11 Best Liquid Chalks (2024)

Weightlifting and rock climbing are good for improving our overall health. They help in burning excess amounts of calories and building muscle mass. And like other physical activities, these sports are known for generating sweaty palms.

Sometimes your hands will turn soaking wet even before your muscles have had enough of lifting or climbing. To keep you going, you need something to help you maintain a good grip. And yes, that’s where liquid chalk comes in.

Although powder chalk works wonderfully in enhancing grip, its dark side seems to outweigh the bright side. For instance, it’s messy and may not provide the same level of grip once the hands get wet. That’s why most people prefer liquid chalks.

As the name goes, liquid chalk is in fluid form. Unlike the powder chalk, fluid chalks will not only retain the grip for long but also prevent the palms from sweating. However, like any other product, the quality of the option you choose will define your user experience. Get your ideal option from our today’s coverage.

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11 Best Liquid Chalks

#1 IRON AMERICAN Liquid Sports Chalk

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Iron American is a USA based company famous for producing products of exceptional quality and efficiency for no-stress user experience. Therefore, the first suggestion on the list falls in the category of industry-leading options.

In this case, you are getting two bottles of liquid chalk: a 250-ml bottle and a small 50-ml version. The smaller bottle is perfect for travel. It comes with a convenient carabiner clip that works well with belt loops, gym bags, and more.

Other than providing the user with a nice grip, the unique formula of this product retains its effectiveness for a very long time. That said, you will not need to reapply it frequently as with some cheap products out there.

The powerful formula of this liquid chalk also sticks uniformly for a more reliable grip. This property makes it ideal for rock climbing, kettlebells, golf, gymnastics, and other grip-based sports.

Additionally, this liquid chalk packs an antibacterial agent. Thus, it will not only keep your hands dry and comfortable but also healthy. And since it dries out quickly, you will be good to go in a matter of seconds.

  • Smaller dabs go a long way.
  • The travel bottle is a nice idea.
  • The carabiner clip is reliable.
  • The containers are a bit small.

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#2 SPORTMEDIQ Pro Grade Liquid Chalk

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We should all embrace a healthy lifestyle. Other than ensuring a proper diet, we need regular exercise to live a happy and healthy life. Now, Sportmediq exists to make your routine exercise sessions more fun.

This innovative product dries in seconds to give you a more superior grip than that of powder chalk. Therefore, whether it’s rock climbing, gym, gymnastics, or other sporting events, expect this option to boost your confidence level.

All the ingredients of this liquid chalk are safe. Hence, it’s generally healthy no matter the amount and the frequency of use. The light fresh fragrance it leaves on the palms ensures that you get a fresh start every time you rub it in your hands.

Since its a liquid chalk, you don’t need to worry about messy chalk powder staining your clothes. And with the convenient size of the bottle, SPORTMEDIQ Pro Grade Liquid Chalk is one option you can always bring all along wherever you go.

To make transportation a breeze, the container has a handy clip. Thus, it will attach readily to your belt loop or your water bottle so that it doesn’t have to take much space in your travel bag.

  • It’s a portable version.
  • It is easy to wash off.
  • All the ingredients are safe.
  • The price isn’t the best for a bottle of its size.

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#3 Friction Labs Secret Stuff Liquid Chalk

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Never let sweaty palms trouble you ever again when at the gym! This unit adopts an exceptional formula that will help you overcome any grip problems resulting from high humidity, oils, rain, or body chemistry.

The liquid chalk is made from magnesium carbonate, the same material that powder chalks have sed for years. Therefore, this product is sure to give you that excellent grip you’ve always wanted when at the gym parlor.

The magnesium carbonate formula also lets you buy with the peace of mind that you are getting a non-toxic product. In fact, whether you want it for your own use or the little members of the family, this silica-free product is a healthy option for everyone.

The product is super-easy to utilize. Just squeeze a small amount of the liquid chalk to your palms and rub evenly. Allow a few seconds for the product to dry- and that’s it! You are ready to get down to business.

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But other than giving you a long-lasting reliable grip, this product will disinfect your hand. Hence, as you put some effort to improve your general health, this product comes to ensure that you healthily do that.

  • The bottle lasts for long.
  • It has disinfectant properties.
  • It keeps the hands from cracking.
  • The alcohol smell is a bit strong before it dries.

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#4 NOVU Fitness Liquid Chalk | Sports Chalk

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While we all agree that powder chalks provide a nice grip, the fact is that they are just too messy. That’s why most gym parlors ban using block chalks and recommend other products instead.

Don’t risk getting kicked out of the gym because of getting too messy! This liquid chalk will do everything that powder chalk can do. In fact, it sticks better to the palm than the powder version and will not leave residue on the pole like some members of the same caliber.

