Top 15 Best Led Strip Lights (2024)

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Whether you want to add some color to your room, or spice up your party or simply add some flavor to your events, you will find the LED strip lights indispensable tools.

Unlike the standard kinds of light, the LED strip lights are cooler, safer, and brighter.

Given their availability in many color options, they give you the freedom to pick the one which blends well with your own event and circumstance of use.

To help you arrive at the best decision, we have seen it wise to draft this review and buying guide. Read through to find the inspiration you need to move forward.

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15 Best Led Strip Lights

#1: MINGER LED Strip Lights

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Looking to light up an indoor interior? We invite you to try your hand on this set of lighting materials that are optimized for the indoor environment. Though suited for indoors, the set is waterproof and will occasionally apply outdoors.

Premium LED Strips

All its strips are premium in the sense that they are made of materials that are strong and resilient to the elements of wear and tear. You will thus find the long-lasting and highly resistant to the common agents of damages.

Superior & Safe Material

Apart from being premium, the materials are also safer. They are chiefly made of double-layer copper which is safer to touch and interact with. Moreover, this layer also brings about a uniform color mix.

LED IR Remote Controller

One another distinctive aspect of this light strip is that it is controllable via the remote unit. By use of the unit, you may prevent overcharging, protect your circuits, and retrieve some data from the memory, to mention but a few!

  • Exudes more vivid and brighter light outputs

  • The lights are optimized for varying needs

  • Brings about better experiences

  • Safer for use by children and adults alike

  • Flexible enough to install just about anywhere

  • Easily damaged by harsh weather elements

  • Has a shorter lifespan

  • Too delicate to handle rigorously

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#2: Govee Smart Wi-Fi LED Strip Lights

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You can never claim to be appropriately equipped for modernity without choosing the state of the art gadgets. This one is compatible with the latest controls and compatibility and is hence a good one to use. It also serves many areas of your home.

Voice Controls

As hinted above, it is possible for you to control this lighting mechanism using your own voice. That is because it is compatible with the Alexa Google Assistant and the many other automatic devices. These lessen the burden you would otherwise feel.

Wi-Fi Wireless Controls

Other than the voice controls, this lighting strip is also operable via the Wi-Fi connectivity feature. This again goes a long way to enhance its functionality in the sense that it extends the range within which the light may operate.

Perfect Ambience Light

By all accounts, this system emits perfect ambiance light. The lights are not only bright but also scatter evenly to fill an entire room with ease. On account of this arrangement, the mechanism does not also strain your own eyes.

  • Reduces clutter by syncing with many likeminded gadgets

  • Operable via the remote control unit

  • Decorates many parts and portions of the home

  • Installs faster than many other lighting packages

  • Comes along with its own installation tools

  • May be too complicated to a simple user

  • Highly prone to the risk of signal interference

  • Unsuitable for use outdoors

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#3: PANGTON VILLA LED Strip Lights

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Want to save some money? You have this lighting kit for your own consideration and choice. It guarantees this by reason of the eco-friendly material construction and limited radiation output.

High-brightness SMD 5050 LEDs

All the constituent LED lights are strong and bright enough to illuminate your ambiance completely. This stems from the use of only strong filaments which also rise to the many moods and occasions.

Unique MINI Controller

To regulate the brightness and outputs of the lights, this package incorporates the LED strip and sensor controllers. They are highly effective and more capable of discharging the best operational outcomes imaginable.

Strong Double-sided Tape Installation

To help with your own installation, this package provides a strong double-sided tape which is used to stick the various parts to a wall or a surface. You will subsequently enjoy cheaper and simpler installation exercises.

  • Emits extremely low heat output

  • Touchable and safer for children

  • Unlikely to cause eye strains and fatigue

  • Consumes lower electricity levels

  • Easily operable by any user

  • Has a shorter lifespan

  • Many not impact hidden areas well

  • Gives room for some ambiguities

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#4: L8star Color Changing Rope Lights

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If you are a music enthusiast, you need not really clutter your room with many items and electronics. All you have to do is lay your hands on a comprehensive packaging of this kind. It has that ability to do many things at a time.

Double Layer Copper

At its core is some durable layer copper. The role of this is to expedite the transmission of signals and contribute to the brightness of the light output. You will also enjoy some mixed color outputs.

5 Light Modes

The appliance gives you the freedom to choose from five color modes. These are the cool, gradient, strobe, breathing, and flashing respectively. They give you the freedom to enjoy the benefits you desperately yearn for.

