Top 11 Best Load Binders (2023)

When it comes to transportation of any cargo either aground or offshore, securing the load always comes first. This avoids damage to the goods, prevents accidents, and makes transportation easy and fast.

Load binders come in different styles, but they all aim at ensuring the safety of your cargo during transportation. No matter the type of load you transport, you’ll always require high quality load binders.

This review details keenly-selected topnotch load binders to ensure that your first load binder or your upgrade is of high quality, versatile, and durable.

Go through the list thoroughly to gain insight that will help you acquire an excellent load binder.

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11 Load Binder Reviews

#1.ABN Ratchet Load Chain Binder

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The construction of the ABN Ratchet Chain Binder occurs with strength, durability, and ease of use in mind. It’s designed for easier and faster tightening of your cargo.

This load binder is a ratchet binder constructed from forged steel. Steel is strong and durable meaning it’s able to withstand heavy loads, and it will give you service for long. Being a ratchet binder makes the whole process effortless as it takes less effort to tighten the chains.

It’s compatible with a wide range of chains with a width of 3/8″ to 1/2″ which makes it versatile. This means that it’s able to work with a wide variety of chain sizes which may be required to tie down certain types of loads in various projects.

The ABN load binder has a break strength (B/S) of 33,000 pounds, and this is due to its sturdy steel composition. Its work-load limit (WWL) is 9,200 pounds, which makes it very capable of handling cargo without the fear of it breaking during transport.

The only issue with the ABN load binders is that they require regular oiling for easier turning when working.

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#2.Advantage Rigging Ratchet Binders with Chains

Advantage Rigging

Suitable load binders require high-quality transport chains, and that is why these Advantage Load Binders come with their transport chains. It comes as a package of 4 ratchet binders and 4 transport chains.

As a ratchet binder, it makes it easier and safer to tighten up your cargo. This is because it takes less strength to tighten chains, and the handle does not hold any kinetic energy after tightening.

The chains are 10′ each. This comes in handy when you have large cargo. They are 3/8″ Grade 70 and perfectly compatible with the binders. They are composed of heat treated alloy steel, which makes them durable and robust to handle your loads. They have a working load capacity of 6,600 lbs.

The load binders are also composed of heat treated alloy steel making them strong, corrosion resistant, and durable. They are compatible with both 3/8″ Grade 70 chains and 1/2″ Grade 43 chains. This makes them versatile and adaptable to various projects. They have a work-load limit of 9,200lbs.

The only problem is that this package comes at a high price. They’re also not recommended for overhead lifting.

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#3.Discount Ramps Red Load Binder

Discount Ramps

Discount Load Binders are made of heavy-duty forged steel for durability and strength. They have a thick red paint finish which protects them against corrosion and ensures that they can work under any condition.

It’s a ratchet load binder with an easy to hold handle. This makes binding easier. It’s also safe to bind using the Discount Ramp Ratchets as the handle does not store any kinetic energy.

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The binder has an extendable length of between 23″ to 30″. This comes in handy when your chains are smaller as it bridges the gap. The hooks are compatible with both 3/8″ G70 chains and 1/2″ chains which make them versatile to work with on different projects.

The discount ramps load binders have a 33,000lbs break strength and a work-load limit of 9,200lbs. This ensures that they hold your cargo without breaking during transport or hauling.

However, regular oiling is required for them to work well.

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#4.Elitexion Ratchet Type Chain Load Binder


The Elitexion chain binder is small and light for portability. It features a drop-forged, heat-treated carbon steel construction which makes it sturdy and durable.

The binder has a long enough handle, 7”, which makes it easy to tie down your cargo. The fact that they’re ratchet load binders also makes them easy and fast to operate. It also ensures your safety because the handle does not store any kinetic energy.

The hooks are compatible with chains measuring 1/4″ to 5/16″, which makes it quite versatile. This ensures that you can use it in many projects. They’re extendable to about 3” on each end which gives you more width during chain binding.

