10 Best Laminate Floor Cutters (2024)

You may have heard or come across laminate flooring! How is the laminate floor constructed? What are the materials and tools used?

Is it durable?

These might be some of the questions lingering in your mind. Nowadays, laminate flooring has become a popular flooring choice.

A laminate floor is great for living rooms, entryways as well as hallways. Thanks to its wide range of finishes from natural stones to wood that can be crafted to fit any room design.

A few years back, the laminate floor looked and felt like it is made of plastic.

Even though, it is made of crafted wood and stones. Back then Laminate flooring was quite expensive and not everyone could afford it. Thus, homeowners would sacrifice design and appearance for affordability.

Now, due to an increase in creativity and innovation in the laminate manufacturing, people can afford laminate that looks and feels like crafted stone or solid hardwood.

This can be attributed to the introduction of better laminate flooring tools and equipment.

One of the laminate flooring tools is a laminate floor cutter which is used to cut laminate floors to shape, unlike saws which were previously used to cut laminate floors, these cutters do not require the sawing motion to cut.

You only need to apply some downward force and Voila! Your floor will be ready.

We have handpicked the best laminate cutters based on performance, durability, and ease of cutting so you can make the best choice when you need to.

MantisTol 13" Pro LVT, LVP, WPC, SPC, RVP, VCT,...
  • 12.9" cutting width and 5/16" (8mm) cutting depth. Straight cut, Angle cut; " L & 凵" cut, Rip cut and more. Clearly marked measuring guide. 0-45° Angle Cutting, Translational cutting, the deep of the throat is 115mm/4.5inch. Easy to use and to carry around.

10 Best Laminate Floor Cutters

#1. SKIL 3601-02 Saw

SKIL 3601-02 Saw

Laminate flooring with pinpoint precision is now easier. Thanks to 3601-02 SKIL flooring saw. The saw features a 36T contractor blade!

This flooring saw weighs 24 pounds, making it one of the lightweight laminate floor cutters out here. Not only is SKIL 3601-02 easy to transport, but it is also very simple to set up.

The small and lightweight design adds convenience. With SKIL 3601-02 you can cut across with ease and make milter and rip. The saw offers a complete package for both laminate and hardwood flooring. Thus, you don’t have to switch from saw to saw anymore.

The saw doubles as a table and miter saw making it possible to make accurate cuts and also features a miter gauge for angled cuts, which makes it flexible to cut various angled cuts.

If you are looking for a durable laminate floor cutter, you should consider this saw as it comes with durable aluminum die-cast.

  • Simple to set up and operate

  • Portable

  • Flexible to cut various angled cuts

  • Excellent vacuum system

  • Durable aluminum fence

  • It is hard to attach the vacuum option

  • Poor dust bag option

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#2. Bullet Tools EZ Shear Sharpshooter 9 inch

Bullet Tools

Manufactured by Bullet Tools, EZ shear Sharpshooter 9 inch is a light-duty laminate flooring cutter. With EZ Shear you get siding and flooring tools in one. This cutter is known for making ultra-quick cuts.

EZ Shear comes with many remarkable features, such as one durable shear blade, no setup required, no electricity required. If you are looking for a dust-free cutter, you should consider EZ Shear.

Also, with EZ Shear you can operate quietly as no electricity required. With this cutter, you can work anytime (day or night) without worrying about making noise. Another good thing about this cutter is that it’s ready to use. Yes, no setup required!

  • Dust-free

  • One durable Shear blade

  • No setup required

  • Portable

  • Difficult to cut at 45-degree angle

  • The wooden base isn’t durable as it is prone to wear and tear

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#3. Norske Tools NMAP001 13”

Norske Tools NMAP001

If you are looking for a laminate floor cutter that can cut laminate flooring, siding up to 19/32 inch thick and 13-inch wide, then you should consider this cutter. The cutter can be used to cut other materials like vinyl, engineered wood, and fiber cement board.

The cutter comes with remarkable features, like a table miter gauge for o to 45 degrees cuts, quality steel, and aluminum design, extended handle, high-speed steel blade, among others.

It’s a long-lasting laminate cutter as it is constructed from high-quality aluminum and steel. The cutter comes with an extended handle which helps to increase leverage.

