11 Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometers (2024)

Whether it is an outdoor get-together party, a trip to the beach, a walk around the neighborhood or any other outdoor affair, knowing what the future holds on weather is essential for your planning. Now, some may rely on weather forecast information on their smartphones, not bad!

However, smartphones may not always provide updated accurate information on weather. Therefore, if you want the information you may rely on, an indoor-outdoor thermometer will come in handy in that case.

An indoor-outdoor thermometer is a device that is specially designed for providing information on temperature. It lets you know what you will have to face in the beyond-the-door space when still indoor.

Some can even measure humidity levels and other essential information you may need to know. And yes, precision here is vital and that’s why we will be revealing some of the high-precision thermometers in the market.

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11 Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometers

#1 ThermoPro TP65A Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

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This indoor-outdoor thermometer has professional-grade sensors that give precise information. The device measures the temperature and the humidity level of the indoor or outdoor surroundings, making it a valuable addition to any home. Also, the thermometer keeps a 24-hour record of minimum and maximum temperature/humidity levels to make it easy for you to note any changes in your environment.

The 4-inch LCD screen gives large readings so that you can always tell how outdoor weather is like by a mere glance on the screen. The backlight feature of the LCD means that you won’t have any problem using the device in poorly lit conditions or during the last-minute checks just before surrendering to bed. The screen will turn off automatically after 15 seconds to help conserve battery. The low-battery indicator lets you know when it’s time to replace the batteries.

The receiver can display readings for up to four locations, allowing you to monitor the conditions of all these locations at the same time. Nevertheless, the unit only comes with a single sensor so you have to buy other sensors separately if you want to enjoy this feature. The multi-placement options mean that you can hang the temperature gauge on the wall or stand it on the table depending on your preference.

  • It comes with a USB charging cable.

  • The advanced rechargeable battery of the sensor resists harsh conditions.

  • The package includes an instructional manual.

  • It offers multiple placement options.

  • The instructional manual may not contain every detail you may need.

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#2 Bjerg Instruments 8″ Decorative Indoor/Outdoor Patio Wall Thermometer (Bronze)

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This option features an elegant design that steps up the beauty of your indoor space. The durable bronze finish matches most decors, making it an excellent addition to just about any space. Therefore, in case you want an indoor-outdoor thermometer for use in your garden, patio or indoors, this model is just made for that!

However, in case you need a different color, this amazing option is also available in the other five color varieties- you will hardly miss the ideal one for your space! The temperature gauge takes the shape of a wall clock and hangs on the wall to make it easy to see the readings from afar. The rounded unit has an overall diameter of 8 inches with the diameter of the dial ranging at 5.5 inches.

The dial has large markings so that you will never misread in a glance. The durable steel construction withstands use in a rugged environment whereas the premium glass construction maximizes the visibility of the temperature values. The high-quality indoor-outdoor temperature gauge displays temperatures in both Celsius and Fahrenheit to eliminate the hassle of having to convert.

  • The thermometer looks great.

  • It is available in multiple colors.

  • The design is very nice.

  • The price is reasonable.

  • You need to calibrate it using a reliable thermometer.

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#3 La Crosse Technology C85845 Color Wireless Forecast Station

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This temperature gauge is one of the best-selling indoor-outdoor thermometers on the market. It has a weather-resistant sensor that captures the accurate temperature/humidity levels and transmits them to the easy-to-read LCD in your indoor space. The sensor has a transmission spectrum of up to 300 feet, a pretty impressive feature for the people with large indoor spaces.

The indoor and outdoor temperature ranges of 32-122 and -40-140 (degrees Fahrenheit) means that you will always have the temperature conditions of your surrounding covered in the LCD. The unit also boasts a humidity range of 10%-99% (RH) to give you every weather detail you need when planning for outdoor activity.

The LCD allows you to adjust the brightness level depending on your ambient light. Therefore, no matter your background lighting, you can adjust the screen for easy reading. The trend indicator means that you can easily track temperature and humidity level changes in your surroundings to know the exact weather pattern of your environment. The unit also offers a full calendar which indicates that its more than just a temperature gauge.

