The Best Leaf Grabbers (2023)

Different seasons of the year determine the rate at which leaves fall from flowerbeds and trees in gardens. With simple-to-use lightweight grabbing tools, you should enjoy the task of keeping your yard and gardens very clean.

Leaf blowers and grabber sets are common helpful tools for this purpose. However, leaf grabbers can collect and dump large piles of refuse in trash bins.

Unlike mechanical leaf blowers, you don’t have to expose your respiratory tracts to the pollution of carbon emission. Leaf grabbers are simple plastic and metal materials that have been molded to grab and release piles of leaves. You don’t need extra budgets to buy fuel or recharge batteries for any model of leaf grabbers.

They are affordable and require manual applications. Premium plastic leaf grabbers have reinforced and wide-opening claws that can scoop at least two times of what you can do with your hands.

Usually, lots of fresh flowers, mown grasses, and dead leaves litter the yard during the autumn. If you experience such conditions, the piles of fallen leaves in the yard might overwhelm you.

Leaf grabbers with wide collecting blades can pick sharp objects, and decomposing leaves easily. It might be pretty difficult to clean lawns and yards with piles of wet leaves.

However, the best leaf grabbers reduce your clean-up time because they sweep faster and pick up more volume of leaves. Also, well-made leaf grabbers with sturdy frames and components are durable.

These pick up tools often make gardening-cleaning activities less laborious and pleasurable. Hobbyists and gardening enthusiasts will be happy to use improved leaf-collection tools.

Top 16 Best Leaf Grabbers

#01 GardenHOME Yellow Garden and Yard Leaf Scoops


Leaf grabbers with compact claws like GardenHOME Leaf Scoops protect your hands from pricky materials and pesky bugs that are buried in piles of debris. While ensuring safety, this leaf scoops can lift more than 4 lbs of grass clippings, dry, and wet leaves.

It’s a functional pick up tool for trash, and you can store it with a pair of built-in hanging holes conveniently. This pair of GardenHOME leaf scoops fit different sizes of hands for big and small gardeners. Also, its large profile makes it a handy leaf grabber for multiple applications.

  • Over-sized construction for heavy-duty leaf removal tasks

  • The plastic material appears to be durable

  • Unlike metal leaf grabbers, this model is corrosion-resistant

  • This leaf grabber requires users to bend over to scoops piles of debris. It might be inconveniencing to use this leaf grabber during long periods of cleaning activities.

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#02 Gardzen Large Leaf Scoop


Gardzen Leaf Grabbers are easy to clean because they have been made from well-molded plastic materials. This package of leaf scoops includes a pair of work gloves and a 72-gallon waste collection bag.

While this yard and garden rake have an oversized design, the dimension of its leaf claws is 17 x 13 x 3 inches. Instead of using your hands to clean-up trash, this grabber will do a better job of picking at least 3 times the quantity per scoop.

Unlike other plastic grabbers with little allowances for your hands, Gardzen Leaf Scoop allows a comfortable grip and doesn’t cause fatigue on wrists.

  • This grabber comes with accessories that enhance your cleaning tasks

  • It saves your time by scooping large quantities of debris from lawns and yards

  • The plastic gabber is ergonomically designed

  • This plastic material is not UV-resistant.

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#03 Pure Garden Leaf Grabber

Pure Garden

Pure Garden Leaf Grabber is designed for everyone to use. This scooping tool for leaves and piles of messy debris can be used by the elderly, gardeners, and teenagers.

Apart from cleaning the yard, you can spread organic manure and mulch with this Pure Garden leaf grabber. Its lightweight material doesn’t leave your arms and shoulders with strains.

Instead, this durable plastic grabber has wrist guards that protect you from sharp objects inside piles of debris. Also, you can hang and store this plastic grabber conveniently!

  • It has a compact and lightweight design

  • A 19.75-inch length that makes yard cleaning quicker when it scoops large piles of debris

  • it has rugged claws for optimal pick up of leaves

  • It’s not designed with a long handle that helps to avoid the stress of bending over during cleaning tasks.

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#04 iRunning Leaf Grabber


While spreading mulch and gathering plant trimmings, do you consider the safety of your fingers? With iRunning Leaf Grabber, you can protect your wrist and fingers from sharp items like broken bottles that are buried in piles of debris.

This plastic hand rake scoops large piles of yard debris, plant clippings, and leaves. Also, its oversized design ensures that your leaf-cleaning task is done quickly.

After scooping up piles of refuse and transferring them into trash bins, you don’t need much space to store this grabber. Instead, you can affix a nail into the wall/wood and use the pair of hanging holes on this plastic grabber.

  • It offers a comfortable grip for users

  • It’s ergonomically designed with lightweight materials

  • You can scoop large piles of fallen seeds, fruits, and leaves

  • The grabber is not strong enough to pick up objects that are more than 5 lbs.