Thus, reducing effort and improving productivity. The cutter does not require electricity to operate. With such a cutter, you can operate anytime, day or night.

It is one of the best picks for multipurpose use. If you are planning on cutting other materials aside from the laminate floor, you should consider this cutter.

Thanks to its high steel blade, you can cut various cuts at an adjustable cutting angle from 0 to 45 degrees. It is a portable cutter as it weighs 13 pounds.

  • Portable

  • Dust-free

  • Suitable for against the wall end cuts

  • Comfortable grip handle – Cushioned grip handled

  • Very sturdy tubular steel frame

  • Durable

  • Used to cut across only

  • The precise cut isn’t a guarantee

  • Requires more effort than its competitors

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#4. Roberts Flooring Cutter 10-63-13 Inch

Roberts Flooring Cutter

This flooring tool is used to cut wood, tiles, rubber and vinyl siding. Roberts Flooring cutter comes in black and silver colors. It features a guillotine-style cutter which cuts laminate up to a thickness of 12mm and width of 13 inches.

The cutter is easy to operate and doesn’t require a lot of effort. Thanks to the extended handle. The cutter also features a stable base made of aluminum and coated with plastic. For maximum workability, you can sharpen the cutter from time to time.

Not only is this cutter user-friendly, but also more powerful than most of its competitors. The cutter comes with a very comfortable outer design, which makes it easier for the user to make precise cuts.

Instead of having to buy a rubber cutter and tile saw, you get a single tool that provides both functions. The blade is replaceable. With this cutter, you can cut Cuts vinyl plank flooring, laminate flooring, engineered wood flooring, and vinyl tile flooring.

  • A multi-functional cutter

  • Very comfortable to use

  • Less dust and noise as compared to its competitors

  • Precise cuts

  • No manual instructions for cutting different flooring materials

  • Relatively heavy to carry

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#5. MantisTol 9″ Pro


Looking for a laminate cutter that can cut through Cutting vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, LVT, PVC, WPC, VCT, and LVP. You are in the right place.

Would you like to laminate the floor as a professional work or homeowner? MantisTol 9’’ Pro cutter is one of the tools you should have.

The most crucial part of laminate floor installation is cutting the laminate floor accurately and according to the given measurement. Something MantisTol 9’’ Pro is designed for!

It weighs 10.8 pounds, making it one of the most portable laminate cutters in the market. It features a dimension of 18 x 11 x 5.4 inches. Not only is the cutter lightweight, but also extremely compact. With this cutter you can cut laminate up to 8.5mm thick and 8‘’ wide.

Even though the cutter is suitable for cutting Rigid Core Vinyl, It makes precise cuts on the materials mentioned above. It is a dust-free laminate cutter, thus you can work day and night.

The package includes a well-illustrated manual. Another key feature of this cutter is the long-lasting shear blade. The cutter offers 45 degrees maximum cutting depth.

  • Dust-free

  • Durable shear blade

  • Lightweight

  • Comfort grip handle

  • Ready to use – comes fully assembled

  • Suitable for soft flooring only.

  • It can’t cut Engineered Flooring, Laminate, hardy plank, and Fiber Board.

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#6. EAB Tool Exchange –a-Blade 2100005 9”

EAB Tool Exchange –a-Blade 2100005

This cutter can cut via various materials from wood, laminate, to vinyl. It is used to make straight cuts as well as angled cuts. EAB Tool Exchange is one of few laminate cutters in the market that can cut through solid wood as we saw.

Thanks to its manual design, you don’t have to worry about dust. The dust-free feature makes it useful in old or historic homes, as it can protect the home from dust. Yes, don’t worry about dusting your precious colorful historical.

One of the things most people consider when buying a cutter is the durability and sharpness of the blade system. EAB Tool Exchange –a-Blade 2100005 9” blade can be removed, sharpened and replaced. The product package includes a small grinding stone.

This laminate floor cutter can work with various angle cuts as it features a designed angle gauge. It comes with an angle miter gauge of 0 to 45 degrees. With this cutter, you can tackle corners! Also, the cutter is very easy to setup.

