Top 11 Best Jeep Hardtop Hoists (2024)

Your Jeep’s hardtop is a necessary accessory as it helps you convert your car to closed or open design depending on the current conditions. During winter and rainy seasons, the hardtop protects you from the cold wrath. When summer knocks, you remove the hardtop and enjoy the refreshing breeze and the beautiful scenery while it lasts.

But here’s the thing, the whole process of installing and uninstalling the hard top is a total nightmare. Sometimes you end up tricking your friends to come over for breakfast or dinner knowing that all you want is their combined effort to deal with the hard top. The process is risky as you may end up getting hurt or with a damaged hardtop.

All this embarrassment is avoidable by purchasing a hardtop hoist. With this, you can do it all by yourself with one hand holding a drink. Just imagine that for a second. You won’t be asking your neighbors/ friends to come and help you anymore. The hardtop hoists have more significance than just making it easier to remove your Jeep’s hardtop. All these will be well laid out within this article.

This review features top brands of Jeep’s Hardtop hoists. Many features, including versatility, weight limit, and ease of use, were considered while compiling this list.

The simplest way to handle all frustrations you’ve faced with your Jeep’s hardtop is right here.

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11 Jeep Hardtop Hoist Reviews

#1) Harken JEEP Hardtop Garage Storage Ceiling Hoist 7803B

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The Harkens 7803B Ceiling Hoist features a ropes-on-pulley system just like many other hoist systems (For bikes, boats, storage, etc.) from Harkens.

The pulley and rope system is easy to install on your ceiling. It comes as a full set of all the hardware that you require to hoist your hardtop, including ropes and brackets.

It’s a four-point hoist lift system which allows even distribution of the hardtop’s weight for easier removal and storage. Once you attach the four points onto your hardtop, you pull the control rope and lift it. This whole process is a one-person operation.

The hoist has a weight limit of 145lbs, which allows secure storage of your hardtop since most of them weigh less than that.

To ensure your safety, your Jeep’s and your Jeep’s hardtop during removal or installation, this system has a self-locking safety cleat that grips instantly in case the rope slips.

The system contains stainless steel parts which ensure durability and strength. The ropes are double-braided, which makes them durable and robust enough to support the hardtop.

The only 7803B’s downside is that it requires lots of ceiling space for proper installation. For the first timers, the installation process can also be hectic.

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#2) Lange Originals Power Hoist 014-210

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The Lange Hoist-a-Top System brings simplicity, safety, and durability to lifting and installing your Jeep’s hardtop.

It features an electric winch system and a new Balance Blade frame. This combination makes the whole process easy.

The Balance Blade frame is composed of steel construction, which makes it sturdy to support your heavy hardtop. The structure is designed in that the weight is well distributed for easier lifting. The frame’s hooks are rubber coated, and the metal frame is foam coated to protect your Jeep’s top finish.

The winch requires minimal ceiling space for installation. It’s also easy to install, which makes it quite convenient. It’s controlled via a simple control system which you press a button to mount or unmounts the hardtop.

The only downside to this system is that the simplicity and durability come at a high price.

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#3) Smittybilt 510001 Hard Top Hoist

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This is a winch hoist system. It incorporates safety, durability, and strength to make it easy for you to remove, replace, and store your hardtop.

The winch is easy to install and doesn’t take up much space. It has 200amp, 1/3 hp motor which is powerful enough to lift your Jeep’s hardtop fast.

It comes with a stainless steel frame containing four hooks for easier attachment on your jeeps hardtop. The frame is powder coated to increase durability and resistance to corrosion. The four J-hooks are covered to protect your Jeep’s finish. The steel frame support comes with rubber pads which offer protection to your hardtop and freedom panels.

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The Smittybilt 510001 has a weight limit of 1000 pounds, which makes lifting and storing your hardtop and easy job. With this capacity, you can lift more than your Jeep’s hardtop.

This hoist also comes with glide wheels and legs to help move your hardtop around. The wheels and legs also provide extra support to hold the hardtop when hanging from the hoist.

It has a brake system which protects you and your Jeep by making sure your hardtop doesn’t come falling when lifting it.

However, this Smittybilt hoist system comes with complicated instructions which make the installation process difficult.

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#4) Garage Smart Hard Top Lifter/Storage Hoist System

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Continued technological growth has made everything easy. This is well illustrated by this hardtop hoist, which incorporates a smartphone app to lift and lower your hardtop.

The Smart hardtop hoist comes as a pair of two lifters. The two are small and easy to install. They occupy a small ceiling space.

