Top 11 Best Laminators (2024)

Whether it’s your kid’s artwork, certificate, poster, photo, an ID card, or any other important document, laminating remains a great way of prolonging their lifespan.

It involves fusing the document between two thin plastic sheets using a machine called a laminator. It makes the document more resistible to the effects of most potential hazards that may come its way in the course of its life.

Now, if you are thinking of buying a laminator, it may be quite challenging since distinct settings prioritize different qualities. For example, if you want it for school or office, portability, speed, and versatility are key.

However, for home use, efficiency, ease-of-use, affordability, and other factors come in handy.

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11 Best Laminators

#1 YE381 Thermal Laminating Machine (A3/A4/A6)

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Whether it is at home, office or school, this laminating machine is designed to impress in these settings. The machine offers great compatibility and will accept papers as small as the size of a business card to the size of an A3 paper. In other words, expect this premium unit to address most of your lamination needs. It warms up in 3-5 minutes so that you don’t have to wait for long as with some members of the competition.

The unit boasts a speed of 250mm per minute. With such speed, it will be a great choice for heavy projects such as in schools. The upgraded design of the laminator minimizes noise to give you that serene atmosphere you need in the office and other areas where silence is required. The cutter boasts three different cutting patterns, that is, straight, perforated, and wave for great versatility.

The corner rounder transforms the sharp corners of your lamination to neat and beautiful rounded corners so that you get more professional-looking results in your project. The unit comes with 50 pouches, 25 A4-size, and 25 A6-size to get you started right away. Although it is designed for minimal jamming, it features an ABS button for easy removal of pouches and stuck papers.

  • It heats up quickly.

  • The laminations come out cool enough to pick up.

  • The compactness is a plus.

  • It arrives with a rounder.

  • The corner rounder handles a single sheet at a time.

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#2 Blusmart Multiple Function A3 Laminator

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This laminator arrives with a corner rounder, hole punch, paper trimmer, 3 book rings, 10 photo frames, and 25 pouches. The 25 pouches are of the sizes A3, A4, A5 (5 each), and A6 (10). Therefore, expect this package to save you a few bucks that you could have incurred in purchasing these extras separately. The piece has a throat capacity of 13 inches and will work with 160 mic to 250 mic pouches.

The unit takes a maximum of 5 minutes to warm up and boasts a lamination speed of 250 mm. Therefore, expect it to do the work perfectly in a fraction of the time it would take most models of the same caliber. The hot and cold modes address different lamination needs to deliver maximum value for your money.

The piece equips a conveniently-located ABS button which addresses paper jam issues in no time. This feature eliminates time wastage and eliminates the chances of the machine getting damaged by the papers. The paper trimmer is easy to handle to suit extended projects whereas the corner rounder lets you make smooth rounded corners for your documents.

  • It arrives with plenty of extras.

  • The paper trimmer cuts smoothly.

  • It is super easy to set up.

  • It cools down quickly after switching off.

  • It is a little pricey.

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#3 AmazonBasics Thermal Laminator Machine

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If you want a laminator that will do the work without claiming much space, the AmazonBasics Thermal Laminator Machine is one of the options you may count on to address your needs. The unit has a small footprint although it is powerful enough to produce high-quality laminations that will last. The compact design coupled with a lightweight structure makes it easy to move it from one office or classroom to the other.

The unit is designed to take documents that are up to 9 inches thick. With such throat capacity, expect this piece to address most of your lamination needs whether in office, home, classroom or whatever area where a laminating machine will come in handy. The unit offers two heat settings so that you get an exceptional outcome in various projects.

The 3 mil setting guarantees professional results in normal documents while the 5 mil mode works excellently when dealing with thinner papers. The machine warms up in 4 minutes and lets you know when the machine is ready through the green LED light. The jam release lever rids you of the headache of dealing with a paper jam. This property guarantees a longer lifespan of the unit and guarantees to get the work done quicker.

  • It is very affordable.

  • The user manual is easy to understand.

  • It has a tiny footprint.

  • It warms up in only 4 minutes.

  • A few customers claim that the ready button goes on/off.

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#4 Toyuugo Laminator Machine

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This unit offers two laminating ways; warm and cold laminations. The two modes work perfectly with different documents to render the unit highly versatile. The thermal setting requires heat to fuse the document between the two laminating films whereas the cold mode uses the pressure of the rollers to create a durable seal. Whichever the mode you use, expect to get a durable seal that will last for several decades.

When using the thermal mode, this machine will only take 3 minutes, a fraction of the time it will take other models to achieve the same level. This feature makes it ideal for those urgent projects as well as for the ‘busy bees’ who can’t afford much time to wait for the unit to warm up. The unit even features green light that alerts you as soon as the machine is ready to feed.

The innovative operating system utilizes ultra-quiet design to ensure that it doesn’t disturb your peace and that of the people around you. The lamination speed of the machine is great and will work non-stop for up to 30 minutes. Therefore, to ensure a more extended lifespan of the piece, the manufacturer suggests that you rest it for 30 minutes after every 1/2 hour of continuous use.