A small amount of this product sticks perfectly to the hand and remains all through your workout session. Therefore, you will only need to apply once every time you go to the gym. After you have had great moments in the gym, this product washes out readily with water and soap.

The product comes in three bottle sizes. The small bottle is ideal for the serious climbers while the larger bottles work well for home use. However, if you need the two versions, there is still that combo.

The great quality gives it amazing versatility. I mean, you will appreciate the performance of this product when using it for gymnastics, pole dancing, weightlifting, climbing, and many more.

  • The price favors most budgets.
  • It is available in different sizes.
  • It’s a versatile option.
  • It’s quite thin.

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#5 Fire Team Fit Liquid Chalk

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The fifth product on the list is one of the industry’s best-selling products on Amazon. Therefore, we expect it to perform more satisfactorily than other competing models with minimal to no chances at all of disappointing.

The fluid form means that you can use it almost anywhere- even in gym parlors that prohibit using powder chalks. The sweat-resistant formula will keep your hands feeling dry and comfortable even when the humidity levels are high.

Whether you need a large bottle of this liquid chalk or small manageable size for travel, this option comes in six varieties. Therefore, no matter the amount you prefer for your needs, chances are that you will get the right pack for the job.

Since it sticks well to the palm, this product lasts for a very long time. Hence, if you are looking for a product that will last throughout the entire workout session without the need for reapplying after every set, this option won’t disappoint.

Other than boosting your confidence in weightlifting, the Fire Team Fit Liquid Chalk possesses unique hand sanitizing properties. Hence, with this product, you now have healthier hands for the job.

  • It applies evenly.
  • The quality feels really nice.
  • The antibacterial properties are a nice addition.
  • The seal on the opening is quite hard to peel.

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#6 Fitness Mad Liquid Chalk – 250ml

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Although there are no many size varieties here, this liquid chalk comes in a conveniently-sized bottle. I mean, the container will provide enough content for serious weightlifters and climbers without sacrificing portability.

The formula that the product embraces gives you an excellent grip all the time without causing mess like block, solid, and ball versions. In fact, since it doesn’t leave any residue on the equipment, it’s one product that will never stir you trouble at the gym.

Other than using it for weightlifting and gymnastics, there is a long list of applications where you will find this product come in handy. Cases in point include pole dancing, yoga, mountain climbing, and many more.

Other than keeping your hands dry and comfortable throughout the weightlifting moments, this product has unique properties that prevent sweating. This property makes it ideal for use in summers and for people whose hands tend to sweat anytime for no apparent reason.

And with all that said, this product is one surefire way for anyone intending to improve their overall performance at the gym. Lastly, it’s non-toxic. Hence, you can buy with peace of mind that it won’t cause you any harm even in the long haul.

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#7 Nelson Dry Hands “The Ultimate Gripping Solution” 

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Weightlifting or rock climbing with wet palms poses a grave danger. That’s why when buying liquid chalk, it’s advisable to never skimp on one at the expense of quality. And yes, on the seventh spot is one of the products of outstanding quality.

This lotion applies uniformly to the palm and remains until you wash it off. Also, it will not leave behind some residue on the equipment. That said, a single application should be all it takes to give you a sustainable grip all through your workout session.

This is all-sport liquid chalk. Hence, if you are an active individual on different types of sports, this unit will always give you that ultimate gripping solution no matter the kind of sport.

Unlike more than a few liquid chalks that lose their effectiveness when using them in high-humid areas, this product by Nelson reliable no matter the conditions. Whether it’s rain, dampness, or hot temperatures, this product will retain its grip power.

The size of the bottle is convenient to bring along on any adventure. Are you wishing that it came in a larger container? Don’t let the small size of the bottle fool you- since it goes in smaller amounts, a single unit of this product should keep you going for a very long time.

  • It works well for pole dancing.
  • It works better than gloves.
  • The thickness is nice.
  • The bottle size is pretty small.

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#8 Liquid Grip 8-Ounce Bottle

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Get the much-needed sure grip without having chalk dust everywhere. This liquid chalk comes in a small bottle although it carries enough amount of fluid to keep you going for many days.

It comes from the United States. Hence, it’s one product you can buy knowing that it will give you the right value for your money back. And since there are no other sizes, you may have to grab several of these bottles if you need more than what a single bottle offers.

What’s more is that it meets the strict requirements set by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Therefore, other than coming from the United States, it’s safe for use on different sports.

Whether you are intending to utilize it for gymnastics, tennis, rugby, football, kettlebells, rock climbing, Crossfit, or any other sporting activity, this product is one of the options engineered to deliver satisfactory performance in nearly all areas it’s made to serve.

Although it does the work well, there are still a few areas where the manufacturer can improve to attain perfection on the product. For instance, this liquid chalk doesn’t last for a very long time, especially at the upper palm and the base of the fingers. Also, setting the price quite lower would make it a better deal.

