Best Japanese Saws [Pull & Hand Model] (2023)

Saw is a handy tool that is used to cut materials like wood. A saw normally consists of a single blade having teeth on the long edge. The purpose of these teeth is to cut the required material. Hand pull saws are more popular in woodcutters to cut woodwork. These saws are also used extensively to give the final touch to wood joints. 

There are different types of saws available in the market. Many countries manufacture useful hand pull saws. But none of them can match the Japanese saws’ quality. Japanese saws are made up of high-quality material. The teeth of these saws are finely sharpened. The finish is also unmatched and their teeth are tough and durable. Such qualities of Japanese saws make them more reliable for users. Many countries import Japanese saws due to such great qualities.

Moreover, there are different types of Japanese saws specially built for different purposes. Every type of Japanese saw has its unique qualities. The purpose of this article is to introduce the 11 best Japanese saws. So that anyone could buy the saw according to his requirements.

KERYE Japanese Pull Saw 9.5 Inch, Hand Saw with...
  • 【 Larger Working Area 】 Compared with 6 Inch saw, 9.5 inch pull saw enables larger working area for more working possibilities. Meanwhile, 9.5 inch saw saves at least 50% force than 6 inch in principles of Physics;

Top 11 Japanese Saw Reviews

#01 SUIZAN Japanese Ryoba Pull Saw

SUIZAN Japanese Ryoba Pull Saw

SUIZAN saw is made up of Japanese steel. You can imagine the quality of SUIZAN Japanese saw from its material. Because of this material, it makes very sharp cuts. The same material makes it durable and easy to use.

It consumes less energy for any type of cuts and called a pull saw because it makes a cut when you pull it towards you. Being a pull saw, it makes the fine and precise cut in every type of wood.

This saw is so easy to use that it will provide an ultimate experience even if you are a beginner. It has a long handle which makes it easy to hold. It is completely different from western saws. They demand effort and more energy for preciseness.

SUIZAN products are completely made in Japan. The workers use their hands to make such great and awesome hand pull saws. It has more teeth compared to some other saws in a small size. Its blade is very thin and gives a very clean and accurate cut.

  • Easy to interchange
  • Versatile
  • Gives accurate small cuts with fewer efforts
  • Easy to hold due to long handle
  • May not work for long cuts due to its small size

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#02 Vaughan BS250D Double-Edged Bear Saw Handsaw

Vaughan BS250D Double-Edged Bear Saw

It is another popular double-edged Japanese hand saw. It has great versatility in design and quality. It is most popular amongst the woodworkers, thanks to its awesome features. It has a long handle which makes it easy to grip it for accuracy in work.

The saw has teeth on both edges for cutting the wood. The tri edge teeth can hold the sharpness for a longer period due to the quality of material used by manufacturers. It is excellent for any type of cuts, be it rough cuts or fine woodworking cuts.

Its performance on both types of cuts is satisfactory. One can cut anything he wants. It can be easily interchanged due to its versatility of design. The blade can be separated from the handle to carry it safely.

Moreover, the company provides a safety cover to keep the edges safe when it is not under the use. The company has not compromised on anything in this saw. To conclude, it is one of the most reliable saw out there in the market.

  • It is smaller and thinner which makes it easy to use
  • Easy and safe to carry due to safety cover provided by the company
  • High-quality manufacturing material
  • Protected against rust
  • Both edges have teeth with different design
  • Costly for some people

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#03 Roam wild Multi Pull Saw pro

Roam wild Multi Pull Saw

It is a very unique and versatile Japanese pull saw. Its handle is of unique design, which provides fine grip. It has a 30-inch long blade with teeth for routine woodwork. It also has a 6.5 inch angled edge for fine and soft cuttings. It has a hammer and nail puller in its handle which makes working efficient.

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More so, it has a button on the handle, which is used to remove or replace the blade. Just push the button to remove the old blade. Its structure is very thin and gives a narrow but accurate cut. It makes accurate cuts due to high-quality steel.

The manufacturing company i.e. the Roamwild never compromises on the quality of the material. They have been providing handy tools for more than 100 years. Still, they are popular due to their high quality. We are sure, it will not disappoint anyone. No matter you are master at work or not, it will provide you a different experience.

  • It has double-sided teeth which make working more efficient
  • Longer in size
  • Very comfortable and modern handle
  • Soft and user-friendly grip
  • Hammer and nail puller designed on the bottom of the handle
  • Rough and fine cuts in one tool
  • A little bit weighty
  • Costly for some people

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#04 DUEBEL Japanese Saw

DUEBEL Japanese Saw

DUEBEL Japanese saw is a pull saw means it cuts on the pull stroke, the opposite of western saws. It is lighter in weight. This saw is very easy to use and demands less effort from the user. It gives a fine and sharp cut with unmatched accuracy.

