11 Best LED Replacement Bulbs For RV (2023)

You are a camping enthusiast planning for a weekend out with a few of your crazy buddies. Everything seems to be set and are just waiting for the day to come!

You get into your RV to check a few things and immediately you see one of the lights something pops up in your mind- some of your RV lights went bad and almost left you in the dark in your previous trip to the woods.

Well, RV bulbs will sometimes grow dim or fail, especially if they have served for quite long. To make it a day like no other, you need to have your space well-illuminated this time.

That said, it’s time you get replacement lights for your RV. Now, when buying RV lights, you should pay attention to reliability, lifespan, brightness level, and efficiency.

So, how do you know the perfect lights for your mobile home? Well, take out the guesswork from your shopping with our review on 11 Best LED Replacement Bulbs for RV.

AOICANKI T10 921 194 168 LED Bulbs Cool White...
  • Voltage: DC 12V. Flux: 500 Lumens. Cerrent: 0.1A .Size:1.33" x 0.39". Color: Cool White. Each LED bulb contains 42 beautiful high quality 3014 SMD chipsets.

Top 11 LED Replacement Bulbs For RV

#1 Kohree 12V Led RV Ceiling Dome Light RV Switch, White (Pack of 2)

Kohree 12V Led RV Ceiling Dome Light RV Switch

Several things make this light one of the greatest options in the market. For instance, it boasts a lifespan of up to 60, 000 hours. Hence, it will last longer than the standard bulbs.

The package contains two 12V T10 wedge panels that offer a total of 48 chipsets of 5050SMD LEDs. Amazingly, even with all these pieces, these lamps will only draw 6 watts of power, making them among the most efficient out there.

Each side of the lamp gives a total of 300 lumens. Therefore, expect the pair to produce 1200 lumens of light in a natural white color. And with all this light in your camper trailer, you will never fumble in the darkness.

Additionally, this couple has a 3-way built-in on/off switch. The switch allows you to adjust the light to either use one or both sides of the lamp. That said, you will enjoy the functionality the duo brings to any area.

The replacement light is designed for mounting on a smooth surface. In fact, it comes with all the necessary hardware. The versatile option is perfect for RVs, cars, marine boats, and more.

  • They are very efficient.
  • They are simple to install.
  • The lamps do not heat up.
  • The 3-way switch is great.
  • The package doesn’t contain wiring instructions.

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#2 AUTOUS90 20 x RV Trailer T10 921 194 168 2825 42-SMD 12V LED Warm White Lights Bulbs

AUTOUS90 LED Warm White Lights Bulbs

Our next suggestion is also a top-notch option in the market. It’s one of the best-selling LED replacement bulbs for RV. The package includes a total of 20 lamps to keep your trailer well lit in all future trips.

These replacement lights boast a lifespan of more than 50, 000 hours. That said, you can count on these premium-grade lamps from AutoUS90 to serve for many years in your RV.

Unlike some bulbs that produce heat, these are low-temperature lamps to give you and your colleagues a comfortable space. Furthermore, they are ultra-efficient to ensure that your camper battery lasts for longer.

The bulbs give a warm white light color but you can also choose those that produce pure white light. However, we prefer a softer color since the other option has a few flaws that need to be corrected.

The lights are perfect for RVs, trailers, boats, cars, trucks, and more. Also, most campers like that they are very straightforward to install in minutes–you won’t even need tools for the job!

The bulbs, however, do not come with installation instructions although you may not need them given that they are simple to install. But in case they don’t light up, it’s because they are polarity sensitive- just rotate them 180 degrees and reinstall!

  • The warm white color is nice.
  • They remain cool to the touch.
  • They are very versatile.
  • You don’t need tools for installation.
  • Not the perfect option for you if you want super bright light.

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#3 GRB Super Bright T10 921 922 912 LED Bulbs for 12V RV Ceiling Dome Light

GRB Super Bright T10 921 922 912 LED Bulbs for 12V RV

If you have noticed that your current RV lights heat up and end up drawing more power than necessary, you can consider replacing them with these ultra-efficient LED bulbs.