  • It performs hot and cold laminations.

  • It heats super fast.

  • The laminator is straightforward to use.

  • The special anti-jam button is great.

  • The machine gets really hot so you need to be careful.

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#5 Scotch Thermal Laminator  (TL901)

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With the ability to produce high-quality laminations, this is one of the models you can trust with your most important documents. The machine offers two temperature pouch settings; 3 mil and 5 mil for high-quality results on documents of different widths. The dual roller system ensures professional-looking results.

The unit warms up quickly and will illuminate once ready to inform you when it’s the appropriate time to insert your document. The ability to handle documents that are 9 inches wide means that it will handle different paper sizes such as legal size, photo size papers, letter size, business card sizes and other sizes within this range. The unit heats up in less than 6 minutes and will perform for an extended period of time non-stop.

Besides doing what it is made to do, this machine also adopts an elegant design that guarantees to step up the beauty of your space whether in the commercial or residential settings. The on/off and temperature setting buttons are conveniently located for easy access. And since the unit features limited buttons, it is very easy to use even for the first-timers- you won’t have to read the lengthy boring guide for you to get started!

  • It will support heavy projects.

  • It will not overheat.

  • The design minimizes the chances of jamming.

  • It creates a very durable seal.

  • Heating up will take a few of your minutes.

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#6 Crenova A4 Laminator (4 in 1)

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When you order this machine, the package will arrive with a laminator, paper trimmer, 20 pouches of different sizes, and a corner rounder. All these extras are added to guarantee a greater user experience. To get the work done, simply turn the machine on, prepare the document as you wait for the ready button to show up, insert the document after the ready light illuminates and that’s it!

You might have to wait for up to 5 minutes for the machine but the waiting time will be compensated in its super lamination speed of up to 25 mm per minute. With such speed, expect the machine to work on up to 50 sheets of A4 paper, a pretty higher number than what most members of the competition can deliver.

The machine is designed in a manner that minimizes the chances of papers getting trapped inside. But just in case it happens, it provides a way out immediately through the useful ABS anti-jam button. This feature eliminates the possibility of machine damage. The machine combines great compactness with a lightweight design to ensure super-convenient portability. Therefore, in case you are looking for a dependable machine that you can carry it along easily, the Crenova 4 in 1 Thermal Laminator should be a great option for you.

  • The speed of the machine is amazing.

  • It is portable.

  • The black color is very beautiful.

  • It is small but powerful.

  • The cutter seems to be cheaply made although it cuts smoothly.

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#7 Fellowes 5736601 Saturn 3i Laminator (12.5-Inch)

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With the InstaHeat technology, this machine will be ready to handle a task in just 60 seconds, quicker than it will take any other model out there. It produces bright green light when ready but it also beeps to alert you when ready to laminate and when a process is complete in case you are multi-tasking.

The top-grade piece equips easy controls so that you get the best out of it even in your first-time use. It provides thermal lamination or cold lamination in a simple touch of a button, guaranteeing to address the majority of your lamination needs. The throat capacity of 12.5 inches assures great compatibility whether in the office, restaurant, home, or any other place where you may need a laminator.

To get you started direct away, the package includes ten 3-mil letter-size pouches. The auto-shutoff feature means that the machine will turn off after staying idle for a while to save energy and prevent it from overheating. I mean, in case you are looking for a reliable laminator that comes with durability in mind, you won’t get it wrong in this unit. The disengagement lever releases pouches when there is jam for repositioning.

  • InstaHeat technology saves time.

  • It provides both visual and audible alerts when ready.

  • It has an auto-shutoff property.

  • The throat capacity of 12.5 inches is impressive.

  • There is no way for the machine to come out when there is a jam. You have to rely on the release lever.

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#8 Dream show OL288 Thermal Laminating Machine

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With the pack containing 7 pieces, this unit comes as a complete set to deliver great user convenience for an experience like no other. The contents of the set include; Dream Show OL288 Laminator, corner rounder, paper cutter, 6 loose-leaf binders, 20 pouches, and a hole puncher. With all these contents in the box, be prepared to pay a slightly higher price than when buying other laminating machines that come with a few extras.

The 9-inch (230 mm) wide entry will handle letter-sized papers down to the size of a business card. The double roller heating system ensures quality with speed in what it’s made to do. The machine won’t heat up in a minute as the previous model. Nevertheless, it will only take a maximum of three units to attain the heat level it needs to execute projects excellently. Also, although it may not remain unnoticed when working, it is silent enough to not disturb your peace.

The smart temperature control system prevents the commercial-grade machine from overheating. By doing this, it prolongs the service life of the machine and minimizes the chances of your document becoming damaged by the excess heat. Although the machine is designed to operate easily and smoothly, it has an ABS switch that releases stuck papers or pouches when a jam occurs.

  • It arrives as a complete set.

  • It is very convenient to use.