This system has a capacity of up to 200lbs. This makes it possible to lift and store your hardtop. To make sure that it doesn’t lift/store more than it can handle, it has a weight sensing technology which warns you and stops lifting. This increases safety.

Its smartphone control app allows you to set how high or how low the hoist takes the hardtop. This prevents accidents in the garage. It also makes the whole process automatic and easy for you.

It comes with a sturdy powder coated steel frame which connects to your 2 or 4 door hardtop with ease. The frame has protective pads to avoid damage to your Jeep. The hooks are rubberized to prevent damage.

It comes with an automated break system to make sure the whole process is safe for you, your Jeep, and your hardtop. The breaks kick in whenever the motor fails.

This hardtop hoist is flawless.

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#5) Goplus Electric Hoist w/Remote Control

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The Goplus Electric Hardtop hoist offers you a range of three winch systems to choose from depending on the weight you need to lift, i.e., 440lb, 880lb, or 1320lb weight capacity.

Each of these winches has a 39ft carbon steel cable. The cable is strong and durable to support your hardtop. It’s also resistant to corrosion and has anti-twist properties.

The pulley system has a single cable and double cable operations capabilities which allows you to lift double the weight with the same winch.

The motor is made of pure copper, which makes it robust and durable. Copper motors are recommended because they have high heat dispersion capabilities. They also provide a lot of horse-power while minimizing electric consumption.

The Goplus hoist has built-in safety brake mechanisms which automatically grip the cable to protect you and your Jeep. It also features a thermal protection feature to protect the winch.

It features an easy to operate control panel, which allows you to lift and lower the hardtop from a safe distance.

The only flaw associated with this hoist is that you need to buy the hardtop mounting frame separately.

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#6) TopLift Pros Jeep Hardtop Remove and Storage Device

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If you don’t have enough ceiling space, there’s a perfect option for you; the Toplift Pros Hardtop removal and storage device. This device requires no installation.

This roller lift comes in from the rear and lifts your hardtop off your Jeep through a simple hand lift mechanism.

It features sturdy steel construction. This ensures that it can support your hardtop without the risk of it breaking. The hardtop’s weight is evenly distributed on the device which keeps your hardtop well secured. The whole frame is powder coated for increased durability and to make it resistant to corrosion.

The good thing is that this roller can be your storage space if you have limited garage space. Just remove the hardtop and leave the hardtop on this hoist outside.

Its wheels make it mobile whenever you want to move your hardtop in and out of storage. The wheels feature a 360-degree pivoting system which makes maneuverability quite easy.

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On the downside, it takes up your garage space when not in use, and it’s expensive.

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#7) RacorPro PHL-1R Pro HeavyLift Storage Rack

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Racorpro hoist system allows you to reclaim your garage space by providing you with overhead storage space for your Jeep’s hardtop.

It is a pulley lift system made of steel construction. This makes it tough, durable, and strong enough to handle up to 250lbs. The pulley system has strong 8ft nylon cables connected to its 4×4 steel support frame.

Once the hardtop is lifted to the ceiling, a safety lock system is manually engaged to lock it in place. This ensures that it’s secured until you’re ready to mount it back on your Jeep.

The Racor Pro HeavyLift Hoist uses a gear reduction system which makes it easy to lift your heavy Jeep hardtop.

It’s good to note that it’s built in a way that you can store practically anything on your ceiling apart from your hardtop.

However, some customers have reported that it has a flimsy gear and brake system.

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#8) Partsam 1320 lbs Lift Electric Hoist

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Partsam Electric Hoist has one of the largest weight capacities in this review. It holds up to 660lbs (single line) and 1320lbs (double line) which makes it perfect for supporting your Jeeps Hardtop.

This electric hoist has a 1.676hp motor. The motor is made of copper, which makes it robust and efficient.

The control system features an emergency brake system which allows you to stop the winch. This ensures maximum safety when lifting or lowering your hardtop.

Its wire is zinc plated, which makes it more durable and resistant to corrosion. The cable dissipates heat and has anti-twist features. It’s 39ft long, which makes it valuable when your garage has a very high ceiling.

The only problem is that you need to buy a support frame separately to hook up your hardtop to this winch.

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#9) Five Oceans Overhead Electric Jeep Hoist Crane

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The Five Oceans Electric Hoist is excellent for your Jeep’s hardtop overhead storage because of its powerful motor.

Its motor runs at 460-watts, which makes it perfect for easy lifting, lowering and storing your hardtop. The motor is made of pure copper, making it strong and efficient in power consumption.

The hoist is easy to install, and it occupies minimal ceiling space making it convenient.

The electric hoist features a 20ft long cable for the remote control which makes it easy to operate from a safe distance.