Effective Controls

In the course of your use of these lighting mechanisms, you will also enjoy the rare benefit of effective controls. Particularly, you will be able to dim and brighten your lighting smoothly and easily. This also guarantees the outcomes you want.

  • May be cut to impact smaller spaces

  • Allows you to install and fit it just about anywhere

  • Grants you complete controls of your lighting

  • Applicable for a variety of tasks

  • Accords excellent relaxation on your part

  • Requires frequent repairs and maintenance

  • Costs a lot more to operate and engage

  • May not offer much help to a regular traveler

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#5: DAYBETTER Led Strip Lights 32.8ft 10m

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Could it be that you are desirous of elegant lighting outcomes but are wary of the financial expenses that come about? You need not look further than this set of LED strip lights as it is optimized for that very role.

Ultra-bright and High-quality LED Chip

Setting this set of lighting apparatus from the others is the ultra-bright and high-quality LED chip. This one makes it possible for you to enjoy stronger colors for an extended duration of time.


You will also be able to cut and shorten the lights to conform to your space requirements. By virtue of this arrangement, you will get to minimize any clutter which might often entangle the room occupants.

3M Adhesive

A 3m adhesive also comes along the entire package. You basically make use of this one to attach the strip to the walls and other surfaces for the sake of installing the light.

  • It is operable via the remote control

  • Outlasts many other lighting mechanisms of its kinds

  • Guarantees awesome satisfaction

  • Gives off 8 different light patterns

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications

  • Light output is not so bright

  • Emits higher heat levels

  • Quite uncomfortable in cramped up spaces

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#6: Bathebright LED Strip Lights

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Preparing for Christmas or New Year festivities? You want to make use of a multipurpose and highly versatile set of strip lights like this one. It has the ability to impact your rooms for various purposes.

Multi-Color & DIY

This set of lighting is able to produce lights of varying colors. It is also simple enough to allow you to operate it on your own. You need not necessarily possess any technical skill and expertise to be able to juggle your way.

Awesome Mood Lighting

The colors are able to exude some awesome mood lighting output and capabilities indeed. You have the freedom to choose the combination you want for your job at any given time. This also enhances your own feelings.

Extreme Safety

This set of lighting kit does not emit any radiations, does not flicker, or emit harmful pollutants to your environment. You have it for your own consideration if all you care for is your own safety and wellbeing.

  • Made of safe and superior materials

  • Mixes colors to produce awesome effects

  • Operable via the remote controls

  • Appropriately safeguarded from shocks

  • Has a memory function to ‘remember’ your preferences

  • Highly susceptible to water damage

  • Strictly for indoor use and applications

  • Useful for lighting alone, nothing more!

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#7: PHOPOLLO Led Strip Lights 32.8ft

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Do you have some children in your room or premise? You have to be mindful of their existence and safety as you use your preferred lighting apparatus. This is a feat you may only achieve by choosing a safe gadget of this kind.

Low-voltage Power Supply

The equipment uses low voltage power to generate light output. This stems from its 12V rating. It hence spares you from having to dig too deep in your pocket and suffer higher utility bills in the process.

Flexible Ribbon

A flexible ribbon exists for your own installation and subsequent use. You basically use this ribbon to curve around bends to fix the lights safely and conveniently. Being flexible, it does not at all jeopardize you.

High-quality Light Patterns

By all accounts, this strip emits high-quality light patterns indeed. The light output is completely smooth and evenly spread out. You will even able to steer clear of the uneven luminous problem which many people go through.

  • Allows for quick and easy installations

  • Lets the lights be dimmed when the circumstances so demand

  • Slim and compact enough to carry around with ease

  • Sticks firmly on the walls and other structures

  • Imposes limited utility bills on your part

  • Cannot impact larger room spaces

  • Prolonged use predisposes you to the risks of eye strains

  • Comes along in fewer color combinations

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For your utmost peace of mind, you want a set of lighting apparatus that can pair and work alongside many other electronics. This one is optimized for maximum compatibility and is capable of communicating with many gadgets.

Hassle-free Connectivity

As hinted above, this appliance is optimized for maximum compatibility. It achieves this feat mainly because it allows for hassle-free connectivity. You will easily pair it with many other devices using many kinds of connectivity devices.

Ultimate Entertainment Experience

With this light strip, you will be able to enjoy the ultimate entertainment experience indeed. You will be able to play games, stream music and even watch movies. This is not to mention that it works well with many other like-minded devices.

Next-level Automation

Courtesy of the next-level automation feature, the gadget can save and ‘remember’ your preferred settings and engage them automatically in the future. This happens even if your Wi-Fi disconnects or suffers some downtimes.

