Top 12 Best Jacks for Lifted Trucks {Floor, Bottle, Hi-Lift} (2024)

Owning a 4×4 off-road truck or SUV is not fun when you don’t have the right jack stand to lift it. Whether you are lifting your heavy-duty automobile in the garage or on the freeway, the task should be done safely.

However, lifted trucks are special purpose vehicles because of their elaborate designs. They come with large axles, and wheels that require you to hop into the truck like a gymnast. Usually, owners of lifted trucks use heavy-duty hydraulic jacks that have capacities of between 2 to 15 tons.

Some common types of jacks for lifted trucks include Hi-Lift jacks, bottle jacks, and floor jacks. Regardless of the weight of your lifted truck, you need a stable jack that comes with a long lifting-range.

The best jacks for lifted trucks have wide-track front wheels and they can lift large loads effortlessly. With a maximum capacity of 20 inches, many high-end hydraulic bottle jacks can lift 4000-lbs loads. While the average weight of these types of bottle jacks are 50 lbs, they are portable and durable.

Despite their bulky constructions, you can transport bottle jacks with side-handles around the garage and worksites. Don’t forget that lifted trucks often have enough ground clearance. So, a favorite heavy-duty floor jack needs to overcome this vertical distance and weight of your truck.

If jacks wobble under intense pressure, it might be unsafe to work under the lifted truck. However, the strength of their material must be high and the quality should comply with all ASME safety standards. You have to consider other salient features before choosing jacks for lifted trucks.

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Top 12 Best Jacks for Lifted Trucks

#01. Hi-Lift Jack HL484 48″ Cast and Steel Jack

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Wouldn’t you like to use a heavy-duty jack that has a 150% safety factor? Hi-Lift HL484 jack uses a mechanical gear system, a socket, and a two-piece handle. As a heavy-duty jack, this 48-inch lifting system has versatile applications.

The cast and steel jack’s construction is solid and durable. Regardless of the strength of steel in this Hi-Lift jack, you can maneuver it easily. Also, its weight capacity is about 4,660 pounds (2,114kg). It’s not difficult to know good jacks for lifted trucks that can withstand the hassles of the most demanding situations.

As a versatile jack, Hi-Lift HL484 can help you lift, push, and pull heavy loads. Also, it serves as a winching and clamping tool for different purposes. With this Hi-Lift jack, you’ll be over-confident when driving off-road vehicles, auto-recovery trucks, and motorized farming equipment.

  • It has improved safety feature that uses a shear bolt to prevent the lifting of loads that are more than 7000 lbs

  • The components are made from stamped steel materials with a high level of tensile strength

  • This jack requires mechanical operation

  • This jack is vehicle-specific.

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#02. Sunex 1410 10-Ton Pair Of Pin-Type Jack

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This pair of Sunex Tools 10-ton jack comes with sturdy steel materials that have smooth finishes of red and black colors. When extended, they can reach a maximum height of 46.5 inches. Each of these heavy-duty jack has wide and solid bases that are made from heavy-schedule pipes.

These four-leg steel bases enclose their respective support tubes. Without a solid base, these support tubes cannot offer stability for the suspended axle of your lifted truck. While these steel bases offer stability, their adjustable support tubes have multiple locking heights.

With a 10-ton capacity, you can use this pin-type jack to lift and change a trailer’s wheel. Since the pair of heavy-schedule add more strength that enhances stability, you can suspend your lifted truck on uneven terrains.

  • The large saddle columns in these support tubes measure 3.1 x 5.1 inches

  • Adjustable locking heights (28.1 to 46.5 inches)

  • The V-shaped saddle helps to cradle axles and under-the-truck components

  • These components of this jack are very heavy.

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#03. Performance Tool W41023 6 Ton Jack Stand Set

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Performance Tool W41023 6-ton (12,000 lbs) jack stand has a quick and easy height-adjustment system. It’s the ideal lifting tool for lifted trucks, multi-terrain vehicles, and light-duty trucks. This W41021 Jack Stand Set is also available in 2, 3, and 6-ton sets.