  • It has a laminating speed of 250 mm per minute.

  • The rollers support both thermal and cold laminations.

  • You might not need everything in the box.

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#9 Eficentline A3 Laminator Machine

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Eficentline A3 Laminator Machine has a very high laminating speed of 400 mm/minute. This lamination rate makes it so far the quickest machine on our top-notch review. For this reason, it handles heavy lamination needs quicker than it will take any of the previous models. The durably constructed machine warms up in 90 seconds and lets you know through the bright indicator when ready for use. The unit is ideal for both the 3 mil and 5 mil pouches.

The throat size of 330 millimeters indicates that this unit will take anything between the size of an A3 paper down to the size of a business card. The laminator has a very intelligent temperature regulation system that protects it from overheating during extended use for greater service life.

Nevertheless, the producer still recommends maximum non-stop use of 30 minutes for the long-lasting performance of the machine. The corner rounder provides simple and practical operations when you need to get neatly rounded corners in your laminations. The whisper-quiet design maintains a serene environment in your space.

  • It sets up easily.

  • The packaging is well done.

  • The lamination speed of 400 mm/min is unparalleled.

  • It does not produce much noise.

  • You need to rest the machine after every 30 minutes of constant use.

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#10 Blusmart Laminator Set (5-in-1 )

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This model also comes as a set to meet your everyday lamination needs. Apart from the laminator, the set includes a corner rounder, a paper trimmer, 10 photo frames, and 20 pouches to equip you with nearly everything you might need in your lamination projects. After turning the machine on, it takes approximately four minutes to be ready for use.

This is neither too quick nor too slow to ensure that you have just enough time to prepare for your document. The speed of 250 mm per minute is great while the two lamination modes, cold and thermal suggest that the machine will work with different pouches. The throat entry of the machine is 230 mm to work with papers of different sizes.

The lamination speed of about 50 sheets per hour renders it ideal for use in schools, restaurants, and offices with heavy lamination needs. Additionally, the trimmer adopts an ergonomic design which makes it easy to handle and operate for long hours. The corner rounder also delivers neat corners so that you get the professional outcome you were anticipating from the start of your project.

  • The green ready light is bright enough.

  • The simple design eliminates complexity in use.

  • The package includes convenience accessories.

  • The trimmer is an ergonomic handle.

  • It may overheat with extended hours of use.

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#11 ABOX A3 Thermal Laminator Machine OL381

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The 4-in-1 set includes a laminating machine, paper cutter, corner rounder, and 16 thermal pouches of 4 varying sizes. The lamination piece has a double roller design to give you a smooth user experience and let you finish the work quicker. The unit also shares the lamination speed of 250 mm/minute, enough to handle several tasks in an hour. The roller design also supports dual lamination modes, that is, thermal lamination and pressure-based lamination.

The noiseless design maintains an incredibly quiet design to the extent that it is even hard to know when the machine is running. The innovative heating system ensures that you get uniform results in a thermal mode without blistering and curling. The unit will accept documents with a maximum thickness of 13 inches. With this throat capacity, expect it to be among the laminators on the market that offer the extensive compatibility.

The trimmer has a maximum cutting width of 320 mm. I mean, it will handle up to 8 A-3 size papers at once, more powerful than any other on the market. The cutter also adopts a locking design to ensure safety when not in use.

  • The laminator has rugged construction.

  • The cutter is ultra-sharp.

  • It produces high-quality output.

  • The width capacity of 13 inches implies great compatibility.

  • You just have to be very careful with the blade.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Can you put something through a laminator twice?

If you don’t get excellent lamination the first time, you can insert the document for the second time. Also, in case you need a little hard seal, you can do this several times. However, you should ensure that you use extra-thick plastic sheets to ensure that the material won’t melt.t

How long does it take for a laminating machine to warm up?

The time it takes a laminator to heat will depend on the heating system of the machine. Some machines will take as little time as a minute while others you may have to wait for up to 15 minutes. The options on our list require a maximum of six minutes to become ready for the work.

Can a4 laminator laminate a3?

If the throat capacity can only take up to an A4-sized paper, then it is impossible to use it for an A3-sized document since A3 is larger. However, in case the laminator can take up to an A3 paper, then it’s definite that you can use it for an A4 paper.

Do you cut before or after laminating?

It’s better to cut before laminating. This is because cutting after lamination may reduce the effectiveness of the seal on the paper since it may leave a tiny gap for water to penetrate into the document. However, when doing a cold lamination, it’s better to laminate before cutting.

Can you cut laminated paper with scissors?

Yes. Nevertheless, you should run the scissors without opening and closing the blades. By doing this, you will get a smoother cut. However, to stay from all these, you can consider getting laminators that come with a paper trimmer.


There are countless benefits of owning a lamination machine. Therefore, in case you haven’t bought one yet you should. With our review examining the market’s top-most options, we believe that picking the right piece is now easy than ever! Go through the review to grab the perfect one for your needs!

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