The saw is ideal for almost all types of woods and other materials alike.  If you need a saw for hardwood, there is no better choice compared to DUEBEL. It has teeth on both sides, which makes it perfect to cut hardwood. Top-quality steel is used as a construction material to increase its durability. Heating hardens its teeth so they could maintain the sharpness over a long period.

More so, it comes with a 12.5-inch long blade, which is 0.018 inches thick. This thin blade makes sawing much easier, very accurate. Its handle is also up to the mark; it makes sawing faster. The grip over handle is very comfortable and helpful for an accurate cut. The company also provides customer care services after selling the product for the help of customers regarding the sold product.

  • The longer length of saw is best for experts
  • Easy to swing
  • Versatile and accurate
  • Teeth on both edges make sawing faster
  • High-quality and durable material of construction
  • The tool length is suitable for the experts, but not easy to handle for beginners

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#05 HACHIEMON Sensei Handsaw PRO

HACHIEMON Sensei Handsaw

HACHIEMON Sensei Handsaw PRO is extremely smooth and sharp. It uses traditional Japanese technology called horizontal polish. This is the reason for its extra sharpness and smoothness. Its good quality material is also another reason for its high quality.

Moreover, The saw has low sets and buffed to make it smoother while cutting a live tree. Its construction material is such that it is rust free. The reason for it being rust-free is its electroplating with nickel. To make it rust-free, it is first heated to a certain temperature and cool it.

The length of its blade is 9.5 inches and is straight from the inner edge. It has teeth only on the inner edge of the blade. This blade is fitted in a wooden handle. The handle is equipped with a curve like structure to make it easier to fit in your hands. It is extensively used in gardening. These features along with many other undescribed features make it your first choice. It has all qualities which a woodworker wants to see in his saw.

  • It has an ideal length
  • High quality sharpened teeth
  • A wooden and curved handle which makes it easy to grip
  • Do not get rusty
  • Thinner but strong blade
  • Its plastic handle can easily break

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#06 SUIZAN Dovetail Japanese pull saw

SUIZAN Dovetail Japanese pull saw

Japanese are making hand tools with a history of over 100 years. Almost all Japanese saw work on pulling principles. Dovetail Japanese pull saw is also one of them. It is another highly demanded SUIZAN product in the International market. They are enjoying great customers’ trust. That is why they are trying to introduce more and more versatile hand tools.

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High-quality Japanese steel is used to manufacture it. It makes them lighter in weight. With SUIZAN both the master and beginner feel the same comfort in using it. Also It has a 6-inch long blade with teeth on one edge. Its teeth are sharper and easily cut any type of wood. Its blades are easily interchangeable.

  • It is smaller in size compared to other saws
  • Its blade has teeth on one edge only
  • It can be used to cut almost every type of wood
  • Its handle is much longer to grasp easily
  • Blades are easily interchangeable
  • Versatile in nature
  • The blade is over flexible

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#07 SUIZAN Japanese Flush Cut Trim Saw

SUIZAN Japanese Flush Cut Trim Saw

Presenting you another awesome Japanese pull saw. The SUIZAN is famous for manufacturing high-quality hand tools for over a century. It is also pull saw as it cuts when you pull it. This is opposite to the western saws, which are push saws.

Being smaller in size, it is lighter in weight. This feature makes it more portable. It is also made up of steel, which means its durability is guaranteed. It is 5 inches long and has teeth on both edges. One side is used for hardwood while the other side is just perfect for softwood.

More so, the teeth are much stronger and their sharpness lasts for a long time. Due to the use of quality steel, its cuts are not only sharp but also very accurate. It is designed to cut the material on pulling, which means it uses less energy. One should use this small handy tool to experience the ultimate precision of woodwork. It is evident that the quality and durability of Suizan Japanese flush cut trim saws are unbeatable.

  • Lighter in weight
  • Easy to use and carry
  • Thin and double edge teeth
  • Makes precise cut
  • Less energy is required to use it
  • Not suitable for heavy work

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#08 HACHIEMON RYOBA mini 180mm Japanese pull saw

HACHIEMON RYOBA mini 180mm Japanese pull saw

For those that work in narrow spaces, this saw is just perfect for them. The thickness of the blade is lower than average, which makes it more accurate. The total length of the tool is 15 inches.

The pull saw is designed for fine workers to work in narrow spaces. Its blade is 7 inches long and has teeth on both edges. The longer teeth are used for the rough cut on hardwoods. The smaller teeth are used for fine cutting. The smaller teeth are also useful to give a final touch to smaller joints of interior works.