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The lights come in a pack of 10. Nevertheless, you can also find them in a pack of 20 if you need more of them. Each light packs 38 pieces of LED chipsets to give you plenty of light without draining your trailer battery.

The high-efficient lights are designed to remain cool to the touch. Hence, the set won’t add more heat to your camper like the halogen bulbs– your summer night just got cooler and more peaceful without fan noise.

The 6000-6500K color temperature remains comfortable and feels more natural to the eye. Also, these super-bright bulbs are polarity insensitive- installation is simple and quick without double work.

Although they are very efficient at just 3.8 watts, the output per bulb is rated at 600 lumens. Hence, with this option, you get super bright light at minimal power consumption.

  • They are very bright.
  • The efficiency is at par.
  • They are polarity insensitive for quick installation.
  • The lifespan is good.
  • They are quite longer and wider than standard bulbs.

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#4 Aucan 20pcs Super Bright RV Trailer

Aucan 20pcs Super Bright RV Trailer

These LED replacement bulbs are also easy to install. They utilize the plug-and-play design to rid you of cumbersome installation and get your camper trailer perfectly lit in no time.

The RV replacement lamps arrive in a package that contains 20 units. Each lamp comes equipped with 42 individual high-efficient 3014 SMD LED chipsets that deliver 500 lumens of light.

Also, each lamp utilizes a 360-degree lighting design. The awesome design ensures that the interior space of your camper trailer remains uniformly illuminated without the light concentrating more on a specific area.

Like all the other previous options, these LED lights are engineered to remain cool to the touch. Therefore, they are very efficient and won’t cause discomfort in your camper trailer.

The replacement LED lights, however, are polarity sensitive. Therefore, in case they don’t work after the first installation, reverse the polarity. The color temperature of 6500K means that they are designed for friendly interaction with your eyes.

  • The price is fantastic.
  • The 360-degree lighting design is great.
  • The color temperature is nice.
  • 42 LED chipsets is a good number.
  • A metal body would be better.

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#5 GRV T10 921 194 13-5050 SMD Wedge LED Bulb lamp Super Bright Warm White

GRV T10 921 194 13-5050 SMD Wedge LED Bulb lamp

GRV has remained a famous brand in the industry for some time. The manufacturer of this brand uses her expert knowledge and technology to deliver top-class, reliable, and durable bulbs.

Coming from this brand, this flagship-level set of replacement LED bulbs claim a theoretical life of 50000 hours. Therefore, if this information is anything to go by, it’s among the sets that will keep going for a lifetime.

The high-quality bulbs produce a stable warm white light at the color temperature of 3000-3500K. This light color remains more comfortable to the eyes and does not produce uncomfortable glare like some options out there.

The plug-and-play design guarantees a quick and simple installation. However, like most LED bulbs, they are polarity-agnostic. In other words, these durable bulbs will only work one way in the socket.

Our very option comes in a pack of 10 although it can also arrive in a kit of 6 pieces. Nevertheless, we recommend the 10-piece set since it offers a better value for money in terms of cost per piece.

  • The bulbs give stable light.
  • The plug-and-play design is nice.
  • The units give a soft pleasant color.
  • The price per unit is a bargain.
  • You have to get the polarity right.

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#6 LUYED New Generation 12-24v

LUYED New Generation 12-24v

These replacement lights will serve well in a variety of RV and boat applications. I mean, whether you want to use them as cabin lights, tail lights, dome lights, reverse lights, and more, they will hardly disappoint.

The lamps come in a cost-efficient set of 5. Each lamp packs 54 pieces of 3014-SMD LEDs- more chipsets than in any of our previous models. With all these LED pieces, every piece will deliver 650 lumens of light.

We like that the color temperature of this set is 6500 K. That said, it’s stable and very comfortable to the eye. Amazingly, even with that output, each lamp will draw just 3.5 watts of power- way less than the standard halogen bulbs.

Unlike the inefficient halogen bulbs that have a short lifespan, the service life of these lamps is rated at 40000 hours. That said, we can think of it to be 25 times more durable than the halogen models.