If you are looking for a laminate cutter that makes precise cuts. Look no more! EAB Tool Exchange is one of the most reputable laminate cutters when it comes to precision.

The good thing is that the blade can be sharpened and replaced. The EAB Tool has available blades for a replacement to ensure continuity with the same cutter for years.

  • Easy to setup

  • Dust-free operation

  • Adjustable straps

  • Replaceable blade

  • Requires lubrication for proper function

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#7. Roberts 10-94 13’’

Roberts 10-94

This cutter is durable as well as sharp. The Roberts 10-94 14’’ can make cuts across various floor materials.

This multi-functional cutter offers various cutting angles capable of cutting laminate and engineered flooring. It can also cut LVT flooring, MDF baseboards, VCT tiles, foam tile as well as rubber file.

The cutter features a sharpenable and replaceable 13-inch blade, which is very powerful such that it can cut across a vinyl plank.

Another great feature is the large cutting table, which makes cutting the longer planks easy. Other features include a cutting guide and a stable aluminum base with plastic coating. On analysis, we found the cutter satisfactory.

  • Makes precise cuts

  • Easy to setup

  • Long handle

  • Offers comfortable working area

  • heavyweight

  • None

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#8. MantisTol 13 inch Pro Flooring Cutter MC-330


Having the right tool for the project is the first step to completing the task, especially when laying a laminate floor. MantisTol 13 inch Pro Flooring Cutter is one of the tools you should consider for laminate flooring.

Nothing guarantees a clean and hassle-free laminate

cut like a good cutter. The laminate material is man-made. This is why you will need a good cutter to cut through the glues and resins found in the laminate, something that can damage the edges of the normal blade.

This is where MantisTol 13 inch Pro Flooring Cutter shines.

This cutter comes with a cutting capacity of 13 inches width and 5/8’’ inch thickness. The noise level is very low, thus you can work at any time. If airborne dust is a major concern, this cutter does away with noise. Yes, MantisTol 13 inch Pro Flooring Cutter is noise-free!

The cutter works great and it is amazing for laying a laminate floor, especially in historical and older homes where dust might be a major concern.

It is durable and capable of cutting even the toughest and thickest floor materials. If you are looking for a heavy-duty laminate floor cutter and budget isn’t a concern, then you should consider MantisTol 13 inch Pro Flooring Cutter.

It is suitable for cutting via Laminate, Bamboo flooring, Engineered Wood, solid wood, Parquet, Deck-Floor-Boards, rubber cove base, fiber-cement siding, LVT, SPC, VCT, WPC, LVP, Vinyl Flooring, and more.

  • Dust-free

  • Quiet operation as no electricity required

  • Durable

  • One long-lasting steel sharp blade

  • Less effort required

  • Relatively weak deck

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#9. Laminate Cutter ET-210

No products found.

If you are looking for a laminate floor cutter that can cut straight, precise cuts, then this cutter is a perfect choice. Laminate Cutter ET-210

handles laminate flooring among other floor materials. This cutter can make 8 & 12 inches wide and 12mm thick wowmm5tfcut with a single chop.

The cutter weighs 10.14 pounds with 29.3 x 3.1 x 4.1 inches dimension. It is ideal for home-building and job site projects as it doesn’t require electricity. The cutter is perfect for Length and width cuts.

Unlike its’ competitors, this cutter comes with movable V support, which allows one to cut while keeping the board level. The cutter is very stable and durable as it is made of heavy-duty steel. The cutter is very easy to assemble and operate.

  • Dust-free

  • Noise-free

  • Multiple angle option

  • Durable

  • Portable as it weighs 10.14 pounds

  • Requires moderate force to operate

No products found.

#10. Goplus Vinyl Floor Cutter 8-inch & 12-inch


This unit serves well as a heavy-duty laminate cutter, Not only is GoPlus Vinyl Floor cutter durable, but also very sturdy, thanks to the heavy metal steel design. The cutter comes with a long handle which increases leverage. The handle also features a comfort grip.

When it comes to handling the cutter, there is a comfort grip handle that ensures one is free of fatigue. With such a grip comfort is a guarantee.

The cutter features a movable V support which allows one to keep the board level while cutting. It is lightweight (11.25 pounds) and has a dimension of 30.4 x 4.1 x 4 inches, thus you don’t have to worry about storage space as you can store it in the drawer or cabinet.