Thankfully it is also the first choice of woodworkers for its most excellent working. It is versatile and flexible means it can be used for multiple purposes. The teeth are designed to give an accurate and smooth cut.

HACHIEMON is a Japanese company, which is manufacturing hand tools for long. Its workers used unique techniques and are very accurate in inheritance. They use their skills in the best manner to produce the most efficient and high-quality saw for professionals.

  • The blade is Highly flexible
  • Smaller in size
  • Useful in narrow workplaces
  • It has teeth on both edges
  • Smooth on both rough and fine cuts
  • Not suitable for bigger cuts

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#09 Japanese steel woodworking saw set

Japanese steel woodworking saw

First of all, it has 3 saws in the set, each for different purposes. The first one is a 9.5-inch interchangeable RYOBA blade with teeth on both edges. The teeth on one side are used for cutting a fine cut across the wood. The teeth on the opposite side are coarse and can be used for rough cuts. The blade is made up of high-quality Japanese steel.

The second saw of the set is a flush cutting pull saw. The length of the blade is 6 inches. It is suitable for giving a final touch to the joints. It is used to cut out the extra eternal parts of the joints. It has very sharp teeth on one edge. The blade is very flexible.

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Finally, the third one is a detailed trim saw. It has a 4.25-inch long blade with very sharp teeth on one side. It is a narrow a smaller pull saw as compared to the other two saws of the set. It is also made up of steel and has a wooden handle. All three blades are made up of high quality steel, which is very durable. Overall, it is a very versatile saw which is best for most of your word requirements.

  • Blades have sharp and durable teeth
  • Suitable for all type of works
  • This saw has a flexible blade
  • The wooden handle makes it easy to grip over the saw
  • The blades are hard to interchange

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#10 Ryoba double edge pull saw

Ryoba double edge pull saw

The pull saw is a two in one because of it has two edges with very sharp and smooth teeth. On edge (7 teeth per inch) is used for rip work while the other (15 teeth per inch) is used in fine working.

Both sides are very sharp and have durable and strong teeth. The length of the blade is 10 inch and the overall tool length is 22 inches. The 12-inch handle is helpful to keep complete control over the saw. The more you have a grip on the tool; the better will be the accuracy. It has great versatility and can be used in all types of woods. It can cut any type of wood, thanks to its high-quality Japanese carbon steel. It is very easy to assemble and disassemble. Only a nut and a bolt are used to attach the blade with a handle.

The company is famous for making outstanding tools. This is why most of the users have sown satisfaction with the product. We hope this high quality Japanese saw will not disappoint you with all of its awesome features.

  • Have teeth on both edges
  • Made up of high-quality carbon steel
  • Useful for both rough and fine working
  • Affordable
  • Flexible in nature
  • Too much flexibility may be problematic sometimes

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#11 DENKO SEKKA Woodking Saw

DENKO SEKKA Woodking Saw

This wood saw is specially designed to provide easy grip and use with minimal power. It is much lighter in weight than typical push saws. Two different types of blades are provided with a handle. These blades are easily interchangeable.

One blade has a smaller but higher number of teeth compared to the 2nd one. This small teeth blade is useful for smaller and fine works. The other one has bigger and fewer teeth per inch. This one is used for a coarse type of work and rough cuts. Both types of teeth don’t get rusty soon.

More so, the saw has a modern type of handle. It can also be folded to carry it safely to any place. The handle has a slight curve in design. The worker feels much comfortable with a curved handle. This type of handle also saves the energy and efforts of the users. This adjustable handle has a non-slipper grip, thanks to Elastomer resign coating. The blades are made up of Japanese steel. Overall, it’s a high standard saw with durable sharpness of teeth.

  • Adjustable angle of the handle
  • Compact folding design
  • Elastomer resign non-slippery grip
  • Two separate blades for different purposes
  • Easy to interchange blades
  • Easy to use
  • It is costly compared to other Japanese saws

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Frequently Asked Question

Why Choose Japanese Saws?

Japanese Saws are now the most popular, thanks to their high cutting performance. They can cut things even in the pull stroke. This way, the strain on them is way less compared to other types of saws. Finally, their durability is much higher compared to other types of saws.

Can we sharpen the Japanese saws again?

Yes, Japanese saws can be sharpened like any other saws. In fact, most of the Japanese saws can be sharpened easier than other saws.

What are the most common types of Japanese saws?

There are three main types of Japanese saws. They are Dozuki, Ryoba, and Kataba.


Selecting the right type of saw is never been an easy task. The task becomes even harder when dozens of types of saws are available in the market. Japanese Saws are very popular in all aspects of woodworking. They are efficient, durable and very cost-effective.

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