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Each bulb measures 1.42″ x 0.7″ x 0.7″. Also, it features a built-in smart IC driver and premium aluminum material to guarantee the best performance. This feature also ensures consistency in input and output.

  • The set is very reliable.
  • The standard 1156 socket ensures greater compatibility.
  • The circuit board ensures a stable voltage.
  • They are compatible with 12 and 24 volts of power.
  • They will get warm when left on.

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#7 Kohree 12 Volt Replacement Bulb 921 Wedge LED Bulb

Kohree 12 Volt Replacement Bulb 921 Wedge LED Bulb

This pack contains 4 pieces of high-performing LED bulbs. Therefore, it’s a perfect option for you if you only need to replace a few failed bulbs in your RV without doing a complete upgrade.

Each of the lamps has 51 pieces of LEDs and gives 400 lumens of light to keep the interior of your motorhome perfectly lit. Hence, you will find these lamps to be brighter than the inefficient halogen bulbs.

The light color, in this case, is rated at 3000K. Therefore, they are among a few models that will bring pleasant flicker-free lighting to your RV without creating a bluish or purplish tint.

The 360-degree beam angle ensures uniform illumination throughout your entire space. Each bulb is UV-free, mercury-free, and will only draw 4 watts of energy. That said, they are among the most efficient options we have in the market.

The ceramic base plays a vital role in heat dissipation. Also, the constant current IC circuit provides a stable voltage to protect the LEDs from burning down. This ensures years of service life.

  • The construction is very great.
  • The packaging is nice.
  • It casts light in all directions.
  • They are mercury-free.
  • They are a little costly.

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#8 Kohree Auto/RV Led Light Bulbs, 12V 1156 Vanity Light Bulb Replacement

Kohree Auto/RV Led Light Bulbs

Like the just reviewed option, this pack offers a total of 4 high-quality bulbs. Each lamp is engineered for 360-degree light emission. This design ensures that you get uniform light allover with minimal to no hot spots.

The lamps work perfectly for RVs although they will also impress when used in the bathroom, bedroom, indoor or outdoor fixtures, and more. They adopt a modern design that supplants your traditional lamps with a futuristic style.

Each bulb is engineered to draw as little as 1.8 watts of energy to give an output of 300 lumens at the color temperature of 4000 Kelvins. Hence, with this 1.8-watt bulb, you will get an output comparable to that of a 20-watt halogen bulb.

And with the service life of 30000 hours, these LEDs are built to last. The 1156 (BA15S) Base has a constant current IC circuit. This feature stabilizes the power before reaching the LEDs for a prolonged lifespan.

The bulbs are super-easy to get in place. The tower-style design alongside the BA15S 15-mm bayonet base allows for a twist-to-lock installation. Finally, this set works with 12V and 24V bulbs.

  • The bulbs embrace modern design.
  • They are compatible with 12V and 24V DC.
  • Installation is just in seconds.
  • The LEDs are of high-quality for durability.
  • The smaller size may make them out of place in some applications.

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#9 GRB Super Bright 921 LED Bulbs for RV

GRB Super Bright 921 LED Bulbs for RV

Like the earlier model from the GRB brand, we expect these high-performance bulbs to impress in your RV. They produce super white light with a color temperature of 6000-6500 Kelvins.

Our hand-picked kit comes in a pack of 20. Therefore, the set provides enough for anyone intending to do a full upgrade. Nevertheless, you can also opt for the less cost-efficient pack of 10 if that works better for your needs.

Each lamp produces a whopping 684 lumens of light, an amount you will only achieve with a 40-watt halogen bulb. Surprisingly, the LED lamp will only claim 3.8 watts of power, less than a tenth of what halogen counterparts will demand.

Also, these LED replacement bulbs do not get hot even when left on. Hence, they will keep your camper cool and safer, especially if you have the curious little fingers on board.

The high-quality lights are eco-friendly and do not emit UV or IR radiation. Also, they will neither flicker nor cause any interference to your TV or Radio. Finally, this option work with 12 DC only.