Each of these tools comes in bright yellow colors that help to identify your jack stand easily. Apart from their steel frames, they have wide bases that provide stability for rugged axles.

You can use this set of the heavy-duty jack for garage applications and loads that require firm supports. The lifting range is between 15-1/2 to 23-1/2 inches. With a low ground clearance level, each of these jack stands comes with four bases that provide superior traction. So, there’s no risk of sliding when these jacks sit on slippery surfaces.

  • Durable construction

  • A set of 2 heavy-duty jack stands for versatile applications

  • it’s easy to use the height adjustment handle

  • It doesn’t have the multiple locking height features like pin-type jack stands.

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#04. Torin Big Red Steel Jack Stands

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This Torin Big Red 6-ton jack stand set comes with a double-locking height mechanism. As a pin and ratchet-type jack stand that meets ASME safety requirements, the safety factor is 200%. While this set of Big Red Steel Jack Stand is available in 2 and 3-ton options, they come with large foot bases.

The adjustable height allows users to extend the boom from 15-3/8 to 23-13/16 inches. After reaching a desirable level, you can maintain that position with the forged-iron ratchet bar.

It’s a sturdy piece of metal that locks multiple positions and guarantees precise adjustments. Usually, 6-ton (12,000 lbs) jack stands help to support heavy-duty vehicles and trucks. It’s easy to store this pair of jack stands because they have space-saving designs.

  • A double-locking system

  • The tensile strength of this locking rack and pawl increases the security of working under your lifted truck

  • A compact large-foot base that measures 10-13/16 x 9-7/16 inches

  • The saddle bar should have wider teeth considering its 6-ton (12,000 lb) capacity.

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#05. Pro-LifT T-6903D Double Pin Jack Stands

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Pro-LifT Double-locking Pin Jack Stands comes with many features and durable construction. While its height-adjustment system ensures a smooth upward movement, the weight capacity is 3 tons.

This Pro lift T-6903D jack stand is a must-have for auto-recovery professionals. Also, it’s ideal for home garage applications and wheel-changing tasks for lifted trucks. The double-locks mechanism works with a mobility pin and handles locks.

Unlike other pin-type jack stands, this quality iron ratchet bar has a cast-ductile design that meets all ANSI standards. Normally, your confidence level increases with lifting tools that have high tensile strengths.

Since this Pro-LifT T-6903D model has a secure locking device, you can work under lifted trucks and trailers without risks of accidental disengagements.

  • A stable and stamped steel base

  • It uses both a release handle and multi-position ratchet bar

  • A durable and sturdy construction

  • The corner reinforcements this jack stand doesn’t have fine and straight welds.

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#06. Arcan 3 Ton Hybrid Floor Jack

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Arcan 3-ton is a premium heavy-duty floor jack with Hybrid construction. It uses a dual pump piston that lifts the saddle column of the jack to your load quickly. However, the saddle pad is a hard-textured rubber, and a handle bumper.

Generally, aluminum materials have lightweight and this 58-lbs floor jack has aluminum as its main material. Apart from professional use, the Arcan Hybrid floor jack is ideal lifting equipment for pallets and crates in factories.

This floor jack is called a hybrid system because it has both aluminum and steel materials. Its low-profile design comes with a side handle that allows for easier transportation and storage.

With a 3-ton lifting capacity, it’s a useful tool for light and medium trucks. Also, this floor jack comes with sets of compact wheels at both its rear and front chassis.

  • Heavy-duty aluminum and steel materials

  • A lightweight chassis that balances the strength of its sturdy frame

  • Dual pump pistons

  • The front wheels of this floor jack are very tough, and they might leave marks on concrete floors.

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#07. AmazonBasics SW-STJK06 Steel Jack Auto Stands

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A pair of AmazonBasics SW-STJK06 Heavy-duty steel jack stands with large bases ensures stability on flat surfaces. This 6-ton (12,000 lbs) jack stand has rust-proof finish.

Their bi-color designs are distinctive; they can withstand the effects of abrasion, wear, and tear of outdoor environments. This set of forged-steel frame jack stands have lightweights (14.57 lbs) and it is portable.

With an extendable height-adjustment mechanism that meets ASME PASE-2014 standard, you can work safely under serviceable equipment and lifted trucks.