  • Its rays of lights reach 33 feet from the source

  • Controllable and operable from just about anywhere

  • Meets and exceeds the very many industry standards

  • Opens a world of limitless opportunities

  • Works with many other gadgets and devices

  • Clutters your workspace

  • Prone to pilferage and thefts

  • Costly to come by and operate

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#9: Tasmor Led Strip Lights Sync to Music

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Want to enjoy some utmost peace of mind while enjoying your use of these gadgets? You should settle on one which gives you the freedom to select your favorite color for decorations. This is the one which will give you that freedom.

Music Mode

This appliance goes beyond merely lighting your rooms and outdoors. It also plays some favorite music and tracks. By reason of this arrangement, the item gives you more value for money

Complete Control Functions

You have a whole set of complete control functions to engage this set of strip lights. These let you determine the colors, lighting parameters, and other crucial aspects of your lighting you are interested in at any given time.

Flexible Strip Lights

When viewed from whichever angle, these lighting equipment are flexible infeed. This flexibility allows for smooth and easy installation not to mention being easy to use under many circumstances of applications.

  • The strip is extremely safe and easier to engage

  • Emits low heat levels and is hence touchable

  • Lets you determine the timing of your convenience

  • Saves you plenty of time and energy

  • Personalizes your preferences and use

  • Its controls may confuse an inexperienced user

  • Takes up too much space

  • Too cumbersome to carry around easily

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#10: LE 12V LED Strip Light, SMD 2835

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Are you a party enthusiast? You want to spice up your party by adding some color and hue to it. This, you will do by opting for an equally colorful set of strip lights of this kind. As a matter of fact, this set is great for Christmas and other lively events.

Longer Lifespan

What sets this light apart from the rest is the longer lifespan of 50,000 hours. With it in your hands, you will not have to worry a lot about frequent damages and higher operational expenses. Just buy it and there you go!


It complies with the standards that are set forth by the Restriction of Hazardous Substances. Expect it hence to be safer and more humane to handle and utilize. This also brings down the levels of accidents.

12V Working Voltage

As it operates, the bulb expends a lower operational voltage of only 12V. This is sufficient enough to yield higher light output but too low to inflict higher operational expenses on your part. It lets you enjoy dual benefits at a time.

  • Very safe to make use of

  • Links with other strips for added services

  • Lets you cut and shorten the strips appropriately

  • Bends to fit curved corners

  • Mountable in varied positions at a time

  • Quite fragile and prone to damages

  • Easily sustains tears and frays

  • Demands too much attention on your part

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#11: Nexillumi LED Strip Lights

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Looking for a strip light for use in the outdoor conditions? Well, you have no better option than this one. It is resistant to both water and dust and is hence able to do a good job, on the whole.

IP65 Waterproof and Dustproof Rating

As hinted above, this appliance stands tall mostly due to its resistance to dust and water. These two stem from the IP65 waterproof and dustproof rating. You should expect it to last longer and take you far.

Extremely Low-heat

In the course of its operations, this appliance emits truly low heat levels indeed. It is hence safe to touch and will not really harm you at all. This one makes for the use in areas and circumstances that require some close touches.


Given the low heat output, you have the freedom and pleasure to touch the lights at will. You will not really sustain any scars or scalds as the users of other lights have to confront. This makes for your own overall safety too!

  • Simpler to set up and use

  • Comes with extra accessories and equipment

  • Resists dust and water at the same e time

  • Rechargeable via a USB port

  • Upgradable owing to higher versatility

  • Costs a fortune to afford

  • Consumes higher utility and electricity

  • If worn out, requires a lot of money to restore

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#12: BIHRTC LED Strip Lights 600leds

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If you want more than just light, you may choose a set that produces heat also. Well, this is a good one to set your eyes on. It not only produces heat but also dissipates it well too! You have it for your taking if you want extra warmth in your cubicles.

Blue Self-adhesive Back

At its back is some blue self-adhesive which is both upgraded and enhanced for greater strength. With this arrangement in mind, it is highly unlikely that the strip of lights will peel off even when swayed by the wind.

Flexible PCB Strips

The strips are also flexible enough to mount in many places and at various angles. This flexibility lets you choose exactly when and where you might have to fix yours and enjoy the lighting benefits.

Short-circuit Protection

Many light strips do have the tendency to blow up and harm you. The manufacturer of this one has put in place appropriate measures to prevent this from happening. That, they have done by optimizing it for protection against short circuits.