  • It comes from the United States.
  • It’s NCAA-approved.
  • The size of the bottle is convenient.
  • It may not remain on the palms for a very long time.

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#9 Essential Values (2 Pack) Liquid Chalk

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Although it doesn’t sit anywhere near the coveted top spots, this liquid chalk also has a lot to offer. Thus, it’s also one of the most reliable options for anyone in need of liquid chalk that will do the work right.

As the name of the product suggests, you are getting a pair in this case. The most impressive part is that the combo comes at the price of one product. Hence, if you want a product that costs the lowest per ounce, you may not get a better deal.

With the 2 bottles, you can keep one for use at the gym while leaving the other for outdoor adventures. And with each bottle offering 250 ml of liquid chalk, each unit should support heavy use for up to 45 times.

The ingredients used in this case are of the highest quality. That said, we expect this amazing product to perform way better than some of the costly options we have out there.

The magnesium carbonate formula is safe for all people no matter their age, sex, and competition level. The stronger grip technology means minimal to no re-applications no matter the level of your hard work.

  • It is very cost-efficient.
  • The stronger grip technology is a major plus.
  • It uses a healthy formula.
  • The bottles may leak if you don’t seal them properly.

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#10 Hammer Grip Liquid Chalk

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If you want to take your competition level a notch higher, most world-class competitors will recommend that you switch to professional-grade equipment. And yes, when it comes to liquid chalk, the Hammer grip liquid chalk has everything it takes to take you a level higher.

The product has sweat-resistant properties. Hence, no matter the temperature or how sweaty your hands tend to get once you begin your workout session, this liquid chalk will keep them dry so that you have enough time to hone your skills.

The purposeful combination of ingredients not only keeps your palms dry and comfortable throughout the workout but also facilitates drying within seconds. Thus, with this product, you will have less time to wait and more for the workout.

The high-quality ingredients also give a very strong grip to eliminate the need for constant re-application. With that said, we are pretty confident that the amount of content this unit offers will keep you busy for a very long period.

The product is available in different sizes. The smaller bottle is travel-friendly. It features a reliable carabiner clip to make it a cinch to bring anywhere. If you love the convenience of the bottle, you get one of the larger containers as a refill to always have enough amount of supply for every trip.

  • The ingredients are top-class.
  • It feels nice on the skin.
  • It sticks to the skin very well.
  • It’s not so cost-efficient.

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#11 HEALTHY PLAN Liquid Chalk Grip

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No matter the area of your practice, this liquid grip enhancer will increase the ability to grasp or hang on to various objects. The manufacturer recommends it for football, bodybuilding, weightlifting, gymnastics, rock climbing, basketball, and more.

In this case, you are getting 2 bottles of different capacities. The larger one serves as a refill for the smaller convenient bottle. In fact, the larger container holds enough content to replenish the smaller can for up to 5 times.

The standout feature about this product is the color of the chalk. Instead of white chalk, you are getting a pinkish content in this case. However, if you prefer to stick to white instead, it’s also available in that version.

Once you place your order, the manufacturer will send you 2 massage rings as a gift. As small as they are, these rings go a long way to relieve pressure in the fingers after every workout session.

The chalk is of the Magnesium carbonate of the highest quality for top performance. Also, since it dries in under 10 seconds, this product delivers a stronger grip without having to wait for long.

  • The content is available in 2 color varieties.
  • It dries almost instantly.
  • The rings work well.
  • The pink chalk doesn’t retain the color when dry but rather turns white.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Liquid Chalk Last?

How your liquid chalk will last will depend on the quality of the product you buy. Some liquid chalks will give you the proper grip throughout your workout sessions while others will require you to reapply after every set.

Is Liquid Chalk Better?

Yes. Although a few users see powder chalk and block chalk as better options due to the level of grip they give, the fact is that you can get the same kind of grip when you buy the right liquid chalk. Unlike alternative forms, liquid chalks are less messy and are easy to apply evenly.

Is Liquid Chalk Toxic?

If you are wondering whether liquid chalks are safe for use or not, most of them aren’t. In fact, most of them pack extra perks such as antibacterial properties which makes them healthy for the skin.

How Does Liquid Chalk Work?

These chalks are in the fluid form. Once the user applies and spreads a little amount of it in the palm, the fluid part of it evaporates to leave chalk sticking on the user’s palms.

Is Liquid Chalk Washable?

Although they seem to stick perfectly to the palm, it’s amazing how liquid chalk washes off easily. To get rid of it, simply wash your hands with water and soap- and that’s it!

Final Verdict

A proper grip goes a long way to improve your performance at the gym. That’s why you need to invest in the right liquid chalk that will keep your grasp up to par. With one of the suggestions on the list, chances are that you will find workout sessions more productive and fun than ever!

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