  • The display is very colorful.

  • It is very portable.

  • It has an adjustable backlight.

  • It provides information on temperature and humidity.

  • Replacing the batteries will take a few of your minutes.

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#4 ThermoPro TP62 Digital Wireless Hygrometer Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

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The top-notch sensors of this instrument are designed to provide reliable information on temperature and humidity levels. It boasts an indoor temperature range of -4 0F – 158 0F while that of the outdoor is rated between -4 0F and 158 0F with accuracy to within +/- 2.0 °F. The humidity range on the other side stands at 10%-99% with an accuracy variation of ±2~3%RH. The detector has a transmission range of up to 60 meters, one of the best in the market.

The LCD is large for easy reading from any angle. The screen features a backlight functionality that comes in handy in poorly-lit spaces and when making night-time temperature reading. The backlight is programmed to turn off when left idle for 10 seconds to ensure battery efficiency. Like the previous sibling, this option provides a 24-hour high/low records on temperature and humidity to let you make ideal adjustments for your household.

The receiver is also able to provide readings from up to three outdoor locations. This renders is excellent for anyone who wants to keep track of temperature/humidity levels of multiple locations. The strategically-positioned buttons at the bottom front of the unit allow you to customize the settings conveniently without having to remove the unit off the wall. Nevertheless, if you don’t want to mount it on the wall, you can utilize the tabletop stand or the magnetic mounting design depending on what seems perfect for your space.

  • It is very accurate.

  • The display is very large and easy to read.

  • The instrument is very robust.

  • It has responsive buttons.

  • It may not offer the 200-foot claimed range if it has to penetrate through several walls.

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#5 Brifit Indoor Outdoor Thermometer (Humidity Monitor)

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With the temperature accuracy of ± 1.5°F/± 1°C and humidity preciseness of ±5%, this is still another amazing option that guarantees reliable information. The unit measures the indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity simultaneously for straightforward comparison. The unit has a table-top stand although it also utilizes a magnet-mountable design. Nevertheless, in case you don’t want to go by any of these mounting options, it will also hang nicely on the wall.

The premium-grade gadget has a 4-inch display that can be read from a distance without trouble. The backlight turns on when necessary with just a press of a button. After performing the settings or reading the measurements, the backlight turns off naturally after 15 seconds to prolong the battery life of the gadget.

The gadget keeps the maximum and minimum readings on the temperature and the humidity levels and clears them automatically in 24 hours. The screen even has an arrow icon which indicates on the screen whether the temperature is rising or dropping as well as changes in humidity levels near the sensor for you to know the right measures to take.

  • It has a low-battery indicator.

  • It provides temperature readings in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

  • The backlight function is a plus.

  • The LCD has large display numbers.

  • It is not super fancy.

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#6 La Crosse Technology Indoor/Outdoor Temperature (WS-9160U-IT) Digital Thermometer

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The transmitter of this indoor/outdoor gauge communicates high/low-temperature readings for up to 330 feet away. The display measures 3.31″ L x 0.89″ W x 5.87″ while the measurements of the sensor are 1.50″ L x 0.83″ W x 5.00″ H. With this in mind, this high-quality unit is easy to bring to any area of your home.

The unit can receive information from up to three outdoor remotes simultaneously. Therefore, in case you want to keep track of the heat of various locations around your home, this gauge should be an excellent choice. Nevertheless, this package only includes a single remote sensor so you will have to buy the other two individually for you to enjoy this feature.

The display can show temperature readings in either Celsius or Fahrenheit depending on your preference. Apart from the temperature, the screen also displays the signal strength and battery status. I mean, you will get all the information you need about your surroundings as well as the device itself. The sensor and the dial require 2 AA alkaline batteries each that you have to buy separately since they are not in the package.

The indoor/outdoor gauge also features a single-time alarm feature with a snooze interval of 10 minutes. With this feature, we can safely argue that this device is designed to give maximum value for money to the user.

  • The range is excellent.