  • Powered by the DC 12V outlet

  • Cuts according to the required dimensions

  • Curves around many surfaces for ease of use

  • Sticks on many surfaces and walls

  • Connects with many other items and electronics

  • Frequent exposure may desiccate your skin

  • Inflicts higher utility bills

  • Unsuitable for cramped up spaces

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#13: ESEYE LED Strip Lights ESEYE IP65

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Searching for a strip light to use for too long without having to replace? We invite you to try this one out. With the impressive 50,000 lifetime hours, no one comes even close to it with regards to this parameter.

Memory Function

A memory function exists to save and recall your preferred settings automatically. This way, it spares you from having to key in the preferences on your own every now and then.

Adjustable Colors and Modes

You have the freedom to adjust the colors and the modes of operations using an infrared remote control unit. This way, you will be able to enjoy the outcomes that are convenient and applicable to your case.

Interior and Exterior Lighting

It is possible for you to use this strip light for lighting both the interior and the exterior ambiance at a time. The lighting package is extremely strong and resistant to the many elements of wear and tear to guarantee this one.

  • Flexible enough to mount with ease

  • Guarantees long-lasting reliability

  • Inflicts lower operational costs and expenses

  • Upgradable to allow for more accessories

  • Delivers consistent illumination as you use it

  • Too large for the home

  • May not be powered by any other source than mains electricity

  • Limited connectivity and use

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#14: Maylit LED Strip Lights

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If yours are sensitive eyes, you need not use a strip light that is strenuous or too bright. You have to choose one whose light output is moderate to spare your eyes from the risks of eye strains and cataract damages.


This light strip is multipurpose in that it may handle many tasks and purposes at a time. You will use it to decorate your television, impact your interior room, and light up your theater, to name but a few!

16 Colors and 4 Dynamic Modes

At its core are some 16 colors and 4 dynamic modes. These are the ones that make it possible for you to enjoy the benefits of impacting many items in your room and other associated purposes.

Strong Double-sided Adhesive Tape

Some strong double-sided adhesive tape also comes along with this strip lights. It gets the worries off of your mind by allowing for smooth and unimpeded installation whenever and wherever you might so desire at any given time.

  • Adds some décor and elegance to your indoor environments

  • Operable from a distance via remote controls

  • Folds to allow for easier transportation

  • Plug-and-play and ready for installations

  • Safer for use by the children

  • Its light output is rather low

  • Does not pair with other devices

  • Quite delicate and prone to breakage

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#15: RaThun Led Strip Lights Kit 10M

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Have some large and spacious facilities to mind about? You have to choose an equally large and comprehensive strip light of this kind. This is a good choice if you have a shopping mall, hotel, night club, or country homes.

16 Multicolored Options

On the whole, this gadget gives you 16 color options to look up to. These options impact the many areas and purposes which you may want to impact with your lighting at any given time.

Multi-Color Modes

You will also enjoy the pleasure of selecting the mode and the color you are interested in at any given time. This you will make use of through the multi-color modes which exist for your own choice and use.

LED IR Remote Controller

An LED infrared remote controller also comes along with this set of strip lights. You use this functionality to impact many of the purposes and tasks which you ordinarily have to confront with your use.

  • Decorates your ambiance as well

  • Deploys faster and easily

  • Useful for advertising purposes also

  • Great for exhibitions, holidays, and events

  • May also be used on vehicles

  • Requires huge manpower to roll out

  • Care and maintenance may be too daunting

  • Too large for the small home interiors

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How long do LED Strip Lights last?

Many last 30,000 to 50,000 hours. The exact lifespan, however, varies slightly from one bulb to another. You have to check the label before purchase to arrive at the best one.

Q2. Can LED light strips catch fire?

Generally speaking, the LED bulbs are safe as they emit low heat levels and are also touchable. However, they too may sustain fire outbreaks mainly as the result of spikes in the electrical current and short-circuiting.

Q3. What is the difference between 2835 and 5050 led?

These two are some kinds of chips. The first one is smaller and comprises the latest technology. You will find it in newer versions of lighting bulbs. The second on the other hand is an obsolete version which is unlikely to blend well in modern times.

Q4. Do LED strip lights use a lot of electricity?

NO! They are as a matter of fact designed to consume the least amounts of electrical energy possible. Many studies put their electrical consumption levels at a whopping 85% below average.

Q5. Do LED lights deteriorate?

Of course! Like any other gadget, they too deteriorate with time due to the various sources of wear and tear. Their pace of deterioration is, however, lower than the other kinds of lighting apparatus.

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