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#05. ReLeaf Leaf Scoops

ReLeaf Leaf Scoops

By using leaf grabbers that are easy to hang, it’s convenient to store them properly. Releaf Leaf Scoops have the designs of large handheld rakes. Apart from using this leaf grabber to pick fruits in the garden, you can clean up wastes from pets.

It’s easy to gather stray leaves, and spread mulch. This pair of leaf grabber allows you to clean up the yard without getting your fingers dirty. Scoop up a large amount of dry and wet leaves the lawn and backyard without spending longer periods than necessary.

This pair of grabber comes with an extra-long profile (size) plastic molds, and it can protect you from rosebushes, stinging nettles and weeds. With oversize claws for gathering leaves, you can achieve your timeline during gardening projects quickly.

  • Ergonomically designed

  • It can pick up fallen leaves, plant trimmings, and dead flowers with thorns

  • This leaf grabber is very stackable

  • The piece of plastic around the wrist part of this leaf grabber is not curved to fit. So, this straight design might cause wrist discomforts.

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#06. Vive Reacher Grabber 32-inch With An Anti-slip Handle

Vive Reacher Grabber

Vive Reacher Grabber is a 32-inch tool for leaves, plastic bottles, paper and common materials that litter the streets. It comes with a rubber jaw that allows 360-degree rotation but in 90 increments. You can save your spine the hassles of bending to pick litters from gardens, driveways, indoor floors, and lawns.

This reacher grabber has built-in sautered steel wirings, and this internal mechanism helps to grab and lift items that are least 5 lbs. More so the litter picker is ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach areas like spaces behind pieces of furniture.

Since the jaw rotates vertically and horizontally, it offers the confidence of maintaining your environment. It has a user-friendly contoured trigger and a textured pad handle that ensure a comfortable grip. You will enjoy a proper trash pickup with this grabbing tool.

  • The jaw has anti-slip coats that can lift slippery and tiny materials

  • A rust-proof frame that ensures durability

  • The long frame extends your reach

  • The frame of this leaf grabber doesn’t have sturdy materials.

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#07. Leaf Claws Grabber Scoop Hand Rakes

Leaf Claws Grabber

Do you need handheld tools that can feed leaf-shredding machines? Leaf Claws Grabber has a similar design with heavy-duty garden rakes. When using this leaf grabber, you’ll aid enough range of mobility. Also, it’s hygienic to clean your pet’s mess, remove decaying fruits, and sharp items from the lawn.

It gets the job done faster because of the 19.5-inch (wide) claws. These claws are pointed to the ground, and this design ensures minimal residues of debris when cleaning up your garden.

Leaf grabbers that are easier store after working are very accessible. Another benefit of using this leaf grabber is that it extends your reach to about 1.5 feet. From a comfortable position, you can stray leaves, scoop twigs and debris that litter your outdoor space.

  • This leaf grabber is made from polypropylene materials

  • It has a lightweight of 2lbs.

  • Its heavy-duty claws are designed for gathering large plant trimmings, and dry sticks and fallen barks of trees

  • It doesn’t have a long-profile frame that prevents users from backache conditions.

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#08. ZAYAD Foldable Reacher Grabber Tool 32-Inch

ZAYAD Foldable Reacher Grabber

You might need to buy leaf grabbers that lower the intensity of labor during gardening activities. ZAYAD Reacher Grabber is a reliable leaf-picking tool for the elderly and garden enthusiasts with a range of mobility issues.

With this extendable-reach assist tool, you can pick up tiny debris, coins, wet leaves, and paper litters. This reacher grabber comes with an easy-to-pull trigger and a sturdy steel frame.

While it has quality construction, the grabber’s padded gripper can lift 5-lbs objects. Also, this 32-inch ZAYAD Grabber has a handy foldable design, and it allows people with arthritis to transport easily.

  • The material is made from a lightweight aluminum alloy

  • The jaw can be used vertically and horizontally

  • Its jaw has with a 360-degree design

  • Since this grabber has lightweight materials, you can’t use it for heavy-duty picking tasks.

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#09. TABOR TOOLS LS12A Leaf Grabbers


While working on the lawn and garden, do you need leaf grabbers that can spread compost manure and mulch? TABOR TOOLS Leaf grabber scoops large amounts of compost, leaves, and debris. It’s a dependable gardening tool that saves time for other chores.

Apart from the molded plastic material, the claws are strong and the grabber has enough space for you to slide in your hands. It fits well and allows you the convenience of gathering and lifting debris into the trash bin. Also, TABOR TOOLS is a reputable manufacturer of gardening tools and accessories.

This heavy-duty flexible plastic (2.5 feet long) grabber collects plant trimmings and leaves quickly. It’s the right leaf grabber for scooping debris in big lawns and yards. Unlike poorly-designed leaf grabbers, this material is crack-resistant.