The cutter is suitable for four cuts; straight cut, free-angle cut, lengthwise cut, and L cut. The cutter laminate floor up to 8 &12 inches wide and 0.5 inches thick

  • Easy to clean as it features a smooth surface

  • Easy to assemble

  • Constructed with long-lasting heavy steel material

  • Sturdy and stable

  • Not suitable for cutting the edges

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Benefits of Using Laminate Floor Cutter

There so many ways to cut the laminate floor, but the only way you can get precise, clean and hassle-free cuts is by using the best laminate floor cutter. Laminate is built with resins and glues, thus using normal blades and saws can destroy the edges. Most cutters come with strong and sharp blades that can tolerate this man-made material.

Easy to use

Some cutters are ready to use while others require assembling. Most laminate cutters are easy to set up and use. You are provided with manual instructions on how to set up the cutter and use it. Most cutters don’t require professional skills to handle them.


With a cutter, you get a smooth operation! Not only will you get clean cuts, but precise and smooth edges. If you pick the right cutters, you won’t get any splinters or marks on the laminate. If you compare a cutter and common saw, you will realize you have less dust to worry about.


Most cutters can cut other materials besides laminate, such as vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, LVT, PVC, WPC, VCT, and LVP.


Most cutters weigh a few pounds, thus they are easy to carry around. Also, most cutters are small in dimension and won’t take much of your storage space.

Maintaining Tips and Tricks

Blade maintenance

After making hundreds of cuts, it reaches a point the blade can no longer make smooth and precise cuts. What do you do if the blade is no longer sharp or strong? Most laminate flooring cutters come with a small sharpening stone, which helps to keep the blade sharp.

How do you use the sharpening stone? You need to know how to use the stone otherwise you might make the blade blunter instead of sharpening it. And most cutters include a manual, instruction on how to sharpen the blade.

Sometimes the blade might wear down, thus making a clean cut might be a bit hard. What you need to do is adjust the cutting depth and as a result, you will get to make a clean cut.

With some blades, you can remove and replace the blade screws to ensure a continued smooth and clean cut. If the blade is completely worn out you can replace it. When purchasing you should look for models with a blade that can be removed, sharpened and replaced.

Things to Consider When Buying Laminate Floor Cutter

Just like its name, the use of a laminate floor is to cut laminate. So, the first thing you should consider is the blade. Is the blade sharp, durable, replaceable or strong?

Those are some of the things you should consider before purchasing a cutter. The best laminate floor cutter should come with a great blade.

The other thing you should consider is cutting capacity. Does your project include thick or thin cuts? Do you make wide or slim cuts? Understanding your project will make it easy to pick the right cutter.

Most cutters in the market can cut about 7inches to 25 inches wide and thickness of about 1 inch.

Even though, you should consider your budget. Don’t have to pick the wrong cutter, just because it fits your budget. Try to compromise a bit! You might spend your money on a cutter that won’t give you the expected performance.

In other words, let the cutter quality guide you, not the price. However, if budget is a major concern. Look for the best cutters in the market and pick the one that fits your budget.


Q1. Can laminate floor cutter cut other materials besides laminate?

Yes, some cutters can cut other materials besides laminate, such as vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, LVT, PVC, WPC, VCT, LVP.

Q2. Should I buy a cutter with a knife style blade or one with a guillotine blade?

Which blades you should go for will depend on your needs as well as budget. If budget is a concern buy the knife style blade as it’s less expensive. However, if you want cleaner cuts and budget, the guillotine blade is the best.

Q3. Laminate floor cutter vs saw, which should I use?

You aren’t the only one wondering why you should purchase a laminate cutter instead of a saw. It is the best tool to handle laminate flooring without making a mess.

Final Verdict

One of the ways to improve your home is by installing laminate flooring. You can either do it yourself or hire a professional. One thing’s for sure, a good laminate floor cutter is needed to carry out the installation.

In fact, as a laminate floor installer, a laminate floor cutter is a must-have item.

With so many laminate floor cutters in the market, picking the right one can be a hectic task. Don’t worry! This article will help you pick the right one.

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