of seedlings and ensure the efficient process of photosynthesis. However, your ideal model of indoor herb planter should have energy-saving LED light and smart timer systems.

How Can I Decorate Indoor Spaces With Planters?

Retrofit and new homes need decorative elements. Apart from growing culinary herbs and veggies, you can use indoor garden kits to enhance your home’s interior design. Since modern planters come with different designs, you can keep them on the room’s windowsill, kitchen countertops, and office desks.

Well-built planters with flexible LED arms can illumination your space and help to grow plants. Normally, hanging planters have chains and swivels that allow people to place them on the eaves near patios.

How many planters do I need?

What determines the quantity of indoor garden planter is space. Check the dimension of space in any part of the home that has been chosen for garden planters. If you don’t have enough space, use hanging planters with many pots.

Final Verdict

The hydroponic indoor garden kit for plants makes an impressive design. However, our list of 11 herb garden kits has unique features.

You might be tempted to buy many of these products if you are an indoor garden enthusiast. However, it’s important to stick with the specifications of planters that align with your needs.

None of these kits come with soils mixed with pesticides. Since we are safety-conscious, only products with BPA-free plastic materials were recommended for you.

Also, it’s important that you pick indoor garden kits that add elegance to indoor spaces. it’s a surefire way of growing favorite herbs and decorating your home with eye-catching aesthetics.

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