  • Its’ a durable plastic grabber with UV-resistant materials

  • Designed with ridged edges that ensure firmer grips

  • It is a barrier that protects you from rosebushes and stinging nettles.

  • While using this grabber, it’s better to wear soft-padded hand gloves because the sturdy plastic material might hurt hands.

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#10. Bosmere Long-Handle Leaf Grabber


Unlike the 2.5-inch leaf grabbers, this Bosmere long-handled collector allows you to pick up debris without bending your waist. If you are a 6-footer, this tool is perfect for scooping garbage without bending your back too.

It’s an efficient tool for mulching or transferring fallen leaves into the shredder. The pair of handles are 35-inches (long) and the width is 16 inches. With this dimension, leaf grabbing becomes an exciting experience because of a wide collection blade.

Bosmere leaf grabber has a sturdy construction of steel frames and reinforced plastic claws. Also, the hinges on these steel frames are very convenient to use. This garden tool comes in a smoothly-coated dark green color that’s easy to clean after the end of your chores.

  • A very long plastic blades of 16 inches

  • Durable materials like reinforced plastic and steel

  • It’s ideal for grabbing large amounts of debris

  • The coat of green paint is not a scratch-proof design.

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#11. Housolution 32-Inch Foldable Grabber Reacher

Housolution 32-Inch

Housolution 32-inch grabber is ergonomically designed with a handle and trigger that looks like a handgun’s. It comes with a rotating rubber tip and an inner steel cord for collecting different sizes of leaves, paper, clothes bottles, and other objects from the floor.

This reacher grabber comes with lightweight aluminum materials that don’t cause shoulder fatigue. Also, it’s a mobility-aid reaching tool that assists wheelchairs users, people with special needs, and the elderly.

You can use this tool with exerting strains on your knee joints and shoulders because the rubber grabbing unit uses a push-button to clutch and release objects. Apart from picking debris, Housolution Reacher Grabber can pick clothes and organize your living spaces.

Another benefit of using this grabber is to assist arthritis patients that can’t use heavy tools. Since this grabber has a foldable design, you can transport and store it conveniently.

  • Versatile applications

  • The claw-opening width is 5.12 inches

  • An ergonomic handle and user-friendly trigger

  • A lightweight aluminum, silicone, and ABS plastic materials

  • The ABS plastic and silicone parts are not non-slip materials. So, you might not enjoy the level of frictional forces that can clutch very slippery materials.

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#12. RICWINANN Reacher Grabber


It’s an awesome experience to use long pick up tools that don’t allow objects to escape from the firm grips of their claws. RICWINANN Grabber Reacher is a 32.7-inch foldable tool that requires fatigue-free applications.

Apart from extends your reach to pick up small objects, it’s a life-saving tool for disabled persons. Also, if your friends are recovering from hip replacement surgeries, this grabber can alleviate their mobility difficulties.

It allows users to pick up the litter or valuable items from hard-to-reach areas of the room. You can grip objects that are vertically and horizontally positioned too.

This gripper comes with quality ABS and strong TPR materials. Usually, the lightweight material and a foldable design ensure more flexible applications.

  • A long handle with a foldable design

  • The grabber is suitable for picking and releasing indoor and outdoor objects

  • A zero chance of backaches

  • A padded handle and trigger with anti-slip materials

  • The gripping unit doesn’t have the frictional force and strength to grab and pull weeds from soft soils.

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#13. Spear & Jackson Plastic Leaf Grabber

Spear & Jackson

Spear & Jackson leaf grabbers are plastic constructions with wide (19.5 inches) collecting blades. With a pair of handles that have a hinge design, you can pick up fallen leaves, fruits, seeds, and mown grasses without physical strains. Also, sharp objects like bottles, cans, and glass sheets can be grabbed safely.

This Leaf Grabber comes with anti-slip grips that exert enough force on large piles of debris. As a 36-inch grabber, you can enjoy the comfort of cleaning your gardens and lawns every day.

A long-profile leaf grabber doesn’t require too much force to uproot weeds from soils. This Spear & Jackson model of leaf-grabbing tool has the optimal performance that you need for a range of cleaning applications in the farm.

  • High quality construction

  • Spear & Jackson is a trusted manufacturer of agricultural and landscaping tools

  • It has one of the longest handles and collecting blades of leaf grabbers

  • Plastic leaf grabbers are not more durable than models with all-metal materials.

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#14. Yeoman Long Handled Angled Garden Grabber


Avid gardeners like to use dependable gardening tools that make removal of debris and yard waste very easy. Yeoman & Company Long Handled Angled Leaf Collector is designed like a pair of scissors.