Elitexion Ratchet Load Binder features a break-strength of 7,800lbs and a work-load limit of 2,600lbs. This makes it suitable for light loads.

This load binder has one flaw in that it’s only suitable for binding light loads.

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#5.GPD 2 Ratchet Chain Load Binders


These chain binders are made by the Global Parts Company, which is well known for producing high-quality tools. The GPD Ratchet Load Binders keep up their reputation as they’re high quality and durable. They come as a pair ensuring that you’re always covered whenever your load is big or bulky and requires more load binders.

They are constructed from heat-treated steel to guarantee that they’re durable and can withstand heavy-duty jobs. They have a dense paint finish which makes them resistant to corrosion increasing their durability. This also makes them versatile as they can be used in any environmental conditions.

The hooks are compatible with chains of 3/8″ – 1/2″, ensuring that they are usable in different projects requiring different chain sizes. The hooks can extend on both sides, which creates more width for you to work with and makes binding easier.

The handles are long, which gives you an easier time when tightening your load. They’re also free of kinetic energy to ensure your safety.

These load binders work perfectly with no flaws.

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#6.US Cargo Lever Chain Load Binder

US Cargo

US Cargo Control uses forged steel to ensure that they provide you with the best quality of lever chain binders. The whole binder is composed of forged steel, which makes it durable and robust. It has a thick coat finish protecting it against corrosion, which makes it versatile for use in different conditions.

Its hooks are strong and accommodate 5/16” Grade 70 and 3/8” Grade 43 chains. The hooks can extend on both sides, creating a width of up to 22.5″ for better binding.

The only downside to this binder is that it’s a lever chain which requires a significant amount of strength to tighten your load. The handle also holds kinetic energy, which can be dangerous when unbinding your cargo.

This chain binder has a break strength of 16,200lbs and a work-load limit of 5,400lbs, making it suitable for light load bindings.

This binder may be strong, but it has its flaws. The binder is not suitable for heavy-duty jobs, and it carries a risk as the handle holds kinetic energy.

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#7.Peerless Ratchet QuickBinders

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Chain binding requires sturdy binders that are easy to use even when working alone. The Peerless Ratchet Load Binders are designed with this in mind.

They come as a pack of four load binders, which creates convenience when you have to use more than one binder.

The grab hooks on each side of the binder are zinc plated and heat treated to increase durability and resistance to corrosion. They are compatible with 5/16” Grade 70, 3/8” Grade 70 and 3/8” Grade 80 chains making them adaptable to different projects.

They have a 14” long handle which provides enough ratcheting force making the process easy and fast. It’s also vinyl coated to provide a comfortable grip during ratcheting. The handle is foldable and can be locked together with the chain and gear for safety purposes.

They have 3-position pawl technology for an extension, take-up or free spin which makes this tool quite versatile. The free spin feature allows easier adjustment in any direction for fast load binding.

Their work-load limit is 7,100lbs, which makes them an ideal choice for heavy-duty projects.

These chain binders are flawless.

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#8.Professional EZ Travel Collection Binder

Professional EZ

Versatility is always an essential specification when buying any tool. The Professional EZ load binders are designed for this, and they’re high quality. The binders come as a pair for convenience.

The binders are made from high quality forged steel, which makes them strong and durable. They are then polished to ensure that they are resistant to corrosion, which makes them perfect for any working conditions.

The handles are 15.5″ in length providing enough leverage for easier tightening of loads. Being a ratchet binder, the handles carry no safety risks as they are free of kinetic energy. They also require less strength to operate.

Professional EZ load binder hooks are tapered for increased strength and durability. The hooks are compatible with 5/16″ to 3/8″ chains making them adaptable to work with on different jobs.

The binder extends up to 24″ in length. This helps in making stronger bindings, and they also help to bridge gaps when you have smaller chains.

The work-load limit for these binders is 5,400lbs, which makes them useful for binding light loads.

On the downside, they are not ideal for heavy-duty loads.

