11 Best Leather Working Tool Kits (2024)

We all have at least one thing we love doing during those lazy afternoons. It could be a trip to the beach, picnicking, watching, biking, skiing, so on and so forth.

Now, one of the most constructive ways to utilize your free time is making leather items. Leatherworking packs a lot of fun and allows you to invent your customized designs for things like belts, bags, wallets, and more.

Like any other pastime, leatherworking takes time, patience, and of course, the right set of tools. That’s why whether you are an experienced craftsman in leatherworking or a beginner in the trade, having a decent leather working tool kit is a must-have.

Usually, these kits don’t all come with the same components. That means you have to ensure that you pick the combination of tools that best match your project requirements.

Unfortunately, picking the right kit can be a little overwhelming. But not anymore—this article suggests some of the top leather working tool kits out there. Follow closely to know the ideal one for your needs.

11 Best Leather Working Tool Kits

1. Bargela 273 Pieces Leather Working Tools

Bargela 273 Pieces Leather Working Tools

If you want to make different things from scratch, buy a leather working tool kit that comes with everything you need. This kit from Bargela consists of a whopping 273 components. Thus, no matter the leather item you want to start with, you should find everything you need in this pack.

Of course, since it contains lots of accessories, this kit makes a decent option for experienced professionals who dedicate most of their time to leatherworking. In fact, it can work for other materials like canvas, denim, and paper.

Among the many tools is the stainless steel swivel knife. This component allows you to adjust its length by rotating it to the size that best suits your needs. You will find this feature useful for deep and dynamic carving.

Additionally, you will like that this kit comes with a storage box. Unlike those of other kits that are of low quality, you are getting a high-quality piece here. That means you can count on it to keep all your leatherworking supplies safe for years.

With all the components it packs and the high-quality box, we don’t expect the top option on the list to cost you cheap. Therefore, before you opt for this suggestion, be ready to spend a little more than you would for a standard kit.

  • 273 pieces.
  • High-quality storage box.
  • Versatile leatherworking kit.
  • Not the cheapest.

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2. Mayboos 183Pcs Leather kit

Mayboos 183Pcs Leather kit

As the name suggests, you are getting 183 pieces of leatherworking supplies here. That’s fewer than that of the previous kit. However, the package still contains almost every tool a professional or beginner will want to use in their projects.

The package includes a swivel knife, scissors, 20 units of leather stamping tools, and 33 tools for those new in leatherworking. The kit contains 20 different shapes that allow you to decorate whatever you are doing, whether a belt, bag, wallet, or any other.

Like with the predecessor, the swivel knife here is still adjustable. That means you can customize it to match the unique requirements of the project at hand. Hence, no matter what comes your way, you should find this kit to have the solution.

Areas where you will find it useful include carving, sewing, stamping, and others. For those that are new to leathercrafts and want a kit that’s simple to use, there’s nothing complex here.

When it comes to construction, all the components of this leather kit are of superior material. Hence, if you want an option that will serve you for years, you won’t go wrong with the Mayboos 183Pcs Leather Kit.

  • Some tools come oiled.
  • Fantastic variety of tools.
  • All the tools are durably-constructed.
  • Some needles don’t come at their best in terms of sharpness.

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3. Caydo 59 Pieces Leather Working Tools Kit

Caydo 59 Pieces Leather Working Tools Kit

Whether you want to work on leather, canvas, denim, or just about any other material, this working tool kit comes with you in mind. It contains a total of 59 pieces of multiple varieties for maximum versatility.

Of the 59 tools you get in the box, 20 of them are stamping punching tools. This variety allows you to create designs and patterns of your taste on belts, wallets, and other items you would want to make using leather.

Also, you will find four pieces of prong punch. With this set, you will find making holes in leather and other materials to be a breeze. What’s more, you will find the holes here to be neater than those of the competing leather working tool kits.

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Additionally, you will also find a stitching groover. This adjustable component adopts a 7-in-1 design. In other words, other than using it as a stitching groover, it can also serve as a stitching-hole spacer, bevel leather edges, and more.

Although it’s a high-quality set, this leatherworking kit doesn’t cost much. That means if you are looking for an inexpensive but versatile leatherworking set, you won’t go wrong with this option.

  • Affordable.
  • The punches are fantastic.
  • The stamp set is superb.
  • Instructions are not detailed.

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4. Simpzia Leather Tools SIMPZIA 52 pcs Leather Kit

Simpzia Leather Tools SIMPZIA 52 pcs Leather Kit

The fourth leatherworking kit on the list is one of the most famous options out there—and for a reason. The tools are not only of a wide variety but also durably-constructed for long-lasting performance.

The package here offers a total of 52 pieces. Of course, that’s a fraction of what you find in some packs. However, one thing to know here is that this kit packs almost every variety of tools that a typical professional will need for their leather projects.