  • The sensor and the display are energy-efficient.

  • It is very easy to adjust.

  • It has a one-time alarm.

  • You have to buy the batteries separately.

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#7 AcuRite 00782A2 Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer

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If you want a thermometer that is easy to read, you won’t get a better option than the AcuRite 00782A2. The high-quality device displays the warmness/coldness of the indoor/outdoor environment in Fahrenheit. The top-grade unit is designed for accuracy. Hence, you can count on the information it provides in your planning. The temperature sensor has a precision thermistor which lets you keep a close track of the outdoor temperature up to as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit from your comfort zone.

The sensor will also come in handy when examining the status of your HVAC or when checking for drafts. In other words, expect this purchase to serve perfectly in several home applications. The fold-out stand of the display allows you to sit it on the table while the base of the sensor is designed to keep the unit standing firmly where you want it. Nonetheless, both the detector and the dial have integrated keyholes should you want to mount them on the wall.

The temperature gauge transmits readings after every 60 seconds to the display, ensuring that what you see on the screen reflects the exact current condition. The transmission capacity of up to 100 feet gives you greater flexibility in positioning the sensor around your home.

  • It provides real-time readings.

  • The wireless capability is great.

  • The LCD is easy to understand.

  • It adopts an elegant design.

  • It displays in only Fahrenheit.

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#8 ThermoPro TP63A Waterproof Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

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This indoor/outdoor thermometer is designed to impress from different angles. The unit not only provides information on coldness/warmness but also about the moisture level of an area. In other words, besides serving as an inside/outside thermometer, ThermoPro TP63A also functions as a hygrometer. The sensor is engineered to withstand the toughest outdoor conditions and has a waterproof structure.

The ability to display indoor and outdoor temperature and moisture levels concurrently make it easy to compare between the indoor and outdoor environment easily. The temperature readings are within the accuracy of ±2°F while the moisture level will vary from the exact by up to ±2~3%RH, making it one of the most accurate models the market holds currently.

The sensor and the display can communicate up to 200 feet apart which translates to approximately 20 meters. The display syncs with up to three remote sensors for monitoring temperature/humidity percentages of different locations around your home. However, like other models, the package only includes a single sensor so you have to buy others. The LCD is back-lit to make it easy to read the values from just about any angle even when in areas with difficult lighting conditions.

  • The accuracy is great.

  • The sensor is waterproof.

  • The temperature and humidity values are easy to read.

  • It is within the affordability range of most homeowners.

  • The construction of the sensor may not withstand the extreme summer heat.

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#9 AMIR Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

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If you want a thermometer that will monitor the condition of three different locations around your home simultaneously, the AMIR Indoor Outdoor Thermometer should be your go-to list. The package contains the three transmitters so you don’t have to buy them individually as with other models already seen on our list. The indoor and outdoor temperature ranges are 0 – 600C and -40-600C respectively with an accuracy of ± 10C.

The unit boasts an easy-to-read LCD with a wide field of view. The LCD also has the backlight feature to make it easy to read the values even in the dark. The backlight on/off button allows you to set the light so that it turns after 5 seconds of idleness. This feature helps to prolong the battery life so that you won’t have to buy replacement any time soon. The unit also monitors the moisture level in your home, qualifying it on the list of the versatile options on the market.

The humidity level is displayed in the range of 10%-99% with an accuracy of within ± 5%. The multi-purpose instrument will either stand on your table or hang on your wall depending on the nature of your space and your preference. The sleek design guarantees to add accents of beauty in whatever space in your home.

  • It comes with several transmitters.

  • The readings are large enough and can be read in a glance.

  • The accuracy level is incredible.

  • It employs a very sleek design.

  • Some people still wish that the LCD was larger.

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#10 ThermoPro TP50 2 Pieces Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer

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This gauge shares a majority of features with other earlier models from the same manufacturer. For example, it is versatile and serves as a thermometer and a hygrometer. The unit displays indoor/outdoor temperatures in Celsius or Fahrenheit for user convenience. The temperature range of the gauge is between -58°F and 158°F(-50°C ~ 70°C) while moisture is between 10%-99%.