Whenever you need to raise or lower to a desirable height, the gear moves with very low noise smoothly. However, these stands should only be used on flat and compact grounds.

  • The weight capacity and safety instructions on these jack stands are clear and easy to read

  • It uses self-locking ratchet bars

  • Portable

  • A heavy-duty jack stand should have a saddle bar with wider teeth.

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#08. Hein-Werner HW93506 Blue/Yellow Jack Stands

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Jack stands with wide-teeth saddles and forged-steel frames often enhance the safety of users. Hein-Werner HW93506 Jack Stand fits this description and delivers extra safety during automotive repairs.

This pair of 6-ton Jack stands for lifted trucks ensure stability when your raised vehicle is suspended. Unlike other types of jack stands, these saddle columns have release-handles that helps to lift and regulate the adjustable height mechanism.

Also, the base of each large-foot stand measures 10-1/2 x 13 inches. It doesn’t require extra space in the workshop or trunk of your off-road lifted truck to store this set of Hein-Werner HW93506 Jack Stand model.

The handle, steel frames, and saddle column of these stands have a superior coating. However, the manufacturer doesn’t give much information about their levels of rust-resistance.

  • Dual Purpose Handle

  • The lifting range is between 16-1/4 to 25-3/4 inches

  • Heavy-duty 6-ton capacity

  • It comes with strong multi-position ratchet bars

  • A rugged and durable construction

  • If you have a garage with ceramic tiles, it may not be suitable to use this set of jack stands on the floor.

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#09. Omega 32225B Black Heavy Duty Jack Stand

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Omega 22-ton jack stand combines heavy-duty lifting capacity with quality construction. Its heavy-gauge steel frame gives your lifted truck and loads extra stability.

The weld quality shows a durable steel material that can resist impacts from rough workspaces. Also, there’s no risk of bending or twisting when you lift loads with the capacity of this heavy-duty jack stand. It comes with a large saddle (3-1/7 x 2-3/4 inches) and a stable base.

Its adjustable height mechanism is impressive and the range of adjustment is from 13-1/3 to 19-2/3 inches. This 63-lbs (pin-type) jack stand has one of the thickest holding pins. With the thickness of these holding pins, security is enhanced when you work under the truck.

  • Heavy-gauge steel

  • Extra-large base (9-5/6 x 9-5/6 inches)

  • Heavy Duty Holding Pins

  • A 63-lbs jack stand is not a lightweight tool that can be moved around the workshop easily.

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#10. TONDA Steel Jack Stands 3-Ton Capacity

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With a fine weld and self-locking design, this pair of TONDA 3-ton Steel Jack Stands comes with an impressive finish. While the ratchet handles moves freely, it’s easy to stop the saddle at desirable heights.

When the ratchet is down, it locks automatically. However, this self-locking ratchet is made from forged iron and the lifting range is between 12 to 17-7/10 inches. Another cool feature of this 3-ton jack is the steel footpads.

They have a rugged construction that allows stability on soft soils or platforms. Unlike the footpads of other ratchet-type jack stands that sink, these four-foot pads distribute the weights of loads evenly. Additionally, this set of jack stands to ensure the fast-lifting of loads.

  • They have oversized foot bases (8-1/2 x 8-1/2 inches)

  • Self-locking design

  • Durable steel construction with rustproof finishes

  • The ratchet bar serves as the handle, but it’s not very convenient to lift the jack stand with this component.

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#11. CARTMAN 3 Ton Double Locking Jack Stands with Safety Pin

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This pair of heavy-duty CARTMAN 3-ton jack stand comes with safety pins. At the base of each jack stand, the four-padded foot (8.4 x 7.1 inches) provides stability for suspended loads. The forged-steel frames have fine welds, and they provide the structural strength for these jacks.

As a high-grade material, the design of these frame complements its double-locking pawl and tooth. Also, this set of jack stands gives you the opportunity of using each for commercial and residential applications respectively. It’s a smart way of owning 2 heavy-duty steel jack stands.