The swivel knife here comes with stainless steel construction for outstanding durability. Furthermore, the length of this piece will adjust to match the size of your fingers and the project requirements as well.

The groover embraces a versatile 7-in-1 design. Therefore, expect it to be a staple necessity for almost every project that comes your way. Also, since it adjusts, you can adjust it to meet your requirements.

The copper taper-shank awl comes with three needles. That means you can use it for leather, canvas, soles, shoes, and in many other DIY projects. When it comes to price, most people can afford it.

  • 7-in-1 groover.
  • Great value.
  • The build quality is good for the price.
  • A better storage kit would be nice.

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5. Lokunn 128 Pieces Leather Tool Kit

Lokunn 128 Pieces Leather Tool Kit

Even if you are a beginner, it’s wiser to look for a kit that will still support your needs as you transition to more complex leatherworking. Now, this tool kit will support your needs as you advance in leather crafts.

The package contains leather stamping tools, stitching prongs, scratch wire wheels, leather groover, wax thread, and other varieties of tools that you will find essential in your everyday leatherworking projects.

Here, you are getting 20 different stamping tools. That means if you want to have different beautiful designs in your belt, wallets, or any other item you will be making, you are spoilt of choice when it comes to this kit.

All the tools make use of top-grade quality steel. Therefore, they are super-hard with excellent resistance to wear. Also, components like hammer and groover come with non-slip handles. Hence, no matter how long you use them, expect minimal hand fatigue.

For those that are using it for the first time, they should find popular leather crafts to be more straightforward when using this kit. That’s because this kit comes with understandable user instructions to eliminate any guesswork.

  • Non-slip handles.
  • Top-grade steel construction.
  • Understandable user manual.
  • Blades on the awl would be a little sharper.

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6. Ubrand 67 PCS Leather Working Kit

Ubrand 67 PCS Leather Working Kit

Like with all the previous leather working tool kits, you can use this option for a wide variety of materials. I mean, whether you work with leather, canvas, denim, or any other material, this kit should handle your needs well.

The punch tools here come in a count of 20. With all these components, you will find it convenient to make beautiful designs. The stitching groove here is also multi-purpose and will adjust to meet your specific needs.

The package also contains four prong punches. With all this count in your pack, making neatly-bored holes in your leather items is now quick and easy. What’s more, the set here punches with minimal effort, making it a perfect companion for heavy projects.

Since it’s a high-quality tool with lots of components, it makes a perfect option for beginners who want to dive into the deep end of leather crafting right off the bat. And for that family member or friend who is showing interest in leather-related crafts, this unit makes an ideal gift for them.

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7. WJX Leather Tool Kit

WJX Leather Tool Kit

The kit taking seventh place on the list is another reliable kit for both professionals and those just joining the art. With this set, there isn’t much you cannot do with it, and that’s why we see it as one of the most versatile options.

Here, you get different varieties of tools. Therefore, you may not need to invest in another kit even as you transition to more advanced projects. You will find tools for punching, sewing, carving, and other functions.

Unlike some competitors that use inferior materials, this tool kit by WJX utilizes materials of the highest quality. With that said, this set is long-lasting and will give you a fantastic user experience.

Whether you are proficient in leather-related projects or are using the kit for the first time, this leather working tool kit is easy to use. Therefore, expect you to make the most out of it no matter your skill level.

 The stitching chisels come with comfortable handles, so expect minimal hand fatigue with prolonged hours of use. Also, we like that the rhombus teeth are super-sharp, allowing you to make neat holes easily and with minimal effort.

  • The packaging is good.
  • Ergonomic set.
  • Long-lasting performance.
  • The scratch awl could be sharper.

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8. Electop 31 Pcs Leather Sewing Tools DIY Leather Craft Tools

Electop 31 Pcs Leather Sewing Tools

For those that want a more affordable set that will do the job, this kit will hardly disappoint. It comes with the lowest price tag so far on our list, and that means it has the potential to give maximum value for your money.

You are getting 31 pieces of leather-making tools. While that’s the fewest we have for a set, it doesn’t mean that it is by any means a lesser kit. In fact, with the wide variety of tools you get here, you will do just about anything you could with a more equipped set.

The 31 tools comprise repair sewing needles, flat wax ropes, stitching groover, stitching awls, a frosted strip, a thimble, and many more. What’s more, all these tools can support the heaviest of abuse, so expect them to last long even with everyday use.

Additionally, some components have smooth and well-polished grips. Therefore, these tools are attractive to the eye and provide an impressive user experience. The non-slip handles also mean that the chances of getting an injury are minimal, making it one of the safest leather working tool kits to use.

  • The price is reasonable.
  • The kit is beautiful.
  • Components are of superior quality.
  • It doesn’t contain much.

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9. Snewvie Leather Working Tools Kit

Snewvie Leather Working Tools Kit

The ninth suggestion on the list is a 103-piece set. You get leather stamping tools, scribing wheels, wooden burnisher, leather rivers, adjustable groover,  scissors, tape measure, and other equipment you are likely to need in your projects.