It comes with a sturdy frame that allows you to work for long hours with less physical strains. Also, this leaf grabber is angled to support good postures. You will enjoy removing leaves and piles of debris from acres of farm lands with many trees.

While this tool reduces the risks of strains from bending your knees, it’s ergonomically designed with non-slip hands for comfortable grips.

A long-handled grabber that allows you to picks up large piles of twigs and leaves at once is a functional tool. This Yeoman lightweight leaf grabber is a great investment for DIYers, and gardeners.

  • A lightweight grabber with an angled scissor design and a combination of great colors

  • It doesn’t require bending over, squatting or stretching before applying this tool

  • A long handle with anti-slip components

  • The construction of this leaf grabber doesn’t appear very durable.

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#15. TACKLIFE RG01 Upgrade Reacher Grabber Tool

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TACKLIFE Grabber collects a range of items. Regardless of the object’s position, the claw-grabbing jaw rotates between 90 and 180 degrees. Also, it allows you to lift tiny leaves and objects from tight places.

The magnetic tip is powerful for objects with metal materials like can drinks, nails, keys, pins, and coins. In deep compartments of kitchen cabinets and wardrobes, people with fewer ranges of mobility like moms to be, the elderly, wheelchair users can grab objects.

TACKLIFE RG01 leaf grabber is an ideal tool and a life helper. Also, you can present this mobility-aid reaching tool to friends and loved ones that require assistance to pick sharp and messy objects. It’s very simple to use different angles of the grabber’s jaw for respective applications.

  • A foldable and angled arm that can be adjusted between 0 and 180 degrees

  • it comes with a soft-padded and ergonomic handle

  • It has a large-diameter jaw

  • The grabber is not strong enough to pick up objects that are more than 5 lbs.

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#16 Rugg Yellow Original Leaf Scoops Pair

Rugg Yellow

This pair of Rugg Leaf Scoops is a lightweight leaf-removal tool for lawns and gardens. It measures 5 x 22.2 x 8.5 inches and can scoop a lot of mown grasses, twigs, and dry leaves. Also, it’s your ideal leaf grabber for messy and wet piles of debris after heavy rain falls.

Usually, plastic materials are easy to clean with warm soapy water, and this Rugg leaf grabber has a space-saving design.

  • Lightweight design

  • Bright colored plastic

  • It scoops a lot of debris

  • This material might be very brittle.

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What To Consider When Choosing the right Leaf Grabbers

The Quality of Materials

For an effective leaf-picking and mobility assistance task, you must consider grabbers with durable parts. Regardless of the handle and claws’ materials, their components need to be crack-resistant.

Usually, the force of grabbing and picking objects often puts strains on materials. However, a UV-resistant frame doesn’t break easily. If you are thinking of metal frames, they should be lightweight materials with high tensile strengths. Also, it’s important for the surfaces of metal grabbers to have weather-proof coats.

Rotating Angles

Many models of reacher grabbers with rotating jaws can pick objects from horizontal and vertical positions. You don’t need to bend over or strain your back because rotating jaws have flexible designs. Also, angled arms can make 90, 180, or 360-degree rotations.

Regular angle adjusting mechanisms have increments of at least 45 degrees. It’s more convenient to pick leaves from roof gutters, and hard-to-reach corners of cabinets with these designs.

The Ease Of Use

While foldable poles of leaf grabbers allow you to store conveniently and transport your tools, their magnetic tips help to exert frictional forces on tiny objects.

It’s important to consider user-friendly tools. Also, grabber with easy-to-use triggers and non-slip handles are good reaching aid tools for the elderly and other people with mobility issues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the capacity to scoop piles of objects important?

Grabbers with large-scooping capacities ensure that less time is spent on a range of reaching tasks. With these types of leaf grabbers, it’s easier to gather and pick piles of debris from the soil. Also, some grabber with compact claws can weed your lawn conveniently. However, the importance of leaf grabbers with wide claws depends on your requirements.

What material of a Grabber’s frame is more suitable?

Plastic frames and handles of leaf grabbers have light weights, but many of them don’t have high break-resistance. However, metals have various levels of tensile strength that can grab and lift heavy piles of debris.

They have large load-bearing capacities and can withstand the pressure from accidental drops on hard surfaces. Unlike steel, high-quality aluminum material doesn’t fade or rust. Also, some aluminum grabber tools can hold and lift 12-lbs objects easily.

How important is the length of a leaf grabber?

Leaf grabbers without long handles require you to endure the difficulty of bending over exhaustively. Their designs look like boxing gloves, but a long-handled leaf grabber allows you to work from a convenient position.

While the former might be frustrating for avid garden enthusiasts that are aged, a lightweight leaf grabber with 36-inch handles is very easy to use.

Final Verdict

With any of these 11 models of leaf grabber, you can do a range of tasks that involves mobility. However, your satisfaction increases after easing the stress of using a function leaf grabber.

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