The sensor features a refresh rate of 10 seconds to ensure that it will always keep the readings on the display updated for greater reliability. The precision thermometer and the professional hygrometer detect and provide accurate readings of your surroundings so that you will always maintain a healthy and cozy environment for your family. Also, the unit gives you a record of the previous readings, allowing you to make the necessary comparisons.

The package includes an understandable user manual that contains every detail you need to get started lie a pro in your first time use. The two mounting options suggest that you can choose between hanging it on the wall or standing on the table.

  • It is easy to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

  • The package contains batteries so you won’t have to buy them separately.

  • The detectors are very precise.

  • The temperature is expressed up to the tenth unit to provide more accurate information.

  • The hygrometer requires a little patience to adjust to your surroundings.

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#11 SMARTRO SC62 Wireless Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

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When you talk of versatility, you won’t get it wrong here. The high-quality instrument is more of a weather station since it can measure the humidity and temperature level as well as provide accurate future weather forecasts of the next 12 hours using the readings of the previous 12 hours.

The unit utilizes 5 colorful icons, that is, sunny, rainy, cloudy, slightly cloudy, and snowy as appropriate to indicate future weather. The temperature range of between -22 °C and 52 °C indicates that it is designed to handle the most extreme conditions. The ability to monitor readings from three remote sensors means that you can track the conditions of three locations simultaneously.

The unit has a transmission range of 200 feet in an open space. The tabletop/ wall-mountable design provides you with versatile mounting options. The 5.9-inch large display has a backlight feature for easy and clear readings in poorly lit space. The backlight turns off after 10 seconds to use batteries. The attractive color display makes it an attractive addition to your home.

  • It is a multi-purpose weather station.

  • It will collect information from three remote sensors.

  • The LCD is large.

  • It features dual alarm with snooze.

  • The LCD may be quite complex to read.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What is the most accurate indoor/outdoor thermometer?

It is nearly impossible to get the very exact temperature readings due to constant changes in temperature. Therefore, the high-precision thermometers will only deliver a value closer to the actual condition; let’s say with the accuracy level of ± 10C. Our review covers the most dependable models the market holds currently.

Do mobile phones have temperature sensors?

As aforesaid, most smartphones have built-in thermometers. However, these sensors are not accurate since smartphones are not made for that. Therefore, if you need accurate readings, an indoor-outdoor thermometer is the best way to go.

What are the 3 units of temperature??

Temperature can be expressed in three units: Celsius, Fahrenheit, and Kelvin. However, Fahrenheit and Celsius are the most common scales in indoor/outdoor thermometers. Nevertheless, Kelvin remains the SI unit of temperature.

How do you convert from Fahrenheit to Celsius?

Fahrenheit is named after a German Physicist, Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit and has the symbol F. This measurement unit is mostly used in the United States and is based on 32 for freezing point and 212 for the boiling point of water. Celsius is named after Anders Celsius and is the common unit of temperature in most parts of the world. Under this unit, the water freezes at 0 and boils at 100 degrees. To convert Fahrenheit to Celsius, subtract 32 and multiply the resulting unit by 5/9. To change Celsius to Fahrenheit, add 32 and multiply by 9/5.

Which is hotter Kelvin or Celsius?

The boiling point of water in Kelvin and Celsius scales is 100. Therefore, they respond at the same rate on temperature changes. Nevertheless, they are 5/9 the size of degrees Fahrenheit.

Which scale of measuring the temperature is the best?

Kelvin is the SI unit for temperature. Hence, it best defines what temperature is. Unfortunately, most temperatures use Celsius and Fahrenheit scales. However, you can rely on Celsius since the temperature increment intervals correspond to those of the Kelvin scale.


The fact remains that owning a reliable indoor-outdoor thermometer is important for every homeowner. However, getting that perfect model is easier said than done.

For this reason, we have pooled some of the market’s top options on our list of the top 11 indoor-outdoor thermometers. Just go through our review to find an excellent choice for your space!

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