Of course, 103 isn’t the most you will get in a leather working tool kit. However, even with fewer tools of this option from Snewvie, you can do just about everything you can with a more expensive option.

The leather stamping toolset comprises 20 units. With this count, it’s now possible to make stylish designs of your own. Additionally, we like that the stamps are easy to use, making the kit ideal for beginners.

The scribing wheel comes with ultra-sharp gears. This feature means that you will need minimal effort to mark your material. The smooth grip gives you the much needed comfortable in-hand feel.

Also in the kit is a set of leather sewing needles. Here, you will get a total of 7 pieces. What’s more, they come in different sizes and shapes. As a result, no matter what your project requires, you should find the ideal piece for the job.

  • The pieces won’t rust easily.
  • Wear-resistant scribing wheel.
  • Multi-purpose groover.
  • Not the ideal piece for professionals.

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10. Knoweasy Leather Craft Tools Kit 18 Pcs

Knoweasy Leather Craft Tools Kit

The next tool kit on the list only comes with 18 components. With that said, it may not suit the scope of work of a dedicated craftsman. Nevertheless, we appreciate that it offers the essential tools that anyone will need for leather sewing projects.

The edge creaser is adjustable for maximum versatility when crafting leather belts, straps, wallets, handbags, and more. Also, you will find five pieces of polished article sander in the package.

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The leather stitching diamonds are sharp and hardness-enhanced for outstanding long-lasting performance. The knurled body ensures that you get a firmer grip for a more fantastic performance. Additionally, they come with rust-preventive oil, so ensure that you wipe them clean before use.

Like with the previous models, you will also find a versatile groover here. This piece adopts sturdy stainless steel construction. That means it delivers long-lasting performance and won’t catch rust easily like some options.

Generally, expect to have a simple kit that will allow you to tackle a wide variety of sewing jobs. In fact, other than leather, this kit will work well for canvas, cloth, soles, and other materials.

  • Some tools come already oiled.
  • The price: quality ratio is fantastic.
  • Straightforward to use.
  • The holes are a tad small than you probably want.

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11. Dorhui 194 Pieces Leather Working Tools

Dorhui 194 Pieces Leather Working Tools

Having a well-equipped leather working tool kit allows you to face any leather sewing job with confidence. It broadens the scope of work that you can tackle, whether an amateur or a professional. You can use the kit for leather stamping, repair, punching, coloring, sewing, and other related jobs.

Now, although it comes last on our top-notch list, this tool kit for leathercrafts contains a whopping 194 pieces of equipment. Therefore, we are safe to think of it as one of the sets that come with the most dedicated leather craftsmen in mind.

Of course, with all these components, we don’t expect it to be easy for a mere novice to know what part does what. With that in mind, the manufacturer includes an understandable user manual to get any beginner doing the job a pro.

Of the many components is the plastic cutting mat. This essential piece goes a long way to protect the hole punch and prong punch from damage. As a result, expect this kit to give you lots of years of service.

 The heavy-duty leathercraft hammer makes the work easy when it comes to printing patterns on your material. For that reason, with this kit, expect all your leathercrafts to run smoothly.

  • The tools are easy to use.
  • User manual included.
  • The kit comes in good condition.
  • The beveler not the best.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes the best leatherworking tools?

When buying tools, at times it pays off to consider the manufacturer. After all, you want to invest in a kit that will give you the best value for your money. And yes, when it comes to identifying some of the most reliable names in the market, it isn’t easy for leatherworking kits. However, you can rely on manufacturers featuring on our list for high-quality tools.

Where can I buy leather working tools?

With the advancement in technology, buying leatherworking tools (or any other thing) is now possible in the comfort of your home. In fact, we recommend that you consider buying online from a well-reputed seller like Amazon. This way, you will be able to dig deeper into knowing the contents of the kit and other useful information.

Are leather working tool kits worth it?

Yes. In fact, that’s why we are here in the first place. Usually, these kits include all the popular tools a typical professional needs in leatherworking. They bring all the paraphernalia for the job in a single package.

How much does it cost to make a leather belt?

If you want to buy a genuine leather belt, you should be ready to part with about $100. However, if you are ready to commit your time and effort to make one, expect the total expenses to fall below $25.

What do you look for in a leather working tool kit?

When buying a leather working tool kit, it’s good to factor in all aspects. You have to consider the number of pieces, the variety of tools, nature of your projects, price, ergonomics, and of course, the build quality.

Final Verdict

No matter the field, the tools you use go a long way to define your level of success. Even with the right skill, getting the best outcome is nearly impossible without the right set of equipment.

That’s the case when it comes to leather crafts. So, what makes a perfect leatherworking tool kits? Well, after reading this article, I believe that you know the perfect set for your needs.

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