It has a weight capacity of 220pounds when using a single line operation and 440lbs when using a double line operation. This means that it can hold your Jeep’s hardtop without any problems.

Its wire cable is 39.4ft long. Its zinc coated and has anti-twist properties which make it a heavy-duty and durable.

This hoist has a stop bracket which shuts down the motor when the line blocker starts pulling upwards. This prevents damage to your hardtop and the hoist.

This Jeep hardtop hoist is flawless.

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#10) Kaixun Power Jeep Hardtop Removal System

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Another powerful Electric Hoist is from Kaixun Company. Its construction features durability, versatility, and strength.

It has a powerful motor of 0.6hp. This is enough power to lift items in the garage with ease. Its engine has a 2.4ft power cord which may require extension depending on the power source. A 5ft remote is connected to the motor to make it easier to control lifting and lowering of your hardtop from a safe distance. The wired remote features a big red emergency button to engage brakes whenever necessary. This ensures safety.

The hoist is capable of holding 220lbs as a single line operation of 38ft and 440lbs as a double line operation of 19ft. This makes this hoist flexible and sturdy. With this type of power, it can support your Jeep’s hardtop for as long as you want without problems.

This system comes with mounting clamps which allows you to attach it to a fixed overhead or rotating support.

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This hoist works flawlessly as long as it’s used and maintained as required.

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#11) Harken Garage Storage Ceiling Hoist | 4 Point System

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This is our second hoist from Harken, and it’s not by chance. It’s because they produce high-quality pulley-and-ropes ceiling storage systems for your Jeep’s hardtop.

The Harken 7806 series features two types of pulleys to choose from, i.e., the 12ft and the 10ft. Apart from having different pulley sizes, all the other features are similar.

Its metallic support system is composed of stainless steel material, which makes it strong and durable. Stainless steel is also resistant to environmental elements. It has double-braided ropes to increase durability and strength. This system is designed to be controlled by one person using a single control rope.

It has a maximum working load of 200lbs. This makes it strong enough to lift, lower, and store your Jeep’s hardtop without worry.

It features a self-locking safety cleat which grips the rope instantly in case the control rope is let go when lifting or lowering your load.

This pulley system works as required with no faults, but it requires ample ceiling space for installation.

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What factors should I consider when choosing a Jeep hardtop hoist?

The following are the main factors that you should consider when buying a hardtop hoist:

  • Operational clearance – This is the minimum and maximum space between the floor and the ceiling that the hoist requires to operate smoothly. Always check to see if the hoist will be able to reach your hardtop to secure and lift it.
  • Installation – Most hoist systems require installation, but some do not. Check your ceiling to know whether or not you have enough space to install a particular type before acquiring it. If you don’t have space, purchase a manual one.
  • Weight capacity/ lifting power – This is simply the maximum working load of the hoist. Acquire a hoist with a higher lifting power than the weight of your hardtop.
  • Compatibility – some hoists are compatible with specific Jeep models. Always check to see whether or not it’s compatible with your Jeep model. This will prevent a major loss of money.

What types of hoists are available in the market?

There are two types of hoist systems, i.e., manual mechanical hoists and powered mechanical hoists. Manual hoists have a lower load limit compared to most powered/ electric hoists.

What are the uses of a Jeep Hardtop hoist?

The primary use of a Jeep hardtop hoist is to make it easier to remove and replace a hardtop. By doing this, you’re able to create more floor space. Some can also be used to lift heavy luggage to load into your car. They can also be attached to wide frames to store your gear or other accessories.

How do I remove my Jeep’s hardtop?

Most hardtops are connected to the Jeep using similar methods. This means that disengaging the hardtop from most Jeep models involve the same steps. These are:

  • For the four-door Jeep models, all the freedom panels have to be removed first. This is done by uncoupling all the six clips that secure the panels to the hardtop frame and then removing the freedom panels.
  • Remove the two screws on the sounder (found on each side of the backlight).
  • Disengage the wires connected to back wipers and washer fluid.
  • Disengage all the six rivets securing the hardtop to the Jeep.
  • Secure the hardtop to your hoist and remove it cautiously.

Final Verdict

Don’t struggle with removing your Jeep’s hardtop manually. It is cumbersome, and it involves a lot of risks. Instead, get one of these fantastic hardtop hoist systems and make it easy on yourself. The hoists are different in terms of operation and weight capacity. Choose one that has a higher weight limit than the hardtop it will be supporting. It should also be versatile and easy to use.

We hope you’ve acquired all the knowledge to make a sound decision when purchasing your hoist system.

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