  • They are noise-free bulbs.
  • Available in packs of 10 and 20.
  • They do not emit IR radiation.
  • They don’t cause TV or radio interference.
  • They produce daylight white light which will take people some time to get used to.

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#10 SRRB Performance 12 Volt Replacement 921 Wedge LED Bulb 

SRRB Performance 12 Volt Replacement 921 Wedge LED Bulb

With a lifespan of over 30000 hours, these LED replacement bulbs are perfect for anyone looking for RV lamps that will last for a very long time. They are an excellent substitution for 912, 921, 922, and more.

Although they are excellent for RVs, these lights will also work exceptionally for compartments, patio, deck lighting, reading light, and more applications. That said, it’s one of the multi-purpose bulbs we have out there.

The pack offers four bulbs. Each lamp comes with 51 pieces of high-quality LEDs. These chipsets are configured all-round the lamp for 360-degree light emission to ensure even illumination in your overall space.

Each lamp draws only 4 watts of power and produces about 750 lumens, an equivalent output to a 50-watt halogen bulb. The color temperature of 3000K means that they are designed to give a welcoming warm white light.

The wedge-based LEDs are easy to install with the plug-and-play style. Hence, in case you are looking for replacement lights that won’t require removal and modification of the existing ceiling dome fixtures, you won’t go wrong here.

  • 750 lumens is great output.
  • They are solidly built.
  • The warm white color is fantastic.
  • The clear casing ensures excellent light transmittance.
  • The pack of 4 may not always be enough.

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#11 ALOVECO LED RV Lights (12V)


The last option on the list packs plenty of bells and whistles to give you an awesome day out with your colleagues. The high-quality LED lights have a recessed design so that they save on space and power.

The lights come in a case of 8 and work with 12-volt DC. Hence, they are perfect for not only your RV but also boats, cabinet, motorhome, trucker, van, and many more.

Each bulb produces 240 lumens. Therefore, expect the 8 lamps to brighten your space perfectly. However, in case you find the light to be too much for your needs, they are dimmable to your needs.

A single lamp claims a maximum of 3 watts of power, making them among the energy-efficient models we have in the market. Also, since the bulbs are CE, ROHS, and FCC listed, you can buy with confidence that they are high-quality and safe.

The aluminum shell construction is of top-class and works well in heat dissipation. That said, this material will extend the lifespan of this set to over 50000 hours, more than what most models can offer.

The bulbs illuminate your RV with a warm white color rated at 3000 K. Also, since they are not polarity-agnostic, they are a snap to install– you don’t even require tools to get the job done- not even a screw!

  • It comes with an installation guide.
  • The aluminum body looks great in any RV interior.
  • They are dimmable.
  • The low-profile design looks nice.
  • They aren’t the coolest on our list.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you switch to LED lights?

Well, there are many reasons you need to start using LED lights in your RV. However, their major advantage is efficiency. These lights will use as less as a tenth of what halogen bulbs use to give an equivalent light output. Also, they have a longer lifespan than other options. 

How many amps do RV lights use?

The consumption rate of RV lights will differ greatly depending on the type of bulbs you are using. However, incandescent and halogen bulbs use more electricity than LED bulbs. That’s why we recommend switching to these efficient lamps.

Are RV LED lights dimmable?

Although most of these lights produce one level of light, there are a few options in the market that allow you to control the light level. A case in point of these models is the one coming last on our list.

Can LED lights burn out?

A lifespan of a bulb is simply the number of hours the bulb can be left on without burning out. That said, LED bulbs will burn out. However, unlike the incandescent bulbs that burn out after 500-1000 hours, LED bulbs will last as long as 100000 hours.

Are all LEDs polarity sensitive?

The short answer is simply no! Although most LED lights are polarity-agnostic, some are not and can work in either way.

Final Verdict

LED bulbs offer many advantages over the incandescent models that as an RV owner you can’t afford to overlook. That said, go for the one that will meet your lighting demands. Our top-notch list on the finest LED Replacement Bulbs for RV should help you make the right decision.

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