They have ratchet bars that make smooth rotations with low noise. When the saddle bar has reached the maximum height, the full length of each jack stand will be 17 inches. However, they have space-saving designs that allow you to store them conveniently.

  • A quick height-adjustment mechanism

  • The lifting range is between 11 to 17 inches

  • Durable construction

  • The steel construction doesn’t have a high level of resistance to corrosion.

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#12. Torin Big Red Hydraulic Bottle Jack

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A 6-ton (12,000 lb) hydraulic bottle jack is perfect for suspending your lifted trucks during mechanical repairs. This Torin Big Red has a compact design that fits both residential and commercial applications. While its lifting range is between 8.27 to 15.94 inches, you can use this hydraulic bottle jack in confined spaces like under low vehicles.

The top of this jack has an adjustable serrated saddle screw that offers a secure grip. Since it’s a hydraulic jack, you can enjoy a high level of efficiency if the temperature of the fluid is between 40 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

There’s a very low risk of sliding because the base of this hydraulic jack is wide, and rugged. Also, forged-steel construction is durable.

When you need a generous lifting length, the strength of this hydraulic bottle jack enhances the support for loads. It comes with bypass valves (a safety feature) that prevent overloading and a possible collapse of suspended loads.

  • A stable and strong base

  • This jack has a heat-treated saddle

  • It has built-in die-cut threads that prevent oil leaks

  • Without using a high-quality oil, you might not have a seamless lifting of loads with this hydraulic jack.

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How To Choose The Right Jacks for Lifted Trucks

Adjustable Height

One of the reasons for using special jack stands for lifted trucks is to raise their axles to desirable heights. Apart from the normal lift points on trucks, some jacks are vehicle-specific. It means that Hi-lift jacks can lift trucks from their bumpers.

The style of a jack stand determines the adjustability of its saddle. It’s better to have the length between these lift points (jack insertion) and the ground. With this measurement, you’ll have an idea of the minimum distance that’s required to lift loads.


Regardless of your project’s requirements, an ideal jack stand’s a weight should be at least 3/4 of the load. So, you should use a 3.75-tons jack stand if your lift truck weighs 5 tons. However, a jack stand with weak structural strength might collapse from the weight of a suspended load and inflict fatal injuries on the user.

The Lifting Speed

If you have used a hydraulic jack before, it’s often frustrating to lift the saddle with repeated movements. Since it rises slowly, the jacking action might make the task cumbersome. It’s better to buy jack stands with quick adjustment mechanisms.

The types with ratchet bars provide superior lifting strength for saddle bars to reach desirable heights effortlessly.

Strength of Materials

Most heavy-duty jack stands are made from heavy-gauge steel or forged iron materials. While some floor jacks with pump pistons might have aluminum frames, the choice of manufacturer determines its strength.

Generally, aluminum jacks have lesser weights and more resistance to rust than forged-steel jacks. For ratchet or pin-type jack stands, it’s better to consider steel materials because they have more tensile strengths.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the basic safety requirements for using a jack stand?

Don’t attempt to lift objects that are above the lifting capacity of any jack. Also, the base of jack stands should be on stable surfaces before you lift the load. Normally, well-designed jacks for lifted trucks have safety features.

One of the international safety standards for lifting tools is ANSI/ASME. If the jack stand doesn’t meet/exceed this safety standard, it might be risky to use it.

What factors make the right jack stand for my lift truck?

If you are planning to lift a 4,000-lbs truck, get a powerful jack that doesn’t tilt during the lifting process. During the lifting process, the jack stands should be stable and offer sufficient strength to overcome the weight of your truck.

When shopping for the right jack stand, consider its structural integrity. The height adjustment mechanism, lifting range of the saddle bar, and portability are other factors that determine the right jack stand.

Final Verdict

Jacks for lifted trucks vary according to the load they can bear and other features. These 11 jack stands for lifted trucks are categorized as includes light, medium, and heavy-duty types. However, any of these jacks can serve commercial and residential use.

In this buying guide, you can choose the right type of jack stand that meets your requirements. They have been designed with quality materials that ensure durability. Also, these jacks have passed through rigorous tests to verify their features. We expect you to enjoy safety and satisfaction with these tools.

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