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#9.Vulcan Classic Ratchet Style Load Binder

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The Vulcan Classic Ratchet Load Binder comes as a set of five for convenience. This ensures that no matter how big the load is, you will always have enough chain binders to secure it.

They are made of high quality hardened steel for durability and strength. The material has an industrial-grade finish to ensure that it’s resistant to corrosion. This makes it ideal for use in any environmental condition.

The handle is long to provide an easy, comfortable grip. The length also provides enough leverage to make the binding process effortless.

The hooks are tapered to increase the overall strength of the binder. They accommodate up to 3/8” Grade 70 chain, which makes it versatile and adaptable to many projects.

Each of these binders has a work-load limit of 6,600lb and a break strength of 9,900lbs. This ensures that as long as the chain binders are used within their work-load limit, your load is secure.

The only flaw they have is that they have a poorly welded link between the threaded portion and the hook, which raises concerns on their quality.

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#10.Koch 098212 1/4-Inch Lever Load Binder

Koch 098212

The Koch Industries lever binder is made for durability and strength. It features a high-quality hardened steel composition which makes it sturdy and resilient. Its coat finish makes it able to resist corrosion, making it an ideal choice for all working conditions.

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It has a long handle for increased leverage. The handles edges are rounded to make sure your hands are safe when fastening your cargo.

The hooks are tapered to make sure they hold your cargo without breaking. They accommodate 5/16” Grade 70 and 3/8” Grade 48. This makes their application flexible.

Its composition gives it a work-load limit of 5,300lbs, making it useful in binding small to medium sized cargo.

The main concern with this lever chain is the strength that it takes to secure your load correctly. It also carries a risk because the kinetic energy it holds creates a recoil when released.

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#11.Mytee Quick Binder

Mytee Quick Binder

For those who transport large or heavy cargo that requires several load binders, the Mytee quad pack fits your needs well. This is designed for safety, durability, and ease of use.

It’s composed of high-quality steel for durability and strength. This ensures that it serves you for long and it can hold your load securely.

The handle is 9.5″ long, which creates enough leverage for easier and faster binding. The handle is foldable, which makes it easier and safer to store.

Its hooks are zinc plated to increase its sturdiness and durability. The hooks are only compatible with the G70 and G80 chains of 5/16” and 3/8” as per CVSA and DOT requirements.

The Mytee binder can be installed in three positions, including ratchet extension, free spin, and ratchet take-up. The free spin setting allows fats adjustments in any direction for faster binding.

It has a weight load limit of 7,100lbs, which makes it great for heavy loads.

The Mytee load binder required regular oiling to work flawlessly.

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What is a load binder?

A load binder is a device used to tighten chains when transporting a load/cargo. They help in keeping your load secured.

What are the types of load binders?

There are two types of load binders differentiated by the method each uses to tighten the chain. They are;

  • Lever binders – they are also known as snap binders. Their handles require a lot of strength to close, but they’re easy to install. They’re risky to disengage because the handles hold lots of kinetic energy.
  • Ratchet binders – takes more time to install, but its gear and pawl mechanism is easy to operate. They’re safe to disengage as the handle has no kinetic energy.

What factors should I consider when buying a load binder?

There are several factors that one should always consider when acquiring a load binder. They include:

  • Load/ cargo– always consider the weight of the cargo to be transported because it determines the chain binder that you should acquire.
  • Work-load limit of the binder– Work-load limit is the amount of load a binder can hold securely without being strained. This is usually less than its break strength load. Acquire a load binder with a higher work-load limit than the cargo that you transport.
  • Compatibility with your chain– the hooks of each binder fits well with specific sizes of chains. Pick one that is versatile and compatible with all your chains.

What are the uses of load binders?

A load binder’s primary use is to secure cargo during transportation. It can also be used together with chains to tow a trailer or car.

Final verdict

If you work for a cargo transportation industry or you carry your equipment from one location to another, a load binder is the best way to secure whatever load you’re moving. There are different types of load binders, and you should always choose the one that can comfortably accommodate all the cargo that you transport.

We hope that this article helps you choose high quality and versatile load/chain binders.

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